How to connect the remote from the set-top box to the TV

How to set up?

In order to turn two devices on with one remote, you will need to configure.

Let’s look at an example of how to configure the equipment using a popular model Huayu DVB-T2TV. To unlock all the features of the compact device, you must perform the setup process before use.

It is worth noting that detailed instructions for use are included. The first thing a novice user should remember is that the process of preparing the remote control to work with the TV is automatic. This is done with the help of code matching.

The remote control gadget sends a command to the TV receiver, which affects the volume increase. As soon as you notice the necessary changes, you need to release the red button.

And also you need to test the functioning of the basic keys, such as turning on and off the equipment, switching channels, and other.

To program the remote control to work with the TV receiver, you need to spend about 20 minutes. It is important that the tuning is completed. To do this, you need to point the sensor of the remote control to the TV set and keep the red button pressed.

To bind the remote control in a digital set-top box, you can choose either of the two options:

Make set top box remote work as tv remote

If you choose the first method, you must proceed in the same way as when setting up the TV. Press the button and wait for the process to finish. However in this case you need to hold a green button.

A changing volume bar will indicate that the process is complete. And also a characteristic scale should appear on the screen.

The second option is manual tuning. In that case you must also press the green button and then select the button corresponding to your digital set-top box. Included with the device you will find a special insert with the necessary keys.

It’s worth noting that the absence of the model used does not mean that the remote control is incompatible with your equipment. Given the large variety of equipment, manufacturers do not have the ability to specify all the existing models.

Try to train your remote control to the location of digital equipment, select the coding for a similar digital set-top box.

Remote Pairing

Note: Manufacturers recommend buying a digital set-top box together with the remote control, especially when buying equipment for an elderly or inexperienced buyer. As a rule, such users are used to using one remote control, and the appearance of a second gadget can cause discomfort.

On sale you can find remotes with voice control feature. To do this, you must have a special program installed on your equipment. You can also control some types of equipment via your cell phone.

An app is installed on the smartphone, which gives the phone remote control capabilities.

How to configure the universal remote control

Programming of RC panel for functioning in association with TV-receiver is carried out regardless of TV-device brand. To perform the prescribed settings to use a universal remote control, controlling TV receiver, the user can in different ways. manually, by using a suitable code, when it is known, and automatically (the process of selection is carried out by a given command).

For each remote control, depending on its manufacturer, there are nuances of setting. The procedure is described in detail in the accompanying manual, and the principle of action is similar for all instances. Let’s see how to connect a universal device to the TV using several commonly used remote control models as examples.

During the process of binding the remote control (regardless of the manufacturer) to the TV receiver by any of the selected method, the device, with which the connection is established, must be turned on. You should also make sure that there are batteries in the remote control.


Before setting up a universal remote control to the digital set-top box, you must perform the standard actions.

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First, you need to choose and buy a remote control device. Well-known models described below are prepared for setting up and will work for most devices. As I mentioned above, to connect the remote from the set-top box to the TV, or to set the remote from the TV to the set-top box is not possible. you need a universal gadget.

An important point before the setup is to insert the working batteries or charged batteries into the device. This is not unimportant as setup can take some time.


Dial the number “9999” on the numeric panel of the remote control without removing your finger from the key “9” until the TV receiver turns off. After that the automatic channel scanning procedure will start, which might take up to 15 minutes.

This method is used if the code for the brand of your device is not in the list of brands. However, if there is a conflict of control buttons (the function of a single button extends to multiple devices), then it will be impossible to fix them, if the search has been run on the entire database (combination of “9999”).

Button combinations can vary from model to model. It is best to read the information on the remote control or in the user manual supplied with the remote control.

To configure the SUPRA R/C, which is most often used to control LG, Samsung or Philips TM TVs, the algorithm will be as follows:

  • Switch your TV set on;
  • Point the remote control at it;
  • Press the “Power” button on the panel of the remote control and hold it for 5-6 seconds until the LED lights up;
  • Wait until the volume icon appears on the screen. Try to change the sound setting, if TV responds, it means that adjustment was successful.

The HUAYU remote control is configured as follows:

  • Turn on TV;
  • On the remote control panel, press the “Set” button followed by the “Power” button, then release both buttons simultaneously;
  • Press the “Power” key again;
  • Make sure that the volume is indicated on the screen;
  • To exit the programming mode press the “Set” button 2 times.

There is also a third option of auto-tuning, implemented in some models of universal remotes:

  • Turn on your receiver;
  • Press and hold the “TV” button until the LED lights up;
  • Press and hold the “Mute” button to connect the search;
  • Wait until the process is completed and check if the remote control works with any command: if the TV reacts, it means that it has been successfully programmed.


All televisions have their own pairing code and knowing it you can quickly configure the universal remote control. Find out the code for your model and perform the following steps:


  • Turn on the TV receiver;
  • Press and hold the “Power” button on the remote control and enter your TV model code;
  • When the LED blinks twice, release the “Power” button.


  • To enter the programming mode, press “Power” and “Set” buttons simultaneously and wait for the PU-LED to light up continuously;
  • Enter the 4-digit code;
  • Indicator light should go off, exit by pressing “Set” button.

Beeline UPDU

  • Switch on your TV;
  • Press 2 buttons: “C” and “Setup”;
  • Wait until the initialization is completed and after the indicator light blinks 2 times, you can release the buttons;
  • Check if it works by pressing “Vol” button.

If you do not manage to enter the code within one minute, the TV will be reset to normal mode and the tuning will have to be restarted.

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In order to get a high quality picture on the Smart TV, you must use the digital TV function. In most cases to connect such equipment a special STB-receiver is used. In this case, the user has two devices for remote control at once.

Not many people like having an extra remote control, so users try to get rid of the old one, so it does not clutter up the space inside the room. For this purpose, it is necessary to buy a special universal PU, which will replace two remote controls at once. to control the TV and the set-top box.

Despite the development of modern technology, the PU has remained unchanged for many years. It can be slightly different in shape, but the design remains the same. the electronic circuit, the presence of a large number of buttons and the plastic housing with LEDs. Also the equipment set must necessarily include a power source. batteries.

Universal remote control has the same contents as the standard version, but you will have to configure it in such a way that unnecessary remote controls remain unused.

Many users are wondering “can any remote control be a universal one for all TVs?”. The answer is simple, no, not any. The remote controls will look very similar, but the stuffing is slightly different for the universal model. Having bought a universal remote control, you need to look for the codes for the desired models of TVs and set up the remote control to manipulate several devices.

Channel setup

For tuning digital TV set, use remote control from set-top box, from TV set you need only remote control to turn on and off, or to add sound.

  • Press the Menu button.
  • Find Channels or Search section.
  • If you have a set-top box which supports several formats, you need to choose DVB-T2 to watch DTV. DVB-C is designed for cable broadcasting.
  • If you have an antenna with an amplifier, don’t forget to power the antenna.
  • Find AutoSearch mode and start scanning.

If you choose the auto search, the search for channels can take several minutes, all frequencies will be scanned, wait until the end of the process

If the auto search results do not find anything, please use the Manual search.

  • Find in the menu Manual tuning
  • Maintain the multiplex frequency or the channel number
  • Search Step 8 MHz.
  • Press ok
  • Pay attention to the Power and Quality scale, the more you see, the better. If there is no signal, they will show the minimum values.

Digital broadcasting is carried out in packages, not as analogue broadcasting, where one channel occupies a single frequency. There are about ten channels in each multiplex. At present there are only two multiplexes broadcasting on this territory. To find out the broadcasting frequency in your area, you can visit the RTRS website.

  • Activate the memory function on the STB remote control. Press SET button on the remote control and hold it for 3 seconds until the memory status indicator light turns solid green.
  • Point the remote control to the remote control of your TV set.
  • Program the button.

Pair Set Top Box Remote With Tv | Freesat control Tv Remote Function

Switch on your Smart TV. Wait 10 seconds till your Smart TV turns on. Point the Magic remote control at the TV screen and press the Wheel button (OK). After you have registered the Magic remote control, you will see a message on the TV screen.

How to set up a Beeline remote control on your TV

Binding of the remote control to the receiver can be done automatically or manually. In the first case, the selection of the appropriate encoding is automatic, in the second. you will need to enter a four-digit code that fits the specific model of TV (this information is contained in the instructions that come with the device). Let’s see how to set up the Beeline remote control in both ways. TV during the procedure, regardless of the option chosen, must be turned on.

connect, remote, set-top


To configure the Beeline universal remote control on the TV, do the following steps:

  • Turn the TV receiver on.
  • Press and release the “TV” button.
  • Point remote control at the device, press and hold “OK”.
  • Your TV will automatically search for the correct encoding, then turn off.
  • Release the “OK” button.
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Now you can use a universal remote control for the TV receiver.

Manual tuning

If the previous method of tying Beeline remote control to the TV didn’t work, then we’ll try to perform programming in manual mode, which requires to find the four-digit code that matches the TV brand. As a rule, there are several encodings for each brand, so if one combination is not suitable you have to enter another, sometimes you have to try several combinations to find the right one.

  • Press “TV” to bind the remote control to the TV set.
  • Point the remote control at the receiver.
  • Press “Setup” for several seconds until the LED blinks twice.
  • Enter the four digits of the code that matches the TV brand.
  • If the procedure is successful, the LED blinks twice. Done.

If the light turns on and stays on for some time, it indicates an error. In this case you need to try to choose another code. You should prepare the combinations beforehand, because if the numbers are not entered for several seconds, the remote control will go to standby mode and the procedure will have to be repeated.

Codes for tuning of Beeline remote control with some popular brands of TV receivers:

Codes for Beeline remote control compatibility settings

You can find the full list in the code book.


If the remote control is blocked, it can still execute individual commands. How to unlock? First of all it is necessary to find the reasons of its malfunction. The device may stop responding due to dead batteries, starting one of the modes. First of all you need to put new batteries. If nothing changes, you can go to the configuration of MTS remote control.

This is done in a few easy steps. To remove the lock from the MTS remote control, you will need to do the following:

  • clamp the button on the remote from the set-top box with the designation “MTS” for a couple of seconds;
  • set 0001;
  • check the operation of the device;
  • if it does not respond to pressing, you need to enter 0002, 0003, 0004 or 0005.

Specifications Mi TV Stick

With the purpose of the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick we figured out. Now about the characteristics of the model:

  • OS: Android TV 9;
  • Processor: Amlogic S805Y;
  • graphics processor: Mali 450;
  • RAM: 1 GB;
  • built-in storage: 8GB
  • connectors: HDMI 2.0, microUSB;
  • Wireless: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.2, Dual-band;
  • additional features: Chromecast, DTS and Dolby technology support;
  • dimensions and weight: 92.4 x 30.2 x 15.2 mm and 28 g.

How do Smart boxes work for TV without internet?

Sometimes it completely slips your mind to pay for Internet or there is no Internet at all due to technical problems, what to do in this case? What do you need a Smart TV set-top box for if you don’t have an Internet connection? These small devices are multifunctional, so there is a solution to this problem too:

It is possible to watch TV shows offline, that is, in normal TV mode;

Viewing previously downloaded content;

Video and photo editing.