How to create a cloud for storage on iPhone

How to enable and use the iCloud cloud storage in iPhone

In the fall, the American “apple” company with a grand scale will present new devices. A large number of users attack the Apple Store, the main problem they face is the migration of data on a new device. Each mobile gadget is a whole life: photos, SMSKi, a telephone book and a lot more. Fortunately, the solution of the storage problem was found: ICLOD was created. Global service of the “cloud” warehouse. We will figure out how to use iCloud on iPhone.

The “cloud” icloud storage is, in fact, a small volume of disk space on Apple servers provided to the smartphone to unload important data. By default, the iPhone synchronizes its settings, a telephone book, calendar events, photos and short messages. If you use more than one device from Apple, but also, for example, IMAC and IPAD, the files will be uploaded to the cloud and from them. At the same time, all gadgets are connected by a single ecosystem, if you take a photo on the iPhone, without any action from the user, this image will appear in the iPad gallery.

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ICLOUD synchronization opportunities from the device are quite significant:

  • Musical library, list of installed programs, text documents.
  • Photos from the gallery.
  • Current smartphone settings.
  • Temporary application files, for example, information about accounts, saving, bookmarks, etc. D.
  • Topics and design.
  • User Messages: SMS, IMessage, MMS.

The advantage of this service is the lack of payment, the “cloud” works in the system, starting with the IOS 5 version. The storage is reliably protected by double encryption, so you should not worry about the leakage of personal data.

Google disc

If you want a free storage with a large volume and no less reliable, then pay attention to Google disc. You get 15 GB of memory for free. Another advantage in Google disc is Google a photo that gives an unlimited space for storing photos with a resolution of not more than 16 megapixels.

Like Yandex.Disk, Google disk supports almost all platforms, and this is the perfect cloud storage. Google photo allows you to store photos, Google Documents allows you to create and store documents, here you can also create tables and presentations.

Google disk is a number of excellent tools and a storage cloud, from which you can download everything that you create and or download for storage from any device. This service is quite difficult to surpass, since all this is free.

If a free place is not enough to rent additional space

How to enable icloud drive?

When setting up a new iOS device, you will be invited to enable the service. On the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch C IOS 8 and the new service can be enabled by going to the settings address. Icloud. Update to ICLOUD DRIVE, enter your Apple ID and select ICloud Drive.

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On the MAC, open the system settings (the Icon on the Dock panel or through the “apple” menu in the upper left). Icloud. Put a checkmark opposite the iCloud Drive item.

In icloud.COM (ICLOUD web version) Select the PAGES, NUMBERS or KEYNOTE program and click update to ICLOUD DRIVE.

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How to move files to a cloud

Owners of the iPhone, who have a powerful camera, rightfully consider them ideal devices for photos. It is not surprising that most of the memory is occupied by amateur pictures. To save valuable personnel and free up space on the internal drive of a smartphone, it is advisable to store them in the “cloud”.

But photos (like other files) cannot “get” into icloud on their own. To do this, you need to enable synchronization and configure the copy mode. This can be done as follows.

  • Open the “settings” of a smartphone.
  • Click on a line named account.
  • Select the section “ICLOUD”.
  • On the page of available operations, find the “photo” option and move the sliders to an active position.
  • Now go to the “Photo” tab.
  • Configure the auto.Loading pictures.
  • Return to the main screen.

From this moment, the smartphone’s internal memory will be synchronized with the cloud storage, and with each shooting all the photos will automatically fall into icloud.

Google Drive

Yes, Google pleases us not only by searching on sites on the Internet, but also gives a “free” place in the cloud. It is enough to register mail by gmail, and 15GB are your.

In general, you register the Google One account. Get 15 gigabytes for free, which are divided between Google photo, Google disk and mail Gmail.

  • 100GB for 139 rubles/month (1390r/year).
  • 200GB for 219r/month (2190r/year).
  • 2TB for 699 rubles/month (6990r/year).
  • 10TB for 6990r/month.
  • 20tb for 13.990r/month.
  • 30TB for 20.990r/month.

Separately, I note that the Google One subscription (paid) replaces the subscription in Google Drive and applies to all services from Google.

Great place for reserve storage of your photos and videos.

Apple icloud photo

For those who are completely immersed in the Apple ecosystem, ICLOD photo will be an ideal cloud. The service not only creates automatic backups of all photos, immediately after they made them on the iPhone. But also allows you to quickly access them from any Apple device. Instantly with iPhone and iPad, Mac, Apple TV and from any computer and mobile device via iCloud.Com.

The original high solutions are stored in ICLOUD, while small versions are stored on devices, which allows you to save space and at the same time have access to all photos.

Application of the photo on the iPhone, iPad and Mac also has basic functions of editing photos, such as pruning, retouching, adding filters and manual adjustment of the balance level of white and other settings. The icloud photo also has a photo exchange function, you provide access to the pictures from vacation, friends and relatives with the IOS devices, and they can comment on the photo and give grades.

Free Apple provides 5 GB places in its cloud storage, the next tariff 50 GB for 59 per month. On average, there are 5 GB of 5 GB, provided that you do not use iCloud to store photos. Most users using iCloud as a backup storage choose a 50 GB plan, if you need even more space, then the in ICLUD are reasonable. 200 GB. 149 per month, 1 TB. 599 and 2 TB. 1490.

create, cloud, storage, iphone

Working with documents in iCloud

Go to the Apple ID iCloud system settings menu, select a cloud and click the parameters. It offers a list of all applications on the MAC computer, which can store data in iCloud. You can turn on and off storage.

You can synchronize the folders desktop and documents in iCloud. After that, you can get access to them from any other Apple device for the same Apple ID. True, this will reduce the volume of free storage in iCloud, and it is already small. 5 GB. Cm. The screenshot is higher.

Press the iCloud Drive in the side panel of the Finder window. If you delete the file here, it will delete from iCloud. Click Ctrl (CMD) and click on the choice to remove download to remove the file on the Mac computer. Cloud icon shows that you can download this file from the storage.

How to Free Up iCloud Storage (& Never Worry About It Again)

In the settings on the phone, click on your Apple ID, then iCloud. Make sure the cloud storage is included. The switch below allows the applications to save its data here. To access icloud, launch the application files on the phone. If it is not, download it from the App Store.

Launch the application files. Places. Click iCloud to view files in the cloud. Most display the cloud icon and you need to download files to start them. You can change the display of files in the form of a list or icons, sort by name, date, size and tags. In iPados, display options are even more.

After installing the applications of third.Party cloud services, such as Mail, Yandex or Google Drive, you will find an additional option next to the section in the application files. Here you can copy files from iCloud. For example, I use the Mail cloud.

Where to copy files with iPhone: Clouds

ICLOUD is far from the only cloud storage. However, most other providers offer a free place as much, and sometimes less. For example, in OneDrive you will receive the same 5 GB, and then you will have to pay for the subscription. Dropbox will only give 2 GB for free, and Amazon Drive will not be able to use it at all if you are not signed on Amazon Primee.

At the same time, the for an additional place for most providers are comparable to icloud prices. So there is no special sense in buying gigabytes in a third.Party cloud storage. But there are a couple of services that, subject to some conditions, will allow you not to pay.

Iphone backup on Google disk

Unlike other cloud services, Google Disk gives 15 GB of free place for storing any data. And most importantly, you can do without restrictions with a resolution of up to 16 megapixels at all without restrictions (for comparison: IPhone 11 Pro has only 12 megapixels) and video in 1080p HD format (that is, if you set the settings necessary for unlimited, your 4K- The service will spur rollers in 1080p).

  • You can use the unlimited repository on the Google disk in two ways: if you are going to use it only for photos and videos, download the Google photo application and set up the auto load in it.
  • If you are also going to store documents, calendar and contacts in the Google cloud, download the Google disk application (but remember that the rest of the files will have to be fit in 15 free gigabytes).

Iphone backup on Yandex.Disk

On Yandex.Disco for a free place is slightly smaller than in the Google service. 10 GB. But photos and videos from the phone are stored without restrictions, and in the original quality. True, when watching media files online, you will be shown only compressed previews, but you can always download the original for any device.

To use the unlimited vault of Yandex, download the Yandex application.Disk. As in the case of Google disc, all other files you will have to fit in a limited free storage. But for lovers to shoot high.Resolution video, IPhone backup option on Yandex.Disk. Much more attractive than Google disk.

Third.Party clouds: what is with privacy

Both Google and Yandex not only store your photos and videos on their servers, but also sort them on their own and even make photo albums. To do this, they automatically analyze your pictures and determine what is depicted on them. And this can be very personal information. In the Google photo application, you can forbid the system to group photos on persons, but if you do not want Yandex and Google at all that and where you were shooting, it is better to abandon an unlimited cloud storage.

Brief description of the main services icloud


Each user can create for free in the cloud his own e-mail type “Name@icloud.Com “and get quick access to correspondence at any time. Directly on the site icloud.COM Service is implemented in the form of a classic mailbox, divided into categories (incoming, spam, drafts, etc.D.). To activate mail in the cloud, you must go to Mac or Idevice in the Settings menu-iCloud and specify the name of the E-mail address, which will be created automatically.


All contacts from the address book of the device are automatically copied to iCloud and vice versa. At the same time in the cloud on icloud.COM has all the possibilities of editing profiles, which is quite convenient. For example, on a computer it is much easier to attach photos to contacts than to do it on a smartphone or tablet.

Calendar, notes, reminders

Naturally, if there is a cloud service, there is no need to transfer information from the relevant applications from one device to another. ICLOD automatically synchronizes all the specified events, created records and other data.

Service photo on icloud.COM is almost a similar mobile and desktop applications. This is a full.Fledged media for storing photos and videos, divided into albums or moments (depending on the display mode). From here it is easy to remove, move or send pictures by e.Mail.

Iphone Storage x iCloud Storage AWESOME Tip!!

IWORK in ICLOUD (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)

The recently appeared ICLUD section containing the same browser analogues of Numbers, Pages and Keynote applications. Thanks to this, users can create, edit and send electric tables, text documents or presentations from any device.

Iwork is a free web analogue of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel).

Find iPhone and find friends

In the case of the loss of a mobile device, it is easiest to find it using the application to find the iPhone posted on the icloud website.Com, for this it is enough to enter the Apple ID identifier and password. Here you can completely erase the device, reproduce the sound on it or turn on the loss mode (see. Screenshots above).

The web application to find friends allows you to get information about the location of friends on the map.

Applications find iPhone and find friends by default in the latest versions of iOS.

ICLOUD DRIVE and backup copies in iCloud

The service is a full.Fledged cloud storage (analogue Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex.Disk, cloud, etc.D.) that can contain any data. The volume of disk space is determined by the tariff plan, the following are currently relevant: 5 GB. Free, 50 GB. 59/month, 200 GB. 149/month, 1 TB. 599/month.

Bunch of keys

The ICLOUD Keys Service allows you to automatically save the bookmark on all devices, the history of views, login and passwords from the Safari browser.

We talked about how to activate and work with a bunch of keys on the iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Mac in this article.