How to cut a video on your Android phone

How to trim video on your Android phone

Modern smartphones can take photos and shoot video of very high quality. Many users even abandon professional photography equipment in favor of a phone with a good camera. But, in most cases, after shooting the video needs to be processed. In this article, we’ll look at a number of free apps that you can use to trim videos directly on your Android phone.

The first way to crop videos on your Android phone, which we will look at, involves using the standard app from Google called “Google Photos”. In all likelihood, this app is already installed on your phone. Open the list of all applications and check whether you have it or not. If there is no “Google Photos” application, you can install it from the Play Market app store. Like all apps from Google, it’s completely free.

To crop a video with “Google Photos” launch the application on your phone and find the video you want to edit. After opening this clip via “Google Photos”, you need to click on the “Settings” button at the bottom of the screen (see “Settings”). screenshots).

Selecting a video in Google Photos

As soon as you press the button “Settings” a bar will appear at the bottom of the phone screen, which will show the whole duration of your video. To the right and left of this bar, there will be special boundaries marking the beginning and the end of the video. You can use these limiters to trim video. To do this, simply move the left limiter to the right and the right limiter to the left. Place them so that they mark the beginning and the end of the video. After that you need to save the trimmed video on your phone using the “Save Copy” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

As you can see, all you need to do to trim your video with the Google Photos app is to follow a few steps. Of all the options we will consider in this article, this is the easiest one, so we recommend starting with it.

How to trim video from Android to computer with FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate

FoneLab Ultimate Video Converter is a video converter and editor, easily accessible and available for Mac and Windows. This tool is very versatile in the sense that it goes beyond a converter, fully justifying its name. With this tool, videos can be rotated, cropped, flipped, resized, and enlarged as needed. What’s more, regardless of your video format, you can work with it with FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate, as it supports a wide range of video formats.

Step by step instructions on how to trim Android video with FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate:

Step 1 First you need to download and install FoneLab Video Converter Ultimate on your computer. After that, launch the program.

Step 2 Soon add the Android video you want to trim. To do this, click Add file or drag and drop your Android video into the program.

Tips. You can easily use a USB cable to transfer Android videos to your computer. In addition, you can also try FoneLab Hypertrans to easily move your videos and other files between iOS, Android and computer.fonelab-video-converter-ultimate-add-your-video.jpg

Step 3 Then click the Edit icon button.

Step 4 Trim the video from the edit window by adjusting the points around it. You can also choose the aspect ratio from the drop-down list after you click Asp.т.ч. ratio, then adjust the video frame.

Step 5 After trimming your video, you can click Convert All to export the trimmed video.

And you can also use it to trim video on iPhone. You can also use the mobile app to trim videos with Android.

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  • Convert any video/audio such as MPG, MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MP3, etc. Д.
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How to trim videos on Android

In today’s article, let’s look at the easy and fast way how you can trim videos on Android devices.

We are not going to look at the many existing video apps on Android, we will only look at one feature-rich Google Photos app. This application was discussed earlier in the article Google Photo Guide, with its help you can: create animations from a series of photos, rotate video, make a collage, edit photos, and much more. Also Google Photos will help free up space on your Android device, you can sync all the photos and videos to the cloud without loss of quality, then delete them from your device.

You must have a Google account to use this application. You can install Google Photos on Google Play.

At the first launch an advertisement is shown with the features of this application, click “Start”.

The next step is to enable or disable “Auto Upload and Sync”. If you leave everything in this window by default, then all new photos will be uploaded to the cloud when your device is connected to Wi-Fi. Also, any changes in your photos. will be synchronized with the cloud. Only you will have access to the photos and videos using your Google account. You will have a backup copy of all your photos on the Internet, available at any time and from any device.

If you click “Change settings” you can choose in what quality to upload photos and videos to the cloud: high quality (default). photo is saved in high quality, but file size is reduced (you can store unlimited number of files); original size. photo is saved in original size, but for such files storage size is limited to 15GB. Also in this window you can allow to use mobile internet to synchronize with cloud. After making changes, click “Save” and “Done”

The next window will show some of the features of Google Photos, after you read it click on the checkbox on the bottom right.

Crop a video with Google Photos.

Launch Google Photos and look for the video you want to crop. You click on the three parallel lines at the top left.

Under the video there is a line for the trimmer, on the left and right sides of this line there are sliders, which should be dragged with the left mouse button to the beginning of the video and the end. That is, press the left mouse button on the left slider and without releasing the button, drag it to the right side, where you want the video to start. Release the button at the desired place. Do the same with the right slider. pull it to the left side up to the point where you want the video to end.

After selecting the desired part of the video press “Save”, thus trimming the unnecessary parts of it.

That’s an easy way to crop any video. now you have Google Photos app installed on your device and you can use it to crop any video at any moment, in a few seconds. That’s all for today, if you have any suggestions or know easier ways. write your Комментарии и мнения владельцев! Good luck

How to trim a video on Android

If you’re ready to learn how to crop videos on Android, roll up your sleeves and try one of the following apps right away: I sincerely hope they know how to meet your needs.

You probably already know very well how to install an app on Android, but a quick “refresher” wouldn’t hurt: If you have a Game Store device, simply search for the app in it (or follow the links I provide you during the tutorial), select its name in the search results, and then click Install on PC. If you are asked to fill out a profile and add a valid payment method, click Follow es Ignore to continue without entering a payment method.

If, on the other hand, you’re using a device without Play Market, for example. Huawei terminal With AppGallery you need to go to an alternative store, as I explained in my guide to installing apps on Huawei. In doing so, we can actually act!

You cut

You cut is a free video editing app created by the developers of InShot, another widely known app in the industry. It’s focused on trimming and cropping videos, is very easy to use, and doesn’t put any watermarks on your output movies. You just have to put up with watching a short commercial after it has been processed in Guardar video. Nothing particularly stressful either way. It also offers a monthly subscription or a one-time in-app purchase to unlock additional effects, but you can use the free basic version of the app for your purposes.

So, after downloading and launching YouCut on your device, click on the button located at the bottom, and give the app permission to access the memory of your cell phone or tablet. Then go to the tab dedicated to videos and select movie cut.

The YouCut editor opens. So scroll down the toolbar you see below and click the Garrison icon. Then choose whether you want to trim your video according to one of the predefined templates (for example, 1: 1 for Instagram o 9:16 in TikTok ) at the bottom of the screen or if you want to manually shape the cut by moving the cursors that you find in the movie preview.

Once you’ve made your selections, click the √ button, bottom right, then top right save resolution es video quality and click save to start saving.

At the end of the process (close the ads if necessary) you will find that your video is ready to play or publish both on the YouCut screen and in the gallery of your device (in the app folder).

Smart video trimming

Smart video trimming. one of those classic applications that do only one thing and do it well: in this case we are talking about an application that allows you to trim videos in all the most popular formats (e.g. MP4, AVI es 3GP ) using custom templates or ready-made presets; all for free, without watermarks and with the guarantee of using FFMPEG, a widely known open-source conversion software, as an engine.

With that said, to use Smart Video Crop, all you have to do is download the app to your device, launch it, and click. Select (below) and give you permission to access the memory. Then select the video to trim select whether you want to trim the whole (All video option ) or act only partially (Cut a specific part option) and click close.

After that you will have access to the Smart Video Crop editor, with which you can select one of the preset trims, from the bottom menu or create your own fragment by moving the cursors present in the video preview. Then click close (at the bottom of the screen), set the format, quality, frames per second, rotation es speed output video and click save, move on.

Finally, specify the name es Carpeta in which to save the movie (by clicking on Advanced Options you can also add tags title, artist es album ), click Made and wait for the movie to be exported. Once you’re done, you can play and share videos directly from the app screen or from your device’s Gallery. Easy, really?

If your intention is to trim a video on Android while watching it and not modify it to share it later on social networks or use it in your projects, I think you should turn to VLC: a very famous free open-source multimedia player also available on Android.

With VLC you can play any type of video or audio file on your device, on your local network or on the Internet and apply different effects to it in real time, right while you enjoy it. Among the many effects available, of course, is the one that allows you to “crop” a frame of film and adapt it to your device’s screen in various ways.

To do this, download and launch the VLC app, click ☰ (top left), select the Video tab and touch the movie Play. If you are using the application for the first time, you agree that you have access to the memory of your device.

Once the video starts playing, click on the screen to open VLC toolbar, press the button and select resize as many times as necessary to get the frame into the desired shape.

Using the online service

You can also trim video online on your Android phone or laptop with the help of special services. I used an online video cutter, you can use the one that you may like better.

Our actions in this case are as follows: Open your browser and follow the link. Or you can enter a corresponding query in the search box. On the main page there will be information on how to use the site and a field that prompts you to select a file. After the video is selected and uploaded, as in the previous methods we, using the limiters, adjust the duration of our video:

Note: If you have trimmed your video with this method on PC, just transfer the edited version to your phone to the storage (folder) you have chosen via USB cable.

How to crop an Android video with Google Photos

Google services are present by default on all Android devices. they are standard applications that have various features useful to users. One of these services, the program Google Photos allows users not only to view photos, but also to crop videos. To do this, you need to:

  • Open this program.
  • Upload to it, then open the video.
  • Stop the playback by clicking on pause, and after that click on the pencil (this will open the editing window).
  • Trim video as you want by moving the sliders on the video frames bar at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on “Save”, after which you can close the program.

The cropped clip will be saved to your phone memory, and the original video will not be deleted, but will continue to be stored on your smartphone. If necessary, you can delete it, thus freeing up the memory of the device.

How to trim a video on your Android phone for free with WhatsApp

Mostly people use video trimming when they want to share them with friends, relatives or colleagues. Especially for the convenience of users in messenger, the developers have added such a feature, so before sending a video, users are encouraged to edit the video file first. It’s completely free, and trimming the video saves traffic (if the sending is via mobile Internet), and also allows you to leave only the most important moments, deleting unnecessary.

So, to edit a video in messaging, you need to do the following:

  • Open messenger, go into a dialogue with the user who wants to send a video clip.
  • Click on the paperclip icon, and a window will pop up with views of what you can attach to your message. From the list you select the gallery (the icon with the picture).
  • Then locate the desired video in the gallery and click on it.
  • An adjustable bar appears automatically, where you can move the sliders to trim the video at the beginning and at the end to the desired length. You can also add captions, emoticons and texts.
  • After that, wait until the video is uploaded to the message (it will be shown below the text line) and click on the “send” button.

This will send the edited video. However, you can’t just crop a video in WhatsApp and save it to your internal memory without sending it. So if distributing the video is not in the plans of the user, it is better to choose another method of video editing.

In addition, there is an additional function of automatic video compression in WhatsApp to save traffic and memory. For example, if a video will weigh more than 50 MB, then the messenger will be automatically compressed, and the sent video will take less space (but its quality, unfortunately, will deteriorate).

If the user belongs to those who trim videos mainly to share them with other people, he will be glad to hear the news. in addition to Watsap, Viber and Telegram also have a similar function. They trim the video in exactly the same way.

VidTrim. Video editor and grass trimmer for Android

VideoTrim. A great video editor and organizer for Android that provides many features such as trimming, merging, frame grabbing, video effects, MP3 conversion, MP4 conversion and compression, and adding text to videos. You can trim video clips directly on your Android device or merge multiple video clips into one. You can also share your edited videos with family and friends directly through the app.

Crop Trim Video. Easily trim videos on your Android device

Trim and crop videos can help you easily trim and crop videos and remove unwanted parts on your Android. You can simply drag and drop and scale the part of the video you want to trim, blur, or select the interval to trim. In addition to cropping videos in the gallery, this app can also help you trim, crop and blur videos for Instagram. This app can also be a video converter and compressor. You can even share the video directly to Instagram with blur without cropping.

We talked about how to crop videos on Android in this post. If you want to directly edit and cut videos on Android devices or prefer to trim captured videos on your computer, you can easily find the right video monitor app on this page. Leave us a message if you still have questions.

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