How to connect Philips to the phone

How to connect your phone to a Philips TV

The producers of phones and TV sets have invented dozens of ways to connect devices to each other. Smartphones and TVs have evolved from uncomplicated devices into computers of various configurations.

There is an opportunity to combine their functionality to:

  • View gaming, photo or video content from your smartphone on the big screen;
  • Listen to music through the audio system connected to the TV;
  • To control what happens on your TV using your cell phone‘s touch screen.

The only purposes of this connection are convenience and clarity.

Wired connection options

Wired ways of connecting Philips S561 to the TV are not the most convenient due to the use of cables, but at the same time, these options do not require advanced technical equipment TV-receiver.


This is the easiest way to connect your phone to your home screen. To implement it, the owner of Philips S561 will need a USB cable, which comes with the device.

Next, you need to insert one part of the cable into the smartphone and the other part into the TV receiver. Then it remains to open the TV menu using the remote control and select the USB-port in the connection menu.

At the same time on the smartphone itself you confirm the data exchange with the TV by selecting the connection as a media device. If everything is done correctly, the TV-receiver will recognize Philips S561 as an external storage device and using the remote control you will play photos, audio and video on the TV screen.


This method is more complex, but at the same time more functional. If the connection via USB opens the basic set of possibilities for the device owner to perceive Philips S561 as an external drive, while pairing via HDMI the receiver screen will display the smartphone desktop, as well as display the actions performed on the phone. In particular, to run certain programs.

The tricky part of the method is that the Philips S561 does not have an HDMI port to connect to the TV. But this drawback can be bypassed by using an MHL adapter or SlimPort. To buy the appropriate accessory can be found at electronics stores at a price of 200-300.

The connection will be as follows:

  • The USB plug from the MHL adapter or SlimPort is inserted into the smartphone.
  • Using an HDMI cable connect the same connectors of the adapter and receiver.
  • Opens the TV settings and then the list of available connections.
  • Select the HDMI connector involved.

If everything is done correctly, the Philips S561 desktop will be displayed on the screen of the TV receiver. Then you can manipulate the smartphone, and the movements will be displayed on the TV-receiver.

Wireless connection options

Methods of setting up the connection between devices without using wires are the most convenient and popular. But to connect Philips Xenium X518 to the TV set via wireless, the latter must support the Smart TV technology. Otherwise, you can only connect via cable.

Via Wi-Fi Direct

Wi-Fi Direct is a feature that is supported by most models on Smart TV. It allows you to display the Philips Xenium X518 screen image on the TV-receiver. To connect in this way, you need to:

  • Activate Wi-Fi Direct in “Network” section of the TV settings.
  • On the phone, open the settings and go to Wi-Fi.
  • Press the three dot button and select Wi-Fi Direct.
  • In the menu of available devices, select your TV receiver.

After these manipulations, you will need to open the file manager or gallery, select the desired file, click “Share” and select Wi-Fi Direct as the sending method.

Via Miracast

Miracast is another wireless connection technology, which has a wider functionality in comparison to Wi-Fi Direct. For example, in this case it is possible to display not only an individual file on the TV screen, but also all the movements on the phone menu.

  • Activate Miracast in the TV settings.
  • On the phone go to the settings section “Screen Mirroring”, “Duplicate screen” or “Wireless display” (the name can vary depending on the firmware).
  • Choose your TV among the available devices.

Then the image from the smartphone screen will be transferred to the TV receiver. Any movements of the user, including launching individual games or programs, will be played on the big screen.

If you can’t find Mircast in the settings of your Smart TV, don’t despair. All models with built-in Wi-Fi support this technology. You just need to connect your TV and smartphone to the same Wi-Fi network, then activate the wireless display in the Philips Xenium X518 settings.

You can also use third-party applications from Google Play to perform the operation. For example, AirScreen or “Screen mirroring”. There are a lot of similar programs, so it is not difficult to find a suitable one.

How to connect wireless headphones to the iPhone

Connecting the Bluetooth headphones to the iPhone is a quick process, not much different from pairing with Android gadgets. The first step is to turn on the headphones themselves by holding your finger on the “turn on” button for a few seconds, until you see a light or sound signal to pair with your smartphone. For synchronization to happen, you must also enable Bluetooth transmission on the iPhone by dragging the slider in “Settings” to “On.” or by enabling data transfer through “Control Center”. Now you need to go to the Bluetooth menu and select the name of the headphones to be connected by clicking on it. Once this is done, the word “Connected” will appear next to it. At this time a beep can be heard from the headset itself, which will confirm the correct connection process.

You can disconnect the data transfer function and headset from the iPhone in the same way, following all the steps from the end. Users can also permanently remove a device from the list of connected devices, thus blocking its automatic connection.

In case of no connection, rebooting iPhone and reconnecting the headphones may help.

How to turn the TV speakers on or off?

The TV speakers do not turn off automatically for most TV models. Switch between the TV’s built-in speakers and external speakers or check the speaker settings as follows:

Press the “Setup” button on the remote control and select: [TV Settings] [Sound] [Advanced] [TV Speakers]

The information on this page applies to models: 22PFS4022/12. 55POS9002/12. 50PUT6162/12. 50PUS6162/12. 32PFT5362/12. 32PFS5362/12. 65PUS7502/12. 22PFT4022/12. 24PHS4022/12. 24PFT4022/12. 24PFT4032/12. 65PUS6412/12. 32PHS4032/12. 65PUS6162/12. 55PUS7502/12. 49PUS7502/12. 49PUS6482/12. 32PHT4032/12. 24PHS4032/12. 55PUS6482/12. 55PUS6262/12. 50PUS6262/12. 49PUS6412/12. 43PUS6412/12. 43PUS6262/12. 24PHT4032/12. 49PUS6162/12. 55PUT6162/12. 55PUS6412/12. 55PUS6162/12. 49PUS6262/12. 43PUS6162/12. 49PFS4132/12. 43PUT6162/12. 43PFS4132/12. 22PFS4232/12. 32PHT4132/12. 32PHS4132/12. 22PFT4232/12. 32PFS4132/12. 32PFT4132/12. 32PHS5302/12. 43PUS6201/12. 55PUS6201/12. 32PHS5301/12. 49PFT5301/12. 49PFS5301/12. 43PFT5301/12. 43PFS5301/12. 32PHT5301/12. 22PFS4031/12. 49PFS4131/12. 43PFT4131/12. 32PHT4131/12. 32PFT4131/12. 22PFT4031/12. 24PHS4031/12. 24PHT4031/12. 32PFS6402/12. 65PUS7601/12. 32PFH4101/88. 32PHT4101/12. 32PFT4101/12. 43PUH6101/88. 55PUS6101/12. 55PUH6101/88. 49PUS6101/12. 49PUH6101/88. 43PUS6101/12. 32PHH4201/88. 40PFT4201/12. 40PFS5501/12. 40PFH5501/88. 32PHT4201/12. 32PHS4001/12. 48PFT4101/12. 49PFS5501/12. 65PUS7101/12. 32PFS5501/12. 65PUS6521/12. 49PFH5501/88. 40PFH4101/88. 32PFT5501/12. 32PFH5501/88. 43PUS6401/12. 40PFT4101/12. 49PUS6401/12. 43PUS6501/12. 55PUS7181/12. 55PUS6401/12. 49PUS7181/12. 49PUS6501/12. 49PUS6561/12. 32PFS6401/12. 49PUS7101/12. 55PUS6501/12. 55PUS6561/12. 55PUS7101/12. Click here to see more product numbers Click here to see less product numbers

How do I connect my phone to the TV

There are many ways to connect your phone to the computer: wire, aka USB cable, connect as a remote control, without any wires (wi-fi), connect as a flash drive, Bluetooth, Tulip, as a set-top box, via dvd, HDMI cable, without Smart TV.

Exactly the same as the connected devices can be very different: Android phones (such as Meizu, Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung) or premium iPhones.

Connection to TVs also has differences, depending on the TV model: Sony (bravi), LG, Samsung, Kiwi, Ellenberg, Bravis, Thomson, Telefunken, Horizon, Panasonic, Philips, Mystery, Toshiba.

Why do you usually connect your phone to your home TV: to watch movies, to watch online videos, to watch your favorite YouTube, to play music.

There are a number of additional features of this connection: the ability to distribute the Internet from the phone to the TV, listen to anything through headphones, etc.д. Today’s article will tell you all the answers to these questions.

Connecting to a Sony TV

Take your remote control and look for the HOME button on the remote control and click on it. Pay attention! Some users find that when they do this, the TV freezes and nothing happens. In this case you must perform a power reset or reboot, and then try again. If that doesn’t work, try disconnecting all devices from the receiver and resetting to factory presets. Next, you need to get into the “Advanced settings” interface. To do this, follow this path: Settings. NETWORKACCESSORIES. NETWORK. Advanced settings. In the tab “Built-in WI-FI” Built-in.Wi-Fi put an icon in the On. Also set On in the Wi-Fi window.Direct. Many users are also wondering how to find out the password from WI-FI Direct on Sony Bravia TV. You can do it in the same menu in the dialogue box Show Network (SSID)/Password. When you click on the TV screen, a box with the name of the network and the secret code will pop up. These data are later entered manually in the Wi-Fi debugging of the connected mobile device. If the connection was successfully established, the TV-receiver monitor will notify you about it.

Now you know how to connect Wi-Fi to your Sony Bravia TV. Immediately after the above steps TV goes into sync mode and waits for the binding. Here you can also set the confirmation of synchronization when trying to communicate with an unfamiliar device: click on the “Options” button on the remote control and enable the item “Registration notification”.

How to connect your iPhone to a Sony Bravia TV over Wi-Fi.Activate Wi-Fi Direct on your TV using the above instructions. Go to your iPhone settings and select Wi.Fi, then Dir-ect-xx-Bravia. In the window that appears, enter the WPA key displayed on the TV receiver, click Join. Wait until the devices are paired. This may take a few minutes. This will bring up the setup window. If the iPhone side is tagged for SSID and the Sony Bravia side is dashed, then the docking is set.

Connecting to a Philips TV

Modern Philips LCD TVs may have Smart TV support. This indicates that through such a device you can watch content found on the global web. However for this purpose it is necessary to provide the TV access to the Internet, for what the following methods are used: So, how to connect the Internet to TV Philips in one way or another? Let’s start with the classic wired option, since cable is most often used for high-speed data reception. This is important if you watch very high quality video.

First of all, the owner of the TV needs a network cable. You can buy one at any store that sells computer supplies. One end of the cable must be inserted into the LAN socket on the back of the TV, and the other end must be inserted into the same port of the router (usually it is colored yellow). It is not recommended to connect an Internet cable directly, bypassing the router, as the TV might simply not understand the type of connection used by your operator.

Now you need to set the Smart TV so that the operating system recognizes the Internet connection. Press the Home button (on Philips remotes this usually looks like a wooden house). Go to the “Settings” section.In the window that opens, you need to select the item “Installation”, and then click on “Connect to network”. You will now be asked to accept the offer by clicking on the “Connect” button.”.

You’ll be taken to a whole new settings window. Here you need to select “Wire. At this point, the setup process is almost over. perhaps the system will just ask you to click “OK”.If you’re wondering how to connect Wi-Fi to a Philips TV, instead of selecting “Wired,” you’ll need to select “Wireless.”. After that, the setup process won’t end, because the TV can’t connect to absolutely any Wi-Fi network around it.

Connecting to an LG TV

In this guide, we’ll show you how to connect your phone to your LG Smart (and regular) TV in several ways:Via USB Using Smart Share Using Wi-Fi Direct.

Let’s look at them in order: Connecting this way allows you to view the contents of the phone memory on your LG TV. It is not possible to duplicate the display of a mobile device via USB.

USB cable

To connect, you need to: connect both devices via USB cable (phone charging cable) in the phone select “Connect as USB drive” (but usually this is done automatically”) in the TV select the item “USB-devices, open it and select the name of your phone in the list.

After that, the folder with files of the mobile device will open, and it is possible to watch photos or videos on the TV screen.The advantage of this connection method is that the TV does not necessarily need to have a “Smart” set-top box, it is enough to have a USB port and the corresponding item in the menu of signal sources.

Connecting the headphones

The easiest way to connect headphones to any TV. If they are wired, then the 3.5-mm “jack” only needs to be inserted into the appropriate jack. As for wireless models, they come in two varieties. The first are headphones for the TV which transmit the signal via their own radio frequency. These products come with a special base, also called a docking station. It has a wire that connects to the 3.5 mm audio jack. You also need to connect the base to the mains. It is this docking station that transmits the signal through the air, which is already picked up by the headphones themselves. You can connect such a device to absolutely any Philips TV. as long as it has a 3.5 mm headphone jack.

Everything is much more complicated with the second type of headphones, which belong to the Bluetooth models. Here it all depends on the capabilities of your TV. Even if you find a mention of built-in Bluetooth in the technical specifications, it still does not mean anything. It may only be used to connect a wireless mouse and a special remote control. Therefore, it is better first to read reviews on your own TV or ask a question about compatibility with Bluetooth headphones on the official website of the manufacturer.

If you know for sure that you can connect such headphones, all you have to do is to go to the TV menu and find the section with the settings. You should be interested in the “Bluetooth” subsection, where you can scan your surroundings for wireless devices and connect them. In general, the process of pairing is not much different from the way the case is implemented on smartphones.

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How to connect your Philips TV to your home theater

Almost any Philips LCD TV can play movies stored on a USB flash drive or an external hard drive. And some models have support for DLNA technology, thus being able to play content from a computer or storage device connected to the router. And do not forget about Smart TV. the support of this technology allows you to watch movies online, even without downloading them. What to do if you are happy with the picture quality, but would like to output the sound on the soundbar or the speakers?? Do modern televisions have this option?? Of course, it can be done. Often TV makers do not anticipate that you will absolutely always use the built-in speakers. So, how to connect a home theater to a Philips TV?

On the back of the device you will find a fairly large number of jacks. The following jacks are used for sound output:

  • Optical output. ideal if you use a fiber optic cable which has protection against electromagnetic interference. The sound can be output in multichannel mode through this socket.
  • Coaxial output (S/PDIF). also allows you to output multi-channel sound. It’s output in digital form, and its conversion into analog is done at the speaker or soundboard side. Unfortunately, the cable you’re using probably won’t be as immune to electromagnetic interference as possible. However, the vast majority of users do not notice it.
  • RCA. red and white sockets for traditional “tulips”, above which there is the word “OUT”. They only output stereo sound, but in analog form. Because of this absolutely all speakers, even the cheapest ones, have corresponding inputs.
  • SCART. this plug also carries analog stereo sound. You’ll also need an adapter and an RCA cable.
  • The 3.5mm audio jack. this is the worst option, usually only used because there are no other jacks for audio output. To use such a connector, you will need a cable 3.5mm-RCA. To output sound in this way in the 5.1 or 7.1, of course you can’t.

Connecting the TV set-top box or game console

Some people, who are not very tech-savvy, wonder how to connect a set-top box to a Philips TV. Note, that you should only do this if your TV set itself doesn’t support digital TV. If it understands the DVB-T2 standard, you should plug your terrestrial antenna cable into your TV, since it will recognize all the available channels.

If you need to connect a set-top box, it is usually done with an HDMI cable. One end of the cable is inserted into the purchased device and the other end is inserted into the TV set. Next, use the “Input” button on the remote control to switch to the active HDMI-input (do not forget to turn on the set-top box beforehand). That’s all, you will immediately see the image coming to the HDMI connector. Further set up the TV set-top box is performed using the remote control which is supplied with it.

If your TV set does not currently have a free HDMI-slot, the splitter can solve the problem. This is a small divider box that you can buy in Chinese internet stores for 500-700.

Also you can connect the TV set-top box via traditional “tunnels”. But don’t get your hopes up for high picture quality in that case. It is also through the “component” is usually carried out connection of old game consoles. Dendy, SEGA, PS One or even PS2. As for the newer game consoles, starting from Playstation 3, they use an HDMI cable to connect them.

Connecting problems

Problem The solution
Connection error Phones from Samsung and Sony can transmit with Miracast video with copy protection. But “Philips” equipment cannot support this technology, i.e. while trying to connect, the TV reports an error.
Broken connection Sometimes connection disruptions occur when transferring files via Miracast if there are obstacles between the phone and the TV. That is, the less distance between the equipment, the better.
No parallel connection between several televisions Not all phones allow multiple connections in parallel. For example, Philips TVs can connect to the device either via Miracast or Wi-Fi.
High load on the network The load on the wireless connection increases if files are transferred first to the smartphone and then to the TV. The best solution in this case is to use the youtube app.

There are many ways to connect phones to Philips TVs, and if you are using new generation equipment, one of the above mentioned methods is most likely suitable. In spite of the enormous popularity of smartphones, users still often buy TV equipment and connect their phones at the same time. If recently they were just regular TV sets, today they are smart gadgets, in which everyone can watch any video with the help of Internet or cable TV.