How to connect to iTunes if the iPhone is blocked

How to fix the disconnected iPhone with or without iTunes

There are several reasons why the iPhone is disabled and try to do it after 1/5/15/60 minutes.

Snepers. Some curious friend, family member or even a stranger may try to unlock your iPhone, but he or she does not know about attempts at a limited password.

Children. Children love to press the buttons when they receive the iPhone, so sometimes the device can be disconnected due to children.

Myself. You can forget your iPhone password and do not unlock it. Or you can accidentally activate the iPhone screen in your and accidentally enter access code several times.

How to solve the problem and bypass the disconnected iPhone to use it normally.

We will talk about this in this post, 6 ways to unlock the disconnected iPhone with and without iTunes.

The iPhone is blocked. Connection to iTunes.

If you have introduced the wrong iPhone screen lock code for too many times, Apple’s security service will block you from additional operations for a short time. You can see the message that the iPhone is disabled. Repeat the attempt through X minutes if you continue to enter the wrong passwords, the iPhone will be blocked and disabled. It needs to be connected to iTunes for unlock. In this case, you will be offered, the iPhone is disabled to connect to iTunes.

Firstly, you must connect your iPhone to iTunes to unlock the iOS device, as will be proposed. Make sure that ITUNES is installed on your computer and you use its latest version. Then you can perform the following actions to unlock the disconnected iPhone.

Step 1 When you are faced with the iPhone blocked, connect to iTunes problem, you must connect the iPhone to the computer and run itunes. Given that you cannot unlock this disconnected iPhone, you should transfer the iPhone to recovery mode.

Step 2 iTunes will find that your iPhone is in emergency mode and is in recovery mode. Your iPhone requires updating or recovery to solve the problem. You are given 2 options, update and restore.

Step 3 You can try to use the ability to unlock the disconnected iPhone. After recovery, all previous data and settings on this iOS device will be deleted. You should restore various iOS data via iCloud or iTunes.

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[Fixed]. Iphone is disabled connect to itunes

Other ways to eliminate iPhone problems with a disabled device

Or you can try traditional methods to unlock the disconnected iPhone and remove the forgotten password. These solutions to unlock the iPhone require certain requirements. Before the work, you need to check whether you have been synchronized with iTunes or made a backup copy. If so, then you can continue reading to complete the disconnection of the iPhone without data loss.

Connect the iPhone disconnected to the synchronized iTunes (earlier synchronize iPhone with iTunes)

If you have a reliable computer, you can fix the iPhone disabled, connect to iTunes here. In other words, if you have previously synchronized iPhone with iTunes, you can unlock and create a backup copy of the disconnected iPhone using iTunes. The following is described how to disable the iPhone when connecting to fixing iTunes.

Step 1 Find the computer on which you previously synchronized iPhone with iTunes. Then connect the iPhone to this computer using a USB cable with lightning.

Step 2 Launch the latest version of iTunes. Soones soon will be able to detect your iOS device and create a backup copy.

Step 3 Press the restoration of the iPhone in the ITUNES integration.

Step 4 on the iPhone settings screen select recovery from the backup of iTunes.

Step 5 Return to the iTunes integration, select the most suitable backup copy. Click Restore to unlock the disabled iPhone using iTunes.

Enter the iPhone disconnected in recovery mode (never synchronize iPhone with iTunes)

What to do if you have not synchronized iPhone with iTunes before? Can you get around the disconnected iPhone, which has never before synchronized? Here you should know how to connect to iTunes when the iPhone is disabled. At this time, you need to transfer the iPhone to recovery mode to get rid of the iPhone disconnected the screen.

Delete password with iPhone 8/8 Plus / x / xr / xs max / xs / se / 11/11 Pro Max / 11 Pro / 12/12 mini / 12 PROMAX / 12 PRO

Step 1 Press and hold the side button and one of the volume of the button at the same time. Do not let go of the two buttons until you see the shutdown slider.

Step 2 drag the sliders to turn off the iPhone.

Step 3 Connect the iPhone to the computer, holding the side button.

Step 4 Do not let go of the side. Until there is a recovery screen screen.

Step 5 Select Restore Restore the disconnected iPhone.

Delete password with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus

Step 1 hold and press the side button. Do not let go until a slider appears.

Step 2 drag the sliders and turn off the iPhone manually.

Step 3 Hold the volume reduction button on iPhone. Meanwhile, use a USB cable to connect iPhone to a computer.

connect, itunes, iphone, blocked

Step 4 When you see the recovery screen screen, you can release the volume reduction button.

Step 5 click Restore when you are offered. After unlock the iPhone, you can set the iPhone manually.

Delete password with iPhone 6s and earlier versions

Step 1 hold and press the side button.

Step 2 When you see the shutdown slider, release the side button. Drag the slider to turn off the iPhone.

Step 3 Hold the Home button and using the USB cable connect the iPhone to the computer.

Step 4 Do not let go of the Home until the iPhone recovery screen appears.

Step 5 click Restore the access code and restore iPhone data.

Cleaning and restoration of disconnected iPhone using iCloud (turn on “Find iPhone earlier)

If you want to correct the disconnected iPhone, connect to iTunes without a computer, you can use iCloud to unlock the iPhone to make the iPhone disconnected, connect to iTunes bypass. All your saved files and settings will also be deleted. Keep in mind that the Find My iPhone function should be turned on earlier. Meanwhile, on your iPhone disconnected there is an Internet connection.

Step 1 Visit ICLOD website. Enter your account iCloud.

Step 2 Find and choose to find iPhone. You can see the current location of your disconnected iPhone on the map.

Step 3 Choose your iPhone and select to wash the iPhone option.

Step 4 after erasing the iPhone using iCloud, you can configure your iPhone as new.

Unlock the disconnected iPhone using Finder (required MacOS Catalina)

Apple deleted iTunes from MacOS Catalina and later versions. Thus, you need to remove the forgotten iPhone password using Finder as a solution on how to fix the disconnected iPhone, which does not connect to iTunes.

Step 1 Connect the iPhone disconnected to the Mac computer.

Step 2 Open Finder. You can see information about your iPhone on Finder integust.

Step 3 Select the iPhone and select the restoration of the iPhone subsequent recovery of the backup.

Step 4 All iOS data and settings will be deleted, like the forgotten iPhone password.

Step 5 Set an empty iPhone and perform recovery from the previous backup.

Restore the firmware

The most reliable means of combating any malfunctions. No wonder they say: “Some problems with the iPhone? Restore the firmware and everything will pass “. How to do it?

Thus, we set the “clean” firmware. No “iPhone” warnings (as well as password blocking the screen), of course, will no longer be.

However, it is worth remembering the shortcomings of this method of unlocking:

  • If the device “Find the iPhone” was turned on on the device, then after the firmware it will be necessary to enter the Apple ID and password. Do not remember this data? Here are the instructions on what to do if the Apple ID and the password is forgotten.
  • Absolutely all the information will be removed from the iPhone. A backup copy will save.
  • The IOS version will be established the latest. There is nothing to do here. This is the policy of Apple when updating devices via iTunes.

As you can see, the problem is not so terrible and insoluble. You can fight it. Over, the mass methods are from the simplest (wait or reset the counter), to cardinal and decisive (restore software). You just need to choose the one that is suitable for you!

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Ipod is disabled? Connect to iTunes!

When the iPod / iPod Touch is disconnected, the iPod reports to connect to iTunes, which is an effective way to restore iTunes. You can follow the management below:

Step 1 Connect the disconnected iPod / iPod Touch to the computer.

Step 2 Open iTunes and select your iPod

Step 3 click “Restore the iPod” to start the discharge process. Wait a few minutes, after which you will pass the iPod setup process.

After that, your disconnected iPod will be fixed as new. You can also choose “restore from backup ITUNES” during the installation process if you have.

Attention: To connect to iTunes and fix the IPOD disconnected, make sure that you have previously synchronized this IPOD with iTunes, otherwise you can get an error message that states that the iPod cannot connect to iTunes, since the iPod is blocked by password and a password is blocked and ends in the cycle. In this case, you can consider correcting the problem with the iPod disconnected without iTunes.

Through iTunes If the “find iPhone” function is disabled

After restoration of the firmware, roll a backup copy. Then the iPhone himself will ask to enter a new password.

The main methods of unlocking

We will analyze the most popular and effective methods. The meaning of such a variety of approaches is that even in advanced cases, the owner has options for unlocking the device. “Apple” products are hit on the of customers, people are not ready to just throw out the iPhone to purchase an updated model. For each incorrect attempt to enter the password, the counter to the next increases, and is able to calculate for years. The main thing is to remember that it is not always possible to save user files, so do not forget to make backups in iCloud so that in emergency cases, quickly restore photos, music, other files, applications and settings.

Resetting the counter of incorrect attempts to enter

If the iPhone is synchronized with a computer, then the user will be able to unlock the iPhone by dumping the counter.Attempts to enter the input. The method is suitable if you managed to remember the password, and the counter until the next attempt shows not a minute, but hours and days.

  • Connect the device to the computer via a USB cable from the delivery kit.
  • Open iTunes and find the “Devices” item. In the new window, click the “Synchronize” button.
  • After synchronization of the iPhone with a computer, the temporary lock will turn off, the user will be able to enter a password.

If earlier the phone is not synchronized with the computer, then the counter will not work out, the PC requires access to the contents of the smartphone, which needs to be confirmed. This is done on a mobile device, and if the smartphone is blocked, then it will not work to provide access.

Recovery mode

In the recovery mode, the smartphone settings are zero, and the iPhone unlock. The file system is checked, the smartphone rolls to the recovery point. To convert the device to mode you will need:

  • Turn off the iPhone using the “Food” button;
  • Connect a USB cable to a computer without a smartphone;
  • Hold the “home” button and connect the smartphone to the PC;
  • Run iTunes, select the iPhone connected in the list;
  • Select “Restore” and then wait for the process to complete.

For iPhone models, starting with 8, the recovery mode is launched differently. First you need to turn off the smartphone and connect to the computer. Then quickly squeeze and release the button of the sound addation, we do the same operation with the keyboard decrease key. Squeeze the “Nutrition” button until the iTunes logo appears.

Firmware update

Now let’s talk about how to unlock the iPhone by updating the firmware. To do this, you will need a computer connected to the Internet, a USB cable, as well as the current version of the ITUNES program.

  • Connect the iPhone to PC via cable.
  • Launch iTunes. In the list of devices, choose a connected smartphone.
  • Go to the “Overview” item, in the program window opened on the “Update” button.
  • Confirm the choice by clicking “download and update”.

The nuance is that the program sometimes requires password entering, which is irrelevant if the digital code is forgotten by the user. Remember that it is not recommended to disconnect the iPhone during the update, so as not to turn the device into a useless piece of plastic with microcircuits.

Iphone is disabled and does not connect to iTunes.

If your iPhone X could not connect to iTunes, you can rely on finding the iPhone delete all the settings, passwords and data of iOS and unlock the disconnected iPhone. The Find My app allows the IOS factory settings to the factory settings as iPhone and iPad without a password. After the restoration of factory settings, you can access the disconnected iPhone x without a screen lock password.

Step 1 Open the ICLOUD SITE on your computer and enter your Apple account. When you get there, choose to find an iPhone option.

Step 2 Press all devices and select your disconnected iPhone X from the list. Then click the iPhone button to return the disconnected iPhone X to a completely new state. At this stage, you need to enter your Apple ID access code to confirm the operation of.

[FIXED] My iPhone Is Disabled and Won’t Connect to iTunes | Fix Any Disabled iPhone

connect, itunes, iphone, blocked

When the removal is completed, your disconnected iPhone X will be unlocked. You can use it without password.

connect, itunes, iphone, blocked

Unlock through iTunes

  • Download the latest version of iTunes for Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista or XP (on computers running MacOS Itunes is installed according to the default);
  • We will also need a USB cable for the iPhone (by means of Wi-Fi-the connection will not be possible to erase the iPhone);

Removing the password on the iPhone X or later models, iPhone Se (2nd generation), iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

  • Without connecting the iPhone to the computer (laptop), press and hold the side button and one of the volume adjustment buttons until the “turn off” slider appears. Move the slider to turn off the iPhone. Holding the side button, connect the iPhone to the computer. Hold the side button until the recovery screen is opened.

Removing code-Parol on the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

  • Without connecting the device to the computer (laptop), press and hold the side button until the slider “turn off” appears. Move the slider to turn off the iPhone. Holding the volume reduction button, connect the iPhone to the computer. Keep the volume reduction button until the recovery screen is opened.

Removing the password iPhone SE (first generation), iPhone 6s or younger

  • Also, without connecting the iPhone to the computer, press and hold the side (or upper) button until the slider “turn off” appears. Move the slider to turn off the device. Holding the “Home” button, connect the iPhone to the computer. Do not let go of the “home” button until the screen of the recovery mode opens.