How to connect your phone to the TV


Changing the connection mode with the help of programs

It is possible to connect phone to TV through USB by means of special programs. If the device does not show the connection methods, you can use third-party software. You need to install the USB Mass Storage (UMS) program. You can download the application through Play Market. Supported only for Android.

Guide to change the connection protocol:

The first thing you need to allow super user rights (root). For this you need to enable the debugging described above.

    Run the UMS app. Confirm root permissions.

How to connect your phone to the TV: 3 easy ways


connect, your, phone

No matter how smart your phone is. It has one big disadvantage: its screen is quite small (especially for a number of tasks). And in some cases there is a need to connect it to the TV, for example, for:

  • view photos or videos on the big screen;
  • The ability to work with web pages on the Internet (with their full versions, not “compressed” for mobile devices);
  • to play various novelties of game building (you can add a joystick to this as well);
  • To view your phone’s memory, copy some files from it, etc.д.

In this post I will suggest some easy ways of connecting your TV and telephone, to accomplish this ☝ (of course, we will talk about modern devices). ).

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How to broadcast your phone (Android) screen to your laptop or computer via Wi-Fi.

How to connect your phone to the TV: 3 working ways

The phone can have a second display. a TV. But to do this, you need to set up a connection between the two devices. You can do it with or without cable. The choice of the way will depend on the availability of certain connectors, as well as on the support of certain wireless technologies.

How do I connect my phone to the TV with HDMI?

Connecting via HDMI is a universal option that allows you to use your TV screen to broadcast images from your phone. You can use this method if two conditions are met at the same time. The first is if the TV has an HDMI connector. The second is the presence of a HDMI cable compatible with the phone (on the side of the smartphone input is usually USB Type-C, MicroUSB or Lightning). In some cases you can use adapters.

connect, your, phone

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How to connect an Android phone to a TV

Connection in this way allows you to broadcast not only photos and videos, but also other images from the display of your smartphone. That is, the user can play games or do other things. In any case, all of his actions will be duplicated on the TV screen.

To connect your phone to the TV set via HDMI, follow these steps

  • Connect the phone and the TV with the appropriate cable;
  • Select HDMI as the input source (Source button on the TV remote);
  • Wait for the image to appear on the screen.

Next, the user will only have to perform the required actions on the phone. The image on the TV will be transmitted in real time.

What you need?

To connect your smartphone to the TV receiver via USB cord is very quick and easy, as both devices are equipped with this interface. In order to synchronize your smartphone with the TV, you will need:

It is very important to make sure that the connected gadget and TV repeater are compatible with each other.

In this case, there are no difficulties with further connection.

Why it’s necessary?

There are many reasons to establish a connection between your phone and your TV directly. Here are just a few of them.

  • To watch video clips from the web. In TVs without Wi-Fi it is impossible to watch them directly, and to be content with a small screen of mobile equipment in the presence of a full-fledged LED-panel is not desirable at all. The output of YouTube clips on TV can help solve the problem without replacing the equipment with a more modern one.
  • For Karaoke. Modern smartphones support applications for singing to “minus” arrangements. After connection it is possible to play music on the mobile device and broadcast it and a picture through the TV screen.
  • Instead of a remote control. With some programs you can control the TV from your smartphone in the absence of a remote control, switch channels. The best solution for those who are always losing everything.
  • To play a game. This method allows you to take a new look at your favorite racing simulators and RPGs. It is more fun and pleasant to play usual applications from your phone on a big screen. the picture itself becomes richer, richer, you can see the smallest details of graphics.
  • View video content, photos. Playing files as part of their transfer from the phone is similar to other external media. Even TV sets produced more than 10 years ago can be connected by wired connection.
  • Internet-seeing. This is especially useful for sites that do not have a mobile version. In addition, in online shopping or social networking, the big screen is also very useful.
  • Viewing presentation materials. On the mobile screen it is impossible to examine in detail all the details that the author of the product wants to convey. If you need a high resolution, it’s worth using the capabilities of the smartphone and TV connection at all 100%.
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This is not the end of the potential connection between different devices. You only need to choose the right way to connect, and the rest of the advantages of pairing the phone and TV, everyone will find for themselves.

Which is the best way?

If you can connect to HDMI, you should not look for alternatives. It is both ample opportunities and high quality. On the second place should be put wireless methods of connection for devices on the same OS or on the OS of the same manufacturer.

A variant with Wi-Fi Direct is considered to be categorically uncomfortable, although in some situations it is ideal. For example, if you need to view several files, and the whole process takes a little time. The method with USB, even in case of failures, remains very accessible because of its prevalence, because almost every adapter has a USB connector. The MHL method has the most compatibility issues.

Owners of Android phones and Smart TVs will love how Miracast works. For a regular TV, buy a Chromecast as an add-on.

Apple smartphone owners will love the combination of the Apple TV 4K media player along with Lighting and Miracast adapters. In most cases, you will need different adapters to connect your phone to the TV. Buy one every chance you get.

By the way, Smart TVs can be part of the smart home. What is it and how to install it read this article.

In addition to Smart TVs there are other smart devices for the home, designed to make your life more comfortable and easier.

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The Bigger Fans: How to Connect a Smartphone to Your TV

Today’s smartphones are full-fledged multimedia centers. Even playing Ultra HD movies is no problem for them. But you won’t be watching blockbusters on a display with a diagonal of at best six inches? That’s where the ability to connect a gadget to the television comes in. And it’s not convenient to search YouTube videos by typing their names from the remote control. And of course, it’s much more comfortable to show your whole family the photos and videos you’ve taken with it on your TV. What are the ways to pair your smartphone and TV and what you need. tell us in this article.

Via RCA (cinch)

This method is perfect for those who have an older TV. They usually have RCA support (cable with three branches of different colors). Each plug performs a different task transmits sound, video. But even your Android smartphone can be connected to your old TV. For this you need an HDMI RCA adapter, as well as HDMI support in your smartphone.

The adapter will cost about 700. On one side you plug in RCA, and on the other side you plug in HDMI. On the side there is also an input for the power supply, but a cable to this is provided with the adapter. Typically, the connection exactly to your smartphone can be either HDMI Micro or HDMI Mini.

The adapter will have two modes: NTSC and PAL. The first is used if you have an American TV, and the second is more suitable for European, because they have a higher resolution. You can just switch modes and see for yourself which one will look better. But please note that this method doesn’t guarantee a clear picture, considering that RCA technology can’t boast about it, and all sorts of adapters are used.