How to connect the cadena to the TV

How to connect your Xiaomi smartphone to the TV: 7 ways with step-by-step instructions

If your TV is gathering dust and you’re at home constantly sitting on your smartphone, stop ruining your eyesight! It’s high time to discover the wonderful world of streaming images to the big screen from a small display. You’ll be able to watch YouTube videos, flip through photos and even enjoy your favorite games on a normal screen. Not everyone has a Smart TV or the necessary HDMI-cable, so we have collected all the basic ways to translate the image from your phone Xiaomi on the TV. you will find the right option.

The most common way to connect wirelessly. Almost all modern TVs have Smart TV technology, so you can use Wi-Fi to pair with your phone. As a result you will be able to transmit the picture from your smartphone screen to the TV screen without loss of quality.

There are different ways to connect your gadget via Wi-Fi, though in Xiaomi’s case it’s about the same. To connect, do the following:

Go to Settings and find the item in them Wireless Networks.

Find in the list and activate Wi-Fi Direct.

Do the same on your television: In the settings Networks Find and turn on a similar feature.

After that, the two devices should connect to each other. Pairing usually takes no more than a minute.

As soon as the devices connect, the picture from the phone will start to be broadcast to the TV screen.

So you can display photos, videos, movies, and even games on a large display.

A little about digital set-top boxes

A digital set-top box for TV is a rectangular or square device to which the antenna is connected. The STB in turn connects to your TV set with a cable. So, a set-top box (tuner, decoder) acts as an intermediary in the signal path from your antenna to your TV. It converts a digital signal to a standard signal which the TV detects.

TV Set-top box

A TV set-top box is a small device that converts the digital signal from the antenna so that the TV can recognize it

When buying, pay attention to the characteristics of the device. there should be a marking DVB-T2.

How to update your set-top box: step by step instructions

Here is only an approximate order of how to update a set-top box for 20 channels. Different digital devices are different, so the update will be different. But there are several methods by which you can update absolutely all such gadgets:

After installing the new software, the gadget menu or the TV itself may “lag” for a while, usually a few minutes. Also remember that reflashing will erase all the data and settings that were stored on the device. This will update the channels in the digital set top box: their order and private settings if they were present. So it is quite possible that you will have to start watching by organizing the channels.

Updating via USB flash drive

This is the most versatile way to update your set-top box for 20 channels. The instructions for such reflashing are as follows:

  • If the firmware was in the archive, then unzip it.
  • Save the contents of the archive to a flash drive. I recommend taking an empty flash drive, not using folders. Although some set-top boxes can normally perform the update process with full USB drives. But in general case, it’s better not to have “unnecessary” information on it.
  • Connect the USB flash drive to the USB port of the device.
  • Open the menu. In it you need a section similar to “System”, “Software”, “Firmware”.
  • In this section, select “Update” or similar.
  • Select the file you previously wrote to the flash drive on the screen to update the set-top box.
  • The update will start. Wait for this process to complete, and don’t switch or touch anything while it’s going on.
  • Perform the action indicated on the screen: press “OK” on the remote control, restart the device, or similar.
  • You’re all set.

However, this is not the only method how to update your set-top box via USB flash drive, even though it is the most common. Some devices require that after point “6” you just turn the device on with the “reset” button and the installation will start automatically. So if possible check the instructions for your device.

Updating via USB cable and computer

This is equivalent to the previous method. Some people find it more “controllable,” and so choose it. For some digital TV devices, it is written that you should update their software in this way. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Perform the first three steps from the previous instruction.
  • At the same site in the same section find and download the driver for PC and firmware. Unzip all the archives.
  • Turn the device off and connect it to the PC. The details of this item also differ depending on the model. For example, for the MX4, you need to press the reset button with a toothpick and, without releasing it, connect it to your computer. For other devices there may be other nuances, for example you have to press the power and volume buttons while the device is connected to the PC.
  • When PC detects the gadget, run the driver installation.
  • After finishing installation the device and the PC may need to be restarted.
  • Run the firmware program.
  • Select the file with the new software in it.

Update using the menu

Some digital TV devices can update directly through the network. You need to find the appropriate item in the menu and run the process. Often this way you can upgrade your Smart TV set-top box. It is important not to interrupt the installation and not to disconnect the internet or the power supply.

Also the STB can initiate the process from time to time. You will see a message on the screen saying that you need to update the software. Confirm the action using the remote control. The screen will show the progress of the update. Then the gadget will turn off and restart.

To update a set-top box for your TV is not a difficult process, although it requires taking into account all the nuances. I recommend to check the instructions. how to update your gadget. And then use one of the methods described above. I hope you will find the instructions useful and that you will be able to reflash your device for digital TV without any problems.

Pros and cons of Cadena set-top boxes

Cadena digital receivers provide access to a multitude of channels and offer high picture quality. They attract customers because they have a number of advantages, namely:

  • Russification of all models;
  • support for teletext and subtitles;
  • The presence of media player functions, which allow you to read video, audio and photos from a USB-drive;
  • The ability to record TV programs to a removable storage device, including automatically at a given time;
  • easy-to-use remote control and simple menus;
  • support for parental control;
  • compact size;
  • 1080p mode support;
  • Ability to create a list of favorite channels;
  • low cost;
  • easy initial setup;
  • Some models have three outputs at once (RF, HDMI and analog), which allows you to connect the Kadena set-top box to any TV set.

There are more than 20 models of Kadena receivers, and in reviews of some of them were noted disadvantages. For example, Cadena CDT-1671S and HT-1110 have not the longest life, and model SHTA-1511S2N DVB-T2 is strongly heated, although otherwise it is good.

How to connect your tablet to an identical brand TV

Every modern gadget: whether it is a TV or a tablet has a number of individual options and functions. The same applies to the possibility of switching devices with each other.

Combining a TV and a tablet of the same brand allows you to do this both wired and wirelessly.

How to connect your Samsung tablet to your Samsung TV with an HDTV adapter

You will need an HDMI cable and HDTV adapter for this connection. Make sure that the TV perceives this output as a “Default” connection, otherwise you will need to “play” with the settings. Be sure to connect the charger to the tablet at the same time, otherwise it will not have enough power to connect. Then plug the adapter into the tablet, and connect an HDMI cable with the appropriate connector to the output device. The second plug of the cable must be inserted into the TV socket.

Some televisions do not support the format of the signal transmission from the tablet, so make sure that this corresponds in advance.

After a successful connection on both devices, the connection should display, then they can be used.

How to connect an LG tablet to an LG TV: the quick way

Consider a DLNA connection, but again, make sure first that both gadgets are capable of playing the stated type of signal. In addition, you can successfully share almost any format of video content with this kind of pairing. We suggest reading a selected video tutorial on how to connect TVs of the same brand to a tablet PC.

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General diagram of connection and channel tuning

To connect your old TV to the new set-top box and receive channels with high picture and sound quality, you only need to follow the general instructions:

  • Buy a set-top box, corresponding to your type of broadcasting: antenna, cable, IPTV (you need a receiver if the operator doesn’t provide it).
  • Get an adapter (cable) to connect the tuner and set-top box.
  • Connect the equipment. Plug it into the network.
  • Press HDMI 1 on your TV remote control with the menu or the Sou button
  • Enter the menu using the remote control of the device. Select the settings. the type of connection “cable”. Go to automatic channel configuration.
  • Wait while all the channels will be loaded. Press save.

You can configure the channels manually. Then you need to assign a number to each found program. Click “Save” when done.

What is a TV set-top box

There is no strict definition of this term. Some people understand set-top boxes as all receivers (satellite, terrestrial, cable), some people understand Android set-top boxes only.

As for the receivers, they, like TV sets, may or may not have ON/OFF buttons, channel switching and volume control. Their ability to work without a remote control is limited at this point.

How to turn the STBs on without a remote control, if there’s no ON button? Usually such receivers turn on automatically, if you plug in the power cord. Some models are able to remember their status, and if they are not turned off with the remote, then when you resume power, a green LED lights up on them, indicating that they are back on.

Note that tuning of such STBs without a remote control is impossible, and if such actions are required, you can’t do without it. And sometimes just switching channels is not enough. for example, if you want to change the resolution parameters, picture format, switch to the favorite list, etc. д.

Android set-top boxes are another matter. They are originally oriented to the possibility of connecting to the Internet and have some functions common to computers. For example, it can be controlled using a keyboard, mouse, and even mobile gadgets like smartphones or tablets.


Cadena is currently in high demand. The company also produces different cable and terrestrial equipment. Digital set-top boxes have not yet become that popular, except for some models.

For example many people praise the simplicity and reliability of the CDT-100. This set-top box is made as simple as possible and it is not difficult to set it up. In addition, those who have already used it, say that it can work at least all day long.

In the future, the digital set-top boxes of the company will only evolve. Judging by the reviews, customers sooner or later will appreciate all the advantages of these devices compared to similar ones, already available in our markets.