How to copy Xiaomi phone to your computer

[2022] 4 ways to transfer files from Xiaomi to PC / cloud

“I want to transfer files from Xiaomi to PC using a USB cable to save my photos and videos. but how can I do it? Should I download the PC suite or any other application to my Windows computer?”

If you’re also a Xiaomi phone user, you may have a similar problem when backing up your Xiaomi to a PC. Since Xiaomi phones are pretty easy to use, we can back them up on our computer or even in the cloud. For this you can directly create a backup of Xiaomi on PC or use a special application. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to transfer files from Xiaomi to PC using four different step-by-step methods.

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All ways to copy contacts on Xiaomi phones

Suppose you store contacts on the “SIM card”, but what to do if the number of numbers has long exceeded its limit? And if you want to specify additional numbers, add photos, address and other information?

In that case, just copy the data to your Xiaomi smartphone memory:

After these steps, the system will offer you a list of linked accounts where you can copy phone numbers.

Usually users choose a Google account, because without it the full use of the Xiaomi smartphone is impossible.

However, you can choose any other account: for example, Mi or Yandex. Once selected, check the necessary numbers on the SIM card and press the “Import” button at the bottom of the screen.

The system will not only save all the contacts in the phone memory, but also bind them to the account, so that in the future they will always be with you.

Xiaomi transfer phonebook from a file.vcf

It is assumed that you have connected your phone to your Google account, or your SIM card is prepared.vcf file.

Setting for the app access permissions to the camera and microphone developer mode. Xiaomi Mi.

As mentioned above, if you go to the phonebook (phone icon) and then to settings, you will not find the option to restore import/export contacts, because here are phonebook settings, but not sync with the cloud.

The synchronization settings are now located in the Contacts app, which is, shall we say, the system. Here it is the application we need today, and with its help we will solve the question of transferring a telephone book of contacts from a file.vcf file, located somewhere in the cloud or on the SIM card.

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The Contacts application in a new phone is not displayed on the main screen.

2 Swipe upwards across the screen

The recent activity feed opens, followed by the required summary of the icons of the installed Xiaomi applications.

The Contacts app can be displayed on the home screen for convenience.

I, as you can see in the screenshot below, in the phone book only 2 contacts. I now need to download the previously saved phone book from the file.vcf

Follow the arrow to open the application Contacts control panel (three horizontal bars).

How to copy xiaomi photo to computer. Transfer files from xiaomi phone to pc.

If you do not have the application for some reason, you can easily download it from Google Play.

Go to the Settings section as shown on the picture below

Connect any Xiaomi redmi phone to PC & transfer files ! Solution

Scroll down the settings ribbon and find the Import and Export contacts option

In this case we need to import (transfer) in a phone book Xiaomi all your saved contacts.

Select the desired action Import or Export contacts

Next, we need to specify the option in our case to import contacts

At this point, it is possible to specify the location.vcf file, for example, on the SIM card, or contacts saved on the SIM card: t.e if you have not yet connected Xiaomi to Google accounts, which are usually stored backups, you can first download the contacts file to your computer, and from the computer to your SIM card. And then this.vcf and specify to restore the phonebook contacts on the new Android.

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As you understand, the file with a backup copy of your contacts will have a name, for example 0002.vcf it is necessary to specify.

Next, if it’s a newer phone, the system prompts you to specify the location of the file.vcf

copy, xiaomi, phone, your, computer

I store all backups in folders located on Google drive and then transfer them to my phone on demand.

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So, let’s choose.vcf file with fresh data

Once selected, the process of transferring contacts starts.

Setting app permissions for camera and microphone access; developer mode. Xiaomi Mi.

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How to transfer applications from Xiaomi phone to SD-card

On most Xiaomi flagships, the amount of built-in memory starts at 64 GB. But on older phones, series Mi, Note and Redmi it can be 16 GB. This is not always enough for all applications and files. It’s good that in Xiaomi smartphones there is a separate slot for the memory card, which is sometimes combined with a tray for a second SIM-card. Usually on SD drives store photos, videos and music, but sometimes memory is not enough and you have to transfer to an external drive and applications. Here is how to do it.

It is necessary to use the included USB cable, connect one end of it to the USB port of the computer, and to the other end of the phone.

Your smartphone will display a message that your smartphone is connected to your computer, but it is in “battery charging only” mode. In this case, you cannot access the file system on your smartphone from your PC. To access the files, double-click on the message on the Xiaomi screen, a pop-up menu with three options will appear:

  • No data transfer. only battery charging
  • File transfer. Select this mode to work with files
  • Transfer photo (ptp). a special mode for working with photos, limited only to them, access to any other data is limited

How to connect Xiaomi Phone to PC & Transfer Files

After you selected the second option, the computer saw the Xiaomi memory as an external drive. Click on the icon “My Computer” and in the list of devices find your smartphone, in my case it is Xiaomi Mi 9 SE. After that copy the files as you usually do it on a PC.

How to transfer photos from Xiaomi, if nothing helps? There is another sequence of actions, which involves dialing in the call menu the following numerical combination: “##13491##”. You will see a dialog box with two functions.

It is necessary to choose the “MTP” connection, and then the option of sending any multimedia information to the PC becomes available.


One of the easiest and most convenient applications, which acts as a mirror for a broken phone screen. The step-by-step instructions look like this:

  • Download the program MyPhoneExplorer from the official website and install it on your computer.
  • Launch the application and select the connection type: USB (optionally also wi-fi or Bluetooth).
  • Connecting the Android phone via USB cord.
  • Go to the settings and allow the display of screenshots.
  • Controlling your smartphone with a computer mouse.
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Xiaomi smartphone backup creation and recovery

Sooner or later any user is faced with the need to restore data. The reason for this can be both the reflashing of the smartphone and its loss. Few people know that the smartphone can be backed up, in the end, the necessary data just disappear. Therefore, it is recommended to make a backup copy in advance to use it in case of need.

Let’s look at how to make a backup of files using the standard tools of the MIUI system:

In addition to the local method of saving data, there is also a cloud method, using the service Mi Cloud. It is activated in the settings in the same way:

Now all the files you choose will also be saved in the cloud storage.

This task can be performed in different ways. The easier way. Transfer your pictures via a cord. All you need to do is perform three simple steps:

  • 1.Connecting smartphone to Windows via cable. Message that the device is in charging mode is displayed. “Change the “USB mode” to “File transfer.
  • 2. Open “My Computer” on your PC and in the list of drives select the connected device. Press to start using it as a USB flash drive.

The second modern way to transit photos from MIUI gallery to Windows is to use various special applications and wi-fi network. Common is the use of FTP. To implement the method, you need to connect both exchange participants to the wireless network and follow the steps on the smartphone:

In the menu of creating FTP server press the Start Server button and copy the obtained link. Enter it into browser address bar on your PC and confirm with Enter.

On the monitor you will see the file system of your smartphone. Now the pairing between the two devices is established and you can exchange files.