How to convey a video from iPhone to TV

Broadcast video from iPhone on Smart TV TV

Good afternoon! I need your help. I do not understand the methods and opportunities among the options for broadcasting from the iPhone on Smart TV, so sorry for the formulation of my further question. Telefunken TV with Android 4.4 Smart TV. Iphone 7 phone.

Tell me what options for duplication and broadcasting from iPhone to TV exist.

I want to find the most optimal way. Ideally, I would like to fully see the phone screen on the TV and watch photos, films via YouTube and browser online, actually use your phone as usual on the big screen.

If this is impossible, then at least watch films and YouTube at least in some way. I don’t want to purchase Apple TV, if there is a less expensive way. The first thing I read was to download the iPhone application type IMediaShare and select TV and use wirelessly. My phone does not see the TV.

In the TV settings, wireless connection for mobile devices includes (if this is related to this issue), there are no other hints in the TV settings.

Both devices are connected to the router. The settings of the TV and the iPhone indicate different IP addresses (maybe this is also the reason).

I also tried it through the YouTube application, installed on both devices. But the phone does not find nothing. And some kind of speed when setting up manually on TV does not appear. In general, everything is in vain.

Help who knows what methods of solving the situation are possible based on the need. How is the least effective to duplicate and broadcast, less costly, while not to suffer with the brakes of various applications and other. I rummaged through the entire Internet, but due to the fact that I do not understand what DLNA, MIRACAST, and so on, I could not subtract without help to realize my question.

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How to Connect iPhone to TV Screen Mirror (2022)

I will be very grateful if someone finds time to convey to me the essence in a simple language and devote time to me.

The main methods

Connecting any smartphone to the TV should consider three parameters:

At least one of these points should be present so that we can talk about any type of connection. It is also worthwhile to understand that it is easier to connect to a modern LCD, LED or IPS screen than an old tube or tubular apparatus. The latter will switch only through special adapters (adapters).

The easiest and most reliable way to display the iPhone screen to any TV is to connect the cable to the HDMI connector. With such a “Connect”, the “projection” of the IOS of the device integust is introduced, it becomes access:

  • Play games from a mobile phone,
  • Broadcast films on a large screen,
  • Vitub videos to view,
  • Listen to music from Yandex.Music, VK, and other streaming applications.
  • Watch pictures from the inner memory.

HDMI Entrance can be found on many modern monitors. However, it will not work to connect the cable directly. Firstly, there is no cord like: “Lightning-HDMI”. Secondly, you need to convert the signal from the iPhone to the AV signal, and then run the HDMI cable.

Actually, the connection will be required:

  • For iPhone version 5 and above: Lightning Digital AV Adapter company adapter. It is sold in the official Apple store.
  • For the iPhone version 4 and below: the adapter “Apple 30-Pin Digital AV Adapter”. Today it is already difficult to find it. Last
  • Any “HDMI/VGA” type cable. The main thing is that it is long enough with a margin for convenient viewing. We recommend taking a cord from 3 m.

The switching scheme is quite simple: connect the adapter or adapter to the phone. Connect the HDMI/VGA cable into it. The remaining “tail” HDMI include in the connector on the case TV. Find the signal you need through the AV button and enjoy viewing.

Here we can talk mainly only about the advantages:

Like a minus. The connection through two wires. This is not the most successful and convenient solution.

Apple TV

This method implies the purchase of a more expensive accessory. Namely. Appletv prefix. It costs from 13,000 to 15,000, depending on the size of the device. Sold in the official Apple store.

For full work, it is necessary to make conjugation of the prefix and smartphone in one Wi-Fi network. A prerequisite: you should have a fresh version of iOS, otherwise conflicts between the equipment may appear. Also, this method is not suitable for iPhone owners below 4 models. The advantages of this option are mass:

  • The operation of two devices in one Apple ecosystem gives more opportunities;
  • Managing the action on the TV screen through Apple TV is much more convenient;
  • View Content in high resolution up to 4K;
  • You can duplicate the display of the phone on the large screen;
  • Connected devices support a high level of Wi-Fi signal.

As a drawback, the cost of buying this device can be called. However, do not forget that you get not only a “adapter” for TV, but also a whole prefix to view unique content.

Wi-Fi connection

The wireless way is suitable only for those users who have a modern TV with a built-in SMART platform and Wi-Fi chip. The principle of operation on the iPhone is implemented through the AirPlay function. It can be turned on in the upper curtain iOS.

You can install the connection with TV through Wi-Fi with two options:

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  • Switch the phone through a home router. In this case, Smart TV should also be connected to this network.
  • In the absence of a home network, you can use the Wi-Fi Direct function. However, not all TV models support this option. For some you have to tinker with the settings.

Consider the advantages of this connection method:

The biggest minus is a long setting of the Wi-Fi Direct function, if necessary. But this must be done once. Also, the signal transmission method itself is not very reliable.

USB cable

The easiest and most reliable way to knit TV and iOS-USB-Lightning cable. The switching scheme consists in connecting a 30 pin connector or a Lightning plug on one side, and a USB-hast-from the TV side. Select a signal source and see the image from the phone.

Display the image of the desktop from the iPhone to the big screen cannot be. Through a USB lace, the grip is connected as a flash drive, you can question the video files and photos from the phone memory.

convey, video, iphone

Unfortunately, this option has a lot of restrictions:

  • You will not be able to play on a large screen through a USB wire;
  • Watching films is possible only if you have saved them in advance;
  • You will not be able to repet the screen and start the application on the big screen.

Pleasing (not the original from 100r.) if you take an original accessory in the official Apple store.

Google Chromecast

Google TV setup can act between your iPhone and TV screen. It can be bought in free sale in almost any digital equipment store.

To work with the device via iPhone, you will need to install the “Google Photo” application. Two devices switching through the Wi-Fi network. Despite the positive reviews on the network about the prefix itself, this method is inferior, if we talk about managing a smartphone under iOS. Through the prefix you can only watch photos and videos.

Analog adapter VGA

In some TV models or computer monitors there is an analog VGA connector. To connect in this way, a special adapter of the type: “Lightning/vga” is required. Adapter is sold in Apple’s company store. The adapter itself will need to transfer video content, and VGA cord. The latter often comes with the monitor itself.

Duplication of the screen from the iPhone to TV through a wireless HDMI receiver

On Aliexpress, you can find many different adaptors and prefixes in which AirPlay support is declared. They are called Easycast, Mirascreen, Anycast, and T. D. You can buy them in our online stores, it is not necessary to order from China.

These are such small receivers that are connected to the HDMI port of the TV. We get food from a USB port. Through such a receiver, you can broadcast the picture from almost any modern mobile device or computer, and on any TV that has at least 1 HDMI input. Without wires.

I specifically ordered a Mirascreen adapter (the so.Called TV Dongle) to check whether it is possible to display a photo/video with it and duplicate the screen from the iPhone directly through AirPlay branded technology. As soon as the adapter comes, I will test everything and add this information to the article. Or I will write a separate article and leave a link to it.

Connection to the TV for playback

In order for the described in the instructions it is possible, the TV must be connected to the same wireless network (in addition to the router) as your iPhone (TV can also be connected by Lan wire).

If the router is absent, the iPhone can be connected to the Wi-Fi Direct TV (most TV with support for the wireless network support Wi-Fi Direct). To connect, it is usually enough to go to the iPhone in the settings-Wi-Fi, find a network with your TV name and connect to it (the TV should be turned on). The network password can be viewed in the Wi-Fi Direct connection settings (where there are other connections settings, sometimes you need to select a manual settings of the function) on TV itself.

Through HDMI

Thanks to the Lightning adapter. HDMI (FEMAL) you can connect the iPhone with TV. This is a link that complements the chain: TV. “HDMI Cable”. “HDMI. Lightning”. Iphone. Having connected to the HDMI port, you can broadcast the video in high quality (1080p, 4K) using the screen demonstration option that allows you to duplicate the iPhone screen instead of access to the file library.

Usually with this connection of devices, no additional software is needed.

LG Smart TV or a TV of another model with the HDMI port is connected according to the instructions:

  • Iphone tie with adapter-adapter.
  • Stuck one HDMI cable connector in the adapter, the second-in the HDMI port of TV. The TV should be disconnected from 220V power.
  • Turn on TV and use the remote control as the main source of the signal Enviated Port HDMI. If there are several HDMI connectors, go through all. Some will give out the required picture. The Source or Input button is responsible for the choice of the source.
  • After selection, the smartphone screen will be displayed on the big screen. If this does not happen right away, wait a few minutes. It is possible to activate the data transfer option through HDMI at the control point or settings on the iPhone. The sound will also be displayed from the TV.

Connection via Wi-Fi (DLNA)

The TV must support DLNA technology. All modern Smart TVs are capable of playing multimedia content via DLNA. On old television receivers before sending content, it may be necessary to enable the DLNA mode. New devices do not require preliminary inclusion of the function. All external connections are available in the background.

The application allows you to send a different content of the content to the TV screen. So, you can convey in memory the devices of multimedia files and content from services (for example, the same YouTube).

  • On the iPad you need to download and install the IMediaShare application. For Apple gadgets, a utility is available in the official App Store store.
  • TV and tablet device will connect to one point wi-fi.
  • The application is launched, the service or file from the gadget’s memory is selected. As soon as the final video (photo or music) on the tablet will be chosen with the found devices on which you can bring content.
  • Find the name TV in the list, click and wait until the connection occurs.
  • If you need to confirm the connection on the television screen, do it.

The application can be used on the Android devices.

How To Cast iPhone to TV. How To Cast Your iPhone or iPad To Your TV. Screen Mirror iPhone to TV

According to the developer in the application card, IMediaShare supports Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp and Philips TVs. A compatible program with multimedia, game consoles and players: Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Dish Hopper, Chromecast. In practice, the list is much wider. For example, often users broadcast content through the Sony PlayStation game console.

What is DLNA, and how it works

Digital Living Network Alliance or DLNA technology is perhaps the most common type of connection among new Samsung models. It is a set of standards, thanks to which compatible devices on the Internet are transmitted. Take media content (photo, video files, video from YouTube, music) and broadcast it in real time.

To broadcast the image from the iPhone to the Samsung TV via DLNA, the following actions are performed:

  • On the iPhone from the AppStore, you need to download and install a third.Party specialized application (for example, “TV Assist” (direct link for downloading https: // Apps.Apple.COM/UA/App/TV-SSIST/ID760661078?L = ru), “iMediashare” or dr.).
  • Launch the application.
  • Through the main screen, open the desired tab: “photo”, “music”, “browser” or “files”.
  • Select the desired media content.
  • Further, the program will offer possible devices for connecting. Select samsung.
  • We get the broadcast of the picture on TV.
  • In the “TV Assist” application through the “paint” tab, you can independently create inscriptions or drawings, and broadcast them to the screen.

Note! To connect the iPhone to the Samsung TV using the aforementioned DLN technology, both devices should lie on one local network. Otherwise, they may not see each other.

You can also use the Twonky Beam application:

  • Download (https: // Twonky-beam.Soft112.COM/) and install the selected program.
  • Open the application settings by clicking on the corresponding sign in the upper left corner.
  • Activate the function “Show Or Hide the Visual Indications” by clicking on it with the mouse.
  • Go to the main page of the utility.
  • Open a browser.
  • Find and open the right photo or video file.
  • Open an additional menu in the application, clicking on the right side of the strip window.
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Next in the program, indicate the name and model TV.
  • Open an additional menu.
  • Run the video.

Note! This application can work in Offline-mode.

Apple TV for connecting iPhone to a TV without wires

If you have many Apple devices, and you need to often broadcast multimedia content with iPhone, iPad, Mac computers and even Windows, then I advise you to buy Apple TV and enjoy viewing. You can literally display the image from a smartphone, or tablet, on a large TV screen. Just turning on the AirPlay function.

Broadcasting on a large screen is only one of the Apple TV functions. There is also the opportunity to watch a large number of different films, listening to radio, music, access to different services, games.

The thing is definitely cool. I thought here is probably much better to buy a regular TV without Smart TV, and take another prefix to it. Otherwise all Smart TVs that are now on the market work, to put it mildly, not very. So far, this is more a marketing tool than a useful function for the user.

Additional broadcast opportunities

In addition to the methods described above, you can:

  • Use the Lightning adapter. HDMI to transmit the image using HDMI.
  • Connect the iPhone on the USB to the TV (and allow access to the media on the phone) to watch photos and videos from the phone on TV.
  • Use iPhone applications such as TV Assist (available in the App Store) to transmit media (video, photo, auido) from phone to DLNA TV (and this standard supports almost all Smart TV TVs, enough that the phone and TV are connected To one Wi-Fi network).
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