How to connect the antenna to your Samsung TV

How to configure the indoor antenna on your Samsung TV

The internal interface of the different modifications is different. In general, the procedure is relatively identical. The following sequence of steps should be followed:

  • by pressing the menu button on the remote control we enter the broadcast section;
  • Press auto tune;
  • There choose as a signal source antenna or cable, set the type of search. complete;
  • pressing the start button, start, scanning will start auto search;
  • Found channels will periodically appear in the list as you go through all multiplexes.

When auto-tuning does not work you need to perform a manual search procedure. There you will be required to additionally enter the search frequency. You can see it on the coverage map by selecting the nearest TV tower to you. In the Channel menu select similarly cable, region, Russia, sometimes encountered Eastern Europe, and in the case of the requirement to enter a code, enter the numbers. 0000, 1111 or 1234. In the broadcast parameters you might need to select. Digital.

How to watch TV without an antenna

In rare cases, there is a situation where digital television is not suitable.

Basically there are two reasons for this:

  • Viewing an image in high resolution is not possible due to technical limitations of the TV;
  • The terrestrial repeater is far away, and cable and satellite TV providers are not present.

How to set the channels on your TV in this case? The user has the opportunity to organize an interactive TV, which will replace the digital TV, player and home theater. Only a Smart TV-set or receiver with a LAN interface for a network cable is suitable for this method.

Setting up IPTV

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To watch interactive TV, you need to connect and configure the Internet on your TV. After that you must install IPTV-scanner, which will find working IP-addresses with TV broadcasting. Broadcasts are streamed from several active addresses at once, t.к. Each channel broadcasts independently of each other. To receive high-quality images and without freezing, for example, ten channels, you need a speed of 50 MB / sec.

You can also watch IPTV via wireless TV. But the actual speed of Wi-Fi network does not exceed 15. 30 MB / sec, so the user will be available only a few channels (a greater flow of information at this speed of Internet connection is impossible to receive).

Important! Before using interactive TV, after setting up the network on your Samsung TV you need to remotely synchronize the device and install the TENET application.

How to add local channels

After the transition to digital TV with a basic package of 20 channels, many people lost access to local broadcasting. How to have access to local news and local programs simultaneously with digital broadcasting?

  • Using a DVB-T2 add-on which is connected to the TV set you need to divide the incoming signal from the antenna into two devices in the settings: the digital TV set-top box and the TV set itself. There are two connectors on the device. The first one sends the signal from the antenna to the set-top box and the second one should send the signal to the TV set.
  • In order to distribute the signal you need a T-connector.
  • Additionally you need an RF antenna cable to connect the signal to the TV set from the RF output socket of the STB or from the RF coupler. After these simple manipulations, you can enjoy watching your favorite local TV shows and digital broadcasts.
  • To switch from analog to digital television, switch the picture mode to “AV” or “HDLM”. To return broadcasting to normal mode, switch “TV”. If you are not using a separate set top box, your TV is able to broadcast both TVs at the expense of a DVB-T2 set top box.
  • Connect the wire from the antenna to the AIR/Cable.
  • Go to the TV Menu, from there go to “Channels” or “Broadcast”.
  • Then select Auto Search.
  • Select your connection type (antenna or cable), channel type. all.
  • For cable TV, select full search mode.
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How to connect your TV to Wi-Fi

  • Enter the TV menu: press the Home button and select Settings on the TV screen.
  • Select General.
  • Select Network.
  • Select Open Network Settings.
  • Select the type of network. Wireless.
  • Wait for the TV to find Wi-Fi networks, and select your.

How to connect the digital TV set-top box to an old TV and adjust the channels?

To connect a digital TV set-top box to an old TV to display 20 channels is not difficult. you need a set-top box. Most TVs have three tulip inputs. Thanks to them you can display a picture in digital mode and adjust the stereo. Plug the cables into these tunnels. Looking for the panel on the back of your TV. There are models that have this panel on the front.

Perform the same actions with the set-top box. Gently push the cables in firmly. For the right moves orient yourself by the tulip color markers. A device with two inputs will be enough.

Place the set-top box on a specific place, connect to the network and turn on.

Next, proceed to setting up the TV.

If you still have questions or complaints, let us know

    Switch the device to AV mode by pressing the special button on the remote control.

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Then open the menu of the digital set-top box. The TV set is used only for audio control;. Connect the cable to the TV set;. The TV set is used only for audio control. Simply turn on the automatic T2 search and wait for it to finish automatically. Programs are loaded independently and can be changed with the buttons on the remote control.

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This type of connectors with three tulips. there are even in very old models of TV. They are marked with special colors.

  • Unplug the TV and the set-top box from the sockets;
  • plug the cables into the jacks of the appropriate color;
  • Connect the cable to the TV;
  • Turn on your TV, open the menu, and activate AV;
  • tune the channels;
  • Confirm your action by clicking on OK.

Connect the antenna in the apartment to the set-top box is necessary to install the signal. For successful channel search it is important to pay attention to the cable length. it should not be excessive. And the antenna is oriented strictly towards the tower.


Scart is considered outdated, it can be seen on frankly old TVs. The card is a single connector which is responsible for both sound and picture at the same time. Previously, this type was only in European devices, which were called Evro-AV.

  • Fix the antenna in the highest possible place, point it toward the tower;
  • Turn off the power of the used devices;
  • Use a Scart cable to connect the tuner and TV with each other;
  • Plug the device into an outlet;
  • select AV;
  • Perform settings for the correct display of the signal.

Through the antenna connector

There is a possibility that the device does not have an AV tunnel at all. But only if you use a Soviet-style receiver (like Vityaz or something similar). Use the antenna input.

But be careful. Not all tuners send a signal through the antenna input. You also need an HF modulator.

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The TV will display an analog signal with digital channels.

Satellite works like terrestrial TV. The dish is used as a receiving device and the repeater is the satellite. Consequently, to work successfully, you need to receive a quality signal and display an image on the screen.

  • TV tuner. Built-in decoder of digital information in the TV set into the image of a familiar form.
  • Receiver. A separate device to decode the signal in digital form and display the image on the screen.

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TV delivery

With the satellite broadcasts two types of programs. open and encrypted television channels. The latter is a paid content, which is unlocked using the operator’s payment card inserted in the CAM-connector.

From the above it can be concluded that in order to connect the satellite dish you need two devices. a decoder and a CAM-connector.

Antenna set up

In the past, when tuning analog TV, you twist and turn the antenna until you get the best picture. But with a digital signal the situation is a little different. That’s why I recommend to tune your antenna in a manual mode to tune your TV receiver.

  • To do this, enter the menu of your TV or set-top box
  • Find Manual tuning or Manual search.
  • Maintain a frequency or multiplex number.
  • If the quality or power scale is different in each model and shows too low values, then start turning the antenna.
  • Reach the maximum values and fix it.
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After tuning the first multiplex, find the frequency for the second package of channels.

See the frequencies of the multiplexes on the interactive map of RTRS

Connecting and configuring digital terrestrial television on Smart TV: from A to Z

So, you have decided to connect and configure digital terrestrial television for your Smart TV device. You can do this, of course, and no matter what company-manufacturer you have TV. Samsung, LG, Philips, or any other. The main thing is that your gadget has a built-in receiver. It is important to note that such a receiver is installed in almost every modern Smart TV. But just in case, you can clarify this either in the manual or in the store where you bought the TV (or find information on the Internet).

What can you get from the fact that your TV will be able to receive digital terrestrial television? Remember the old TV sets, which often had a wobbly screen, where you couldn’t watch your favorite shows. those were analog channels. So, the modern world overcame this problem with digital TV channels, which have high quality picture and sound. Agree, in this case it will be much more pleasant to watch movies, TV shows or the same news. In general, all pluses and no minuses! So let’s move directly to how to connect to a TV digital terrestrial television.

Setting up digital cable channels

If you are connected to a network cable operator, you can access a large number of digital TV channels of different subjects. Usually cable TV providers broadcast digital TV in DVB-C format, so before adjusting check if your receiver can receive this format. Also, most operators encode the signal and you need an access card and CAM module for watching.

  • Press MENU button on your remote control
  • Next, go to the item Broadcast and select Autosetting to confirm the action.
  • Choose necessarily Cable, since many people make the mistake of choosing a different standard.
  • Next type of channels, Digital to search for digital channels
  • Then select a network operator. Choose your cable operator from the list. Usually it’s Dom ru, Rostelecom, Acado, Ufa no.
  • If your provider isn’t on the list, make sure you select Other, otherwise your TV won’t tune all the channels of your network.
  • The next step you will be asked to choose the type of configuration, if you know the network parameters you can choose Fast or Network, but it is better if you choose Full, this will configure all channels, but it may take a little longer.
  • By selecting Network, you must keep the starting frequency and ending frequency, Modulation, and symbol rate. Check this information with your service provider.

If you select Full search, the TV will scan all frequencies and find all open and closed channels.