How to convey a photo on Bluetooth with iPhone

How to throw photos from iPhone on Android via Bluetooth: can I or not?

A good option to send photos through popular social networks and messengers: Viber, WhatsApp. VK. All services are cross.Platform, provide each user with an almost unlimited space for storing personal albums.

How to Transfer Photos from iPhone to iPhone (3 Methods) 2018

The only requirement for instant messengers-applications should be installed on both iOS devices.

To throw a photo from the iPhone to the iPhone through social networks, you need to download the social network application from the AppStore to the gadget, register an account. In almost all social networks on the main page you can find the “Photo” or “Photo” tab. The process of preserving images is intuitively simple.

After installation, start the application, log in.

  • On the main page Find the section “Photo“.
  • Find the badge icon “Add”.
  • Add pictures from the gadget gallery.
  • Then you can sign the album, open or close access.
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In order to get an album created on the second iPhone, we are logging in the same account of the social network. We go into our profile, open the album, view the images or save to the gadget.

How to transmit photos from jailbreak

Those who are already familiar with Cydia will be able to find a tweak called Celeste 2 there there. With it, we will be able to transmit data on Bluetooth in our iOS mobile device.

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The second version of the utility has been thought out and processed, and you can find it in Bigboss Repo. The main drawback of this method: Twik is paid and not too cheap.

Using the utility, we will be able to accept and transfer data from devices that work under the control of a wide variety of operating systems. There is support for almost any extensions.

After installation on the screen, a tweak icon will appear. It is also recommended to activate Gremlin Import.

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Transfer of photos using Bluetooth

Another popular way that is familiar to everyone from the beginning of the two thousandths is to transfer through Bluetooth.

Despite the fact that mainly this technology is now used to connect to the device of various peripherals, it can also be used to transmit photos. Of course, using this method, you can transmit not only photos, but also any other files that have access to.

    To transmit photos, first it is necessary to activate the Bluetooth module. You can do this through a curtain with quick settings or through the phone settings menu.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. However, this technology is already quite outdated and the data transfer rate when using this method is not too high. Therefore, it is recommended to use it only if there is no way to transfer the photo via the Internet or Wi-Fi.

How to Share Photos from iPhone to iPhone WITHOUT Internet

Send photos and videos from iPhone to a computer or Mac

The easiest way is to go to icloud.Com, enter the system and upload photos from there from any available device. All photos and videos are synchronized with the cloud, so they will always be there.

If you are not looking for simple ways, let’s try to transfer data through a USB cable. We connect to PC or Mac.

On Mac

  • Open the “photo” on your computer.
  • Next, the “Import” screen will open.
  • Your iPhone may need unlock. If you are asked: “Do I should trust this computer?”. Click” Trust “.
  • Select photos and videos you want to transfer and click “Import”.
  • Download or update the latest version of iTunes.
  • Unlock your smartphone.
  • Click to trust the computer.
  • Launch iTunes, select photos in the “Photo” section and import.

How to disable the device from Bluetooth

Disconnecting from Bluetooth iPhone needs to be done as follows:

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Go to the Bluetooth settings section.

Click on the Icard with Litera “I” opposite the name of the connected device.

Click on the “Disconnect” button (“disable”).

If you are no longer going to use the device with which the iPhone is installed, you can delete a couple. For this:

Press the Forget this Device button (“Forget this device”), which is located below “Disconnect”.

Confirm that you want to break the conjugation. In the menu that appears, click on Forget Device (“Forget the device”).

When you return to the previous iPhone screen, you will see that the name of the disconnected device does not appear in the “My Devices” block.

Bugs in the firmware

Bluetooth module itself does not have any specific settings. If after applying the above methods you did not manage to transmit data, then you need to try to reload the system. When restarting in the system, small errors are automatically corrected, and there is a chance that your problem will disappear. If the restart of the system has not changed anything, we recommend that you reset the settings to the factory state: if the system has previously been transferred to the data on this version of the system, then with almost a 100% chance it can be argued that after reset this option will work properly. If after that there are no visible changes, then the problem is in a wireless module, and the only way out will be a trip to the service center.

To reset the settings to the factory, you will need:

  • Go to the settings menu.
  • Find a section with the name “Reserve Copy and Reset”.
  • Click on the “reset of settings”.
  • Tap to “reset the phone settings”.

File transfer

Here with the transfer of files, things are much more complicated, since Apple has a copyright protection policy. And allegedly, when transferring files via Bluetooth, you can thus transmit pirate copied content (films, songs, documents, etc.D.). And since Apple cannot control this, you cannot directly transfer files via Bluetooth without bypass ways.

But there are so.Called workarounds. On the smartphone from Apple, you need to get the so.Called jailbreak. Jailbreak. Allows you to access the iOS operating system files. To get it, you need to hack the smartphone itself. Everything is done on different OSs in different ways, so we are already looking for this information on the Internet.

After hacking, the Cydia store will be available to you. This is an alternative App Store, where there are interesting programs that can already transmit any files to

  • Ibluetooth. A paid program that costs 4. It has all the possibilities, transmitting any Bluetooth files.
  • Airblue Sharing is a convenient utility that allows you to throw any files not only on smartphones from Apple, but also on gadgets with Android and Windows operating systems.
  • Celeste 2 is the most expensive application, but one of the most effective and convenient. When transmitting you can select any files from a smartphone.

How to transfer files via Bluetooth on the iPhone

Users of iOS products often have a question of how to transfer it to the iPhone via Bluetooth. By default, this possibility is not available, and it is not clear to many why the functionality available to almost every user of other operating systems is not implemented on iPhone. It becomes difficult to quickly exchange photos or music with a friend, if there is no PC or the Internet at hand, which is very inconvenient. Owners of Adnroid gadgets have no such problems and look at the iOS users with condescension because of this.It is not so difficult to make a possible transfer of files to the iPhone, but this will require Jailbreak, which can lead to a loss of warranty on the phone.Setting the gear through Bluetooth in the iPhone, how to do it using the Airblue Sharing we will use the Cydia application, which is an analogue of the company “App Store”. You will need to install it on your iPhone or PC, use the Cydiainstaller link.NET/Download/. You can find the instructions for Jailbreak in the same place.In the search field, enter “Airblue Sharing” and install this tweet. By the way about the price, this is a paid expansion, but you can look for hacking versions on the Internet.After installation, you will get the opportunity to transfer files to your iPhone.How to transfer the file via Bluetooth to the iPhone. A detailed instruction to transfer the file to another device, you need to go to any of the file managers who allow you to open documents using other programs, for example, IFile.The application is also available in the Cydia store, you can download it for free. Pro version costs money, but we will have enough limited functionality.Select the file, click from the opened list on Bluetooth and send to the device you need. Now you know how to pass on the iPhone via Bluetooth.In order to transfer files from one iPhone to another iPhone, you need to install Airblue Sharing and Ifile on both smartphones. After that, you will have the opportunity to exchange data not only through Bluetooth, but also through Wi-Fi, which is much faster in many cases.

How to transfer files from Android at iOS at a speed of 1-4 megabyte per second (especially convenient for moving films) Description: Let’s go on vacation, and you (for example) have a smartphone on Android and the iPad tablet, but there is not enough space on the tablet to make it so that Store a film on/photo/documents/so on? I use my phone, as a storage of the files I need for the iPad, because you can connect a cable and a USB flash drive to the Android smartphone, HDD drive, or microSD flash drive to the smartphone itself. Android has many applications that will allow you to make files from the Wi-Fi device. The most important thing is that files can be transmitted by the Bluetooth type, but through Wi-Fi at a speed of 1-4megabyt per second, which is ten times higher than that of the bluetooth-t.E. They sent from one device, they received it to the second, there are no devices of intermediaries, which is very suitable if you are somewhere in the deafomani without the Internet and Wi-Fi networks. But if the Wi-Fi network is still available, you can send files through it. But the feature of the method itself is that in general the intermediaries are not needed. About this in the instructions for your choice.Another important point. Jailbreak is not needed, without it you can also transmit films, documents, photos and even music. Instruction 2.0 ANOTHING programs for Android and Setting them: 1. In GooglePlay, download the free version of the Wi-Fi File Transfer Wi-Fi File Transfer application or download it right here and now a hacked Pro version of this program: Wi-Fifiletransferpro_1.0.7.APK (678.29 KB) (there is an alternative to WiFidroid, but I do not like the Inte Wee in it) set, we start. Click Start Server. In the browser on iOS (or macbook, or PC, or anywhere), enter the address in the program below (see. Below, you may differ for you). And we can download files. How? There are a lot of ways, read below where there will be a large fat inscription of files2. If your gadgets are connected to the Wi-Fi network, then they finished here (but just in case, read what is lower, will come in handy).3. If where you are there is no Wi-Fi, then everything is elementary simple-we go into the settings of the device on Android, turn on the modem mode (see. Screenshots. How) mobile Internet. You can cut off, we do not need it.

Screenshots instructions. How to enable modem mode

The necessary programs for iOST have your own nuances, so carefully: 1. Films and music. Here are the nuances.Swarm NPlayer (universal), launch NPlayer, and just at the top at the top we click on the wi-fi icon-in the window we will be offered to enter an address like http: // 192.168.XXX.Xxx: xxxx. Introduce for example on the Android device this address into a normal browser (Chrome) and there we understand the video files. The iOS device will show the progress of the transmission, etc. See screenshots for example transmitting video files to nplayer

There is another player. Avplayer. But I do not recommend it, since NPlayer. He does not know how to.2. Music-it can also be opened through nplayer (universal) in the same way as video.3. Documents. Smart Office 2 how to download documents. Read below where there will be a large fat inscription of files. Nplayer. Free. Without jailbreak. Can be downloaded through the program for Windows. 25PP. About this here 25 pp4. Well, one of the most important ones. A browser with support for file jumps. I use Mercury (the link leads to a free version, there is also a paid one, which is their differences. It has not been delved. But the loading option is available in both.). There is also icabmobile. They can also download.File jumps1. On the Android device, we launch the Wi-Fi File Transfer program-and see the address like “http: // 192.168.XXX.Xxx: xxxx ”This address must be entered on the iOS device.2. On the iOS device through the Mercury browser, we go to the address received in the Wi-Fi File Transfer address-before us are the entire file system. If you have a USB-OTG flash drive or HDD or Microsd connected to Android-all this is. Just carefully look. Well, actually download the right one. I say right away. You can download the video in this way (except.Mp4, it does not download), but it is not convenient, use a method with a jump in music and films in nplayer.Screenshots

Installation of the application

To transfer the file by Bluetooth from the iPhone, we do the following:

  • We go to Cydia.
  • In the search we type “Airblue Sharing” without quotes.
  • In the search results we see a tweak with the same name. I say right away: Twik is paid, it costs 4.99. Yes, you can look for repositories where the tweak will be hacked and will spread for free, but I will not give any links, since I do not support the theft of applications, like our entire resource.
  • Install the tweet and rejoice, now we can transfer files from the iPhone via Bluetooth

Airblue Sharing. This is a system tweak that is not an application and gives us the opportunity to transfer files via Bluetooth to any file files that have the function “Open the file in. “.

  • It does not require settings.
  • The connection does not require retrovering to the same device.
  • Speed ​​up to 1.7 MB/s.
  • Automatic shutdown of Bluetooth after transmission.
  • The ability to transfer files via Wi-Fi (only between iOS devices).
  • Sending several files at the same time.
  • Compatibility with most modern Bluetooth modules.