How to connect the Internet on the tablet prestigio

How to turn on the mobile Internet on a Samsung tablet?

Instructions on how to disable the Internet on your Android smartphone or tablet are as follows: On devices with Android OS (for example, Samsung Galaxy smartphones) search for “Wireless Networks” in the “Settings” menu, then “Mobile Network” and uncheck the box.

How to configure your tablet prestigio set up the internet

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Android: does not work Internet on Wi-Fi. Problem solution on your smartphone

If you have a tablet, these tips will also work.

1 The first thing you can try is to turn off/on the Wi-Fi on your device. Enable/disable airplane mode. Reboot your smartphone. Sometimes it helps.

2 Check your proxy server settings. If your smartphone, in the properties of your wireless network is enabled proxy server, the Internet will not work. You need to check and, if enabled, disable manual proxy settings. Go to the settings, where the list of Wi-Fi networks is displayed, and the network to which you are connected. Usually you need to press and hold on the network you need. A menu will appear where you need to select something like Change Network. You will most likely need to check the box next to Advanced. The proxy settings will appear. It must be disabled. See screenshots, it may be a little different for you.

If it is “Manual”, the internet will not work on your phone.

3 Check the settings for date, time and time zone. These are the settings that most often cause the Play Market to not work on Android, the Wi-Fi icon is grayed out, and the Internet does not work in other programs.

On your phone, or tablet, you must always have the correct date and time settings. Also, it is advised to use the 24-hour time format if you have it turned off. Be sure to check these settings on your device. You can set it to automatic.

After proper setup, Play Market starts working. It is checked.

4 There is an application called “Freedom. If you have it installed, you have to click Stop in the app itself. And if you uninstalled it, then install it again, go to the app, click Stop, and then you can uninstall it. I haven’t encountered this myself, and haven’t checked. But, many people write that it helps. The Internet is starting to work.

5 Set it to obtain IP automatically. When there are problems with IP, Android usually does not connect to Wi-Fi at all. But it is a good idea to check it.

Open the Wi-Fi settings on your device and go to the properties of your network (as I showed above). Check the box next to Advanced (you probably don’t need to do that). You’ll see IPv4 Settings or something like that. It should be set to obtain IP automatically. DHCP.

6 I have seen reviews that many people find it helpful to set static DNS addresses. This way helps in those cases when your smartphone or tablet has a gray Wi-Fi icon instead of the blue one, and the Market does not work. Also, it may not open all sites.

Go to the properties of the desired Wi-Fi network, as I showed above. Check Advanced (if necessary) and look for IPv4 Settings (your settings may be slightly different). You need to select Manual, and find the fields DNS1, and DNS2. In them write these addresses:

DNS can be changed in the settings of the router, if it will be easier for you.

7 You can also do a complete reset of your Android device. If you are not too lazy to configure it again, install applications, etc. д. But if nothing helps, you need to reset, it may solve the problem with the Internet.

8 Updating. In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев shared an unusual tip, which helped to get rid of the problem with Wi-Fi on Android. The solution is really very strange, but you can try.

It is necessary to choose the built-in phone memory in the phone settings as the main memory, not SD card. I can not tell you exactly where you can do this on your smartphone. Maybe you do not have this function. But look somewhere in the settings, in the “Memory” section.

Changing the router settings if the Internet does not work on your smartphone (tablet)

I remind you once again that the Internet from your router must work on other devices. If it does not work at all, not on any device, then you need to configure the router. Android has nothing to do with it. Basically, the tips that I will write below, help in those cases where the smartphone does not see the Wi-Fi network at all, or does not connect to it. By the way, before configuring, you can try to simply restart the router.

1 Try to change the channel in the settings of your router. Very often, it is because of the channel there are problems with connecting to Wi-Fi. There is a detailed article on this topic: You can not even look for a free channel (it takes a lot of time). but just set a static, for example. 6. In the article at the link, I showed you how to change the channel on different routers.

2 On the same page where you can change the channel, as a rule, you can change the region. These settings are usually located on the page with Wi-Fi network settings. Set your region in the settings.

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3 Here you can also try to change the wireless mode. These settings are available on any router. You can try different options. For example, put n only.

Here you need to experiment. Do not forget to save the settings, and reboot the router.

Ask questions, share your tips and solutions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

The tablet is usually purchased in order to be constantly connected to the Internet. The Internet connection via 3G is one of the advanced technologies nowadays, while 4G networks are not yet widespread. This connection allows to get enough speed for work and works, unlike Wi-Fi, almost everywhere where there is coverage from mobile operators.

How to install 3G on the tablet, if such a module is already part of the tablet computer? To do this, you need to insert a microSIM card from one of the mobile network operators into the tablet.

At the same time 3G adapter on the tablet must be compatible with domestic operators. After turning on the tablet the connection should immediately work. It may be required to configure the connection in the “mobile network account settings”, by entering the APN user name, your username and password (the names can be different in different models). The data for the settings of the different operators can be found on the internet.

How to set up 3G on the tablet without 3G module ? For this purpose it is necessary to get a USB modem for communication with 3G network. It is only necessary to choose the model of the modem compatible with your tablet. It is necessary that the tablet should support USB-modems, and it depends on the firmware and not all devices yet have this support. A hyperterminal (such a program HyperTerminal, available on the Internet) need to remove the modem support CD-image and put it in “modem only” mode. HyperTerminal is installed on your desktop computer (in Windows XP it may already be preinstalled and under “StandardCommunications”) and you connect the modem for configuration.

First, through the installed software from the modem in the settings to remove the verification of the PIN code. Then set “only modem” mode through HyperTerminal.

Then on the tablet go to menu SettingsWireless NetworksMobile Network and check the “Data transfer” checkbox. Insert the modem and wait for the tablet to detect it and for the network to appear (up to 30 seconds). To add a new connection point, go to “APN access point” and “menu. Creating a new connection point, you must enter the data of your operator. If the modem is bought linked to a specific operator, then some data will already be entered.

After returning to the “APN Access Point” window, the adjusted APN should be selected and after a few seconds the “3G” icon should appear. After this setting is complete.

Example of Android tablet settings for 3G modem connection:

1) Go to menu “SettingsWireless Networks” and mark “3G”, then go to “Mobile Network

2) Check “Data transfer” and connect the modem to the tablet. After that press “APN access point”.

3) Press “Menu” and “New access point. Enter data of operator.

4) Now again press “Menu” and “Save”.

5) Go to the window “APN access point” and wait for your APN to become active.

If APN is not saved, then check that the SIM card has disabled the PIN code or must be rebooted. If the modem does not work correctly accurately check the compatibility of the modem and tablet. Do not forget to set it to “MODEM only” mode. It is desirable to insert the modem into the same slot, since some models have problems with different sockets.

If menu has item “3G settings” (there is in some models of tablets), then enter this menu, connect modem and need to select “Add 3G network”. Here you must enter the data of the operator and click Connect, then at the top should appear “3G”. The connection is made and everything should work.

If the described menu items are not on the tablet, you may need to install Quick Settings, downloaded from the market.

Do not forget that you must have a good 3G coverage and not a weak signal, otherwise the connection will be interrupted.

Tablets, which are becoming more and more popular among mobile and not only devices, are primarily created by development companies to meet the user’s needs in the web-singing. Naturally, in addition to this they have a lot of features, are able to satisfy the various desires of their owners in the field of games and entertainment, can perform the functions of many other mobile gadgets, such as phones, navigators, media players. Setting up the Internet on the tablet can be done in different ways, but users are often interested in the question: how to configure the tablet to access the Internet via SIM card?

This type of connection, compared to others, is considered the most difficult and complex, but, nevertheless, is popular among fans of Internet surfing. Regarding such options as configuring the Internet with Wi-Fi or using 3G modems, this method has both advantages and disadvantages. And also the communication operator, chosen by the owner of the device, plays a significant role in this case.

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It is important to write the password carefully

Very often the tablet owner himself is the culprit, why does not the fully serviceable device connect to the wireless access point. Many cases where Wi-Fi on the tablet does not connect due to incorrect writing of the network access code. It is very common nowadays to set the Wi-Fi network security, for example, using Wpa2 protection. It is recommended to put a tick in the line “Show password” when entering the access code. This in most cases ensures that the password is written correctly.

In case of absolute certainty of the exact password, but the Internet can not turn on, you must first check the router. Often the difficulties appear due to incorrect router settings, router overload, power surges in the network, etc. п.

Software update and ROOT rights

Often when trying to configure the Internet in one of the ways it is not the user’s fault, and the unstable operation of the operating system, or not enough user rights. To solve the first problem, connect to the Internet in any of the available ways, go to the settings, and select the item “About Tablet PC.

Press “System update” and wait for the firmware to download and install.

For ROOT rights download and install “Ginger Break” program.

After launching it, press “Root Device”, which unlocks the system for full user access.

How to connect WI-FI on a prestigio tablet

Connect WI-FI on your Prestigio MultiPad 4 PMP7480D

In order to connect to WI-FI on your Prestigio MultiPad 4 PMP7480D you must have a working wireless network with internet access. The most common and typical solution for this is a wireless router, also called a router. Besides your home router, WI-FI network can be found in other places, like cafes or shopping malls. Wi-Fi has some advantages compared to 3G internet and fixed-line internet.

Wi-Fi is cheaper because you only pay for the incoming internet channel which costs less than 3G internet. And it’s even free if the network is publicly available. With a good quality WI-FI wireless connection you can update the firmware and applications. WI-FI can be used within the range of the wireless network.

Setting up Wi-Fi on Android 2

We assume that you have already found a WI-FI network available. Let’s proceed to configure the Wi-Fi.

We need to get into the device settings. After that, you need to turn on the slider or check the checkbox (for version Android 4. in front of the menu item “WI-FI” or “WLAN”), which are responsible for turning on the Wi-Fi module.

After you WI-FI network is enabled, enter the network settings menu. To do this, just tap on the Wi-Fi settings, as shown in the picture below.

After entering this menu, we will have access to the networks that the gadget has already detected. The network can be secured or public. You have to enter the password to connect to a secured network. If it is not your network, and you do not know the password, then the Wi-Fi network will not be available to you when you try to connect. In the screenshot below the WI-FI network is selected. Let’s make a connection to it.

If it was not possible to connect, then the problem may be in the network settings themselves. Let’s consider this situation. If the DHCP server is enabled on the router or access point, then when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network your device will automatically get an IP address. If this is not automatically organized, you must enter the IP address and other network settings manually.

To do this, select the desired network and go to the “Advanced” section. The screenshot below illustrates that the data is already entered. This data (IP address, mask, gateway and DNS) depends entirely on the specific network. And as it was already mentioned above, if the network source (router, modem or access point) has DHCP server enabled, you do not need to enter anything, Wi-Fi network should connect automatically.

After filling in the “Advanced” section, do not forget to save all the data entered. If all settings and the password are correct, the network should work.

Software Update and ROOT Rights

Often when trying to configure the Internet in one way unsuccessful it is not the user’s fault, and the operating system is unstable, or not enough user rights. To solve the first problem, we connect to the Internet in any of the available ways, go to the settings, and select the item “About Tablet PC”.

We press the item “System update” and wait for the firmware to download and install.

For ROOT rights download and install the program “Ginger Break”.

After running it, click on “Root Device” which unlocks the system for full user access.