How to connect your Samsung phone to the boombox


What you need to do to turn on the music via USB

If the boombox supports the possibility of listening to music from a smartphone via a USB connection, the latter must be configured. Let’s take Xiaomi smartphones as an example.

After that we connect the phone to the boombox and start the music.


The second method to connect your smartphone to your car stereo is via the AUX output.

How to Connect Any Samsung Galaxy to a Bluetooth Speaker or Headphones

This is probably one of the earliest ways to connect your boombox to third-party media. Such outputs were available on cassette car players, allowing you to connect other devices to them.

The head unit then acts only as an amplifier, and you can only regulate the volume.

This is probably the easiest way to connect the two devices. The disadvantages are the same cord, inconvenient control, because you have to reach for the phone to change the track, as well as the inevitable low battery.

Via Bluetooth

One of the most recent methods of connecting your headset and smartphone is using Bluetooth wireless technology.

Since the connection is wireless, no cords are needed. It is enough to turn on the Bluetooth on the smartphone and the multimedia system and then pair them.

In this case, there is complete integration between the devices, after which the smartphone can be put down and never touch it again. File management in this case will be carried out by the radio.

Your Bluetooth is one of the most convenient ways to connect your phone to the Infotainment system in your vehicle. In this case, the radio will be able to read not only music, but also video files.

The disadvantage of Bluetooth is that not all boomboxes support this connection, in addition the auto devices can not connect with some models of phone.


When playing large files can “freeze”, but it all depends on the Bluetooth module in the device. And of course this connection will also use up your phone‘s battery.

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This is the most modern method of connection, but the thing is that not all boomboxes have Bluetooth. If you have such a function in your car, just activate the Bluetooth on your car stereo and your smartphone. They will synchronize and begin streaming.

Depending on the model, this process may look different.

Important! In the menu of the boombox you need to find the Bluetooth item and subitem Add device. It may also be called Add Phone or something like that.

After that, all you have to do is follow the instructions you will see on the display.

This process is clearly shown in the video below.

How to connect your phone to the car radio via USB cable?

Most of modern car radios are produced with USB output, so now we’ll tell you how to connect your phone to the radio via USB cable and enjoy music or watch movies (while parking, of course).

In our opinion, connection via USB is more convenient than AUX. because with this type of connection you have the ability to control playing files from your car radio, not from your phone.

How to connect your phone to your car stereo via USB or AUX cable

Before you connect your phone to the car stereo, you should study the construction of the multimedia center and the smartphone. Based on the analysis, determine the method of switching, which depends on the quality of sound and a list of additional features. The equipment is paired using cable or wireless technology, each method has advantages and disadvantages.

Connecting your phone to your boombox via a Bluetooth transmitter

This instruction of wireless connection with telephone for owners of driving sets which don’t have own Bluetooth-module. Therefore, for the connection will be needed:

You can buy both a transmitter and a receiver. both devices will work. The only difference between them is the following:

  • The receivers only pick up audio over wireless channels and transmit it further.
  • Transmitters function in two options: receiving sound from the gadget by. transfer it to the stereo, headphones or speakers, receiving sound on the cord. transfer it to your smartphone.

How to connect a smartphone to a boombox? In a stereo situation, there are several steps to follow:

The Samsung S22 Ultra is secretly AMAZING.

  • Connect the wireless transmitter/receiver to the USB port of your audio system or a special port for charging the device.
  • Connect the transmitter/transmitter to your boombox with a cable connected to a standard 3.5 mm AUX port.
  • In the case of the transmitter, set it to receiver mode and then (if necessary) to AUX.
  • Most receiver/transmitter models automatically turn on after this. Others need to turn on the button.
  • Activate “Bluetooth” mode on the receiver/transmitter.
  • How to connect your phone to the radio via Bluetooth? Activate the “Bluetooth” on your gadget. the receiver/transmitter should appear in the list of available devices.
  • Set the boombox to AUX mode.
  • Play the track on your smartphone, either on the built-in player or in any music app.
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What if the headphone microphone doesn’t work on your laptop? There are several ways to solve problems with the microphone from wireless equipment. Most often, in the “Settings” “Bluetooth and others” next to the name of the headset only glows “Connected Music” or the sign “Disconnected”, “Interrupted connection” pops up. In such cases, do the following:

  • Under “Bluetooth and others” remove the headphones.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Turn on the Bluetooth modules on the computer and then on the headset. linking the devices.
  • If the “Recording” tab still has “Disabled” status next to “Headphone”, activate it by right-clicking and selecting “Enable”.
  • If it says “Connection interrupted”, click on the name of the microphone PCM, select “Connect” in the menu that appears.

The first time the Bluetooth connection is established, you must generally dial in the PIN code on both the phone and the car stereo. For many devices you can use “0000” or “1111”, but they sometimes differ depending on the model. That is, again, it is necessary to use the instruction.

When your phone is successfully connected to your car stereo via Bluetooth, you can use this system as an alternative to a wireless headset in the car with hands-free.

When you connect your phone to the car radio using Bluetooth, the smartphone battery drains much faster, unlike USB or AUX connections.

Connecting to the car stereo via Bluetooth

The main requirement is that both the phone and the head unit must support Bluetooth. Both devices must have the same set of protocols (i.e. ч. A2DP). Most modern boomboxes have support for this technology. But older smartphones often don’t have the ability to stream playback. Check the documentation to see if A2DP support is available.

This is what it looks like when you search for a phone or similar device via Bluetooth on most boomboxes

If your boombox does not support Bluetooth, this is no problem. You must buy a Bluetooth dongle (dongle adapter) which connects to the car radio via a Mini Jack or other connector. By the way, via Bluetooth you can connect to your head unit not only a smartphone or tablet, but also practically any other equipment. for example, a laptop or a player.

There are two ways to make the connection.

  • Using your phone. Go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone and start scanning. The tech will automatically detect all possible connections within a certain radius. Usually the name of the connection you want is the brand of the radio or dongle. Tap on it and confirm the connection. Your boombox will also prompt you to confirm your request. Do it. That’s it, the work is done!
  • Using your car stereo. This option is a little more complicated. First turn on the visibility for other devices in the cell phone’s settings. Then you must enter the head unit settings and find there the Bluetooth item. Go to its settings and select either Search or Scan (the name can vary from model to model). The car radio will find the gadget and prompt you to send a request. Confirm it on both devices. Done! The connection is established.
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You’ll need a wire and plug to connect the AUX output to your car stereo. You can buy them in a store of radio equipment, but it is easier to borrow a wire with an already connected plug from the old headphones. The wire should not be damaged, so in addition to visual inspection will not be superfluous and check it with a multimeter.

In the 1st case, you need to go to the settings of your smartphone and activate the Bluetooth function. Then scan for nearby devices that can be plugged in. In the near future, the gadget will display the icon of the car, its name or the brand name of the boombox.

connect, your, samsung, phone, boombox

Step by step guide on how to connect Android to the boombox

Consider how to connect Android to Pioneer boombox, as well as describe the options for supplying the head unit with the Internet. To connect, you will need:

connect, your, samsung, phone, boombox

If you don’t have one, see the following connection. If there is an input. continue.

It is necessary to connect the smartphone through the mentioned cable to the external input of the boombox. A connection icon will pop up and you need to select one of the connection modes. There are usually 3 options: USB flash drive, Media Device (Player) and Camera; to connect you have to choose the first one. After that you should switch from playing radio to an external source (files from your smartphone or USB flash drive).That’s it, you can play music from your smartphone or tablet.

Connecting an Android phone to your car stereo