How to connect your phone to your Playstation 4

Connecting the mouse and keyboard to the Playstation 4

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Sony has taken care of many small details, of course, have not forgotten about the support of third-party devices to control some toys and programs. For example, a great solution is to connect the keyboard to the Playstation 4 in order to quickly type, placing it in front of you, you can quickly convey your own thoughts to the team through text, if the possibility or desire to speak with a voice you do not have.

Keyboard connects to the PS 4 is very simple. you just connect it to the console via USB and voila. everything works, some older or specific models may not be recognized by the console, the only option. try a new keyboard, it should help. Today the keyboard works in the menu, the system itself (when typing) and some games, for example. War Thunder, which is not only on PS 4, but also on PCs. Playing with the keyboard in “console” games you’re unlikely to be very comfortable, it’s better to use the DualShock 4 designed specifically for this.

Now let’s move smoothly to the mouse. here is quite a trouble, because the use of the mouse with Playstation 4 is extremely limited. Once the mouse is connected, it is, in most cases, no problem to identify the console. you’ll understand it by the notification pop up with the appropriate text. But here’s the problem. no cursor will not appear, to use it even in the browser, for some reason, can not be “fix” in the following updates, as there is no point in this. prohibit users from conveniently surf the Internet with PS 4 and mouse. Right now it is “supported”, if you can call it that, by only a few games, which include the aforementioned War Thunder project.

How to Connect Any Android to PS4

If your laptop is not a demo module from one of the manufacturers of laptops, you have an HDMI output. To be sure, just look up your laptop model in a search engine and look at the specs. Under “Input/Output Ports”, the HDMI port will be listed as “input” or “output”.

At the moment, not every console can be turned into a PC, special models are required. We will use the well-known method of installing the Linux distribution package on the Playstation 4 console. To do this you only need to find a set-top box with software version 5.05-5.07. The console does not allow you to play on the network.

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You can connect your console to a projection system in several ways. They imply the use of special cables, adapters and accessories, such as a repeater.

The most appropriate way to connect the Playstation 4. Guarantees a clear signal, quality sound and vivid picture.

The process requires an HDMI cable. It often comes with the console. It is also necessary that the connector with the same name is also on the projector.

The process is trivially simple. You should plug the cable with one end into the PlayStation 4 and with the other end into the projector. If the latter does not have the required output, you will have to buy an adapter, consisting of an input channel, headphone or speaker jack, USB port for charging, VGA or BVI output.

Which version of HDMI is right for you?

There are 2 types of cables: Standard and High Speed. There are also 2 subspecies: with the Ethernet add-on and without it. In the case of a projector and console, you will need High Speed.

How to prepare your TV

Before you can connect your Playstation 4 to your TV, it needs to be properly configured. To do this you will need to do the following:

If the TV receiver has a game mode in the settings, you need to turn it on. This will reduce the load on the equipment as much as possible during operation.

It is necessary to remember that all the settings made refer to the selected signal source. If there are two HDMI ports here and the user switches the cable from one to the other, the settings will have to be reset. Here are some approximate TV settings that will allow you to get more enjoyment from the game. They can vary slightly, depending on the user’s preferences. The usual recommended values are as follows:

How to Connect iPhone to PS4

  • the clarity value should not exceed 50;
  • black is recommended to be turned off;
  • Dynamic contrast is best deactivated;
  • brightness is often set to 55;
  • motion is not recommended;
  • the color parameter should be set to about 50;
  • Contrast is best at 80;
  • For the tone, a value of 350/50 is suitable;
  • the presence of backlighting is set according to the user’s taste.

these recommendations are only approximate. Once the user has run the game on the Sony Playstation, he will see how closely these settings match his preferences. He will be able to adjust them as needed.

How to connect your PlayStation 4 with an internet cable

If you wish to use a LAN cable to access the internet, you would select the appropriate option in the main menu. alt=”Use LAN cable” width=”300″ height=”89″ /

Important! You must first connect a router or ADSL modem patch cord to the connector on the set.

The next step is to select the method by which the PlayStation 4 connects to the internet. As in the previous section, select one of the two options: simple or special. No password is required. alt=”Simple and special ways to connect to the Internet” width=”300″ height=”82″ /

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After completing the configuration run the test. To do this, press the “Test Internet Connection” button. If the settings are correct, you will see the corresponding message on the screen. Press “Exit”, you can now use the set-top box.

How to connect Bluetooth wireless headphones to your PlayStation 4. with a Bluetooth adapter

To connect Bluetooth headphones to the PlayStation 4, you need an extra link. In the PlayStation 4 menu, there is a Bluetooth device, but the headphones can not be connected this way. BT internal module is designed for the connection of controllers, keyboards, etc., but not headphones.

To connect any wireless Bluetooth headset to your PlayStation 4, you will need to connect a special USB adapter to the console. That way, the headset will receive sound directly from the PlayStation 4. You can buy it on AliExpress or in electronics stores (Top 10 BT Adapters). It usually looks like a USB flash drive and is inserted into the USB-port of the console.


And the mistake PlayStation 4 system does not support Bluetooth audio devices. not a hindrance.

  • Connecting the adapter to the console. Usually you don’t need to perform any actions with the adapter, but it is better to clarify the instructions for the specific model.
  • Turn on Bluetooth headphones in device search mode (you can read how to do this in the headset manual or in our universal article).
  • In the settings of PlayStation 4 (Settings. Devices. Audio Devices): Device output. USB headphones, headphone output. All sounds.
  • Audio output device. headset connected to the Dualshock.

Yes, the Playstation 4 does not support audio input via Bluetooth, the microphone must be connected separately to the audio jack on the controller.

There is a mismatch of picture and sound when connected via Bluetooth. Its value depends on the adapter and headphones (and their compatibility) used. But most of the time it is clearly visible. Therefore, the gaming headphones with radio channel is the best option for wireless headphones for Playstation.

The console has an optical jack. You can buy (or may already have) a Bluetooth receiver/transmitter which has the same interface.

  • Connect the transmitter to the console, turn it on.
  • Set it into transmitter mode (TR, transmitter, etc.).п.) according to its instructions.
  • In the settings of the console set sound output Digital out (optical), if not switched automatically.
  • Turn on the headphones, put them in search mode.

Less of this connection option. the sound is duplicated in the headphones and on the TV. The easiest option is to mute the TV.

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I say that you can not connect a normal Bluetooth headphones, or a Bluetooth speaker to the Playstation 4 directly. It simply does not support Bluetooth audio devices. Or use a special USB Bluetooth adapter, or transmitter.

The easiest way to “connect” speaker (Bluetooth or wired) to the PlayStation 4 is to connect it to the DualShock gamepad with a 3.5 mm audio cable. Insert the audio cable 3.5 mm into the PlayStation 4 controller port, and connect the other end to the speaker output.

Setting up the console

Once you have connected the PlayStation 4 to the TV, you must turn on the console with the button on the case. A menu will appear prompting you to connect the gamepad and press the PlayStation 4 button. Once paired, users have access to further settings.

  • Select the language of the Internet.
  • Connect the Internet. To do this, you can connect a LAN cable to the console, or do everything via Wi-Fi. There is no difference, although many recommend using a wire. Before performing further steps, you should specify the type of Internet. wire or Wi-Fi. If the latter is selected, then enter the access key.
  • Sony Playstation 4 offers to connect the camera. You can skip the first setting by clicking on the button with the same name.
  • You will see a window with the settings (region, time, date).
  • Confirm the license agreement for use.
  • After synchronizing with the World Wide Web, the console will want to automatically update. this must be done. To start, all you have to do is agree to the suggestion and wait for a while. Everything is done directly by the console, and no additional action on your part is required.
  • You only need to enter your login and password from your account in the Sony community. If you have previously had a console, you need to use the data from it or create a new account.
  • Your device is ready to play.

Broadcast video from your phone to your PlayStation 4

What do you need to play on a modern console like Sony Playstation 4? ? A television, of course, to connect. But it also happens that it is temporarily unavailable or occupied, but you want to play. There is an alternative solution. For example, use a PS Vita portable console to remotely connect and transmit a signal. And if you don’t have one? Do not worry, because you can implement similar functionality with a smartphone. Using the special software, you can both connect your phone to the Sony Playstation 4, and play fully.