How to connect Samsung TV to iPhone phone

How to connect Samsung phone to Samsung: 5 effective methods from a hamster

You can display information to Samsung’s TV from various sources. Smartphone was no exception. The article discusses the issue of connecting a phone to the Samsung TV.

If Samsung is synchronize, then you can:

  • Play mobile games that will be displayed on the full screen. Having made a mouse, keyboard or gamepad on Bluetooth, you can build a semblance of a console for Lite versions of games.
  • Watch movies, videos, photos and other sources of information running on the phone.
  • Search information on the Internet through the phone, looking in the display of a larger diagonal.
  • Control the contents on the TV through a smartphone.

Let’s look at all possible wireless conjugation. There are many ways to connect Smart-TV Samsung with iOS and Android phones.

How to display an image from phone to TV

To begin with, I propose to make out how to connect the iPhone to the Samsung TV (I use it, therefore I will explain by its example):

  • Run the TV and connect it to Wi-Fi;
  • If you want to display the iPhone screen on the TV screen, call the control point on the ples from top to bottom;
  • Click on the icon of the “repetition of the screen” (two rectangles imposed on each other);
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If your TV supports AirPlay, it solves a lot of problems

  • In the window that opens, find the name of your TV and click on it;
  • After a second conjugation on the TV screen, your iPhone screen will appear.

Since 2018, many televisions with the Smart TV function have received AirPlay support. Thanks to this technology, iPhone users can display images from their screens on TV.

However, if your goal is to reproduce a movie, a series or video from a popular video hosting on the TV screen, you can do it directly. I’ll show you on the example of YouTube:

You can play video from the iPhone on the TV directly from the video content application

This method is described on the official website of Apple, so you can not worry about its legality and safety. If it is interesting to familiarize yourself with the instructions for the myrrout of the iPhone screen on the TV, you can read about this on this link. Everything is described there in all details.

Apple TV

If your Samsung TV is not endowed with SMART functions or for some reason these functions do not give the proper result, then you can use the special prefix Apple TV or similar (on Android), which must be connected to TV. Such prefixes have a full range of SMART functions that include the repeat repetition (using Screen Mirroring or Miracast technology).

To connect the iPhone with Samsung without Smart functions via AirPlay, the easiest way to do this, creating a connection between the TV and the Apple TV console. This prefix receives Internet access through Wi-Fi, and through wirelessly it allows you to duplicate the iPhone display on a computer. At the same time, the connection of apple devices will be the best, and the data transfer speed online will allow you to watch without delay in the picture and sound of the film with a resolution of 4K.

In conclusion

There are many ways to transmit information from the iPhone on the Samsung TV screen, through Wi-Fi, special applications, cables, adapters. Therefore, with the output of images and videos, there are no problems even in a person who does not own information technology.

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How to connect iPhone to Samsung TV via cable

Cable compounds are not as convenient as wireless, and require more actions from the user, but they can provide high quality and instant transmission of the picture (when using HDMI ports), and allow you to connect even very old devices that do not have modern connectors.


HDMI connector allows you to broadcast high.Quality video (from FullHD to 8K, depending on the capabilities of the screen) without additional settings and special software. An additional plus of such a connection is the stability of the connection that cannot be provided when using wireless technologies.

Since the iPhone does not have an appropriate connector before connecting the iPhone 4, 5, 6 or older to the Samsung TV, you need to purchase an adapter:

During the broadcast process, the phone is quickly discharged, so it is better to buy an adapter with an additional Lightning connector to connect a charger.

Ice televisors are highly contrasting and more realistic color rendering than a LCD.

How to connect the iPhone 11, 12 and younger to the Samsung TV via HDMI:

  • Install the adapter on the phone.
  • Combine HDMI cable with TV and adapter.
  • Turn on the TV and select HDMI as a signal source. If the device has several such ports, you can see its number on the case, or sort through the remote control all possible options.
  • After the synchronization is completed on the TV screen, the iPhone display will be displayed (except for 4S and older models, they will only broadcast shortcuts for playing audio, photo and video from the phone library).

Before inserting the HDMI cable into the TV port, it is recommended to turn it off using the remote control, if you connect “to hot”, you can burn the connector.

Analog cable

Old TVs equipped only by RCA ports (which require a tricolor tulip cable) can also be connected to the iPhone, but for this you will need additional adapters:

On a note. The quality of the signal when transmitting through an analog cable is noticeably inferior to broadcasting by HDMI.

How to connect the iPhone phone to the Samsung TV equipped only by RCA ports:

  • Connect the cable RCA cables with connectors of the corresponding color on the TV.
  • Plue HDMI plug into an adapter HDMI-Lightning/30-PIN.
  • Connect the resulting design to the iPhone charging port.
  • If the adapter has an additional charging connector, connect the phone to power.

If only an audio signal is necessary (for example, listen to music via TVs), then it is enough to use the standard minijack-minijack wire.


When connecting via a USB cable, you can use the iPhone only as a drive (view the photos and videos saved on it or listen to music)-it will not work to broadcast the entire screen with this method.

Any iPhone can be connected to the TV via USB, but if a complete charger cable is suitable for models from 5 and 5s, then for old phones 4 and 4s you need to buy an adapter from a 30-pin connector to USB.

When connected via the iPhone 5, 6, 7 and older USB cable, the device is simultaneously charged from tv power.

How to connect the iPhone 7 (or other models) to the Samsung TV:

  • Combine both devices with cable.
  • In the TV menu select USB as a signal source.
  • After the end of synchronization, a list of folders and files located on the iPhone will appear on the TV screen.

The contents of the mobile device are controlled through TV-conveying.

Other methods

If the HDMI connector is not provided on the TV, you can pay attention to alternatives. These include:

The first two options are suitable for old iPhone (4s or more old versions). The third method is used for representatives of the latest generations. There is a 15-pin nest for the VGA cable here.

  • Disconnect the TV.
  • Connect all the plugs in the corresponding outputs.
  • For VGA, the connection to display audio signals through the acoustics cable or by means of a lighting connector.
  • Select the corresponding AV connection in the TV menu.

During operation, connected to TV iPhone may be charged.

Features of the iPhone connection to Samsung TV

Connection of the phone to the monitor makes it possible to view the files stored in his memory or in the cloud storage, search and process information, synchronize the data of the smartphone and screen, use the applications installed on the phone, especially the games. You can transfer data not only from the phone, but also from the iPad, iPod. You can also connect the Apple TV prefix. A device to view the original content for Apple products. Recently, TV shows and films are shot directly by the company for their own streaming service.

For Smart TV owners, this procedure is useless, their device is directly connected to the Internet. This will allow you to directly log in to ICLUD and view the data stored on it. But the owners of ordinary models will appreciate all the capabilities of the iPhone contact with the TV.

How to connect iPhone to TV via Wi-Fi

To connect your phone to TV via Wi-Fi, it is necessary that the TV support Wi-Fi Direct technology. Before performing the procedure, be sure to read the instructions for your TV. Ideally, if you find specific instructions for Wi-Fi Direct, but if your TV has a Smart prefix, most likely everything will work as it should.

Iphone screen broadcast on a TV without wires.

First you need to connect the TV to the Wi-Fi home network. All TVs are different, so it is difficult to give universal instructions. In general, she will look something like this:

  • We go to the settings.
  • Next, click on general settings, network.
  • Then select a wireless connection method.
  • Next, TV will offer to choose a Wi-Fi network, select a home network.
  • Enter the password using the remote control.
  • Click ready.

Next, we connect to the same Wi-Fi network on the iPhone and broadcast the screen of our phone on TV. Everything is much easier here:

  • We go to the settings, wi-fi.
  • Next, select the same network as on the TV (important).
  • We connect to it (enter the password, if necessary).
  • Next, we move to the iPhone to the control point (the pile from the right upper corner for the iPhone X and older or the swipe from the bottom for the iPhone 8 and younger).
  • Click on the icon with two screens and select the TV.
  • Ready.

First, we are convinced that both devices were connected to one network, and only then we look at the control point.

Now you can easily broadcast your smartphone screen on your TV. There are not so many scenarios here, but show photos from the vacation. The very thing! Well, you can also play, although it seems much more convenient for me to connect the iPhone to a computer.

If the screen of the screen does not appear in the window of your TV, then TV does not support this chip and you will have to act in the old fashioned way. Don’t be scared, everything is simple there.

Wireless connection

Thanks to the iphone‘s wireless synchronization with Samsung TV, the user can not only consume real.Time content (watch video on YouTube, watch TV shows and films) or listen to music, in addition, he can duplicate video games on the TV display. This happens with absolutely all files and even with the desktop. They first start on the phone, and then broadcast on the TV screen.

connect, samsung, iphone, phone

It is stupid to argue with the fact that this method of synchronization of the iPhone and subsequent consumption of content is more convenient and faster than with a wired connection. In favor of a wireless connection, he says at least its simplicity, because the user only needs to press several buttons.

Despite all the advantages of wireless synchronization, it has one significant minus. To connect, your devices should be suitable for some requirements.

Nowadays, most modern Samsung TVs can be connected to Wi-Fi network. The presence of this function will be a pleasant bonus for those who want to synchronize with the TV through Wi-Fi.

To connect, the user will need:

  • Connect both devices to the same wireless network;
  • Then activate on the phone a special application for a smart TV (for example, “Smart View”);
  • After you do all this, it will be enough only to wait for the TV to automatically connect to the smartphone.

As soon as the devices are synchronized, you can use the full potential of such a connection.


This function is a unique Apple development that allows you to duplicate the image from the iPhone screen on the TV screen. However, to use the AirPlay function, the user must have a special prefix for television from Apple. “Apple TV”. It creates a magnificent ecosystem (which is famous for Apple), combining with devices from the same company (macbooks, iPhones, iPads, and so on).

However, if the user does not have it, then he can purchase an analogue with Eirpli support, which also connects to the TV and helps synchronize the phone with him-Miracast Adapter. In addition to “apple” phones, the user can synchronize with the device of the device both on Windows and on Android. One of the most popular AirPlay adapters is Rombica Smartcast.

In order to connect the iPhone to the Samsung TV using this function, the user needs

  • Connect both a smartphone and TV to one Internet network;
  • Just pull on the smartphone for the lower curtain with settings (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, modem mode and so on) and click on the “Repeat of the screen” item;
  • In the menu opened, select your Apple TV (each of them has its own name).

After you perform all of the above actions, the iPhone desktop will be duplicated on your TV.

If you could not figure out how it works, be sure to watch this short video from YouTube. In it, the author quite clearly explains how to connect the iPhone to your TV through AirPlay.

Google Chromecast

It is not necessary to buy an Apple TV prefix for synchronizing a TV with a phone from an apple company. Google has created their own special device, which allows you to watch videos and listen to real.Time music on TV, while playing all this on a smartphone. This device is called Google Chromecast. In form, it very much resembles a flash drive familiar to a person. However, instead of the USB connector, the Google Chromecast has HDMI connector. It is easy to guess that it is necessary to connect this device to the TV in its HDMI connector.

connect, samsung, iphone, phone

In order to start the connection, the user needs to perform the following actions.

  • Firstly, after you connected Google Chromecast to the TV and activated it, install the special application from the AppStore on your iPhone;
  • Secondly, as soon as it was installed, go to your phone settings and activate Wi-Fi;
  • After you do this, find among the available wireless networks exactly the one in which “Chromecast” will be present in the name (then there may be a set of any numbers);
  • Connect to this network and then go to the Chromecast application. It should automatically synchronize with the device after connecting to the network;
  • Next, you can choose any other name for a wireless network and decide which network you need to work with.

How to Use your Mobile Phone as a Samsung TV Remote

Do not forget that Chromecast and your smartphone should be connected to the same wireless network. After you perform all of the above actions, make sure that the device works properly and may start flowing.

Here is a link to YouTube video, which explains in detail how the iPhone, TV and Google Chromecast interact.

How to easily control your Samsung Smart TV with your iPhone