How to connect two computers via cable

How to connect two computers with a cable

If there is a second PC or laptop in the house or office, the question often arises as to how to connect one printer to two computers simultaneously. This use of a printing device can save significantly on the purchase of new equipment for the office or make it more convenient to print. It turns out that the solution to this problem exists and it is quite simple if you have some skills in working with computers and office equipment.

Consider a few options on how to connect a printer to 2 computers using a USB splitter, another networked PC, a print server. Each step of the necessary actions has a detailed description with screenshots, which will help make the connection even inexperienced users at home.

We use a USB splitter

The fastest and easiest way is to use special adapters to connect one printing device to several computers in one room. We are talking about a USB splitter. It is a box into which the printer itself is plugged. And to the two outputs the same cables are used to connect the computers. This is very convenient if the distance between the devices is short. The maximum length of the cable is one of the disadvantages of this type of connection. It must not exceed 1.6 m. You can of course use extension cords, but this creates the problem of an unstable signal.

How a printer splitter works

The essence of the splitter is to transfer the print job, from any connected PC, to the printer, provided that the printing device is not busy. There are options on the market with manual and automatic switching to work with different clients. The second option is more convenient and more expensive, which makes sense.

If automatic detection of the printer does not occur, then you need to install the software (drivers) for the correct work of the printing device on both personal computers. Use one of the options for this purpose:

Connecting via another computer

It is more convenient and practically without much disadvantage you can organize connection of two PC to one printer using one of them as a master in the bind. In this case the means will be used to connect the printer via USB and linking in a shared local network. This method requires two computers to be configured. Let’s look at each one in detail.

Connecting the printer to the host PC

Firstly, you must choose one of the two computers which will be the main one. We recommend choosing a device that is used more often and is more powerful in its characteristics. The connection should be done with a USB cord. Install drivers for your model if necessary. After these steps try to do a test print. If everything went well, you can safely move on to the settings.

Network settings

This item should be performed on both “computers.

To have devices in one local network you need to define a common workgroup and subnetwork, specify unique IP addresses and names. Perform the settings according to the screenshots below.

  • Press the WindowsR buttons together. Enter the command sysdm.cpl. Click the “Edit” button and specify the PC and workgroup name. For the main one, for example, “first” and for the second one, “second”, but the workgroup name must be the same.
  • You can specify IP and subnet mask in the network settings through the control panel. Specify an IP with a 2 at the end of the main one, and a PC with a 3 at the end of the second one. Do not forget that the mask must be identical for both.

Turning on the detection

Perform this and the following steps on the first “PC.

Enable network discovery through the control panel. This will allow other network members to see it on the LAN.


Now “share” the printer, so that it becomes available to others.

  • In the list, find your model and enter its properties.
  • Go to “Access” tab, check the “Shared” box, enter the name, save the changes.
  • In the “Security” tab, check that printing is allowed for all users.

To share a printer on the network in Windows 10 use the instructions from the article here.

Connecting to the printer from a second computer

The printer on the master PC is ready to work with your other computer or notebook. All that remains is to connect to it. This can be done in several ways, but the easiest and fastest would be to search for the “PC” on the network.

  • Open the operating system window with the WindowsE keys. Find “Network” on the left. In the list, look for the device named “first” if you did not specify another name.
  • Double-click to open it.
  • Right-click and bring up the menu where you can make the connection.
  • Wait until the driver search and installation are finished.
  • Select the device as the default printer.
  • Try to print any document.

Printing from the print server

Print server is a special feature that allows printing on one printer from several computers using a network connection. Such a server can be integrated into the printing device itself or be a stand-alone device. And there are also switches, routers, switches with this feature.

Setting up a router or a separate print server is done according to the instructions that come with it.

The common thing for all models is to provide physical connection between the devices. There are several ways to do it: USB cable, Wi-Fi connection, patch-cord.

Configure the connection

Right-click on the network connection icon in the system tray, and select “Network and Sharing Center.

In the “Change Adapter Settings” section, look for Local Area Connection, open its properties, and then go to the TCP/IPv4 configuration window.

There you can set the following parameters: IP. 192.168.0.n (n can be any number from 0 to 250); subnet mask:

On the other computer settings will be similar. IP address must be different by the last digit from the IP of the first PC, and in the column “default gateway” must be specified address of the first PC. You can also create home local network.

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Can I Connect Two Laptops via HDMI?

HDMI is an output port, so you can not receive information through it. Based on the above, it is not appropriate to use the HDMI port to connect two laptops. Simply put, connecting machines via HDMI is not only pointless, it’s dangerous.

Using USB is the easiest way to connect to a personal computer with any kind of technology. Connect the device to an available USB port, install the driver and you are ready to go. It is also possible to connect PC to PC via USB, however the procedure has some nuances.

How to share a folder (or disk) with local network users

This is probably the most common thing that users need when connecting to a local network. It’s quite simple and fast, let’s look at it step by step.

1) Enabling file and printer sharing

Go to the Windows Control Panel at Control Panel/Network and Internet/Network and Sharing Center.

Next you will see several profiles: guest, all users, private (Fig. 10, 11, 12). The task is simple: enable file and printer sharing, network discovery and remove the password protection. Just set the same settings as shown in Fig. below.

Important point. You need to make similar settings on both computers in your network!

Now just find the desired folder or disk which you want to share. Then go to his properties and in the tab “Access” you will find a button “Advanced configuration”, and we press it, see. Fig. 13.

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In the advanced settings, check the “Sharing folder” checkbox and go to the “Permissions” tab (by default, only read access will be granted, i.e.е. All users on the local network will only be able to view files, but not to edit or delete them. Under “Permissions” you can give them all privileges up to complete deletion of all files).

Just save the settings and your disk becomes visible to the entire local network. It is now possible to copy files from it (see. Fig. 15).

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Tips & Warnings:

Great article, but with the “Assigning a static IP address is not a necessary step, but it will increase the speed of the connection. “Is it possible to be dynamic without a server (who will give out IP addresses)?

Who will give out IP addresses Windows XP contains some sort of DHCP.servers. If the network consists of more than one machine and all computers in it are set to automatically obtain IP. they are magically assigned themselves. It was like this back in Windows 2000.

Hm, the article is good, with this one we made a network between two computers at work, using a patch cord, but then there was a problem. Computers see each other, LAN.The games work too, the problem is access from C “1” to “2” everything is fine, but when I try to get into shared resources. asks for login and password Help answer the email in the profile.

Maybe you have “Simple Sharing” disabled on this computer. In this case it is necessary to open any folder, in menu “service” select item “properties of folder”. In the window that appears, on the “View” tab, look for the “Use easy sharing” checkbox. Mark it, reboot. Then unassign all open folders and set them anew. This should help. П.С.If it’s already checked, it’s because of something else.

Two computers are not connected by patch cords but by cross cables

MrKoss, according to the rules. yes, but modern Ethernet devices often don’t give a shit. I was surprised myself when I connected 2 laptops with a dude with a simple patch cord (t.е. green and orange did not change).

MrKoss, judging by the description. there is a physical link. So it’s not about the cable.

And if one of the connected computers also has access to the Internet, what should be done so that the second computer could use this connection?

Install Proxomitron or a similar program on the computer where the Internet is available, and on another PC, write in the browser settings (Connection→proxy server) the IP address of the first computer

Very useful article, respect to the author long wanted to try.

Thanks for the article. Give me a grade

And if one of the connected computers also has internet access, what do I have to do so that the second computer can also use this connection? In the protocol properties of the IP on the second machine specify the gateway. Write in the gateway the IP of the machine that has the Internet. Also if you have WinXP set up internet sharing.

You could buy a USB hub and connect the computers through a USB bus. And you do not need a network card.

It is much easier to connect the computers with a network cable.к. Ethernet cables are in almost every PC and do not need to buy anything extra)

I will try to switch it on and leave Комментарии и мнения владельцев later.But still, thank you in advance.

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You can also connect Internet connection for games and not only that, and then download the program creating a local network and connect the computers through them.)

How to connect a laptop (win-xp) to the Internet and a desktop computer (win-xp) if the computer has two network connections, one comes online and all IPs are automatically and the IP gives the provider at the physical address of the Ethernet line

hmmm “or share the internet” Listen, did you think about the fact that the modem has a standard IP But if a user in an organization has all IPs You need to describe how to change the IP address of the modem, then all will be GOOOD.

Why is there a tugging sequence at the other end of the wire??

How to connect a laptop (win-xp) to the internet and a desktop copm (win-xp) if the computer has two network connections to one comes online and all IP automatically and the IP gives the provider at the physical address of the network interface Try to connect via a switch (switch) or a router.

The instruction is of good quality, well done the author

Great instruction! Well done the author!

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I wanted to make it on a laptop via a computer, I connected the crossover, created a local network, well, in general, all according to the instructions, the network seems to be there, and the Internet disappeared, on a laptop in the settings of IP protocol made the automatic receipt of IP aprivatuyu I have such a question: how to solve the problem with the connection, I have a laptop and computer at home, on the PC is the Internet, I wanted to make a laptop through a computer, I connected the crossover, created a local network, well, in general, all according to the instructions, the network seems to be there, and the Internet disappeared on a laptop in configuring the IP protocol to automatically obtain IP and connected to a PC and the Internet network bridge, everything works and the Internet on both computers, but, often interrupted and the Internet are displayed message on the computers of the conflict IP addresses, although after that all returned, advise how to make sure there is no disconnection Thanks in advance on the PC connected the LAN and the Internet with the network bridge, everything works and the Internet on both computers, but the Internet is often interrupted and the computers displays a message about the conflict of IP addresses, although after that all returned, please advise how to make sure there is no disconnection Thanks in advance!