How to connect TV channels to Smart TV

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How to connect digital television without a prefix: 4 options

Usually, in order to take digital TV, a prefix is ​​required (it is also a receiver, decoder, digital tuner). But in some cases, the TV will show the “figure” and without it. Let’s try to figure out what to do in cases where you can watch digital television without a prefix.

Digital TV broadcasting is carried out within the framework of certain standards. And in those situations where the reception takes place in Russia, the following abbreviations must be kept in memory:

  • DVB-T2-second-generation European etheric television broadcast. It is in it that all Russian relayers work;
  • DVB-C and DVB-C2 are cable broadcasting standards;
  • DVB-S and DVB-S2-satellite broadcasting formats.

In the event that you have a relatively old TV and it does not support any of the above standards, you must use the prefix. Without it, the reception of “numbers” is impossible.

Ways to view channels on LG Smart TV without payment of services

So that after replacing a simple TV with a smart one, I do not have to conclude an agreement with the provider and lay out the amount from several hundred for connection, additional equipment and a package of the necessary options, you can use the following methods:

  • Set up 20 free all.Russian digital TV channels;
  • Install programs for IP-television and add free playlists from the network.

If the services of a telecom operator are paid before the purchase of a Smart telephone holder, the channels will still be available. You only need to download the right software and playlists that the provider provides. You will not have to pay money for a change of equipment, but the subscription fee will remain the same. This method does not apply to free. It is designed to simplify the setting of channels for users who will continue to watch digital TV on a new generation TV TV.

IPTV players

IPTV technology differs from other ways to view broadcasts with the number and variety of channels.

Licensed IPTV is a paid service, but there are a number of services that allow you to watch television broadcasts for free.

First of all, you need to connect the TV Internet and download the service. To do this, you can use both the official “LG Content Store” or “Smart World”, as well as third.Party resources: SMART TV and Webos users, and a 4PDA user communities, and the users.


OTT player-a popular service for watching online television (IPTV).

The installation algorithm depends on the LG operating system. Setting up for all models is identical.

For TV on Webos (2017 of release and younger):

    and unpack the USB booster archive with software in the root.

  • Enter your account on LG TV.
  • Insert the USB flash drive in the USB-extension on TV.
  • OTTPLAYER is installed and ready to launch immediately after detecting a new device. Find the widget in the list of installed.

Before launch, go on registration on the official website.

    And unpack the archive from the software in the root folder of the USB flash drive, and then connect it to the TV.

  • After entering your LG account, go to the “My applications” section and switch the list display mode to the “My Appendices to USB” mode.

After installation, you need to register on the official website of OTTPLAYER and confirm email.

  • Open OTTPLAYER and in the upper right corner select the “Settings” button with the image of the gear.
  • Enter the login and password under which you registered the account on the official website.
  • Select the “new device”, click the OK button.
  • Invent and enter the name of the TV using a virtual keyboard, click “OK”.
  • On a smartphone or computer, open the official OTTPLAYER website and log in to it.
  • Go to the “Your Playlists” section.
  • Add a new IPTV player, indicating a link as source, and a customizable TV as a device.
  • In the OTTPlayer widget, click the “Update” button in the upper right corner.
  • Select the connected playlist, then the channel and start viewing.


Simple Smart IPTV is a program for free viewing IPTV, which can be found in the official store “LG Content Store”.

Automatic installation will begin immediately after downloading. Make a playlist yourself or use the providers from the site or built into SS IPTV. The number of external catalogs is not limited. You can add them through the “Content” menu section, the “External” category, using the “Add” button.

The validity period of the resulting list is the day. Next, you have to add it again.


Convenient universal IPTV viewing application. A characteristic integrated to comfortable viewing of any video content, as well as the absence of a widget in LG Content Store. This is what distinguishes this from a similar.

There are 5 popular FORKPLAYER installation methods, they are of different levels of complexity:

Satellite TV connection and configure

Connecting a satellite antenna is a long and complex process, but it can be carried out independently. To do this, install the satellite antenna and put it on the desired satellite, then carry out the connection to the receiver. At every step, the master should be precise and neat. If everything is done correctly, the owner will be able to start viewing satellite programs.

Guidance on the desired satellite

The antenna is usually attached to the wall of the house. It is directed in accordance with the coordinates of the satellite. It is important that there are no trees or high.Rise buildings in front of her. Otherwise, the quality of the show will decrease. If necessary, the location of the antenna changes.

The antenna is installed using reliable mounts. In front of her, a connector is installed in a strictly defined place, to which the cable will be connected from the receiver. With proper installation and connection, high quality of the show will be guaranteed.

Cable connection

To connect to a television receiver, it is necessary to clarify if he has a built.In tuner for receiving satellite programs. Usually in this case, it can be found for the corresponding cable. If this is not the case, then the receiver should be bought separately. In this case, the cable is attached to it. For the connection of the device and television receiver, the connection is usually used through the HDMI connector.

How to Get Local Channels on LG Smart TV

Satellite cable is connected to the Satellite section

Channel tuning

When searching for channels, it must be borne in mind that if the antenna is aimed at a certain satellite, all the programs that it broadcasts will be obtained. If there is free content, then it will be available immediately after configuration. If the viewer wants to view paid content, you will first need to choose the appropriate tariff and pay for it.

To set up the setting, you need to turn on the TV, make sure that the antenna is connected and click on the remote control on the button designed to open the menu. After that, you should enter the settings.

Launch of auto.Navigation

On the left side of the screen there is a menu in which the sections of the settings are displayed. Here you need to click on the “broadcast”. On the screen you have opened, you can see existing options, among which there is an auto.Building. Having click on this line, they proceed to the next stage of the procedure.

The user must confirm the carriageway. Then you need to specify the search parameters for channels. In a item where you need to choose the source of the television channel (antenna), you need to pay attention to the lower part of the list where you can see satellite television providers. You need to choose one of them.

Choosing the type of channel

To start the channel search procedure, press the scanning button, which is located at the bottom of the screen. The work process will take a few minutes. After it ends and the “close” button will be pressed, you can directly start viewing the gears.

Problems and methods of solving

How to set up free channels on your device?

At the settings stage, a number of possible problems are possible, therefore, to configure TV, you will need a little effort.

Channels are not caught, no signal

In the case when the user sees the inscription “No signal” on the TV display or “Signal is missing”, the signal receiver is possible from the side of the receiver.

Common reasons for the absence of a signal:

  • The incompatible antenna has been installed. The model is necessary for the receiving and capturing waves of decimeter length.
  • The waves from the retraneslating device do not affect the antenna vibrators or the device itself is low.Power, and its voltages are not enough. Also, according to the karams of the etheric digital television, determine the “Peleng”- a direction to the television ramp.
  • The remoteness from the signal source and the lack of a signal of a television tower, fading and weakening at long distances. The distance to which the signal is transmitted depending on the strength and power of the relay itself.
  • Natural and man.Made barriers for radio waves. Rocks, hills, tall buildings and other hills. Output from such a situation extension of the height of the installation of the antenna

How to Change TV Channels Order on Sharp Aquos Smart LED TV

In the case when the above.Mentioned problems are eliminated, and the TV, as before, refuses to show and detect television channels, there is a probable malfunction of the equipment itself or components.

Having done these operations, try to carry out a repeated process of setting up digital television channels.

Not all channels work

  • In the case when the TV shows only a small number of channels, make sure of the retransition of the second package of digital channels. There is a possibility that the broadcasting of the only package of channels in this area or on this model of the repeater is produced. To deal with the first problem, try setting a signal receiving from the nearest reserve source, if they support both packages for 20 free channels. In the case of the second problem, we connect to a paid cable network, or a full satellite TV.
  • The television channels after setting were not saved in the memory of the device. The factor of this may be the fact that the frequencies of the channels are not preserved in the memory of the device or additional receiver. After each advanced search procedure, it is recommended to confirm the conservation of settings.

The channels lost

  • In rare cases, a failure or malfunction in a TV receiver may occur, this occurs this infrequent. Make the procedure setting again, in the absence of the possible reasons below.
  • Errors and a signal loss by the relay itself or preventive work. We continue to configure after the completion of the prevention and restoration of broadcasting. As a rule, warnings about planned work are published by local media.
  • The problem is in the antenna. For example, the house uses a collective antenna. In this case, there is no signal for all users in the house and you need to invite a qualified master from the service company.
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Weak signal

  • Highly remote location from the nearest translating TV. It is decided by redirecting the antenna to an alternative signal source or connecting an active antenna with an additional signal receipt.
  • Natural and artificial interference and obstacles that interfere with the reception of the signal. It is solved by changing the location of the antenna, increasing the height of the antenna or setting reflected decimeter waves.

The image slows down or freezes

Digital television without a prefix, unlike analogue, with a weak signal, does not display “white noise”.

Instead of these interference, the image is trying to reboot and resume.

The tuner tries to continue broadcasting by restoring the picture based on previous image frames.

As a result of which digital artifacts and freezing of the picture can be displayed on the display. Possible reasons: a weak signal or its absence, digital interference.

Internet connection for IPTV on Samsung Smart TV

In order to watch a movie using IPTV on Samsung Smart TV, you must first configure access to the Internet on TV. If the Wi-Fi module is built in the TV panel, it is definitely better to choose a wireless connection. Otherwise, you have to use the cable and connect the tuner.

To restore the connection with the home Internet using a cable, you need:

  • Connect the port of the LAN TV with an external modem using a network cable.
  • If your Internet operates in dynamic mode and the router supports the DHCP protocol, then the IP address, DNS server masks and so on will be exhibited independently.

If a static IP address, then all settings are carried out in manual mode:

  • You need to go to the “network settings”, then to the point “Cable”.
  • At the IP Settings point, set the type of “manual” in the subparagraph “IP” mode.
  • Enter the values ​​of “IP addresses”, “subnet mask”, “gateway” and “DNS server” from an information sheet or an agreement that your Internet provider provided you with.
  • The network checks will be tested and the setting will be completed on this.

To connect to Wi-Fi in automatic mode, you need:

connect, channels, smart
  • Go to the menu “Network Settings” and further “Wireless”.
  • Search for all networks that are available.
  • Select your home network and click OK.
  • If necessary, then enter a password.

You can also use the manual connection mode:

  • Go to the menu “Network Settings” and further “Wireless”.
  • The search for all available networks will be completed.
  • Select your home network and press “Entering”.
  • On the network check screen, click the IP Settings Next for the IP mode value, set the type of “manual”.
  • Enter all the values ​​issued by the provider manually.
  • Complete by clicking “OK”.

How to set up free digital channels

Digital television users can connect 20 television channels for free. For connection, you need to connect the antenna cable to the TV. Next are the following steps:

  • As soon as the antenna cable is connected to the TV, you will need to go to the TV settings menu and find the function of automatic channels there;
  • After that, a message will be displayed on the TV screen about how the signal will be given. The user must line “cable”;
  • Next, you need to specify the type of signal. You need to click on the line “analog”;
  • Then the process of automatic search for television channels will start.

It is worth noting that channels with poor broadcasting will be ignored by the system. However, if desired, the user can set them on his own manually.

Ways to view free TV channels on Samsung Smarttv

You can watch free TV channels on Samsung Smarttv TVs in several ways. As on simple TV receivers, etheric digital channels can be configured through a regular antenna, but if you install an Internet connection, it becomes possible to download special applications and configure interactive television with a much larger number of video content.

  • If you connect the usual etheric antenna or cable television, you can configure the broadcast of at least twenty free digital channels.
  • If you use the “smart” functionality of the television receiver, then by installing access to the network, from the Samsung Apps store or from other sources, you can download applications for viewing interactive television (IPTV), which provide the ability to view several dozen television channels, both publicly accessible and thematic (sports. Musical and t.D.).

On a note! Some Smart applications offer more than 200 television channels, but you will need to pay for the subscription.

How to configure the program

The methods of setting up each application differ, and the process itself can be quite long and complex, so after installation it is necessary to contact the reference section on the developer’s website. If this information is absent, you should view the thematic portals where the installation files of programs, detailed instructions, errors and ways to eliminate them are published. In many cases, you will need to clarify the model of your equipment and the version of the operating system, as well as the MAC address of the device.

Summarize. Most applications for viewing TV channels intended for SMART devices, a simple integration. If you correctly install and configure such software, then doors will open to the world of television, which is not limited to federal and local channels. It is important to remember that many providers (Rostelecom, NTV, Tricolor and others) have already released programs for smart TVs. This will help narrow the circle of searches if there is an current contract with digital TV operators.