How to connect your Playstation to the TV

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Ways to connect your ps3 to a monitor or TV

So, let’s understand how to connect the game console Playstation 3 whether to TV or monitor in different ways and do not make childish mistakes.

The easiest way is the most common and has the highest image quality. You additionally need an HDMI cable, because Playstation 3 does not come with it. It’s easy: Plug one end of the cable into the game console, and the other end into a free connector on your TV. Start the console and find the HDMI channel you connected to. What questions may arise:

  • No picture. Make sure you are connected to the correct HDMI port or try a different HDMI cable
  • No sound. Your TV or set-top box might have a different audio output. Go to the TV settings, but first do a reset on the PS3: turn off the standard, and when you turn on hold down the power button on the console until the second beep, then release. Console will ask you to specify how to output audio and video. We rent game consoles in Minsk and noticed the following thing: if you connect the console to a modern LG TV set to a Samsung TV, there is often no sound. Resetting as described above helps. By the way, those who live in Minsk. you can rent ps3 or PlayStation 4 from us at a 10% discount. Just say that you read it in the article ;). Prices, terms and conditions, etc. Rent a console in Minsk.

How to connect your Sony Playstation 3 to the TV

The third-generation gaming console from the Japanese brand Sony supports almost all popular wireless standards. However, to set the synchronization of the console with the TV you will need to use special cords. The picture quality and connection features of the equipment largely depend on the cable used by the user.

No special knowledge or skills are required to understand how to connect your Sony Playstation 3 to your TV. The mechanics of the process comes down to plugging in the plugs in the specially designed sockets. The main task is to choose the right interface. To do this, you need to carefully examine the back of the TV for available connectors. Based on the results of the visual inspection, the final decision is made.

Let’s take a closer look at the most widespread interfaces, some of them are present exclusively on new TVs, others, on the contrary, are present mostly on older devices.

Via HDMI cable

HDMI channel is definitely the best way to synchronize the console with the TV. It goes without saying that the set-top box supports connection to equipment of different brands. The manufacturer does not matter. This interface is good as it provides a smooth transfer of data without loss of quality. So the screen displays a picture in the highest possible resolution. The same cable is used to broadcast sound and images.

Almost all new items in the television segment are equipped with this interface. Therefore, synchronization problems should not arise. Of course, before you connect your PS3 to your TV with HDMI, make sure that the TV is equipped with this connector. Usually all the ports are on the back panel, but sometimes on the side.

In most cases, a HDMI cable is included in the basic package from the manufacturer. But there are exceptions. The first versions of the set-top boxes are sold together with other cables. In any case, users will save on the purchase of cable. Through such a cord will broadcast images with Full HD resolution.

In case you don’t know how to connect PS3 to TV, proceed according to the following easy and clear step-by-step algorithm:

  • Connect the plug of the power cable to the corresponding socket on the console, and the other end to a socket or extension cord. After that the indicator light in red will start to glow.
  • Connect the HDMI cable to the set-top box and the TV, inserting its plugs into the connectors of both devices. It is almost impossible to mix them up, as they are marked accordingly. When the plug is inserted, you will hear a distinctive click.
  • Select the signal source. To do this, take the TV remote control, and then go to the connection settings or click on the “Input” button. In the list of suggested options you need to select “HDMI”.

Everything is set. Now you can start the console to start playing. The whole process takes no more than 2-3 minutes.

Using HD/AV cable

Unfortunately not all the TV sets are equipped with HDMI interface, therefore the owners have to look for alternative ways of connecting the set-top box, trying to keep the picture quality. Be sure to consider using AV. This cord has 5 different plugs that are used to connect the console to the TV. The principle of connecting PS3 via “tulip” somewhat reminiscent of the use of this cable.

Alas, but the standard set of game consoles AV cable is not included. So you’ll have to buy it separately. Be sure to check the technical documentation of the TV to make sure it supports the interface in question. How to connect your Sony Playstation 3 to your TV? Insert the plugs into the jacks that correspond to their color. The marking noticeably simplifies the process of tuning the connection.

The plugs responsible for audio transmission are marked with the letters “L” and “R”. Consequently, the image transmission is made through the ports: “PR/CR”, “PB/CB” and “Y”.

This method also allows you to play with the highest resolution picture.

Through the RCA-connection

This way is more interesting for owners of older TV models. An additional advantage will be the absence of the need to purchase “tulips”, because this cable is provided by the manufacturer in the console package. Connecting your Playstation 3 to your TV with RCA can’t guarantee a high quality picture. The screen resolution might not be satisfactory. You won’t see any major distortions in older TVs, though.

Using S-Video

This is not the most popular interface. Users only exceptionally resort to this method of connecting the Playstation 3 and the TV because of the low resolution. The picture will be shown on your TV screen in poor quality. The lack of clarity and detail can be seen with the naked eye. If the user needs to connect the Playstation to an older TV, then the S-Video connector is ideal.

You need a special cable for synchronization, but most manufacturers do not include it in the package of the console and TV. We will have to buy it separately. At one end of the cord there are two plugs that provide the audio signal. They are marked with latin letters “L” and “R”. On the other side of the cable there is a traditional plug which should be inserted into the corresponding port of the game console.

All ports are color-coded. To avoid confusion during the connection process, refer to these tips. When all the plugs are inserted, turn on the TV. Immediately select the desired signal source. This finishes the connection process. The set-top box is ready to use.

Using Scart

Some older TVs have a SCART rather than RCA connection. You can also use this connector to configure the PlayStation 3 on your TV. However the set-top box is not fitted with one, so you will need to get an AV-SCART adaptor beforehand. You might have to swap plugs a few times because the ports are not labeled. Of course the picture quality will be low. You can not hope for 720p resolution.

With a VGA cable

This interface is often used to connect your Playstation to your computer monitor. Some older televisions also have this connector, but you can’t connect your game console. So users will have to buy all kinds of adapters and adapters. A special converter will cost the owner of the device about 500.

The difference in the connection Playstation 3 and Playstation 4

The mechanics of connection itself is not particularly different, but be aware that the Sony game console of the fourth generation is not equipped with the old interesam: RCA, AV, S-Video, etc.д. Accent is made specifically to use the HDMI connector. Of course, the situation can be solved by buying the appropriate adapters. However, they will not work correctly in all cases.

For example, the HDMI to VGA converter we talked about earlier does not support the PlayStation 4. Therefore, it is first necessary to consult in the store, whether the selected adapter for the console. Why can’t the PS3 connect to your TV? The reason is mainly because the user did not make any changes in the signal source. So be as careful as possible. Be sure to check that all the plugs are properly connected.

Of course, synchronization with HDMI is the easiest and most effective way to connect. This interface provides simultaneous transmission of audio and video as well as maximum image resolution.

How to prepare your TV

Before you can connect your Playstation 4 to your television, it needs to be set up properly. To do this, you will need to do the following:

If the television receiver has a game mode in the settings, it must be turned on. This will reduce the load on the equipment as much as possible during operation.

Remember that all the settings you have made apply to the selected signal source. If there are two HDMI ports and the user will switch the cable from one to another, the settings will have to be re-configured. Here are some approximate settings of the TV, which will allow you to get more enjoyment from the game. These can vary slightly according to the user’s preference. The normal recommended values are as follows:

  • the clarity value should not exceed 50;
  • Black is recommended to be turned off;
  • dynamic contrast is best deactivated;
  • brightness is often set to 55;
  • motion is not recommended;
  • the color parameter should be about 50;
  • Contrast is best set to 80;
  • for tone, a value of 350/50 is fine;
  • The presence of the backlight is set according to the user’s taste.

These recommendations are approximate. After the user runs the game on the Sony Playstation, he will see how exactly these parameters correspond to his preferences. If necessary, he will be able to adjust them as needed.

How to connect the Playstation 4 to the TV

To start connecting your Playstation 4, you need to connect the cable to the HDMI connector on the console. It is located on its back end.

After that, the game console through the power cord connect to a power outlet. To be on the safe side, you first connect this wire to the device, then plug it into the socket. Doing the opposite can cause problems.

If your TV-receiver has an HDMI-in jack, you’ll need to find and connect the cable to it. After this, you can turn on the Playstation. To do this, you need to press the corresponding button. In order to work with this device, you will need to connect a gamepad to it.

This is done with a wire with USB connectors. At the same time microUSB is connected to the gamepad, and USB. to the console.

Now press the Playstation button on the gamepad.

After clicking on the gamepad will light up a white signal, it blinks several times, then appears a steady blue. After this, you will see a Playstation icon on the TV receiver.

Then you can proceed to the console setup procedure. A screen should appear that provides access to the settings of the PlayStation 4. The procedure of entering the necessary parameters is performed as follows:

  • On the next screen will be a choice between using Wi-Fi or wired Internet. The first option is often used when you have a router at home. In this case, the Internet comes into the house, for example, by cable, connects to the device, and from the router comes the wireless signal. It is also possible to connect a cable to the router to connect the console. In the settings you need to specify the type of connection. When using Wi-Fi, you need to select the desired wireless network and enter its access key.
  • Then a window with the settings will open and you will be prompted to install the video camera. The last action is not mandatory and can be waived. You will need to specify your region, make date and time settings.
  • The license agreement will be presented. This should be read. If the user agrees with the provisions of this document, he must check the appropriate box.
  • An offer to update the console will follow. It must be agreed to. This action is necessary for the normal functioning of the device in the future. At this stage all actions are performed automatically. The user should wait for the completion.
  • Next, you need to think up and enter your login and password in the appropriate fields. If he previously had an account, he can choose from two options: to use the old account or create a new account.

After completing the procedure described here, the console PlayStation 4 will be ready to use, but for quality work will need additional settings.

Getting an account is necessary before you can connect your PlayStation 4. If it has been done beforehand, after specifying the type of your Internet connection, network access will be checked. This operation may take several dozens of seconds.

Then, after the check is successfully completed, you will again have access to the settings. Now you need to enter the required parameters in “Audio and Display” section.

Then proceed to the sub-item for adjusting the video output.

Here it is recommended to leave most of the settings unchanged. HDR is automatically adjusted only if the TV set is present. Otherwise it should be disabled. It is recommended to disable supersampling mode. This is necessary in order not to overload the equipment.

Then you need to enter the “Display Area Settings” subsection.

If necessary, shift the corners of the display area so that it occupies the whole screen.

Audio output jack settings are necessary in cases where the player uses non-standard means, such as a special model of headphones. In the normal case you do not need to change them. You can change the audio output format by selecting it from the drop-down list.

It is possible to set the sound, which is produced by pressing the keys. Background music can be set as desired.

After this setup is complete. Now the user can get down to playing games.

If your TV doesn’t have HDMI

There are TV receivers that do not have an HDMI connector. The following will tell you how to connect the set-top box in such cases. In particular, this applies to older televisions. In this case you need to determine which connector is present and find an adapter from HDMI to this connector. Otherwise, the connection procedure will not differ from each other.

How to connect your Sony Playstation to your TV. step by step instructions

Sony Playstation is good because it is not difficult to connect it to the TV. There are plenty of ways to do this, allowing you to connect different models of consoles to different TVs. You won’t need a specific TV. most times, having connectors on your TV will allow you to connect the console in one way or another if not one.

  • Before you connect the console, look around to see what connectors are on your TV.
  • Then find the right cable in the store (or use the one that came with the console, usually HDMI).
  • Connect the TV and console.
  • Turn on your TV.
  • Turn the console on, wait for it to boot up.
  • In the TV settings, find the connector that connects the console and select it.
  • Follow the directions on the screen.

In most cases, this is enough to start playing.

Connect the PlayStation 4

Let’s start with the fourth generation Playstation model. The PlayStation 4 hit the market in 2013 and has an HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface) adapter that easily connects to any modern TV. Theoretically, you can connect your Playstation 4 to your TV even without wires, but many people prefer a wired connection as more reliable. Best of all, it delivers the best picture quality and prevents you from dropping the game when it’s most interesting.

Playstation 4 can be connected to your TV through multiple interfaces.

The most common and easiest way. All modern TVs and consoles have been making this input for a long time now. One cable carries both picture and sound, no need for extra connections. HDMI gives you the best picture quality without stuttering or “artifacts. The cable comes with the console. Connecting is very simple:

  • Connect the console to the network;
  • Connect your console and TV with an HDMI cable;
  • On your TV, select the signal source. HDMI input;
  • ready. install the games and play.

To connect to older models of televisions PlayStation 4 is not suitable. by 2013, the manufacturers have removed the AV MULTI OUT connector. But you can think of something.


One possible way to connect. It may “limp” the picture of modern HD games, but it’s fine for an old TV. Decoded picture quality than with the “tulip”. This cord will most likely have to purchase separately.

HDMI to VGA adapter for PlayStation 4 does not work because of the banal incompatibility of digital and analog signals.

Connecting a Sony Playstation 3

PS3 came out seven years earlier in 2006. It has a full set of “tunes”, so you can connect your Playstation 3 to your TV without an HDMI-input. HDMI is also present, but sometimes the cable may not be included with the console. Connects in the same way as the PlayStation 4.

RCA connector

The method is an alternative to the above. Suitable if your TV only has an AV-connector. According to reviews. the picture is not slow and just as fast to load. Cable is included with your console and you don’t have to buy it separately.

Check if your TV has the necessary slots, and if you can connect additional devices via AV. The AV MULTI OUT jack on the device is marked with the AV MULTI OUT marking.

Connection via RCA cable is standard:

  • One end of the cable must be plugged into the TV socket (the one with splitting) according to the colors of the TV inputs;
  • The other end must be plugged into the AV MULTI OUT socket of the set-top box.

Allows you to connect the PS3 to older televisions. Cable is not included in the standard set and must be purchased separately. The way allows you to play games with maximum resolution. All inputs are labeled: for the audio output look for L and R, for the video output look for PR/CR, PB/CB, Y.


Fits PS3 as well as PlayStation 4. This method is rarely used because of low resolution and poor detail. The cable is not included in the standard console set, you must buy it separately.


Old TV sets can be equipped with this interface instead of RCA. You need an AV-SCART cable to connect your console. Quality will be relatively poor, but you can’t expect much from an old TV.

Pretty exotic way for those who want to spend money and suffer. Most often you have to buy several converters, one special or homemade. The first and second cases are expensive, the last one is not safe. However, in the case of connecting to a computer monitor, there is no other way. Only HDMI to VGA adapter is suitable. VGA interfaces transmit only a video signal, you have to connect the sound additionally.

Expert comment!

Older computer monitors, when connected this way, may give an error: “Input signal is out of operating range”. It means that the monitor doesn’t support 1080p resolution. To solve the problem, reset the settings of the device and set the resolution to 720p. The picture will be worse, but the error will disappear.

Required adapters

How to connect the Playstation 4 to an older TV? You will need adapters if your monitors do not have adequate HDMI sockets. The most common way. “tulip”. The main disadvantage of this option is the transmission of low-quality images. To connect the adapters in the appropriate ports, then turn on the receiver, select the desired signal using the PU. The method does not involve the appearance of difficulties with synchronization. Figuring out how to connect the PlayStation 4 to the TV, you need to choose the correct converter.

Buying card readers, you should pay attention to such factors:

  • Prefer adapters with USB power supply. There is a chance that the adapter without additional power will not function with the PlayStation 4.
  • The presence in the converter jack 3.5 mm. VGA and DVI can not play sound, so using a card reader without a connector, the game on the console will go silently.
  • Some adapters have different models.

When buying it is recommended to read the features or clarify the seller about the features of the product, so that you do not have to make a return.

Setting the picture on the console

First go to the “Screen and Sound” panel, then select “Adjust Video Output. You will see a dialog asking you to adjust the RGB range, set the resolution, and output the Deep Color. The choice of the required resolution is determined by the type of connection and the capabilities of the console. RGB coverage must be set to full. Then go to Deep Colour and set the option to “automatic”.

Sometimes, if you follow the instructions clearly, you can’t connect your PlayStation 4 to the monitor. This may be due to the following reasons:

  • The HDMI port is only aimed at the output. In many models of laptops this connector does not accept the transmission, and the projection is not received by the gadget;
  • The picture broadcasted through Remote Play becomes jittery or sluggish. the equipment has no time to process the information. Then it is recommended to use a more powerful module;
  • There is no sound. the cable does not play it. You need other ways to get sound out of your set-top box (headphones, speakers).

Important: Mobile computers with low power occasionally experience hang-ups. This is caused by the fact that a weak video card or processor is not able to stably broadcast the picture from the console. In such failures, it is desirable not to load the equipment unnecessarily to prevent its wear and tear.

Having understood the instructions, users can connect the two devices easily, without any additional steps or complicated manipulation. All you need is a suitable cable and adapters.