How to connect the microphone to the Samsung TV

Installing auxiliary software

Not all Smart TVs today have a karaoke app. Some of them will need to be supplemented with such a function on their own. Popular home singing apps:

  • Russian karaoke by Yokee brand. You will find many songs here, the program takes them from YouTube. Search for the title of the desired song and start playing. Record your voice, apply effects, and send to your friends through
  • Smule: a social singing app. This program has its own database of songs, which is updated daily. You can create a video clip of yourself as a soloist and post it on your social network. The disadvantage is that the songs are in English.
  • Red karaoke choice of 3 million users. The program has over 40 thousand songs in its database. songs. If your favorite song isn’t among them, the program will find it through YouTube connection.

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How to turn on the microphone through headphones?

A separate point we will highlight the setting of headphones. The sound may not come through properly in two cases: the microphone itself fails, or the plug is faulty. To check what kind of problem you have, try plugging the headset into another device and plugging other headphones into your phone. You should also check the settings of the engineering menu. If there is no sound at all, the corresponding item will have the number 0 next to it.

If the cause is a faulty jack or headphone microphone will have to carry the device to repair or buy a new one.


Once connected, it is likely that the microphone is immediately ready for use. However it is recommended to check some parameters of the system to be sure. To do this:

  • Right-click the volume icon in the system tray.
  • Select the “Recording Devices” item.
  • Make sure that the microphone is turned on.
  • Make some noise by acting on the microphone diaphragm.
  • Check that the device responds and this is displayed in an open system window.
  • Click the left mouse button on the device name.
  • Click on the “Default” button.

Once the device is assigned by default, all programs in the system will only use it to record sounds. Also, double-clicking on a device in the “Recorders” window will open the settings window, where you can adjust the sound level and degree of amplification, as well as set other settings related to recording quality, frequency filtering and noise reduction.

Japanese entertainment karaoke is tightly integrated into our lives. After all, with it you can not only have fun with your friends, but also learn new songs with your children or just give an outlet for your creativity. You will definitely need to connect a microphone to your laptop, and we are happy to come to your aid in this matter.

How to connect karaoke on your Samsung Smart TV: step by step instructions

Today’s TVs allow you not only to watch TV channels, but also provide access to other entertainment. For example, users can now access the Internet, online movie services or even karaoke. In this article, let’s look at one of the interesting features. karaoke on Samsung Smart TV.

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Some may suggest that you have to buy the appropriate equipment for this kind of entertainment. No, the only exception will be a microphone. There are different methods, some involve connecting the hardware, and others involve installing special applications.

You can use karaoke by installing applications through the standard Smart App store. The program displays the text on the screen, you just need to sing. Also many utilities include in their functionality many options, such as the ability to record a song, enable color highlighting of words or activate backing track.

How to connect a microphone to LG and Samsung Smart TV

You can’t use a karaoke system without a special microphone. Wired and wireless models are available for sale.

Wired microphone

When connecting to a Smart TV with karaoke function, there should be no problems with device detection, since all the drivers are already installed.

Wireless microphone

For the purchase of such equipment will have to spend more money than in the previous option, but the user gets certain advantages:

  • The wires will not get in the way while the person is singing.
  • The range of the equipment is much better than the previous version.
  • The microphone lasts longer.

Samsung 65” TV how to use voice control youtube

There are several types of signal transmission from the microphone to the TV with karaoke: through radio waves and via Bluetooth. In the first option, you need to connect the receiver to the TV (LG, Samsung or any other popular brand), pre-install the batteries, activate the antenna module. After that, the two devices will start working.

If Bluetooth connection is used, the microphone and TV must support this technology. Otherwise you will have to buy additionally an external module which will be connected to USB port via Audio In. Synchronization takes place in automatic mode. If the TV does not recognize the microphone, you need to go to the settings and using the user manual to fix the problem. Karaoke on TV is a great way to have fun.

Often, watching TV, people want to be on stage, singing and bathed in the rays of popularity, just like popular singers. Of course, not everyone has such an opportunity, but you can show your vocal skills at home. For this purpose there is karaoke. And in this case it is not necessary to go to a karaoke club, which costs a lot of money. You can even set up your own concert hall at home.

Youtube Karaoke Party Setup Wireless Microphones

How to connect a microphone to a Samsung TV set. Or sing karaoke together

Hello all! In this article, the author will share with you his experience of using a “smart TV” as a karaoke. This topic was inspired by a previous article that talked about a quick way to install widgets.

At the end of the above-mentioned article was a short review of several interesting applications, among which was Master Karaoke.

This is a very interesting application. One might say, indispensable for a drunken fun company:

Here is your humble servant (the author of the article), too, decided to try himself as a great singer. But there was only one question. How to connect a microphone to a Samsung TV?

And despite the seeming ease of the task, to cope with it so far has not succeeded. Yes, yes, that’s the harsh truth. That is why I’m asking for help from you, my dear readers. If anyone knows the specific answer to this question, please help.

And of course, I want to tell you what I did and what methods I tried, so that other people don’t waste their time in the hope of soon singing to the whole neighborhood.

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So, the first thing the author encountered when connecting a microphone to a Samsung TV is that it has no connector. With an official karaoke widget. not implemented such a, in my opinion, a simple question.

Well, as we are not looking for easy ways, we will try to “embed” the microphone in the TV set, as the engineers of the company didn’t want to do.

To start a Philips household microphone was borrowed. Up to that moment it had served perfectly as a set with a DVD player:

The microphone jack is a standard “mini-jack” 3.5 mm (as in headphones). Now the first question that popped into my head was where to stick it in the TV?

Examined the back of the TV (I have a Samsung UE40ES6100) and the only jack that fit is the DVI AUDIO IN:

I plug in the microphone, press the “ON” button on it. Then I launch Smart Hub and select the Master Karaoke application:

As you can see, on the right side there is a crossed out microphone icon. I assume this means that it does not work. I start the song, start singing. It is. I sing, the TV is silent.

So, what to do next? Hmmm. But there is another idea.

On the back wall of the TV (picture above) there is a “Scart” connector. I run to the nearest household appliance store and buy a “Scart-Tulip” adapter:

I set the switch to input mode, i.e. “INPUT”.

Now I upgrade the microphone a little bit. I insert its standard plug into the adapter “mini jack. Tulip” adapter, taken from the set of my home speakers and connect it to the above-described “Scart”:

I’m hooking the whole thing up to the TV again. I press “Source” on the remote and select “External”:

I try barking into the mic. Nothing. Frankly, I thought so, but still in the soul of hope lingered. To reinsure, I run the karaoke application one more time. Shouting, shouting, and there’s silence in response.

At this point the question of connecting the microphone to the TV is starting to throw me out of whack. I think that’s it. Although no, there is another option.

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I remember that I have an active speaker that I connect to the TV when I watch torrents with sound 5.1 CH.

Examining the back wall of the subwoofer, I find there an input with tunnels:

Hence the question to you, readers of the blog, how is it possible to connect the microphone to the TV set Samsung? Personally, I have no ideas so far. Topic remains open. If you have any bright ideas about this, post them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on the article.

Wired device connection methods

To connect an electroacoustic device to your TV, you’ll need a technique with a microphone input. Possible options:

  • music center;
  • A special console (not a game console);
  • DVD player (or Blue-ray);
  • Soundbar or home theater system;
  • notebook or personal computer.

If you have a Smart TV, make sure it has a karaoke app and microphone input. Consider all options in more detail.

Connection via DVD

The method is simple, but is losing relevance due to the introduction of more modern methods of making music (smartphones, flash drives). If you still have a DVD player, it’s easy to connect it to your TV.

  • Prepare a connecting cable: Tulip, SCARD, HDMI. The choice depends on the connectors on the equipment. If these are not available, use the appropriate adapters.
  • Connect a microphone to the player.
  • Select the drive for karaoke.
  • Turn on the TV panel.
  • Use the remote control to select the input through which the player signal comes to the screen.
  • Turn the player on.

Do the same with a Blu-ray player or home theater, if the latter supports the karaoke function.

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Connect via laptop or PC

Connect the microphone to the PC jacks, using the TV as a second screen. Preload the app on your computer to run karaoke. Load it and display it on the TV monitor. To do this, go to the “Screen Expansion” settings.

Select one of the 4 options for displaying the picture:

Output the sound from your laptop through its speakers or your TV if you connect the devices with an HDMI cable.

Connect via Smart TV

Conducted through a special 3.5mm and 6.3mm jack. If you don’t have one on your TV panel, get a microphone with a USB port. All modern televisions have a USB input. Many devices with Smart TV support the karaoke function. They already have drivers, so when you connect the microphone is automatically recognized. If they are not available, install an application for songs over the Internet. Then connect the hardware.

Ways to connect a wireless device

Wireless microphones are more expensive than analogs with wires because of the obvious advantages. Among the pluses are:

  • The absence of wires, which limit the movement of the singer;
  • range. some models can be used even outdoors by turning on the hardware at home;
  • Durability. constantly attaching the cable to the TV set loosens the connector.

Wireless devices transmit the signal in 2 ways: via radio waves or Bluetooth. The receiver is connected to the TV. Then insert the batteries into the microphone and attach it to the antenna module. All hardware is turned on and ready to use.

Bluetooth devices synchronize with the TV receiver automatically. But your TV must support this technology.

Not all Smart TV with Bluetooth will recognize the equipment for karaoke. There are a lot of versions of wireless connectivity. Some are just for gaming and messenger. find out ahead of time if you can connect your microphone to your tv via bluetooth without any extra attachments.

If your model doesn’t support it, buy an external module. It attaches via USB connector or Audio In. With a wireless microphone often comes with a cable. You can use it to connect your device if the batteries don’t work or the receiver is faulty.

Older TVs do not have Bluetooth. But you can connect your hardware through a PC or laptop that supports this technology.

  • You download the singing software to your laptop.
  • Establish a connection between it and the microphone via Bluetooth.
  • Connect your laptop to your TV through the cable and use it as a second screen.

If the sound is weak, you can also output the audio to a TV or other equipment, if available.

How to connect a microphone to the TV?

Many people don’t like the performance of songs by modern singers and musicians, so, as the saying goes, if you have to do something well, do it yourself. Modern technology and devices allow you to enjoy your own songs at home, all you need is a smart TV and a microphone. To fully realize this, you only need to properly connect the microphone to the TV. about this we will talk.

Built-in karaoke software

There are several ways to activate karaoke on your Samsung Smart TV. Most often, the built-in software is used:

  • A DVD receiver that connects directly to your TV.
  • Standard music center for listening to the radio.
  • New Samsung Smart models. They play music stationary.