How to copy photos from iPhone to pc

How to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac

The iOS and OS X operating systems are highly integrated. However, the connected device is not shown as a physical medium.

Those who do not want to use the iPhoto service will be helped by the “Capture images” feature.

This utility is built into OS X and allows you to move photos and other images from your phone as in a specific directory, and in the application you want.

Find by searching SpotLight. To do this, just start typing in the search field the name.

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The program will show all the pictures and actions available on the device.

It is possible to configure automatic actions when a device is connected (copying to the hard drive and deleting originals, for example).

Otherwise it is in fact an ordinary folder, with which you can perform all the same operations.

Method Connect your smartphone to your computer via cable

If you have Apple’s iTunes player installed on your PC, you can transfer photos from your iPhone to your computer with a cable. You need to connect your iPhone to your PC using a data transfer cord.

Immediately after that, iTunes will open and you need to confirm the permission to swap the files. You also need to allow sharing in a message on your smartphone screen.

You can then share data by selecting the Media tab on iTunes.

Other iPhone 5 photo transfer software

Google Drive

Google Drive. One of the most advanced ways to transfer photos between iOS and Android devices. You can easily switch data from iPhone to Android or from Android to iPhone in minutes with Google Drive.

  • Supports more than 100 file types, including photos, text messages, music, videos, documents, and more.
  • Offers 15GB of free storage space.
  • Find files with the smart search.


Dropbox. is a cloud storage service that allows you to save important photos in Dropbox, they can be easily found and securely synced across all your iOS and Android devices. So you can access or share them anytime, anywhere. No more wasting a day keeping track.

  • Smart and smooth all around.
  • Equipped with file sharing features.
  • Smart storage usage with “smart sync”
  • Advanced selective data transfer capabilities.

Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart Switch. One of the best free apps to transfer photos from iPhone to Android, allowing you to transfer data from your old iOS / Android device to your Samsung device wirelessly. It is free to use and supports different types of data such as contacts, photos, videos, music, notes, etc. Д.

Key features of Samsung Smart Switch

  • Transfer data from iOS or Android devices to Samsung.
  • Supports both wired and wireless transmission.
  • Support for different types of data.


iMazing. Excellent data transfer software for iOS and Android devices. Use this tool to view and select photos, text messages, videos, music, and more, then switch between iOS and Android devices. You can also export files from your device to your PC for backup. Software makes mobile data transfer easy.

  • Create secure backups from any iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly interface.
  • Export your photos and videos without iCloud or iTunes.
  • Copy music between your iPhone, iPad, iPod, and computer.

Photo iCloud (Settings app)

iCloud Photos. is Apple’s online Photos service that lets you easily access, manage, edit, and share photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It’s free to use, and you can securely store your photos and videos in iCloud, as well as data on your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, Apple TV, and

  • Automatically sync all your photos across all your iOS devices.
  • Access and manage your images on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Windows PC.
  • Support for exporting photos to your computer’s hard drive for backup.
  • 5 GB of free iCloud storage (additional storage from 0.99 a month)
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Importing to your Mac

You can use Photos to import photos from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch to your Mac without using iCloud Photos. You can also apply these steps to import images from digital cameras or SD cards.

  • Make sure you’re running the latest version of iTunes on your Mac. You need iTunes 12 to import photos to your Mac.5.1 or later.
  • Connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or digital camera to your Mac with a USB cable. If you’re using an SD card, insert it into your Mac’s SD slot or plug it in with an SD card reader.
  • You may need to unlock your iOS device with a password. On your iOS device, you may also see a Trust This Computer warning. To continue, click Trust.
  • On a Mac, the Photos app will open automatically. Otherwise, open Photos.
  • The Photos app opens to the Import screen, which displays all of the photos and videos on your connected device. If the Import screen doesn’t open automatically, tap the Import tab at the top of the Photos app, or tap the device name in the sidebar.
  • To import part of your photo media library, tap the photos you want, then tap Import Selected. To import all new photos, click Import all new photos.
  • You can then disconnect your device from your Mac. If you imported photos from an SD card or other USB device, then safely remove the device first.

On macOS High Sierra or later, imported photos appear in the Import Photos program album. If you’re using an earlier version of macOS, you’ll find them in the Last Import album.

Photos and videos synced from your computer to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via iTunes cannot be imported back to your computer.

Run iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable or Wi-Fi sync. Once your device is detected by the program, click on the icon of your gadget that appears in the upper area of the window.

In the left area of the window, go to the “Photos” tab. In the right-hand area, you will need to check the “Synchronize” box. By default, iTunes prompts you to copy photos from the default Pictures folder. If this folder contains all the images you want to copy to your gadget, then leave the default setting set to “All folders”.

If you need to transfer not all of the images from the standard folder to the iPhone, but selected ones, then check the “Selected folders” item, and below check the boxes next to the folders in which the images will be copied to the device.

If the pictures on your computer are not in the standard “Pictures” folder, then near the paragraph “Copy pictures from” click on the currently selected folder to open Windows Explorer and select a new one.

In case if besides pictures you need to transfer some videos to your gadget, then in the same window don’t forget to put a tick near the point “Include videos in synchronization”. When all the settings are set, it remains only to run synchronization by clicking on the “Apply” button.

As soon as synchronization is completed, the gadget can be safely disconnected from the computer. All images will be successfully uploaded to your iOS device in the standard “Photos” application.

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How to copy photos from iPhone to a computer, USB flash drive or external hard drive

Owners of iPhones with little memory are sometimes amazed at how quickly your smartphone runs out of space. This is a problem most often faced by fans of photos and video, as well as fans of Live Photos.

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However, it can be easily solved. you just need to activate the function of saving backups in the cloud storage, such as iCloud Photo Media Library (although, the service is paid). Users who are exclusively interested in free unlimited services can use Google Photos or Yandex.Disk.

You can also back up your photos on a desktop computer. However, a 128GB Mac is clearly not enough for this purpose, so you often have to use an external drive.

How to copy iPhone photos to your Windows and Mac computer, via cable and Wi-Fi

If you need to copy photo and video files from iPhone to computer, there are several easy ways to do it: it can be done via cable, Wi-Fi, and also via the Internet.

In this guide, details about the different ways to throw photos from iPhone to Windows or Mac OS, as well as additional information that may be useful in the context of the topic under consideration. May also be useful: How to open a HEIC photo file on your computer.

How to copy photos from iPhone to computer

Many iPhone owners have a problem. How to quickly and easily move all the photos and videos from your phone to your computer, so you can free up your smartphone memory later?

In this article we will review several proven working options, from which you can choose the most convenient for you.

How to copy all photos and videos from your iPhone (iPad)?

In short, there are 3 ways to copy photos from iPhone or iPad to computer:

Using Windows Explorer when connecting your smartphone or tablet by cable to your computer. not a reliable way, may not work on some computers if iTunes is installed.

There can also be problems when saving media files if the number of files on your mobile device is very large. A few thousand, for example. At some point during the copying process may abort for some unknown reason. Trying again will start copying from the beginning, previously saved photos and videos will not be skipped 🙁

Also this option will not work if the device is in Supervised mode and during its initial setup the prohibition to connect to “strange” computers was activated (strangers. is all except the one that you switched the device to control mode). In this case, the computer simply will not see the connected device.

Using applications that use their own cloud storage. It is very good that there are such technologies! Some file sharing sites allow you to upload photos and videos from your mobile devices to the cloud. And from the cloud, they can easily get to your computer if you install a desktop application.

Options: Yandex Disk, Dropbox, Google Drive

How to copy all photos and videos using Yandex Disk?

You must have a Yandex account, such as Yandexmail. Yandex initially allocates 5 to 10 GB in its cloud for each account. This disk quota can be increased for free. With promotions from Yandex or for money.

In the settings of the Yandex Disk app on your iPhone, enable photo autoloading and autoloading

Periodically launch the Yandex Disk app and, by clicking on the “Photos” tab, control the uploading of photos and videos from your phone/tablet to the cloud:

How To Transfer Pictures From iPhone To Computer

Run Yandex Disk on your computer (if it is not added to autostart), wait until the synchronization of the media library is finished and selectively check the presence of the copied photos and videos. At the same time you can delete unnecessary and low-quality photos. on the big screen is more convenient to analyze the result.

If the size of storage of your Yandex Disk is not large, after the synchronization, move all the photos to another folder on your computer, having cleared your cloud. Do not forget to empty the Recycle Bin afterwards, opening Yandex Disk through your browser.

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Using special software when connected to the wire to your computer. There are several of these applications: The most famous are. This iTools and iMazing, but for some reason they periodically refuse to work. You need to update them regularly. To do this, you must first buy a paid version, renew it every year, but even this does not guarantee the smooth operation of the programs. Sometimes after an update, the iTools interface may switch to Chinese, and it becomes basically impossible to use it.

The nastiest law of apple meanness is that Apple’s own software. The iTunes app is totally unsuitable for copying photos from the iPhone to your computer!

Xender also can be slow, and it is not convenient if you need to transfer a large number of photos and videos.

Also not working versions: the family of utilities from Xilisoft, such as Xilisoft iPhone Magic Platinum and others.

Some time ago I came across a free program iFunbox. Compared to the above listed competitors it showed the best results. copied all the photos and videos from the iPhone to the computer.

How to copy all photos and videos with iFunbox?

When you connect your smartphone to the computer, the software will detect it and display the basic information about the device:

Go to “Photos” and select the photos you want to copy:

You can select all photos at once using the “Select All” button:

Click on the “Export” button and specify the path on your computer to save the photos:

Depending on the number of photos and videos, the process may take quite some time.

If you press the “Cancel” button, the copying operation will be interrupted, and only part of the photos will be saved to your computer. Those that have had time to.

After saving all photos from the phone to your computer do not forget to clear the smartphone memory by deleting all photos.

iFunbox also allows you to do the reverse operation. to copy photos from your computer to your iPhone (iPad). To do this you will need to use the “Import” button. If the photo copied to iPhone from the computer has metadata (EXIF), such as. Recorded shooting date, then this date will be used when sorting photos in the smartphone.

Note 1: If some photos are uploaded to iCloud (they are displayed in the phone, but in fact they are not there), iFunbox can not copy them to your computer, it saves only those photos that are physically in the mobile device.

Note 2: The iFunbox program has not been updated by the developer for a long time (since 2016), but nevertheless, with the iPhone SE with iOS13.3 all photos have been successfully copied to your computer.

Note 3: The iFunbox program requires the installed Apple iTunes application.

With iCloud Photos, users don’t have to import photos from one iCloud device to another: you can share your photos across all your devices.

This feature ensures that your photos and videos are safe, up-to-date, and available on all your Apple devices, and even on a Windows computer.

“Photo iCloud” always saves the original photos at maximum resolution. You can store high-quality originals on all your devices or save space with device-optimized versions. You can always download originals when you need them. Any changes or edits you make are always reflected on all your Apple devices.

Photos and videos stored in iCloud Photos take up space in iCloud storage. Make sure you have enough iCloud storage for your entire collection before you turn on iCloud Photos. You can determine how much storage you need, and then upgrade to an extended plan if you need it.