how to connect sega to the tv. Installation and Connection

How to connect a Sega console to a monitor?

Connecting the set-top box Connect the HDMI cable to the set-top box and to the monitor. If you use an HDMI cable you can quickly and easily connect the set-top box to the monitor. Connect one end of the cable to the set-top box and the other end to the monitor.

In order to connect the console, you need to follow the following algorithm of actions:

  • Connect the RSA Jack cable to the TV and the set-top box;
  • Insert the game cartridge into the console;
  • connect the power supply to the mains;
  • run the selected game;
  • switch the channel to AV.

Features of synchronization with modern televisions

You can’t connect Sega to a new Smart TV or even an inexpensive LED model without additional tricks. Support for such devices is simply not provided here because they work through an analog connection, whereas television technology uses a digital signal. Of course, you can turn on the set-top box with an old kinescope TV, but there are much more interesting ways to solve the problem.

  • The low resolution of the picture. Once connected, you may be completely disappointed. You have to consider that the 320×224 picture will be broadcast in its natural quality, on a TV with UHD, Full HD it will be especially noticeable. The picture will be very pixelated and not very clear, but on cine-scope devices, this feature will not be so noticeable. You can correct the problem by setting the minimum screen resolution in the TV settings.
  • The light gun will not work. Shooting games, so beloved by fans of eight-bit consoles, will have to put aside. This is due to the fact that LCD screen does not give a sharp change of bright and dark spots, respectively, the sensitivity of the photocell in the gun is not enough. Also, the picture in digital TVs has a certain signal delay that is not present in kinescope models.
  • The picture is black and white when connected via the component input. The problem is solved by switching the technique to analog signal. This is done with the remote control, with a few taps. After that the picture will be color instead of black and white.
  • Samsung TVs do not have the AV connection via white and yellow outputs. Connection is made through the yellow-green jacks, with an additional installation of the adapter for SCART.
  • LG televisions have problems with AV connection. But there is a possibility of using a video amplifier.
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For best results, you need to install an A/V converter in the HDMI connector.

These are the main features you should consider when synchronizing a signal from a 16-bit Sega console to a TV that receives a digital signal, or plasma panel.

What is a Dendy game console?

Dendy, or Dendy, is a game console, an unofficial hardware clone of the third-generation Famicom console (known as the Nintendo Entertainment System in the United States and Europe) from the Japanese company Nintendo.

On the game console find the connectors for the outgoing video signal. Different models of consoles can be connected to the monitor in different ways. The most modern connector is an HDMI connector and the oldest one is an RCA or RF connector. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U consoles have an HDMI connector.

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How do you connect your cell phone to your TV??

One of the easiest and most affordable is to connect the joystick from “Dandy” to your computer. Thanks to the electronics market, you can buy different versions of the device online or at radio malls. Modern joystick for “Dandy”, as a rule, has a USB port, through which you can connect it to the PC.

Can you connect your old Nintendo set-top box to your new TV??

To connect your NES to a modern TV via RF, plug the NES RF cable into the white RCA connector on the back of the unit. Connect the other end to the round F-type connector on the back of the TV. Be sure to install a channel selection switch next to it to match your TV.

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-Model 2 has a stereo AV output., Whereas in Model 1 you had to route the stereo from the headphone jack to the stereo. Model 2 uses a mini-DIN connector instead of the standard DIN connector for the AV outputNot sure if the Mega Drive 2 had a physical cartridge lock or not. Model 1 definitely did.

Was it possible to connect the SEGA to a computer?

In theory, you can connect the sega to the monitor, if you can assemble the converter from VGA to bells.

Through the antenna cable Connect the TV antenna to the TV socket of the antenna switch, and connect the cord of the switch to the antenna socket of the TV. Use a TV cable to connect the GAME switch jack and the antenna output (TV/VHF) of the set-top box. Move the antenna switch to the GAME position. Set up the TV.

How to connect a game console to the TV?

How to connect a game console to the TV?

  • HDMI output (digital connection). Use an HDMI-to-DVI or HDMI-to-HDMI cable with the included HDMI-to-DVI adapter.
  • DVI output (digital or analog connection).
  • VGA output (analog connection). Use the included VGA to DVI adapter.
  • YPbPr output (also COMPONENT or YUV).
connect, sega, installation, connection


When using the SEGA Game console to broadcast the picture to a modern digital television set, certain precautions must be observed:

  • Do not switch cords or replace the cartridge without unplugging it. Before any manipulation with it, the game console must be de-energized.
  • Do not leave the cartridge in the slot when the game is over. Carelessness in this matter can lead to failure of construction elements of equipment.
  • Handle cables and wires with care. This is the weakest point of Sega game consoles. Finding an authentic joystick or power supply, especially for older consoles 30 years old, can be very difficult.
  • Eliminate adverse thermal and mechanical effects. The console should be installed so that it is not near a radiator or under direct sunlight, keep it away from water.
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If a 16-bit game console has not been used for a long time, gathering dust on a shelf, to avoid short circuits, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the dust inside the case. If the accessory wires and cables are damaged, they must be replaced. The optimal solution is not to use rarity equipment from the beginning of the nineties, but its more modern versions to launch games.

One of the above ways to connect a Sega to a modern TV is discussed in more detail in the following video.