How to connect your phone to your bbk TV

How to connect your phone to your TV. an overview of all the available ways

Sophisticated users know a lot of ways to connect your phone to the TV receiver. Both wired (USB, HDMI, etc) technologies are used for this purpose.) as well as wireless (Wi-Fi, etc.) technologies.) technologies. To connect a smartphone to the TV it is not difficult, but it is necessary that this possibility is implemented in the TV receiver and in the smartphone. Below we will tell you how you can connect your phone to the TV.

To display a picture from a smartphone on the TV receiver screen, you can use technology which connects the corresponding slots (ports) which are equipped with both devices using a cable. The method of connection is determined by the user depending on what connectors belonging to him devices and what connecting cables he has “at hand. Most often USB and HDMI connections are used for this purpose, but you can also meet other options.

In general, the connection between the phone and the TV receiver is as follows:

  • Switch off both devices. It is recommended to disconnect the TV from the mains.
  • Connect the ends of the connection cable to the corresponding jacks on each of the devices.
  • Switch on TV-receiver and telephone.
  • If necessary carry out device adjustment according to their operation instructions.

You can connect any cables to the output jacks of the phone and TV only if both devices are switched off.

The advantage of a wired connection is the higher data transfer rate and the absence of “freezing” of the video image.

Disadvantage. tying the phone to the TV receiver by the length of the connecting cable.

How to connect the phone to TV through USB

Using USB-connection is one of the most widespread ways of connection of the phone to TV. Because USB interfaces are now built into almost every modern digital device. In this case, on one of the sides or end surfaces of the phone connector micro-USB is present, and the TV is equipped with a standard USB connector.

You use a micro-USB-USB cable to connect your phone to your TV.

In addition to this you will need to set the appropriate modes on your devices.

Device Connector type Operation mode
TV receiver USB USB
Phone (smartphone) micro-USB Mass storage

Connection via USB-connection allows you to use your phone as a storage device (flash drive) and allows you to watch on TV only those files that are loaded into the phone memory. You can’t display the phone’s screen directly on your TV.

How to connect phone to TV through HDMI

Unlike the USB connection, using HDMI technology allows you to duplicate the picture on the TV screen directly from your phone. This ensures high image quality and digital data transfer rate.

All modern televisions can now transmit data in this way. It is also necessary for your phone to have a micro-HDMI connector.

The connection is generally made with an HDMI micro-HDMI cable.

When you connect the cable and turn on the devices, you need to go to the TV menu and set as source of signal HDMI. In the phone, all settings are made automatically.

In case there is no image on the TV screen, the phone will have to be adjusted manually. To do this:

  • select the HDMI mode in the settings;
  • Find the HDMI format;
  • Select the resolution and refresh rate settings that your TV supports.

Here the settings are finished, and the TV receiver should play the sound and image from the phone.

If your phone does not have a micro-HDMI jack, you can use a special adapter converter micro-USB. HDMI, which converts and prepares the signal for transmission to the TV in the HDMI mode. The TV receiver in this case is connected to the converter with a standard USB cable.

MHL and SlimPort technologies

HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) was practically the first standard which made it possible to connect smartphones to big screen television receivers (monitors). The developers, including such companies as Philips, Hitachi and Sony, originally (2002).) were not supposed to use the phone as source of video to the TV. This was only introduced after the mass spread of smartphones. That is why micro-HDMI and mini-HDMI connectors appeared. The main disadvantage of HDMI technology is that it requires an additional connector for the smartphone, which increases the thickness and weight of the phone. This problem was solved during the development of MHL standard (Mobile High-Definition Link), which combines the functionality of micro-USB and HDMI interfaces. In this technology USB allows you to charge the battery of your smartphone, and HDMI. to transmit high quality signal (video sound). To connect to the TV in this case, you must use an adapter-converter of one of two types:

  • I type (passive). micro-USB-HDMI with an additional connector micro-USB, designed to connect the external power supply;
  • Type II (active). micro-USB to HDMI, in which the phone battery is charged via HDMI cable.

Another technology developed as an alternative to HDMI is the Slim Port standard. The principle of its operation is almost the same as that of MHL technology. In this case the similar looking adapters are used, which are connected to micro-USB and HDMI connectors.

Connection options

To correctly make the connection the user needs:

  • smartphone with Android, iOS, Windows Phone or Chrome OS;
  • USB-cable, which comes with the purchase of smartphone;
  • TV jack.

You can connect your phone to your TV through a USB cable in three ways:

  • Connecting as an electronic media. Allows you to transfer data, move, rename, and open supported files.
  • Using your cell phone as a media set-top box. Used as a player, plays photos, videos.
  • Using wireless interfaces. Most often involves the use of a local, remote network.

Wireless connection of TV and tablet

There are two alternative methods that do not involve the use of special wires. They are considered an alternative to cable switching. In order to make a WI-FI connection, both devices must have this capability.

Depending on the different brands of TVs, the internal menu is slightly different, respectively, Direct must be searched in the “Network” settings

Using Wi-Fi Direct

Use the Wi-Fi Direct network on both devices at the same time, it will allow you to synchronize them. To play music and video, view the gallery on the TV screen from your tablet, you need to do the following:

  • Find this network in the settings of the Android gadget and do the same on the TV receiver. On both devices, check the “ON” box.
  • Then launch a search and wait until both devices find each other, then you can use them.

If you plan to use your laptop as a remote control, you need to download the app from Google Play.

Using the new Wi-Fi Miracast protocol

It’s a brand new, innovative way to connect two devices. This method is just being implemented in modern mobile devices. Meanwhile, if you have a brand new gadget, it may also support the given option.

The image output can be realized in the same way with a modern smartphone

To detect it, all you have to do is go into your mini PC’s settings and find the “Wireless Projector” option. It is more often located in the settings of the screen. However, connection in this way can still cause failures accompanied by software incompatibility errors, since the function is only being tested and improved at present.

How to connect your Xiaomi phone to your TV via Bluetooth

Another working way to wirelessly connect your phone to the TV. Connection speed at the same time is not fast: for Bluetooth 5.0 only 2 Mbps. For comparison, Wi-Fi 802.11n provides speeds of up to 150 Mbit/s. However, sometimes this type of connection can come in handy as well. To connect your Xiaomi phone to your TV via Bluetooth, you need to do the following:

Enable Bluetooth on both devices.

Find the TV in the list of available devices on your phone.

Go to the item Wireless display.

Slide the switch to the right and wait till the TV model appears on the screen.

If your TV does not have built-in Bluetooth, you can buy a separate adapter that connects via USB port.

How to Broadcast Gallery to TV

The following trick is great for those who want to stream photos or videos from a smartphone to the big screen. DLNA technology will help us. The conditions for connecting are as follows:

  • Both devices must support DLNA and be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • The TV should be connected to the router via a LAN cable.

Broadcasting a picture from your smartphone to your TV.

To connect your smartphone to your TV via DLNA, you need

  • Go to TV Settings.
  • Activate the DLNA function.
  • Open any media file on your smartphone.
  • Next, click on the three dots next to the photo or video.
  • Tap on Select Player and specify your TV in the list of available devices.
  • The picture will be automatically played on your TV.

If for some reason you can’t use this feature, Google Play has a special app called BubbleUPnP for DLNA that can help you.

The algorithm is more or less the same.

  • Make sure your TV and smartphone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network as described above.
  • Launch the application on the Android Smartphone.
  • Next, go to the Devices tab and select your TV.
  • After that open Library.
  • Navigate to the folder where your photos or videos are stored.
  • As soon as you open a file, it will be immediately broadcasted on TV.

BubbleUPnP app to connect your smartphone to your TV.

Connect via USB

If you connect your smartphone via USB-cable, it will be used as an external data storage device. That is, you will only be able to run and view individual files that are stored on your phone, and not use the TV instead of your smartphone screen, as in the case of the HDMI connection. It should be understood that the success of the operation in many respects depends on the model and function of the TV, as well as on your smartphone.

  • Connect your phone to the TV using a USB cable (you can use the cable from the charger or the one you use to connect your phone to your computer);
  • Turn on the TV and select “USB” as the signal source;
  • The same way of connection we choose and on a cell phone (the window of settings will appear automatically).

All set! Now on the TV screen you will see folders with files from your smartphone. You can choose any media file and enjoy watching it on the big monitor!

Instruction for connection of the phone to TV

The first step is taking a Samsung, Huawei Honor, Xiaomi Redmi, Realmi, Vivo, Meizu, ZTE, Nokia, Oppo, Lenovo, Asus or another phone.

Go to Play Market and install the application “Demonstration of the screen with Smart TV. To make no mistake see the picture.

Then in Samsung, LG, Philips, DEXP, Kiwi, Toshiba, Bravia, Sony Bravia, Supra, Hyer, Panasonic, TSTL, Telefunken, Vityaz, Thomson, Hyundai, Mystery, Ivie, BBK, Sharp, Harper, Dofler, VVK, Novex, Polar, Horizon, Prestigeo, Dex, Digma. doffler, Hyundai, orion, dehr, asano, erixon, acai, rollsen, polarline, starwind, haysense, axiom, netflix, shivaki, ava, iva turn on miracast or chromecast.

If it is not enabled, switch as shown in the picture.

Then in the app press the “CAST” button.

If you need to press again, but on the larger one.

Now in the right corner, find the triple dot and click on it.

It will start small search and name of your Smart TV will appear.

Press it and in a second or two you will see a window on the TV screen asking you to connect.

Click on “yes.”. It will change to another where your phone name will be displayed.

Once completed, you can project the phone screen without a wire, via WI-FI to the TV monitor.

Control your TV from your phone

You can use your cell phone as a TV remote control. over, it does not need to have a built-in infrared port. it is controlled via the WI-FI network.

Of course, some models, such as the Samsung Galaxy S6, are enriched with IrDA function, which greatly simplifies the whole process. just run a special application, point the device at the TV and enjoy the ability to control.

Each app requires a proper setup. There are two options: automatic and manual.

The first is based on synchronization with old technology using a special wizard, while the second allows you to choose a specific model of TV you have. Good luck.

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