How to copy from the disk to your computer

How to copy from cd to computer: How to download from cd to computer. Rewrite files, videos, music

Windows XP has a built-in disk burner. It is tightly integrated with the operating system itself and does not differ from ordinary folders in appearance. Using the built-in program we can burn only CD-R and CD-RW discs. To burn DVDs you will need a third-party program (e.g. Nero Burning ROM).

How to copy CD files to your computerDo you ever need to copy a CD to your computer?For example, you were loaned a disk with some files (movies, music, documents, etc.).д.) that I need to return quickly, and I have no time to look at it all at once. Or if you are going to use the information from the disk frequently, but want to protect the disk and drive (disk drive) from frequent use.In any of these cases there is a good solution: you can copy the disk to your computer.

In addition, it should be understood that the speed of running files that are already on the computer is higher than the speed of running the same files from the disk through the drive, so for the sake of it is sometimes necessary to overwrite the entire disk to the computer!To understand how to download the disk to your computer, consider this process using an example of disk from “Sure PC User” course, which I (in the course of my work) send to clients of the author of this disk.How to copy the disc to your computerI put the disc in the drive (disk drive). Then I go to the Start menu. All programs. Standard. ExplorerIn the left side of Explorer, I find the disk I put in the drive (as seen in the screenshot below).Since the Explorer screen is divided into two parts, you can visually see the contents of the drive and select the necessary (or all) files on that drive to copy them to your computer. The left part shows the contents of the folders on the drive, and the right part shows the contents of the files.To select all the files to be copied, I left-click just below the last file and, holding down that left mouse button, move the file selection up to the first file until all the files are selected (as seen in the screenshot).

Then I right-click on any part of the selected area of the files and in the window that appears select the function: Copy.Thus, all these files are placed in the “temporary memory” of the computer (Clipboard). Now you need to decide where to paste (copy) these files on your computer.Creating a separate folder to copy the disk to your computer.In my case I have created a folder DISKS on my drive D, where I have different drives copied earlier. And now I created another one in it: Sure PC:Now I click with the right mouse button in this folder and in the appeared window with the left button on:Paste.The beginning of copying files from the CD, which becomes clear by the operation of the drive (it made a noise when reading the information) and the window that appears:After copying is complete, the copied files will already be on your computer and you can unload the CD from the drive. You can now start the drive on your computer by clicking on autorun:That’s it! If you need to download the disk to your computer or copy some files from the disk, for example from the 5 movies on the disk you need to copy two of them, then hold down the Ctrl button on your keyboard and select the necessary files with the left mouse button.Once selected, release the Ctrl button and right click on any selected area. In the additional menu that appears select: Copy. You know what happens next!

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Instructions to copy the disks to your computer

The first thing you do is to open your floppy disk drive and insert the disk into it. Then press start and click on the computer line (on the right side).

Then as shown in the picture below move the cursor to the disk drive icon and right click on the menu bar “open”.

You will see the entire contents of the drive on your computer or notebook.

Highlight it in blue (left-click and drag it up from the bottom of the window or vice versa) and, holding down the left mouse button, click on the “copy” tab that appears.

Now choose a place (folder) where you want to save the copied video and click “paste” in it by pressing the left button.

Afterwards all content will be available on your computer if you do it correctly. as described in.

There are, of course, many other ways. You can drag and drop the files and they will copy automatically, or you can use keyboard shortcuts.

For now, try the method described above, and in time you will learn all the others. Good luck!

To copy music from a CD to your computer? See for instructions

Dear friends, let’s talk about how to copy music from disk to computer. Before we start this chapter you should know that there are several ways to record music on a CD.

The first method is writing mp3 files like any other documents. With this method, there are no problems with copying music to the computer. Simply open the disk on your computer, select the files and copy them to the correct folder on your computer. It’s very simple.

copy, disk, your, computer

The second way is to burn your music to a copy-protected audio CD. On these disks usually not more than 20 songs in good quality. The songs on such a CD cannot be selected and copied, only the labels will be copied. This means that such songs cannot be played back in the future. So later on we will talk about how to copy the cd to your computer.

Copying music to your computer

Put the disc in the drive and run it. To do this, go to “My Computer”. “Removable media devices” and double-click on the disk icon.

The disc will launch in the Windows Media player. Click on the “Switch to library” icon in the upper right corner. Go to the library.

Then in the top menu we will go to “Disc Copy Settings”. “Advanced Settings”.

In the window that will open, you can change the parameters of the files copied from the disk, namely:

  • specify the folder in which the files will be copied;
  • Choose the format of the copied files, e.g. mp3, WMA, WAV;
  • change the quality of the soundtracks, the better the quality, the larger the volume of the sound file will be.

After making changes, click “Apply” and close the window.

copy, disk, your, computer

Return back to the library and click “Copy to CD” in the upper menu. Here you can choose which tracks should be copied or copy them all.

Now we get to “CD ripping options”. Here you need to select the bottom two positions and click on the “OK” button.

The ripping process will be represented by a green line next to the track in the library. The speed of copying depends on the quality of selected music files.

This way you can copy music from the disk to your computer in Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8 without installing any additional programs, but by means of the operating system itself.

Programs for copying music

In addition to the method described above, there are many other free programs with which you can easily copy music from the disk to your computer. Let’s take a look at the most popular.

Accord CD Ripper Free is a free program for ripping audio CDs to MP3 or WAV files. The program itself has an English interface, but the od is simple enough.

Format Factory. free audio and video converter. To record audio files from a CD, you just insert the disc in the drive and in the left sidebar select “Audio” then the format into which you want to convert the files. Make advanced settings and copy. Enjoy your music.

Free Audio CD To MP3 Converter. Free audio CD converter to MP3, OGG, AAC, WMA or WAV (lossless audio) format.

As you can see there are a lot of options, choose the one that best suits you and go ahead!

How to copy music to your hard drive

In the last time we often meet amateurs, who take a new audio-disk and try to save it on the computer. How?

Insert the disk into the drive, open it with Total Commander or Explorer and copy all or only part of the necessary tracks on your computer. And then, disappointed, are surprised. why it is impossible to listen to copied music?

The thing is that the music on the audio CDs is copy-protected. At usual copying of visible files on your hard disk only so called music “shortcuts” will be copied. These are not song files, but pointers to CD tracks. Track01, Track02 Check the size and you will see that all tracks are 44 bytes in size.

How to copy music from a disk to your computer?

I don’t want to describe the difference between digital and audio format, the peculiarities of converting audio files to one or another format. Let’s look at typical tasks that arise when saving an audio CD to your hard drive and how they can be solved in Windows 7.

Windows Media Player.

Windows 7 has a feature-rich Windows Media player. In addition to its main function. playing media files, it knows how to save music on your hard drive and how to burn music to CD (more about that later).

Open Windows Media Player and switch to your library (there is an icon with squares in the top right corner. click on it). The Library Control Panel opens. Find the “Arrange” button at the top left and select “Options” from the context menu and open the “Copy music from CD” tab

1.Set the folder where the music will be saved.

2.If you wish, you can specify a template for the name of the music file.

4.If you set the “Copy CDs automatically” checkbox, the copying of a music CD to the specified folder will start as soon as the CD is recognized in the drive. Otherwise you will have to right-click on the drive’s designation in the Library Control Panel and select “Copy Disc to Library.

5.Set the sound quality. Here is very convenient to set the sound quality. Moving the slider to any of the extreme positions from the smallest size to the best quality, you can immediately see with what characteristics will be recorded sound and how much space will be needed to save the music.

Copying is very fast. The ripping (conversion) process is displayed here next to the track indicator.

Alternative software for ripping music to disc

Of course, besides the Windows Media player, there are many alternative programs that allow you to copy music from an audio CD, including free. As a rule, they combine the function of copying music and converting audio files. Here is a small overview of such programs.

The Factory is a multifunctional file converter you may have already read about. Download Format Factor free.

To copy music CD insert an audio CD into your drive, then select Audio CD to files in the left sidebar of the main program window and adjust copying parameters. It’s simple and straightforward.

Free Audio CD to MP3 Converter is a program that allows you to save music from an audio CD in any digital format: MP3, AAC, OGG, WMA or WAV on your computer. Automatically creates and populates the tags and artwork image that are displayed in Winamp, iTunes, and Windows Explorer folder.

BonkEnc is a free audio converter and CD ripper with support for multiple audio formats, including.ч. with your choice of codec. Supports MP3, MP4/M4A, WMA, Ogg Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, WAV, and Bonk formats. Use CDDB/freedb online database to search for CD information. CDText support and Playlist generation. ID3v2 tag and Vorbis comment tag are filled in automatically with track information. Unicode support.

Audiograbber is an audio CD “grabber”, which serves to rewrite music tracks from CD to your computer’s hard drive in WAV/MP3/WMA format (if you have appropriate codecs). Allows you to create recordings almost identical to the original. Audiograbber is very easy to use and set up.

Both ways to copy music from Audio CDs to your computer are quite simple. In one evening you can convert your entire CD library, which may include rare tracks, to MP3s. Don’t put it off because CDs don’t last forever. And your CD/DVD drive can take a beating.

You probably need an audio editor to edit audio files, convert them (for example into FLAC), trim or merge them. If you use the second method, you’ll have to spend time searching for an additional application. But AudioMaster can do it all by default.Turn a recording that’s too quiet by turning it up, adjusting the bass, or turning a song into a ringtone for your phone.

Download AudioMaster and you’ll get a reliable and convenient program for working with audio files!

for movie disks (DVD Video)

1) via file-image. as well as for music, this way works for disks with video (and for all of them)!

2) If the disk simply recorded files MP4, AVI, MKV. then they are enough to copy to HDD computer and open with a video player.

This way is great for DVD Video, where movie are saved in several VOB-files, and it is not so easy to copy them to HDD (the files are often too big, and it is not always possible/comfortable to open them later).

That’s where Movavi’s converter really came in handy. This is great because it automatically finds all video clips on the disk, quickly converts them, and can combine several videos into one, plus there are ready presets for TV, set-top box, PC, etc.

About how to work with it, and how I transfered my disc collection. see How to work with it. in this post.

Ways to rip old CDs/DVDs

Before you start to work hard on your CD/DVD collection I’ll let you make a quick point (which might save you some time)!).

The thing is, a lot of movies are not. music. games, etc. Entertainment content (from DVDs) may already be available online! So, most likely, you do not need to spend time on copying and converting “anything and everything”, but it is easier to go to online resources and find this content (if you need it).

  • music can be found at “Sber Audio” and “Yandex-music” (this is officially!) ;
  • videos and movies are sufficient on video hosting and online movie theaters (quite a few resources hold promotions. 1-2 for a month or two subscription)!) ;
  • games can now be found on Steam, Microsoft Store, Battle.Net, etc. many resources (many of them are free or are “given away” for a nominal fee).

So, most likely you will not need to transfer all the ∼1000 discs (for example) from old DVDs to HDDs, but only a few dozens. Agree, this is much easier and faster!

So we looked at how to download from the drive to your computer. The process of copying or downloading a disc to your computer in Windows is very simple. Do the same thing if you have a different operating system.

Simply turn on the drive, highlighting all or some of the files. And then copy and paste them into the right folder on your computer.