How to connect your iPhone to your laptop via USB

Special VGA adapter

With the Apple VGA Adapter, you can connect your iPad not only to a TV, but also to any other display that has a VGA connector (PC monitor, projector, etc.).д.).

The connection is made thanks to the same Display Mirroring technology that we talked about in the previous two sections. But, unfortunately, the VGA adapter does not allow you to transmit sound through the TV speakers. For this purpose, you will have to use the built-in sound system of the iPad or connect special external speakers to the headphone jack.

Using this adapter is preferable when connecting to a projector or regular monitor (for presentations, for example). HDMI cable is recommended for TV connection, as it allows you to obtain higher image quality and transmits video and sound signals.

How to connect iPhone to a computer or laptop?

There are several options for connecting the iPhone. But in order to take full advantage of the opportunities to transfer data from your smartphone, to create a backup, which will come in handy when replacing, losing or damaging the iPhone, it is best to install on your computer the program iTunes.

If there is no iTunes on the PC, then the iPhone is recognized as a flash drive or memory card. In this case, you can copy only photo and video files. Creating a backup, adding audio files to the smartphone is impossible. About the possible options and subtleties of how to connect the iPhone to the computer

USB cables for iPhone: what are they??

The USB-cable of any new or remanufactured iPhone is included in the package. if there is no cable, it means one of two things: either they are trying to sell you a non-original smartphone (simply put a Chinese fake), or the cable was lost by clumsy salon consultants, who used the complete set of gadgets for their own needs.

USB cable for iPhone comes in two varieties:

The first Lightning. Connectors with 8 pins appeared on bundled USB-cables and chargers with the 5th modification of the iPhone. The 7-th modification of iPhone uses Lightning also for connecting headphones. The distinctive feature of Lighting is that you can insert the connector into the connector on either side.

Share internet from iPhone 5, 6, 7, 8, X, SE, Xs, Xr, 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max to PC with USB Cable

(depending on the length).

The second is a 30-Pin. Cables with 30-pin connectors were supplied with iPhones of 3rd and 4th versions. Nowadays it is better not to lose or break such cables: they are not expensive, but it is very difficult to find them in stores and salons.

On the other side of the cable for the iPhone can now be not only the classic USB connector, but also the connector USB Type-C, which looks more like micro-USB.

This connector has several advantages: first, it, like Lightning, symmetrical, that is, it can be inserted into the connector either side, and secondly, it guarantees an exceptional data transfer rate (bandwidth. 10 Gb / sec). The Lightning-USB Type-C cable is also available at the official Apple store for 2.5k. rubles.

Ways to connect via Wi-Fi

The Smart Wi-Fi module built into the TV makes it possible to connect a smartphone to the TV without any wires or auxiliary constructions. The specified method of synchronization is characterized by convenience and speed.

Samsung and Philips branded “smart” devices are necessarily equipped with the support of AirPlay. To do this, the products are equipped with two pieces of software called Mirror Cast and AirScreen. The specified software provides stable operation of the connected channel and a suitable streaming speed.

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To connect iPhone with TV, it is necessary to connect the technique to the general Internet network.

The step-by-step connection is as follows:

  • Turn on the appropriate program on the TV. Activate the synchronization mode (if a suitable function is available).
  • On the phone enter the Home application. Wait while iPhone detects TV as an external display.
  • Register the found appliances in the application.

The Digital Living Network Alliance is considered the accepted standard for wireless networking, allowing mobile devices and appliances to exchange information. To use DNLA you need to download the TV Assist app in the AppStore on your iPhone. There are paid extensions inside the program.

The work proceeds in a few steps:

  • Open the downloaded program. Choose the type of content you want to stream. There are five available options: show photos/video, play music, view multimedia, Internet media.
  • Tap the button representing a television with an arrow in the upper left corner.
  • Click on the desired device for which the broadcast is intended.

Not all devices support wireless DLNA/UPnP connection. This applies to older Smart-TV models.

Connect using ChromeCast

This mini set-top box, if I may say so, is made by Google. Its task is to stream content and any media files. However, unlike Apple TV, it has a narrower range of features.

Chromecast is a small “puck” a little bigger than a flash drive, which is connected to the TV through HDMI.

This device can independently play videos on video hosting YouTube, series on Netflix and HBO and other content on popular streaming platforms.

Also Chromecast is able to launch Google Play, which gives the user the opportunity to download applications from there, because Chromecast runs on Android operating system.

It is also worth noting that content from mobile devices Chromecast transmits wirelessly via Wi-Fi.

To transfer content from iPhone via Cromecast you need to do the following steps:

  • Install the Google Home app on your iPhone. Please note that in order to successfully install this app, you must have iOS1 or higher.
  • It is necessary to have a Google account, as well as an HDMI connector on the TV or an adapter for it, and a Wi-Fi network to which the Chromecast itself and the iPhone will be connected. If you do not know where the HDMI connector on your TV is, then read the manufacturer’s instructions to your TV.
  • Go to the installed Google Home app on your iPhone and connect through it to the Chromecast via Wi-Fi network, Keep in mind that iPhone and Chromecast must be in the same Wi-Fi network.

Also worth mentioning that you will not be able to watch any content on this device. Only YouTube, Google Movies and Google Music will be available.

Using this connection method, the iPhone screen cannot be duplicated to the TV screen, unlike the Apple TV. Chromecast does a great job with photo and video streaming, but to watch videos and photos in full HD quality, you need to buy a paid version of the program.

How to connect iPhone to Xiaomi Mi Led TV P1 video instruction:

connect, your, iphone, laptop

How to watch YouTube

To connect only YouTube from iPhone to Smart TV, you need to download and install the app on your smartphone and TV. On the phone, the app is downloaded and installed through the App Store. On TVs the application is often present immediately after purchase. If YouTube is not available, you will have to download the program through the store:

connect, your, iphone, laptop
  • LG Content Store for LG Smart TV;
  • Samsung Apps for Samsung Smart TV;
  • Google Play Store (Play Market) for Android TV.

Connect your TV and iPhone to the same Wi-Fi network. Launch YouTube on your gadget and play the video. After a single click on the video will appear control buttons, among which is the broadcast icon.

Tap on icon, choose a detected TV.

After a quick connection, video from YouTube will automatically start playing in the TV app.

How to connect the Internet on your computer via iPhone via USB?

Today in this article we will talk more about the USB cable. It is not only an essential and multifunctional accessory of our iPhones, but also the first and most important addition to the device. It is the USB cord that we primarily take with us on the road and at work, without which it is impossible to imagine the widespread use of the iPhone in general. After all, the USB cable is:

  • iPhone battery charger
  • The means of communication of our iPhones with the computer, through which we synchronize photos, music, applications and other data on the PC
  • the ability to charge your iPhone when there’s no outlet or power-bank nearby: in the car or by connecting to a laptop
  • a convenient, high-quality way to “share” Internet from your iPhone to your PC or laptop when you need it
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On the last point we will dwell in more detail in today’s article, telling all the advantages of this method of transferring the Internet, as well as providing the most simple and clear instructions of the process. Let’s get started!

USB cable as a way to transfer the Internet from the iPhone: the benefits

In today’s active rhythm of life, there are often situations where we do not have enough Internet on the iPhone, even if it is a large model. For certain work or personal purposes, we need to perform a number of actions exactly on a PC or laptop, while requiring a connection to the network, and there is no wi-fi or 3G modem. What to do in these emergency cases?The only solution at such moments “to distribute” Internet from phone to computer. There are three ways to transfer the internet via iPhone to a desktop or laptop:

Advantages of the last variant have several

How to fix if iPhone not connect with PC via USB Cable in iOS 13

  • First of all, wi-fi may not work everywhere; it depends on your location. And we always take the USB wire with us, because we need it to recharge.
  • Secondly, the speed of cellular data transfer via USB will be incomparably higher. The information will be loaded faster, applications will work faster, and you will save your time.

The way of transfer of the Internet via Bluetooth also loses in comparison with USB: the Internet via Bluetooth is more difficult and longer to set up, and in the end the speed is lower.Finally, using a USB cord, you’ll do two essential things at once: both “give” the Internet to your PC/laptop, and from it your device will automatically recharge its battery. Saving!

So, the advantages are clearly enough to trust this way of connecting to the Internet via iPhone. The main thing is to learn how to do it and do not forget to bring a USB cable! Let’s talk about the cable now.

Which cable to choose: the original or certified?

Apple fans are divided into two camps. The first are those who prefer authenticity in everything, trusting the quality mark of the brand (if your smartphone is “apple” then the accessories should be only from the same manufacturer, then the quality is guaranteed).The second are those who, over the years of fascination with Apple products have tried different versions of additional accessories, and from personal experience can recommend certified certified certified devices (cables, headphones, etc.).д.)

Let’s break it down: all certified products created for iPhone and ipad products go through an Apple MFi Manufacturing Licensees authorization anyway. Thus, manufacturers meet a number of mandatory requirements in the process of creating accessories, thanks to which the products in quality and appearance are not inferior to the original. At the same time, at a cost it is much cheaper.

Also, none of the connoisseurs of authentic accessories are not immune to the fact that with active use the original cable from Apple will not be damaged or torn next to the connector. And if you spend time not only at home, but you move around a lot, travel a lot, take the wire with you in transport / in bags and so on, it will sooner or later happen.According to surveys among fans of iPhone and iPad, modern certified accessories are not inferior in quality and functioning to the original ones. So, it is up to you to decide which USB wire to choose. And if the choice falls in the direction of the analogue, the main thing is to choose from a variety of products of the manufacturer whose product is certified.

Detailed iPhone and PC Settings for Internet Sharing

The process of iPhone Internet connection to computer is not complicated, and literally takes just a few steps:

  • Connecting our iPhone to the computer via USB cable.
  • Swipe up from the bottom of the Home screen to the bottom menu and make sure that your iPhone is mobile-enabled.
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iPhone : Share Internet connection with Your PC using USB cable | NETVN

From the very bottom of the main screen, swipe up

Check that the Internet is connected

Go to “Settings”
Choose “Modem Mode” and go to
Enable “Allow other” option

After these steps, the computer will automatically turn on the Internet.To check, let’s go to the browser and type the address or query in the line Internet connection will work.

As you may have seen while reading the article, there are indeed a number of advantages of “giving out” the Internet via USB, compared to other ways.By taking a USB cord as a must-have, daily essential accessory, owners guarantee themselves stability on several fronts: charging their device’s battery and plenty of usage options through synchronization with a computer. Including stable and fast Internet on your PC from your iPhone.It remains only to choose a trustworthy product among the wide variety of USB cables that are present in the market today. We hope that we have managed to cover the most important issues of the discussed topic, and clearly show you the process of connection.

We wish you productive work and fun, let your devices work quickly, and let the accessories last a long time and live up to their name!

Ways to connect Android and iOS smartphones

There are only 3 ways to connect your smartphone to your computer:

  • Through the USB cable. You can transfer files, synchronize contacts, use your smartphone as an external modem or remote control your computer. The only way you can flash your smartphone.
  • Using Wi-Fi. You can access the Internet using your phone as a modem.
  • Through a wireless Bluetoooth connection.

The latter method gives the same capabilities as connecting with a cord, except for reflashing.

Instructions for connecting iPhone to computer via USB as a modem

In the case of a wired connection to a personal computer, a telephone cord is used, which is also used to charge the device. This is convenient because it does not require a lot of wires of different orientation.

Instructions for Windows

Since the Windows operating system in the domestic environment is more widespread in contrast to others, the first thing to consider is the connection to the device on it. Inteace operating system “Windows” has not changed much since the seventh series, so it is better to consider the example of Windows 10. iPhone in this situation works using iOS 9. It is the most optimal, since in older and newer versions almost nothing has changed dramatically.

Pay attention! The basic requirements are that you have Apple iTunes installed and a standard USB cable for your phone. The program can be downloaded from the official site, it is absolutely free. After that it needs to be installed on your computer. It is also not difficult and will take only a couple of minutes.

After doing all the preparatory steps, you need to turn on the “Modem Mode” function on your phone. Then it is necessary to connect both devices by wire. A “Trust this computer” window will appear on the smartphone display, which must be positively confirmed, otherwise the connection will not take place.

Actions to connect to the network via a smartphone:

  • In the list of possible network connections, find the new available network named Apple Mobile Device Ethernet.
  • It is recommended to check the connection and its status. To do this, click on the connection icon in the lower right corner of the screen with the right button.
  • A small menu will open in which you should click on “Network and Sharing Center”.
  • At the end, click on “Change adapter settings” on the left side, a list of all connections will be available in the menu that opens.

When the iPhone works as a modem and has a Wi-Fi network enabled, it can be used as a router for other gadgets. To do this, you need to connect to a connection that will be referred to as an iPhone or similar. After that, the system will ask you to enter your password.

Note! The personal computer over the wire and other devices over the wireless network will then be able to access the Internet.