How to connect Wi-Fi to a Samsung TV set

Setting up Wi-Fi on the Android receiver

Many users believe that the devices running on the Android operating system can act exclusively as Wi-Fi network clients. However, this is not the case. Each such gadget can be used for wireless distribution of the Internet signal. To implement such a task, it is not at all necessary to download and install additional software. There are plenty of built-in features. Now let’s look at the scheme of connecting Wi-Fi to the TV via a Smart set-top box.

It all starts with the fact that the user needs to plug an Ethernet cable into the LAN socket of the set-top box or connect it to the home network wirelessly. If the Internet works correctly, you can move on to connecting the TV. Connect the device to the set-top box with an HDMI cable and then select the appropriate signal source.

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Step by step setting up the Internet on your Android TV:

  • When all the equipment is connected with the appropriate cables, open the main settings menu of the device. You can do this with a pre-connected mouse or remote control.
  • Find the “Wi-Fi” section in the main menu. By default, this option is deactivated. To enable the function, change the position of the slider.
  • Search will only take a few seconds. The device will display on the big TV screen a list of available networks. Choose your home network.
  • Enter your home network password, if, of course, it was set before, and then click on the “OK” button.
  • If the router is properly configured, then the connection will occur in a few seconds.

Smart TVs don’t need an Android set-top box. Since they are mostly equipped with a hardware module for wireless connection to the Internet. The method described above is more focused on the owners of conventional TVs without Smart support.

You can also set up a Wi-Fi connection on your TV using a special device from the Android company. Connect the Android Mini PC TV to your TV via HDMI interface. After synchronization with the TV, this device will display its own settings menu. This is the connection to your home network. In terms of functionality, it is comparable with smartphones. The user will be able to run pre-installed applications.

If necessary, you can connect your laptop to the TV. The following interfaces are used for this purpose:

Of course, both devices must be equipped with one of these connectors.

What you need to know before connecting to the Internet?

If you do not know the basic features of Wi-Fi technology, then before you connect your TV, study this question in detail. Looking ahead, we note that if the home network does not provide a proper signal strength, then be sure to diagnose using the utility inSSider.

In addition, if the device you use is not equipped with a module for wireless connection to the World Wide Web, then to connect your Samsung TV to the Internet you must first buy an external adapter. Don’t forget about compatibility. So it is better to buy a proprietary adapter to avoid the occurrence of any errors and other software failures.

Connection to the network via Wi-Fi is good that the user does not have to pull the wires to the TV, which will then get in the way. However, the data transfer speed is much faster if the user has inserted an Ethernet cable into the LAN connector. On this basis, if you plan to regularly play media content in online mode and in maximum quality, then it makes sense to connect the TV Internet cable.

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However, much also depends on the speed of the Internet connection and the number of devices connected to the home network. Twisted pair in any case provides the most stable signal, but if the speed is high, you can watch movies and serials online even via Wi-Fi. Much depends on the built-in Wi-Fi receiver. As a rule, the data rate is limited. no more than 20 Mbit/s.

Of course, the technology of wireless access to the Internet does not stand still, but on the contrary, it develops dynamically. New standards are constantly appearing. Therefore, it is advisable to have the appropriate equipment at your disposal, this applies primarily to routers.

Returning to the topic of viewing videos in online mode, it is worth noting again that everything depends on a number of different factors:

  • tariff plan;
  • Internet speed;
  • router power;
  • The TV’s location in relation to the signal source;
  • The number of devices connected to the home network.

The quality of information transmission via Wi-Fi depends on the antenna power, the presence of interference and obstacles. It is clear that if the TV is two meters away from the router, the signal will be clear. There will be no problems with configuring the Smart TV, just follow the instructions.

Checking the connection

If all the settings are made correctly, the TV will work remotely via Wi-Fi. The device accesses the Internet through the browser built into the TV with Smart TV function. To make sure the connection is correct, you can test the device.

The testing is conducted in the following way:

  • The TV is connected to power and turns on all the channels one by one. If there are channels with poor picture or sound reproduction as a result, changes are made immediately. Modern devices have built-in programs that allow you to make precise adjustments.
  • The next step is to connect the TV browser to the Internet.
  • After this is done testing all installed applications.

What to do if the TV doesn’t connect to a Wi-Fi router

If all steps are performed and the password, which secures the connection, is entered correctly, but there is no connection to the network, you need to repeat all the steps to connect and make changes.

The cause can hide in the malfunction of the DHCP server which provides access to the internet at home. In this case you can reconfigure your Samsung Smart TV to wi-fi using the panel on the router. In this case the DHCP server is switched off and all the required data is entered manually.

Ways of connecting

You can connect your Samsung in two ways: via wi-fi router or LAN cable by plugging it into a special slot on the TV. The second connection method gives more opportunities, at least because it transmits data at a higher speed than wi-fi.

However, not all Samsungs support direct connection, while it is much more convenient to use the Internet with a router.

The only disadvantage of the wireless. frequent failures when playing a movie. hangs or interruptions. Among the main reasons are weak signal transmission speed, as well as interference between a wireless device and a fixed TV set.

Connecting via LAN cable

To connect the modem with TV cable plug one end of the cable into a special socket on the TV set,

To send the network settings to the device, click on the DHCP server button on the router. It will automatically assign the IP address and transfer the DNS server and the gateway. If this does not happen, you will have to enter the settings manually. Make sure that the IP address to be connected is between the start and end addresses programmed into the wireless interface.

After completing all the conditions, go to the Smart TV menu “Network” via the “Network Setup” button. Here you will see the information that a LAN cable is connected.

To configure the settings of the network of interest, click on the “Start” menu. After the connection is established, click “OK”. Access granted.

If such an attempt to establish a connection is unsuccessful, you can try to configure the settings manually. To do this, click on “IP Settings”, change the DNS value from “get automatically” to “enter manually”, specify the public address of domain names from Google. or

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Check the functionality and restore the connection with the “Repeat” button. If the malfunction remains, with the router responding to signals and you are accessing the Internet from other gadgets, the cause may be hiding in the TV itself.

Connecting to the Internet via Wi-Fi

If you already have Wi-Fi settings installed and configured, you need to check this setting on your Smart TV first. To do this, we do the following:

Now make sure the router is using DHCP and there is a connection. Do not forget that if you used a LAN cable to connect, the device will independently establish a connection with it. Disconnect the cable to start the automatic configuration via Wi-Fi. Select “Menu” “Network”, click “Network settings”. Start the search for the router. If there are available devices, a list appears on the TV screen. Choose your modem and press “Next”. When the connection is established, enter the security key code that was selected to protect the signal transmission via Wi-Fi.

If there are no complaints to the network and you are connected correctly, the TV will be connected to the Internet. The device will access the network thanks to the built-in Samsung Smart TV web browser.

If you entered the parameters correctly and the connection is not established, go back to the settings. Among the main reasons of such situation they name the problem with DHCP script, this is indicated by the notification on the screen. The text warns that the “connection is broken”.

Other options for connecting TV via Wi-Fi

To connect the device wirelessly, you can also use other methods:

  • if your router supports WPS technology (look for the button on the wireless), then click on the “Network Connection Type” WPS window, click “Next”. Now press the WPS button on the router for 30-60 seconds. Connection will be set up automatically;
  • Using the One Foot Connection technique (the modem must support this function). Choose “Network Connection Type” One Foot Connection, click on “Next. Place the wireless at 30 cm from the device to establish a connection;
  • Using PlugAcess technology. You will need a blank flash card for this. Insert it into the special slot on the modem, watching the state of the LED of the device. When the blinking stops, remove the card and insert it into the TV. Now wait until the network is automatically configured. This connection option is the fastest.

To connect to a network via Wi-Fi, first make sure that your TV supports this technology. To do this, look at the product data sheet which will list all the characteristics of your model. If you do not have any documents, you can find this information on the Internet by typing in a search engine your TV brand. In any online store will indicate whether your TV is equipped with wi-fi. You can also ask this question to the manufacturer on the official website in the help section.

On some models of TV, it turns out that Wi-Fi support is optional. Then to connect, you need to buy additional equipment in the form of an adapter.

The introduction of Smart TVs has significantly changed their use. watching your favorite movies, accessing YouTube and other innovations. So you need to understand how to connect your TV to the wireless network. Without Internet access, Smart TV is pointless.

To connect to the World Wide Web, you need a Wi-Fi router with Internet access. a laptop or computer is not required. Further depends on the TV model: since 2017, almost all models have a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. If you don’t have one, you need to buy one and connect it to the TV.

After that the connection is set up in the TV menu.

  • Access the settings menu.
  • Select “Wireless Networks.
  • Click on your network in the list, enter your password.
  • Connection established.

This looks like a scheme of general connection of TV to Smart TV via WI-FI. specifics appear when considering a particular manufacturer.

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What you need to do before setting up the TV?

In this article, as stated a couple of lines above, I’m going to look solely at connecting your TV via Wi-Fi. Actually, you can, of course, connect the TV to the router by cable, but in this case you’ll have to pull a cable, extra wires under your feet, and if you want to move the TV, that’s just an extra hassle.

Many people think that Wi-Fi can not always provide a stable connection, sometimes the connection is broken, etc. Actually, it depends more on your router. If the router is good and does not break the connection when loading (by the way, break the connection at high load, most often, routers with a weak processor) you have a good and fast Internet (in large cities now it seems there are no problems with this). then you will have a good connection and nothing will slow down. By the way, about the choice of router was a separate article.

Before we proceed to configure the TV, we need to do the following.

1) First, determine whether your TV model has a built-in Wi-Fi adapter. If you have a router it will be fine, but if you don’t have one, you will need a wi-fi adapter connected by USB.

Attention! It is different for each model of TV, so be careful when buying.

2) The second important step is to setup the router (https://pcpro100).info/category/routeryi/). If your devices (e.g. phone, tablet or laptop), which are also connected to the router via Wi-Fi, have Internet, then everything is OK. In general, how to configure the router for Internet access. is a big and vast topic, especially that it does not fit into one post. Here I will only provide links to the settings of popular models: Asus, D-Link, TP-Link, TRENDnet, ZyXEL, NETGEAR.

Setting channels

Having completed all the previous settings, it’s time to search all the available channels. First of all you need to determine the signal source: it can be satellite, digital or analog. It all depends on the equipment used to receive the signal.

  • Open the TV menu,
  • Go to “All settings”,
  • Choose “Channels” category,
  • set the automatic search and signal type,
  • start search.

Scanning process takes several minutes, after it is finished you will need to save found channels. If a certain broadcast is not found, you need to adjust manually. By the way, you can refuse from regular TV, installing a special application in Smart TV and get access to a huge number of channels. But this option has a disadvantage. if you are not connected to the network, you will not have access to watching TV.

Why do you need a Wi-Fi adapter

Today, almost all devices, from smartphones to air conditioners, have a built-in adapter for wireless connection to the internet. Of course, television equipment is no exception to this rule. Internet adapters for Samsung TVs contribute to enhanced functionality.

Network modems for TVs are divided into 3 types according to the connector to connect:

  • PCMCIA is an obsolete interface, and modern TV models don’t have it. But if you have this input, you might want to consider.
  • HDMI. interface for simultaneous transmission of audio and video signals in the highest quality. Every TV set is equipped with this input, because it has a high speed of data transfer.
  • USB. input, which almost all TV sets are equipped with. Certainly this is the most common way to connect the Wi-Fi module.

Smart Adapter visually looks like an ordinary flash drive. Connection is made by USB connector or any other available interface.

Equipment of this type is on the market in a wide range. Naturally, each user may have problems with the compatibility of the adapter and the TV. Therefore, special attention should be paid to this aspect.