How to connect Mi Fit bracelet to iPhone. Proper synchronization of the bracelet

You can use the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 fitness bracelet not only with Android phones, but also iOS, which is controlled by iPhone. There will be no difference functionally, the Mi Band 6 bracelet will retain all the declared functions when working in pairs with iPhone.

There are almost no differences from the first synchronization with Xiaomi phones to iOS, but there is one nuance, it is associated with the new policy of Apple related to privacy.

Make sure you are using the iPhone phone running iOS 10 or a newer version, if the phone is running iOS 9 or older, the bracelet will not work steadily.

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Before connecting, completely charge the Mi Band battery. It is also necessary to install the Mi Fit application on the smartphone, give it all permissions, as well as activate the Bluetooth wireless integral.

  • Launch Mi Fit. If you do not have an Mi account, you need to register it;
  • After registration, find the “Profile” tab. and menu item “My devices”. Click on the “Add device” button;
  • In the list, select the Bracelet menu. The search and automatic connection of Mi Band to iOS will begin, after which you will be asked what data you want to allow the application to assemble, store and process. If you want to gain full experience from using Mi Band, I recommend that you give all the required permits.

Everything, the connection is completed, now the bracelet will automatically connect to the iPhone as soon as it ends up in the Bluetooth zone, and when the Mi Fit is launched, to synchronize all the accumulated data.

Compatibility Mi Band 3 and iPhone

Fortunately, Xiaomi simply could not bypass the issue of “cooperation” between them and Cupertinists. And as a result, you can easily connect any Xiaomi Smart device to iPhones, including fitness bracelet Mi Band 3. At the same time, the quality of the steam work of devices is in no way inferior to Android, and some users even claim that the bracelet works better in conjunction with iPhone.

But it will not be possible to synchronize with every model of the legendary line of smartphones. The connected device must have an iOS version of at least 9.0. But this does not have to be the iPhone, you can connect the iPad, and even the iPod Touch.

How to establish a connection

The MI Band 3 attachment process for devices operating under Android and under iOS is absolutely identical:

  • Install a corporate or application on a smartphone.
  • Turn on Bluetooth.
  • Launch software.
  • Wait for the installation of the connection between the devices.
  • Confirm the creation of a connection by pressing the Mi Band 3 button after the corresponding request.

During the first binding, the process of updating the firmware renewal is most likely to start. Only a stable Internet connection is needed and a little time.

The owners of the iPhone always had less wide possibilities in the aspect of the installation of custom firmware. At first, before the release of the international version of the device there was no Russian language on it and there were small bugs.

Users made changes to the fitness bracelet, wrote custom translations. And to install all this, it was an Android device that was always required. The owners of the “apples” had to wait for the release of the global firmware to get at least a Russian.speaking Inteiis. Or re.rack to Android, change it on the mi band, and again associate it with the iPhone.

IPhone software

Consider applications that are suitable for the owner of the “apple” device. There will be both official software from the manufacturer and custom materials.

Tracker tuning applications

The most popular utility is Mi Fit. It is available for Android and iOS. This program was developed by Xiaomi.

Next is Mi Band Master. With the help of this tool, calls, notifications, events, an alarms are configured, and steps, weight and sleep are counted.

Amaztools is also a great program for tracking health indicators and it acts as a remote control. Athletes will like Mi Heart Rate. We talked more about applications in a separate article.

How to connect

The conjugation procedure is the same on all smartphones, regardless of the company and the operating system.

    Tracker up to 100%.

  • Download the Mi Fit application with the App Store and install.
  • On the phone, turn on Bluetooth and determination of the location.
  • Run the downloaded software and provide the requested permits. Log in your account, or register.
  • Go to “Profile”. “Add the device”. “Bracelet”.
  • Bring the tracker closer to the iPhone and consent to create a couple.
  • Wait for the completion of the update and restoration of settings.
  • Make the main setting of Mi Band 5 (installation of the dial, inclusion of notifications, measurement of the pulse, etc.D.)

If the program does not see the wearable gadget, clean the cache and restart the devices. Try using an alternative application.

Applications for iOS

Mostly programs are focused on Android, but iPhone owners can also choose several excellent tools. One of the best options is Mi Fit. This is an official application developed by Xiaomi. It has a minimum of lags. Using Mi Fit, you can:

  • see the detailed statistics on the heart rate, the steps, sleep and calories;
  • configure the display of notifications and calls on the band’s screen;
  • turn on the alarm;
  • set the goals of activity;
  • Run the pulse monitoring.

Mi Band Master is also a great program with advanced functionality. It is paid: the cost is 229

Amaztools should be highlighted from free options. In addition to standard options, this tool allows you to turn a fitness tracker into a remote control of the camera, player and iPhone flashlight.

How to connect Mi Band 4 to the phone


In order to connect Xiaomi Mi Band 4 to the phone, you will need the Mi Fit application. It is also worth making sure that your smartphone meets the following requirements:

OS requirement. Android 4 support.4 and above. For iOS. version 9 and above.

Bluetooth requirement. Bluetooth support version 5.0. connection instructions:

Download and install the Mi Fit application on Google Play or App Store.

connect, bracelet, iphone, synchronization

Turn on Bluetooth ’on your smartphone.

We launch the Mi Fit application.If you have an Mi-account, Google account or, click “Enter”. If you do not have such accounts, click “Registration”, create an account and enter the application.

Choose a way to enter through one of the accounts.

We allow the application access to photo, multimedia and files.

In the lower part of the screen you will see a message that there are no connected devices. cling to it.

The device selection window opens. By itself indicate “Bracelet”.

We agree with the collection of data and confirm access to geolocation services.

The search for the device will begin. at this moment, bring Mi Band 4 as close to the phone as possible. When the device is found, you will need to confirm the connection on the bracelet.

It remains to wait until all updates are loaded. over, if you bought a bracelet on AliExpress and you have an English language by default. it will be translated into Russian.

Ready. Mi Band 4 is synchronized with your smartphone.

How to connect Mi Band 5 to the phone


To connect Xiaomi Mi Band 5 to the phone, you need to install the Mi Fit application, and also make sure that your smartphone meets the following requirements:

OS requirement. Android 4 support.4 and above. For iOS. version 9 and above.

Bluetooth requirement. Bluetooth support version 5.0.

Connection instructions:

First you need to download and install the Mi Fit application on Google Play or App Store.

We launch the Mi Fit application and enter the account. You can enter through Mi, Google or account. If you do not have them, click “Create an account”, we pass the registration procedure, after which we enter the application.

Further “Mi Fit” will ask you a number of permits. After the adoption of the confidentiality policy, the first thing you will need to open access to the “Do not disturb” regime. To do this, go to the settings:

A list of applications installed on your Xiaomi will open. We find among them “Mi Fit” and allow access as shown in the screenshot below.

Next, you will need to allow access to the following data:

  • Contacts
  • Calls
  • Call list
  • Access to physical activity data
  • Location
  • Photo, multimedia files

The initial setting of the application is completed, now we turn on the Bluetooth on the smartphone. “Mi Fit” itself will offer to do this.

In the lower part of the screen you will see a message that there are currently no connected devices. click on it.

Choosing a bracelet from a list of devices.

We agree with the collection of data and confirm access to geolocation services.

Search for the device will begin. During the search, bring Mi Band 5 as close to the smartphone as possible. After detection, you will need to confirm the conjugation on the bracelet itself.

Ready. Mi Band 5 is synchronized with your smartphone.

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Account registration in Mi Fit

After installation, we open the application log in under our account. If you already have it, then click and choose the way to enter.

Previously, this could only be done with the help of an Mi account, now weChat, gmail and

If you go to the application for the first time, then by itself we click the registration:

Next, select the desired method of authorization. for example, let it be a Mi account. After that, the system will ask you to choose a region of residence:

At the last stage of registration, you will need to fill out data on yourself: growth, weight, gender, name, date of birth.

Connect Mi Band 3 to the phone

To connect Mi Band 3 Turn on Bluetooth on the phone.

If you have already been connected by Mi Band 2, then first you will need to untie it. Read more about this process and what problems can arise can be read here: how to untie Mi Band 2 from the phone.

In short, open Mi Fit, go to the Mi Band 2 profile.

Now in Mi Fit in the section Status section on the item “device is not connected” and select a bracelet.

Next, we have a bracelet as close to the phone as possible. As soon as Mi Band 3 vibrates. click on the button under the screen and you’re done.

Installing and registering in the program MI FIT from Xiaomi. Connecting band.

Registration and authorization in Mifit

After the application is installed, it should be opened and authorized.

Naturally, if you enter it for the first time, create a new account.

If earlier the Mi account was required for this, now it is enough to have a Gmail mail, an account in or, who is not enough in our area, WeChat.

At the end of the registration, we fill out our personal data (name, gender, date of birth, height and weight) and the minimum number of steps that you would like to take place throughout the day (the recommended value is 8000 steps).

It is worth noting that filling out data on yourself should be as accurately as possible, since on their basis the calculation of the burned calories and the distance traveled will be carried out.

Mi Band 3 connection to the phone

The last step is to bind the smartphone to the bracelet itself.

To do this, in the Mi Fit application, click on the inscription “The device is not connected” and select the “Bracelet” item from the available options.

When requesting the necessary permits, it will be necessary to provide the application with access by pressing the “allow” button (in this case, it means a request for access to the location of the device). It is also necessary to enable Bluetooth in the smartphone.

Next, place the bracelet as close as possible to the smartphone and wait until they find each other.

If the bracelet is working and not tied to another account, it will guide, and information will appear on its display that you need to click on the button located under the bracelet screen.

Click on it and not releasing, wait until the conjugation occurs. The result of this will be the inscription “connected” on the Mi Band 3 screen.

On this, the connection of the bracelet to the smartphone can be considered complete. For a constant connection between devices in the smartphone, the Bluetooth wireless communication module should be included.

Features Mi Band 2

Work with Mi Band on the iPhone has some nuances that will be described below.


As mentioned above, the cardiac rhythm counter does not work in constant mode and requires separate activation through the MI HR application. After starting the application, you need to wait a few more seconds while the first data is received by the bracelet and transferred to the application.

In addition, for the correct operation of the pulsometer, it is necessary to adjust the bracelet strap so that it tightly fitting the wrist to the skin. Only in this case, the accuracy of the received heart rhythm is ensured.

When weakening the strap, the bracelet can translate incorrect data and underestimate the real indicator of the heart rhythm.

In the photo below. the appearance of the pulsometer sensor.

Getting accurate measurements is possible only at rest, without waving the hand on which Mi Band is fixed.


It must be borne in mind that the bracelet is attached to the arm. Accordingly, the number of steps is calculated, pushing away from waves with his hands while walking. The device monitors its movements in space due to accelerometer. Therefore, deviations in the calculation of steps are possible with banal gestures, during a conversation, with active waves of hands.

However, the arising error in this case is small and does not lead to serious deviations from real indicators.

Important! When training on the treadmill, the hands are on the handrail of the simulator at rest. Accordingly, the number of steps will not be calculated.

Calorius counter

No need to nourish illusions about the accuracy of data on lost calories. The fact is that this indicator is calculated on the basis of several indicators: weight, height, age, number of steps, distance traveled, pulsometer data.

connect, bracelet, iphone, synchronization

Nevertheless, to obtain indicative information about the cost of calories, these data can be used.

Pros and cons

Any thing in our life has both positive and negative features. After all, as you know, nothing perfect exists.

Mi Band has the following advantages:

  • Small weight,
  • Small size,
  • Stylish appearance,
  • Moor and dust protection,
  • shock resistance,
  • Ease of operation due to a soft and comfortable silicone strap,
  • Great autonomy. the bracelet has been working for a month without recharging.
  • Not the most successful option for the fastener, since the bracelet is difficult to wear quickly and the first time,
  • The fastener is not the most reliable and in clothes with long sleeves can be unfastened,
  • The small font on a small display is not suitable for everyone. in people with weakened vision it will be difficult to perceive information,
  • turning on the screen by a wave of a hand does not always work correctly and false triggles are possible.

In fairness, it is worth noting that the minuses of the bracelet are not the most critical and you can put up with them, given the positive qualities of the device.

Mi Band is an excellent and high.quality device that can be an excellent help, beginning athletes and wanting to monitor their health.

Connecting a bracelet to the iPhone, although it has some nuances and features, occurs without any problems. And even despite the difficulties, for little money you get a functional device that also reminds of insufficient activity, vibrating and inviting for a walk.