How to connect the internet to another phone. How to distribute the internet from your Redmi 9 phone?

How to connect to another phone remotely?

If you want to remotely access your Android device in remote connection mode (the Android device is not around, or the Android device and computer are connected to a different network), you must enable the “Remote Control” permission in the “Security and Remote Access” permission. Learn more about security and remote permissions.

There are two ways to remotely control Android phones. The first is through a PC or laptop. Other. using another Android device. All you need to do is install the software or app and make sure you have a working and reliable internet connection.

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How to share mobile Internet from your phone to the TV?

In the settings, open the “Connections” section. Next, open “Access point and modem” section. Turn on Wi-Fi sharing by the switch opposite the point “Mobile hotspot”. Status “Enabled” must appear.

How to connect a router to an access point?

Connecting access point and router (modem): Connect both devices with network cable. On the main router (modem), the cable is connected to the LAN port (Home Network), and on the access point router also to the LAN port. From the access point, the Internet over a network cable also works.

On phone switch on mobile Internet (in settings of OS this parameter is called “Data”, “Data transfer” or “Mobile data transfer”). Then enable “USB Modem” mode. Go to “Settings”, “Network and Internet”, “Access point and modem” and enable “USB-modem” mode. Important!

How to connect the Internet from a phone to a computer via USB?

You can also use your smartphone to To give mobile Internet from your phone to your computer and laptop, using “USB port”:

All of the above ways to connect your phone, tablet, computer or laptop to the Internet via cell phone are suitable for the owners of “iPhone” and other “apple” devices (the only difference may be in the name of the parameters and sections of the settings).

How to adjust APN Megafon?

Clients of “Megafon” operator can get automatic settings of the Internet in several available methods: By sending SMS with text “1” (without quotes) to free short number 5049. Go to the MegaLab website at:

How to share internet from phone to phone via Bluetooth?

The standard way Open the system settings, go to “” and click on “Modem settings”. Turn the “Bluetooth modem” toggle switch to the active position. The device is in the Internet sharing mode, now other gadgets can connect to it and consume its traffic.

On any phone or tablet WI-FI-adapter and mobile communications are not directly linked to each other. Your device has no problem to connect to the WI-FI network router and will work on the Internet whether it has a sim card or not, that is, it can only work as a client for the WI-FI network.

How to Share Mobile Internet from Your Phone to TV?

In the settings, open the “Connections” section. Next, open the section “Access point and modem. Switch on the Wi-Fi connection with the switch in front of the item “Mobile hotspot”. Status “On” should appear.

How to set up a hotspot correctly?

Go to Settings, point “” select “Mobile network” “Access points (APN)” select “Add”. For Megafon (Russia) they will be like this: Name=”Megafon”. APN=”internet“. Username=”gdata”. Password=”gdata”.