How to connect speakers to the music center LG

Connection of the music center to TV

A rare modern TV is equipped with loud and high.Quality speakers. This happens for a number of reasons, the main ones are reducing the thickness of the case, which excludes the possibility of installing high.Quality equipment for sound. Many manufacturers are engaged not only in the release of TV, but also with related equipment. Home cinemas and soundbars. It is obvious that demand will be higher if you create not only the proposal, but also the need. In addition, most companies recommend using their technique as an external sound, but this is an obvious trick, since the sound does not affect the branded product, but its filling. For this reason, if there is a music center at home, then it may well be a good option for playing audio from TV. How to correctly connect a music center to the TV is described below.

Some people call cable connection an outdated technology, but arguing that it is much easier than synchronize something without wires is hard.

Through linear connectors

This type of communication is the most common in audio and video technique. This will require the RCA-RCA cable (tulips on both sides).

Synchronization is performed according to the algorithm.

  • On the TV you need to find nests for connecting tulips signed by Audioout.
  • To connect you need to take the RCA-RCA cord.
  • One end of the cable is connected to TV. It is necessary to take into account the color of plugs and connectors.
  • The second end is connected to a similar exit in the musical device, the colors should again correspond to each other, the yellow plug is not connected (it transmits the video).
  • Acoustics must be switched to the reception of sound from the linear entrance.

Through a composite connector

If the TV is not equipped with tulips, then it may have SCART. This is a fairly massive connector, which is capable of transmitting both sound and picture. In this case, you will need an adapter from SCART to RCA, since music centers are not equipped with the first integration. Having an adapter and cable or RCA-SCART cable, configuration is carried out according to the scheme.

  • On the tV behind you need to find the SCART connector. It is the largest and looks like a rectangle with many smaller holes.
  • The adapter or cable with the SCART is connected to TV.
  • The second part is connected to the center with white and red plug. Yellow remains free.
  • The signal is switched in TV to SCART, and in the center to the line input Line. Sometimes such settings are not required. The sound immediately comes from the speakers of the player.

Via headphone jack

To connect the TV, only a headphone jack can be provided. In this situation, the mini-jack 3.5-2 RCA cable will come to the rescue. One side looks like a standard plug from headphones, and the second. Like tulips without a yellow plug.

  • On the TV you should find a 3.5 connector. Sometimes it is difficult, since manufacturers can place it anywhere, even on the front panel, hiding under the lid.
  • If the nest is standard, then the cable is immediately inserted into it. Sometimes instead of 3.5, 6.5 is used instead of 3.5. Visually they are the same, but the second option is larger. In this case, an adapter is required from 6.5 to 3.5.
  • The second side of the cable is connected to the music center as described above. In compliance with colors.
  • On a musical player, it remains to enable sound reception with Linein.
  • The TV has additional settings usually does not require.

It is important to remember that such a connection implies sound adjustment, both on a music center and on TV, so both devices need to be configured in an optimal way.

Through an optical connector

Unlike the options listed above, this connector implies a digital sound feed, which, unlike the analogue, allows you to get the best quality without losing a signal. Especially the latter is tangible if an analogue is used by wires more than 1 meter long.

The optical output for sound was invented by Sony and Philips, so its name is С/pdif, which sounds like Sony/Philips Digital Interconnect Format. If both devices have such a way out, then it is better to use only it. This will achieve the maximum possible sound quality.

  • On the TV you should find S/PDIF. It looks like a square with a round hole in which a laser shines.
  • S/PDIF cable is double.Sided, so by any side it is connected to both devices.
  • After that, you need to switch to s/pdif on both devices. How to do this is best read in the instructions.

How to connect a computer or laptop to a music center or audio system?

Task: there is a laptop or computer. It is necessary to get the sound from the device to the music center to listen to music or play games.

Analogue connection through linear entrances

What will be needed: RCA-Jack Cable-Jack or RCA-RCA cable-RCA.

  • Carefully study the sound connectors of the music center. Find on the rear panel of the RCA type nest, they are also called “tulips” or “bells”. Sometimes additional nests are mounted on the front panel. These are linear entrances for sound, nests are often signed as in or line in. The right canal is always indicated in red, white or other color. Left.
  • Explore a laptop or computer. Find a small nest with the inscription OUT (“Exit”) or an icon icon. At the laptop, the connector is on the side panel, at the computer. On the back or front wall. The official name of this connector is TRS, from the English words TIP, Ring, SLEVE (“Top”, “Ring”, “Gilsa”). The people are called the “mini-jack” (3.5 mm = 1/8 inch).
  • Take the transition cable “Mini-Jack”-RCA and connect the devices among themselves.
  • In order for the music center to play sound from a linear entrance, it is necessary to enable the corresponding amplifier channel. Most often it is called Video or Line in. It is recommended to check according to the instructions for the device.

Stereo RCA cable is connected to the output of headphones

Symmetric RCA cable binds linear outputs of devices

Connection via a USB-sound card

If your computer or laptop does not have a sound card, the motherboard is not equipped with linear exits, you can display the sound from the device through an external sound card. A small box sticks into a USB port and is defined by the system as a regular sound card. Her linear exit is the nest “Mini-Jack”.

What will be needed: RCA-Jack-Jack Cabinet, an external sound card with USB intensity.

  • Turn on the external sound card in the USB port of a computer or laptop.
  • Connect the RCA transition cable-“mini-jack” to the sound card in the nest indicated by the “headphones” icon (green).
  • Connect the cable to the linear entrances of the RCA Music Center.
  • Turn on the line input (Line in) on the music center).
  • If required, configure in the computer operating system the output of the sound to the external card.

External sound card converts the figure into sound

What is AUX connector?

The name AUX comes from the English word Auxiliary, which means “auxiliary” or “additional”. In audio equipment, the so.Called linear entrance (indicated by AUX in) or linear output (AUX OUT) is called. Through a linear exit from one device to another, low.Frequency sound and videos are transmitted to another. As a rule, the signal level in the inputs / outputs AUX is normalized and not regulated, which ensures the compatibility of devices of different manufacturers.

Connecting a smartphone to a column via Bluetooth and using a cable

Autonomous column is another option for a technique suitable for a pleasant listening of tracks is much better than a simple mobile phone. This time you can connect a smartphone without wires. Just via Bluetooth communication. To listen to music with this method, it is not even required to use a stationary power supply. This method can be safely used on vacation outside the city and travel.

To create a connection, you must follow this algorithm:

  • Turn on the audio system.
  • On the phone, start the Bluetooth function and click on the “Detail” button “.
  • Confirm the connection of the dynamics and mobile phones, if necessary, enter the standard code. 0000.
  • Click on the track playing button.

If for some reason the connection through Bluetooth cannot be used, then a cable comes to the rescue, the plug of which is suitable for the dynamics hole. At the same time, you need to act simply: attach the cable to the mobile phone and the audio system so that the plugs correspond to the existing connectors of the equipment. Then you can turn on the music.

Connection of acoustics to TV

You can get the sound from television speakers to external speakers on almost any model. On modern LCD panels, the connectors for connecting additional equipment have long been unified under the general standard, adapters are provided for outdated TVs. Consider in more detail which connectors to use to connect different acoustics to the TV.

Connecting active columns

Active acoustic speakers. Self.Sufficient equipment with a built.In sound amplifier. This is convenient, since you do not have to buy a separate device. The columns have a power wire and volume control, balanced, filters are configured, they need only an analog or digital signal from the TV.

Accordingly, the way to display sound to active speakers is quite simple and depends on their model, the connectors provided on the rear or side panel. Typically, the connection is carried out using the TRS audio defect (minijack 3.5 mm) or 2RCA cable. 2RCA.

There should be no problems with the search for the nest on the TV panel, since the integration is indicated by the “headphones” icon. All you need to do is install the speakers, connect them to power, connect them through a suitable cable with a TV.

It should be borne in mind that most modern LCD TVs with a large diagonal size are not equipped with Mini Jack audio output. Therefore, you need to purchase a high-quality Mini-Jack-2RCA adapter in advance or use a standard branch.

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Connecting passive speakers

The main difference between passive acoustics is the lack of a built.In amplifier. To use this equipment, you will need to purchase a separate block to enhance the signal. First, the speakers are connected to the amplifier, then the amplifier is connected to the television panel.

The synchronization process is not as complex as it might seem at the beginning. When choosing an amplifier and passive speakers, mandatory technical requirements should be taken into account:

  • The power of the amplifier should be at least 30% of the acoustic power.
  • Resistance indicators should be the same for both devices.
  • By connecting the speakers with the amplifier, it is necessary to take into account polarity, the left column is the left channel, and the right. To the right.

Connection to the columns is installed through screw clamps, and the connection of the amplifier to the TV. Through HDMI or RCA (tulip).

The connecting wires usually come in the kit, if they are not, you need to use a cable with a section area of ​​at least 1 mm. It is recommended to choose a multi.Core copper cable.

Connecting a music center

To install the connection between the TV and the music center, you can use different types of cables and ports for them. The optimal method of connecting devices in a single system is selected in place, depends on the presence of a particular type of connectors on the equipment.

The highest stereo quality of sound provides connection through an optical cable. A step below, according to the characteristics of the purity of sound, there are Scard and linear connection. Universal RCA-conductor (tulip) will give out the weakest in quality and volume sound.

A good solution will be the connection of the equipment via HDMI port. In this case, the owner of the equipment can insert a USB drive into the music center with a collection of films and enjoy watching a video with a high-quality image and sound accompaniment.

Choosing the best way to connect the equipment, then at the music center you need to set the “AUX” mode. Check the sound if the connection was made correctly, the sound will not come from the TV, but from the speakers of the center.

Since the music center is outdated equipment, RCA connectors are mainly provided for its connection. If there are no these connectors on the LCD panel, you will need to purchase an adapter HDMI-RCA or Scard-Mini Jack.

Connection of the stereo system

Each user will be able to install the connection between the TV and the stereo system, since in fact it is a standard amplifier to which passive speakers of various capacities are connected. The connection occurs by means of the RCA cable (tulip). Previously, it is worth inspecting the TV panel on the corresponding connectors, if they are not, you need to buy RCA and TRS adapters.

Connection of a home theater

Home cinema is always a high quality transmission of volumetric sound row, even in budget models. Many users consider it the most advanced of all modern stereo systems. The technique is equipped with a professional receiver, a sufficiently powerful amplifier, thanks to this, sound accompaniment at the output is particularly clean and volume.

You can display the sound from TV to a home theater in many ways. But, to consider the connection procedure from the option that provides the highest quality, that is, HDMI. The algorithm of actions:

  • First of all, check the presence of HDMI parties on the TV and receiver of home theater.
  • De.Energize the equipment, connect the devices between themselves via HDMI ports.
  • After connecting the equipment, turn on the network, go into the TV settings, select. Play the sound from the audio system.

Acoustic system of home theater is available in two formats 5.1 and 7.One. Acoustics type 5.1 provides for the presence of 5 channels. Central, two frontal, two rear, subwoofer. Acoustics type 7.1 is equipped with additional two side channels.

In order not to lose in the purity of sound reproduction, a high-quality cable should go to the LCD panel from the home theater receiver, it is recommended to use an HDMI wire not lower than version 1.4b.

Connecting wireless speakers

A wireless connection of external acoustics with modern Smart-TV is an equally interesting way to bring sound to additional equipment: Bluetooth speakers, headphones, headset. The connection is simple, the whole process takes a matter of minutes.

The opinion of experts

Select speakers for the TV and the method of connecting them is enough once. Most likely, the user’s preferences will not change and the selected method will be enough to meet the minimum needs.

Another situation is obtained if the user has advanced requirements from acoustics (for example, the habit of watching films with high sound quality or listen to music in the best possible ways). In this case, the methods of connection can be combined in the presence of the necessary equipment.

Branded ecosystem

Of course, the success of the operation to collect different speakers in the audioimperia depends, including on the technical preparation of the user. There are no guarantees that everything will work perfectly. Therefore, for a guaranteed result, you can purchase a kit to create a multi.Room from one manufacturer. This is the easiest and most reliable way.

Many companies produce sets to create an acoustic ecosystem. The pioneer in this case was Sonos, and since then has been the standard of such systems. Its products are one of the easiest to set up and the most reliable in use, but does not always support hi-rem formats. Other companies have similar systems: Denon Heos, Bose Soundtouch, Audio Pro Addon C3 and T.P. They differ in completeness, sound quality and various additional functions. For some, for example, Denon has a voice control function using Amazon alexa.

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The kit includes, in addition to speakers and subwoofers, amplifiers, wireless receivers, transmitters and software. But this does not mean that the buyer will forever get stuck in the arms of one brand: many receivers support the function of connecting third.Party acoustics from other manufacturers. Thus, a scalable system with great capabilities and flexible settings is obtained.

Such a solution has its advantages. Firstly, the better sound of the system itself, in which everything is perfectly selected and agreed with each other. Hence the high stability of the work and ease of installation and setting. Secondly, most often such a system does not even need a third-party sound source such as a smartphone or tablet-it often knows how to connect to the Internet on the voice command and broadcast music from streaming services. In a word, the future, how it is.

How to Connect Speakers to TV

Via FM transmitter (radio)

FM transmitter is a separate device that takes the sound from the smartphone via Bluetooth, or AUX and transfers it to the radio via radio (FM tuner). The radio on the radio tape is tuned to FM frequency, which broadcasts the sound FM transmitter.

If your radio reads only cassettes or CDs and catches radio, then you can connect your phone via FM transmitter to it. There are a huge number of different devices. They differ in their capabilities, design, etc. D. In addition to transferring music from the phone through the radio, I can read SD cards, ordinary USB flash drives, work as a high-connection device. They usually eat from a cigarette lighter. Or by USB from charging.

Buying such a device makes sense only if the radio in a car without AUX entrance and Bluetooth. If there is AUX, it is better to buy a Bluetooth transmitter. But this is purely my opinion. With this connection, there may be a poor sound quality, interference.

  • FM transmitter connects to nutrition.
  • Bluetooth smartphone, or using a cable 3.5 mm (aux) connects to the transmitter.
  • Radio on the radio tape is tuned to FM frequency, which is set on FM transmitter.
  • You can manage music from the phone. If the connection is bt, then the buttons on the transmitter itself.

In some cases, this is the only solution that allows you to listen to music in a car using a phone. We are talking about old radio and full.Time head devices.

Wireless connection

Modern audio equipment is widely used for synchronization with other devices wireless modules. NFC is a more convenient option, but less common. It provides a large connection range, a high.Quality signal, and in addition, the connection itself does not require a large number of actions. For high.Quality data transfer via Bluetooth, you need support for APTX and LDAC codecs (Audio transmission without loss of quality). The range is also limited here. About 15 meters.

  • The audio device must be included in the search mode for Bluetooth devices-for this there are appropriate buttons on the front panel.
  • On the phone you should lower the curtain, find the Bluetooth button and open the advanced settings to see the list of equipment available for synchronization.
  • After displaying the list of devices, select the right one and confirm the connection.
  • It remains to turn on your favorite music, and you can enjoy high.Quality and loud reproduction.
  • To perform such a connection, both devices must be equipped with an appropriate module.
  • Both devices are included in the NFC synchronization mode. The center has a special button for this (sometimes you need to look for a mode in the sources of the signal), lower the curtain on the mobile phone and find the NFC symbol.
  • Having activated both devices, it is enough to attach a smartphone to the center. It has a platform with a NFC symbol. Automatic connection will occur.
  • In the player we launch your favorite tracks.

Cable choosing tips

If the release of TV to headphones is used, then to reproduce the sound signal through the speakers of the speaker system, a pair of red and white plug is required. To do this, you should find on the TV panel and the center the same in shape and size connectors with an identical color.

If the connectors on the devices do not coincide, then you can strengthen the sound of TV with columns of the music center using a cable-adapter. It can be a “tulip” or a 3.5 mm plug, RCA-RCA. TRS-RCA. In the absence of a connector for audio or an exit to the headphones, SCART or HDMI may be present in modern models. The corresponding cables provide the transfer of a high.Quality multicomponent signal.

The stereo columns of the musical device can significantly improve the sound of TV, provide comfort and pleasure from watching television channels, as well as video reproduction from a connected flash drive or other media. Therefore, if the house has equipment that has strong acoustics, it is very easy to improve the system for output of the sound signal.

It should be noted that to improve the sound series reproduced by the TV, you can connect other acoustic devices. One of the most compact, modern and at the same time effective devices is soundbar. Its correct choice will help to get the desired sound quality without cluttering the room with excess structures.