How to copy contacts from iPhone on Android

Contacts transfer from iPhone to Android smartphone-how to copy and export data to a phone memory or SIM card memory?

It often happens that in life I want to try something new. In part, so users of smartphones sometimes change their iPhone to some other Samsung or Xiaomi-and vice versa. And every time I myself, or my friends buy a new phone and at the same time move from one operating system to another, the question arises of how to transfer contacts to a new iPhone from your old android? Today, the iPhine has become so expensive that more and more users when changing the smartphone are more and more paid to models under the control of the Android operating system. However, many can stop the difficulty of transferring contacts from iPhone to Android, as well as applications and their data. Today I will give you a 100% way to export contacts from the iOS phone book and transfer them to any other smartphone. And then your hands when changing the system will be more unleashed, and the choice of models is much wider.

If we are talking about transferring contacts from the phone to the phone inside the same system, for example, if you had Xiaomi, and purchased the same company, or any other on Android, then everything is simple. It is enough to save the contacts of your friends and colleagues in the Google profile and then log in to it on another device. At the same time, all phone numbers and email addresses are automatically copied into memory and you will not notice any difference.

By the way, pay attention to the appender of the number from Yandex. It allows you to weed out all the unwanted calls with advertising.

The same thing happens with the iPhone. Any user of Apple has an account in the cloud service of iCloud, where all the data is stored. To transfer them to another device, we simply log in under your name.

But the problems begin with one axis to another. There is no icloud on Android, and on the iPhone there is no Google account.

What will be needed for transfer

There are several effective options for solving the problem using various applications and services that allow you to relocate data from the iPhone on Android, which means that in order to carry out the transfer of contacts, different tools and the availability of access to the Internet will be required. But, no matter what method of solution is selected, a prerequisite is the presence of an Apple ID account and Google account account.

ADVICE. The inclusion of contact synchronization will avoid loss of the number and relieve them of the problems of transferring them to another device in the future. For various operations between the systems, a common “omnivorous” mail, for example Mymail, may also be useful.


Through this service, you can copy contacts both separately and a whole group. The obvious advantage here is that iCloud, unlike iTunes, does not require PC and connecting the gadget to it.

How to Transfer Contacts from Android to iPhone (Fast and Easy)

How to throw contacts from the iPhone via iCloud:

  • We open the service on a mobile apparatus, pass authorization, introducing our username and password.
  • Find the section “Contacts” and go there.
  • Choosing what kind of data you need to redirect, or put a checkplace opposite all.
  • Press the gear icon, select the item “Export”.
  • We note the folder in which the file will be saved.
  • Through the browser we enter the Gmail account, click on “more” and “import”.
  • When the Import window appears, click on the VCARD and indicate the path to the folder in which the saved file is located.
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In the future, you need to go under the same account from the smartphone and make sure that all data from the phone book have been postponed.

Methods for copying contacts with Android

There are a huge number of options to transfer numbers from one device to another. Conditionally, they can be divided into two categories:

Methods that belong to the first category are preferable, since they automate the transition process. But sometimes manual copying is more appropriate. For example, when you need to transfer not all contacts, but individual numbers.

Using programs

First, consider the principle of transfer due to special programs. Since many of the following applications are very similar to each other, the instruction will not always be presented. But you can always use the algorithm from the previous program, since it will be identical with a high degree of probability.

Move to iOS

This is the official application of Apple, designed to make the transition from Android to iOS as simple and seamless as possible. You need to install the program only on the Android Smartphone, since the iPhone already has everything you need. To throw the contacts, you will need:

The rooms will automatically be loaded on the iPhone, and you do not have to rewrite them manually. But in addition to contacts, it is recommended to transfer other data, including photos, videos and applications. All this also allows you to make move to iOS. The main thing is to choose the right data for transfer.

Phone switch

There are also applications from third.Party developers that allow you to easily implement the planned. One of them is the “phone switch” or Smart Switch. The program is available for free download through Play Market and App Store stores.

Yes, unlike Move to iOS, the application requires a preliminary installation on the iPhone. But it allows you to transfer the contacts of the post.Fact, that is, after you have passed the initial stage of the gadget settings. The principle of action is not different here. Just start the program on both smartphones and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

Copy My Data

A similar program available on Android and iOS. Copy My Data allows you to make a transfer of any data, whether it be photos or notes. Also, among the options presented within the application, there is a transfer of the list of subscribers of their telephone book.

As in the case of Smart Switch, the program must be installed on both devices. Further, one smartphone (Android) is assigned the status of the “sender”, and the other (iOS). “recipient”. Having set up the conjugation according to the instructions presented inside the program, you will pass all numbers in just a couple of minutes.

How to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Android (Without PC or Apps)


When switching from Android to iOS, many users are faced with the inability to load chats from WhatsApp. Mobiletrans solve this problem, allowing you to transfer not only numbers from the list of subscribers, but also an account in the messenger. The application works in the same way as the programs we talked about earlier. Therefore, you will not encounter difficulties when setting up a pairing.


Unlike other programs considered, this is not an assistant setting up a new phone, but an application for quick file exchange between devices. Shareit is suitable if you want to transfer not all the data, but only individual numbers. This will need:

  • Connect both devices to one network and start Shareit by installing it through an application store.
  • Press the “Send” button on the Android Smartphone and select files for transmission (in our case, “Contacts”).
  • Tap an icon in the form of a radar to detect devices nearby.
  • Select the iPhone as a recipient, and on the Apple device, click the “Connect to Android” button.
  • Click the “Get” button.
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If everything is done correctly, then after a few seconds the list of subscribers will be in the phone book on the new Apple iPhone. In case of problems, it is recommended to consult alternative transfer options.


Another application that allows you to synchronize contacts by transmitting them from one smartphone to another. Xender works on the same principle as Shareit. That is, you need to configure the conjugation between the devices by connecting them to one Wi-Fi network, and then transfer the necessary files in the person of the contact list.

Transfer of contacts from iPhone to Android via Gmail

In this method, I will tell in detail how to transfer contacts from the iPhone on Android with the help of Google Gmail mail service. I note that this is the easiest way.

First of all, to use the phone on Android, you will need a Google account. If you do not have it yet, go to the main page of Google and select the option “Create an account”. You can also do it right from your smartphone, but it is more convenient to do it from the computer.

After you have created your Google account, go into the iPhone settings and go to the “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” section in the menu. Here you need to enter your Google account. Press the “Add account” button. Select Gmail and enter your data for the entrance.

Then your iPhone will ask what sections of your Google account you want to synchronize. Make sure the section “Contacts” is selected. Now your iPhone and Android smartphone will begin to synchronize contacts with each other. Here you need to be patient and wait. If you have a lot of contacts, it can take some time. Be sure to make sure that both smartphones are connected to the Internet to synchronize contacts.

It should be noted that the iPhone will not tell you when your contacts are synchronized. To make sure they are transferred, go to the Google website contacts from your computer or other device, enter your account and check the contact list.

As soon as your contacts are synchronized, go to the phone book on your smartphone-Android and all contacts should in place!

Special utilities

Next, we will look at a few simple programs that you can download from the official stores AppStore and Google Play.

copy, contacts, iphone, android
  • Indicate the data for access to Apple ID, the name of the profile indicate any.
  • Be sure to put a mark opposite the point. “Copy from the server to the phone” and click on the operation button.
  • Data is automatically downloaded to your device.

How to transfer applications from iPhone to Android

Unfortunately, iOS and Android are completely different ecosystems, and applications for these operating systems are also. You can’t just press a couple of buttons and automatically move the applications. Most popular applications for social networks, games, etc.D. There are on both systems. But, nevertheless, before switching to Android, make sure that important applications are for this system. This can be done through a search in Google Play.

Keep in mind that paid applications, you will have to buy again. Annoying? Well, what do you do, it remains hoping that you do not have a lot of premium applications.

copy, contacts, iphone, android

Even if there will be one or two applications for the iPhone, which are not for Android, there are many excellent substitutions that you can find on my list “Alternative android applications from iOS”.

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In 2014, Yandex developed its own software for transferring numbers from iOS to Android. However, over time, he has lost its relevance, and now there are much more convenient means that allow you to maintain contacts. In particular, for the implementation of the plan, you can use the functionality of the cloud storage of Yandex. Disk:

copy, contacts, iphone, android
  • Open the settings of the Apple iPhone accounts.
  • Create Yandex account if you do not have it yet, or log in in the current profile.
  • Download on both devices application Yandex. Disk.
  • Launch the program for the iPhone, confirming the creation of a backup copy of the contacts.
  • At the end of the load, open Yandex. Disk on Android.
  • Select a VCF file and load it into internal memory.
  • Import VCARD through the “phone” application or other caller, which is used on your device.

An indisputable advantage of this method is that numbers will be stored not only on Android and iPhone, but also in the Yandex cloud. Thus, even in the case of a system failure on one of the gadgets, you will have the opportunity to restore lost contacts. In addition, you can access the numbers from any device where there is an Internet access and support for Yandex service. Disk.

With third.Party applications

If you need to transfer contacts from the iPhone to Android without a computer, try installing special applications.

My Contacts Backup

One of the most popular that is often used for this purpose is My Contacts Backup.

  • Download the utility from the AppStore;
  • Launch and allow her access to your address book;
  • Click on the command “Backup”;
  • The process of forming a document with numbers will start;
  • Type of export. “File in VCARD format”.

The resulting file, as described above, can be transferred to Android via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

The application is free, but only until you exceed the limit: without payment, it is allowed to transfer only 500 numbers.

Yandex.Disk (move)

  • In order to transfer the phone number from the iPhone to Android using this application, you need to download it from the AppStore and Play Market. In both stores, the utility lies in the public domain.
  • Next, open Yandex.Disk;
  • You will be invited to synchronize contacts with the cloud. Agree;
  • Now take the phone with android, open “Settings”;


This is a special program for transferring contacts from iPhone to Android in two clicks. Read the action algorithm:

  • Download the utility simultaneously on both phones;
  • Run the applications and turn on the geolocation so that the gadgets find each other;
  • In the iPhone, click on the transfer badge;
  • In the device based on Android, select “Get”;

The main drawback of additional applications is that they must be downloaded separately and install. We recommend loading auxiliary software only from official stores. This is guaranteed to exclude the likelihood of fraud. As you can see, there are a lot of ways with which you will make contacts simply and quickly. In short, the material is possible, the transfer is possible by synchronization on various cloud storages, through the iTunes computer program or, with the installation of auxiliary utilities. And also, do not forget about manual transfer, which, although it takes more time, is the most confidential.