How to connect Wi-Fi router tp-link

Roter setting up from TP-Link

Routers from TP-Link-leaders of the niche of wireless routers. These are reliable and high.Quality devices that can work in small apartments, country houses, offices, industrial premises, cafes and stores. After buying a router, the question arises: how to connect and configure the device correctly. You can trust the configuration to the master or do everything with your own hands. Next, consider how to configure a router from tp-link. In addition, we will analyze all the subtleties of connecting the device and get acquainted with the characteristics of the most popular wireless router models.

If you have not previously tuned Wi-Fi routers, we offer to get acquainted with the most popular wireless routers models to know their features:

  • TP-Link TL-WR840N. Perhaps the best model from TP-Link. Ideal for an apartment or cottage. Device with a maximum data transfer speed of up to 300 Mbps. Low price and simple integration will allow you to correctly configure the router.
  • TP-LINK N300 V2. Multifunctional wireless device with the ability to connect a modem 3G or 4G. Users can create a guest network to hide confidential data. In addition, it is allowed to configure the bridge for remote tunnels. The user integration is very simple, even the child will cope with the setting.
  • TP-Link TL-WR845N. This is another representative of the N300 line. Data transfer speed up to 300 Mbps. You can play multiplayer games, watch videos in good quality. In a word. The device will fully satisfy your needs.

In addition, all the above modems can work with different types of connections: twisted pair, optical network, telephone fishing line for a trimmer. Some routers can be configured through a mobile application. This applies to all devices of the N300 line. It is enough to install the program on a mobile phone and manage the main parameters: create guest networks, configure IPTV, proxy, etc.

Next, we will consider in detail what TP-Link router settings should be correctly confused. In addition, we will get acquainted with the automatic setting of the desired parameters. Our instruction is suitable for all devices in the N300 line.

How to enter the system of the Wi-Fi-link Wi-Fi Roatter

Before entering the TP-Link router system, you should make sure of the correctness of the equipment:

  • The router must be connected to power supply.
  • Ethernet Cable should be in the WAN port. Not to be confused with compartments for the LAN.
  • The computer must be connected to a Wi-Fi connection or to a router via Lan cable.

If all conditions are fulfilled, then you can move directly to the entrance to the settings of the TP-Link Wi-Fi Roatter. This follows:

If all the stages of the instructions were completed correctly, then a page with a Wi-Fi-Rooter web-Inteam will open in the Internet Brauser.

The model of the TP-LINK router at the entrance to the settings does not matter, since the transition to the web-integer for all types of Wi-Fi-routers of this company is the same.

Go to the TP-Link router from a smartphone or tablet

If the entrance to the TP-Link router using a personal computer is impossible, then you can perform this operation using a smartphone or tablet. This method of transition is practically no different from the PC version.

After entering the data, the system will redirect the user to the page page of the device.

Authorization in the router TP-Link-Admin.Admin

After that, it is necessary to start any browser on the computer. Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Opera, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Yandex, Safari or another. And enter the official site that is indicated on the same sticker into the address line.

connect, wi-fi, router, tp-link

In the new TP-Link models, it looks like “tplinkwifi.Net “or” 192.168.0.One”. The addresses “TPLINKLOGIN.Net “or” 192.168.One.One”.

We get to the entrance page to the router. Here you need to specify the login and password. Most often, by default, TP-Link, they matter “Admin-Dmin”-are also available for your modification on the information label.

However, in the new models it happens that the login and password are set at the first setting by the user himself. Therefore, if the default data are not suitable, then they have already been changed earlier by you or other user. In this case, you need to recognize them from the administrator of the local network or perform the full reset of the TP-Link router to return the original parameters or set your own authorization key in the control panel.

In order to go to the settings of the router from the phone, it is more convenient to use the TP-Link Tether branded mobile application. We talk about working with him separately.

Problems with access to router settings

Sometimes, after entering the IP address, the browser gives an error. The error text may vary depending on the browser used. There may be several reasons for:

  • The computer is not installed with the router (the network cable departs, there are no drivers on the computer on the network card, improper Wi-Fi connection and the like);
  • The connection is not correctly configured;
  • IP address is entered incorrectly;
  • The IP address of the router has previously been changed;
  • The router is faulty.

Most often, such problems arise due to trifles. Therefore, before engaging in serious reconfigurations, try to perform the following actions:

  • Repeat the operation using another browser to connect;
  • Use another device. If you have no other computer or laptop, you can use even a tablet or phone;
  • Check, connecting the router to the mains and the serviceability of its power supply;
  • Try to disable the programs that can interfere with the connection. For example, antivirus or firewall.

Also, the reason often lies in a very simple error: the network cable is often connected to the blue connector. This is a WAN port designed for Internet cable. The network cable, in turn, should be connected to the yellow LAN.

It is also worth checking the connection settings IP address. This can be done by going from the laptop into the properties of the connection by which you are connected. There you need to make sure that IP and DNS are displayed automatic receipt.

The first stage is acquaintance

Let’s start with the basic familiarization. The router has two antennas. This allows us to significantly strengthen the range and stability of the signal. The rear view of our device is represented by six connectors and buttons:

  • Power on/off button.
  • Cable for a power cable connecting a device with a socket.
  • Ethernet port, used to connect the Internet cable.
  • LAN. Connector, connects the router and laptop/computer with a local network.
  • Quick Security Setup-button (fast secure installation)-an analogue of WPS, is a distinctive function of TP-Link.
  • Reset button to factory settings (Reset).

Connecting a router to a computer

After acquiring a Wi-Fi router of the TP-Link line in the store, customers become the owners of the kit, which includes a number of components:

  • Router case.
  • Network cable for connecting a device to a computer.
  • Instruction, which describes the procedure for eliminating any malfunctions.
  • Power Supply.
  • Documentation with the technical characteristics of the goods.
  • CD with materials.

First you need to connect the purchased device to the computer. In frequent cases, the cable, which is in the assortment to the router, has a short length. Therefore, the router should be placed near the computer. Insert one side of the cable into the connecting to the Internet, the other to one of several LAN connectors, which are usually highlighted in yellow and has an appropriate inscription next to them.

Ethernet supplier cable connects to the WAN port marked in blue.

Internet setting

After the entrance, the main page of the router menu appears. First of all, it is required to establish an Internet connection.

To do this, the “Network” or “Network” line is pressed in the left column depending on the language of the integration.

How to Connect Router to Router Without Cable | TP Link | wireless Internet connection

In the list that opens, the line “wan” is selected.

In the opening window, you need to specify the type of connection used by the provider. It must be registered in the contract for the provision of the service. For example, the PPPOE connection is used.Ru and Rostelecom, and L2TP. Beeline.

Very often, providers use a DHCP server (dynamic connection) in which the IP address change after a certain period of time. If the service provider indicates a fixed IP address, mask, DNS server, then a static IP address is pressed on the list, the data is saved by pressing the lower panel “Save”.

When opening the PPPOE settings window, you need to specify the user name and the password prescribed in the contract. Next, click on the lower panel “connect” and even lower. “save”. Similarly, the name and password for other types of connections (PPTP, L2TP) are indicated.

After setting up the WAN network, the Internet should appear in the smartphone. The presence of a connection is quickly checked by the opening of a mailbox or social networks.

How to go to the TP-Link router settings

In tp-Link input or 192.168.One.1, you can also use the TPLINKWIFI address.Net. All this is driven into absolutely any browser in the address bar. You will be asked to enter data for the entrance: Admin in both fields.

So you got into the control panel for your device. If you fail to enter, you will have to check the connection settings for this:

Click on the keyboard at the same time “Win ​​R” and enter NCPA.CPL.

Click on the main connection of Ethernet twice and then click “Properties”.

connect, wi-fi, router, tp-link

Click on IPV4 (as in the picture) and click “Properties”. Check that all the boxes stand in the position. Automatically.


Also, it will not be superfluous to see the back side of the device, there should be complete information with the data for entering the control menu, and the button for resetting all installations to the factory ones at the back-look.

connect, wi-fi, router, tp-link

Connection of the Wi-Fi router TP-Link WR841N to the Internet after reset

To configure TP-Link TL-WR841N, you can use the CD from the kit-it has a convenient step-by-step installer, which will be just right for a beginner. However, since we decided to do this without a disk on our own, we turn the router turn it over and we find information on its bottom to enter the TP-Link router settings.

In this case, we need to dial the address “http: // tplinkwifi in the browser.Net “and enter the login/password Admin/Admin. You can also go to the WR841N admin panel at its standard IP address “ “or” 192.168.One.1 “, depending on the model.

I talked about all the possible problems with the connection here. Read if you can’t open the input address.

Next, I will give two screens at once with examples of settings of different TP-Link routers-for the old and new firmware. The fact is that recently the admin panel has been updated and according to the old pictures a beginner can be difficult to navigate in the installation. At the same time, the old version is also very common. Therefore, we will definitely show the tp-link setting through the web-integrates of different types.

Choose in the “Network” menu section “WAN” and produce the main parameters of connecting the TP-LINK router to the Internet. To do this, you will need to install the type of connection, login, password. Perhaps data on the IP address, mask and gateway. All this should be spelled out in the contract for the provision of Internet services from your provider, or you can simply call it in technical support and find out these data for configuration. As an example, I will give the most popular.

Rostelecom and the house.Ru (pppoe)

If your provider of Rostelecom services or house.Ru, then when setting up you need to select the type PPPOE. It needs to enter a login and password for him