How to deactivate the keyboard sound on the iPhone

How to change keyboard sounds

You may be tired of the standard monotonous keypad tone of your mobile device. You can change it. You can use apps that are available in Play Market. If you’re typing with GO Keyboard, an app called “Nuclear Fallout Sounds Fonts” comes in handy. It has several options for key signals, as well as color themes for the interface.

The developers of this app state that Nuclear is not standalone. This is a plug-in of sorts for GO Keyboard. And you must have the latest keyboard update installed for it to work consistently. This plugin will allow you to enable other sounds. And you don’t have to constantly turn on or off your keyboard’s key sounds.

  • Go to settings.
  • Select your language and input.
  • On the “Keyboard Settings” tab, select “Customize input methods”.
  • On your Android Keyboard, select Settings.
  • Uncheck the Sound on keystrokes checkbox.
  • Done.

But the two most common reasons for a quiet sound during an iPhone call are technical problems either on the side of your device or on the side of the cellular operator Your phone just doesn’t pick up, so the volume and sound quality will fluctuate during the call.

Getting Audio Back

If you again need the text entry function with a sound for each keystroke, proceed in the same manner, only in the end it is necessary to tick the box. This function is most often used by seniors, who are just beginning to master this technique. The only thing to remember in this case is that the battery energy will be additionally consumed for this option.

Important! And a few more useful instructions will make your life and the use of modern gadgets much easier. Follow the links to articles that describe in detail:

The process of muting the Android keyboard when typing

There can be many kinds of sound on Android. It all depends on how many voice assistants you use on your device at the same time. All of this can be controlled, in the settings of the cell phone. For the keyboard is responsible for the application from Google “Gboard”. this is the standard keyboard, which in all mobile devices on this platform will be automatically installed

Simply go to the “settings” menu, find the “personal data” section there. They are in the item “input language”. Next, there choose the item “virtual keyboard“. You will see a list of voice features and applications connected to your mobile device.

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As mentioned above, the “gboard” application is responsible for the keyboard here. Click and go to the keyboard settings of the mobile device. In the list will be an item about the sound when you press the keys. The “on. off” button is on the right. It is necessary to set the desired mode: light or blue color of the button. In the same list is a function of the vibration of the keys. It can also be turned on or off by simply pulling the button in the desired direction. Now you can go back to work on your mobile device. The keypad will work in “silent” mode.

How to mute the dialing sound on your iPhone

iPhone users may be wondering how they can disable the dial tone effects that play when dialing a phone number on the numeric keypad on the iPhone. Each time you press a number button on the phone’s keypad, a new sound effect is played. Some of you might think, that’s great and all but you turn off those sound effects when dialing so I can dial in silence with my iPhone?

Turns out there is a way to turn off the sound effects when dialing phones on the iPhone to read how to accomplish the task.

In case you’re wondering about some quick background, the sounds played when dialing a number on the iPhone are actually the same as you’d hear on any other traditional DTMF tone phone, with each dialed number having a unique dialing sound associated with it. Although these digital audio signals were necessary in the era before the cell phone, nowadays sound effects are no longer needed just to dial a number successfully, but sound effects are retained even on modern smartphones such as the iPhone. It’s a historical dialing number artifact that many users love, and for many people there is a strong appreciation for dialing sounds and numbers, where you can often tell that a number is being entered incorrectly just by hearing it wrong. Either way, some people may want to just dial a phone number on their iPhone in silence without listening to the speakers, so we’ll focus on this.

How to turn off keyboard clicks with volume controls

By default, keyboard click noise is associated with the rest of your iOS device’s volume settings. So, you can mute the clicky keyboard noise on your iPhone or iPad by simply turning down the volume. Here’s how to do it:

Stop Typing Like An Idiot: Top 10 Hidden iPhone Keyboard Tricks

  • Press and hold the volume down setting.
  • Or slide up the bottom of the screen to open Control Center, and use the volume slider. Slide it down to set the volume to silent. (If you’re using the iPhone X, here’s how to access Control Center.).
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While this method works on the iPad and iPhone, it also reduces and mutes the sound on your device. So you can’t listen to music or audio apps.

How to turn off typing sounds on your iPhone

The iPhone has a physical switch to mute. This switch disables incoming sound alerts, and your phone will only vibrate when you receive a call, text, or any other type of alert. Even though the switch is disabled, you’ll still hear a sound when you play a video.

You’ll also hear a shutter sound when you take a picture, you’ll hear a clicking sound when you lock your phone, and you’ll also hear typing sounds when you press keys on the virtual keyboard. It makes quite a few noises that the switch doesn’t turn off.

Video playback is something you can control, t.е. You can change the volume of the multimedia. The camera shutter can’t be turned off, but you can turn off the typing sounds on iOS, but not with the sound switch.

Mute input sounds

The input sounds and lock screen click sound are not tied to the mute/enable switch on the iPhone. They have their own settings. Open the Settings app on your iPhone (or iPad, it works for both) and go to Sounds.

Scroll to the end and you’ll see two switches, one for inputting sounds and one for locking sound. Turn them both off.

You will no longer hear the sound of a touch when you press a key, and when you lock your phone or tablet, it will not give audible feedback.

If you’re wondering what you can do with the camera shutter sound, the answer is nothing. If you want to jailbreak your phone, you can find a tweak that can silence the camera shutter.

You can also try using another photo app and see if it can take them without the shutter sound.

It used to be possible to silence the shutter sound, but it allowed people to take photos in situations that violated or violated someone’s privacy, come up with a photo under the skirt.

The shutter sound warns others that a photo has been taken, and is meant to deter people from trying to steal photos. This can be annoying, but it is, as they say, for a good cause. Leave a comment

Whatsapp group

To turn off alerts from a community, click on its name, find the alerts bar on the page that opens, open it, and specify what you want to do. turn them off permanently or temporarily. The same settings page is available in the general notifications of the program. You can choose an individual ringtone for each community. very convenient for those who are in many, different conversations, and don’t want to be confused by messages. You can also ignore unwanted interlocutors that you can’t yet block.

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Now you know how to mute WhatsApp, and you can adjust your accessibility level as you like.

Other ways

Depending on the characteristics of your particular computer and its keyboard, you can use quick combinations of keys to remove the sound on the laptop:

Every child likes to understand everything by experience, and the laptop will not be an exception. he will definitely with interest and enthusiasm to click different buttons, figuring out what the result is. If your PC from time to time uses your advanced child, who wants to watch cartoons or an interesting video on YouTube, then to prevent him from deleting your important data while watching, you can simply lock the entire keyboard for a while.

You can do this with the standard Windows features through the control panel menu, but it’s easier and faster to use a special app. One of the best in this regard is Kid Key Lock. Interace is clear and accessible, and disabling is just 2 clicks away.

Another option of special software is KeyFreeze. True, you’ll have to download and install the app on your laptop.

You can turn off the keyboard sound on your Lenovo tablet or smartphone in just a few steps. However, an inexperienced user can browse through the settings sections for a long time and not find the right item. We decided to create a useful instruction, which will help to solve this issue. So, it is necessary:

  • Go to the settings and select the item “Personal Data”. “Language and input.
  • Select the settings icon located on the right side of the “Google/Android Keyboard” item.
  • Uncheck the “Keyboard Sound” option.

Go to the “Sound” section of the settings and uncheck the “Sound of tapping the screen” item.

Note! In the applications the sound will still remain, to turn it off you can use the volume knob.

After completing all the steps, the keyboard on the tablet will be muted.