How to deactivate the SIM card on your phone

How to delete a pin code from Huawei SIM card

How to remove the PIN from Huawei SIM de. Every time you turn on your Huawei cell phone, you will be asked to enter two PIN codes: The SIM card PIN and one to unlock the screen. Record two PIN. is not an operation you want to face every time, and so you are looking for a solution that will simplify access to your cell phone after restarting it, right? In this case, I am happy to let you know that I can help you and offer suitable solutions for your situation.

In today’s guide, in fact, I will illustrate how to remove the pin code from the Huawei SIM so as not to enter two PINs to unlock the phone when you restart it. Also, if you want to keep both access codes, I’ll show you how to change the code on the SIM card so it’s the same as on your cell phone and not have to remember two different codes. If you’re having trouble accessing your SIM card because you’ve entered the wrong PIN too many times and blocked it, I’ll explain how to intervene to fix the problem.

Options to turn off the SIM card with the cell phone in your hand

Undoubtedly, most of the options in front of us to disable the SIM card on the cell phone are provided when we have access to it, and we can choose a number of options that we can not use under any other circumstances.

Airplane mode, quickest solution

Faced with a specific case where we need to prevent the SIM card from working, yes or yes, we will just need to run the cell phone flight mode, which offers us with just one button the possibility not to connect to the cell phone. network and therefore not receive mobile calls, SMS or connect to the data network. However, it allows us to continue to use Wi-Fi or Bluetooth network among all the functions of a smartphone.

For those who do not know how to use it, we just need to drop the quick access veil in Android and in the case of the iPhone. to display the control panel. In case we do not see the little icon that puts us in flight mode, we can go into settings and there we will have this option waiting to be activated in case we need to disconnect from the network.

Remove the SIM card without fiddling with the little girls

Although previously removing the SIM card may have been the fastest option, this is not always the case now, as we no longer have the ability to remove the back cover and we will need our tool as a key to remove and therefore stop working. SIM card. thus ensuring that it will not work under any circumstances.

Without the SIM card inside the smartphone we will not receive calls or any community through the network, of course, the data network will not work, but as in flight mode, if we can continue when Wi-Fi and all other functions mobile. In both Android and iOS, we’ll need our so-called “burst” to remove the SIM card and, without losing it, leave it away from the cell phone until we want to reactivate the SIM card.

Turning off the mobile, but I lose a lot

The last solution that we will have at our disposal so that the SIM card is not activated in the smartphone is based on turning off the device. Without it, we will not be able to make calls and receive calls, but, nevertheless, we will not be able to make other functional beds that are in cell phones. Among them, listening to music, taking pictures or viewing our notes and agenda, a way to completely devalue.

Deactivate the card in a cell phone with two SIM cards

With the advent of smartphones with the dual card option there is a new possibility to temporarily get rid of the SIM card, as these smartphones provide the option to deactivate the card that we do not need, which gives us the possibility, for example. Carrying the work number and personnel, disconnecting the work when we are not at work.

The option is not limited to physical SIM cards, but also does not allow you to disable mobile eSIMs. For this reason, you only need to enter Mobile Network Settings and then tap the SIM card to make the appropriate changes, and this way we can choose the one we want to use at any time.

Options to deactivate one sim card

If you have access to a mobile device, disabling the second card is not a problem, and it can be done in different ways, depending on the circumstances.

Airplane mode

This is the fastest way to disable the SIM card, you just need to switch the gadget to the appropriate mode. Calls and messages won’t go through, mobile internet will be unavailable, but Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other features of the device will continue to work.

Even an inexperienced user can activate the flight mode. In the case of an Android device, you need to lower the quick access curtain by swiping the screen from top to bottom, and click on the airplane icon. On iOS (Apple) smartphones, the access panel opens with a swipe from the bottom up, and there is also a similar icon. If the icon is missing, the flight mode can be activated through the phone settings (gear on the desktop).

Deleting the SIM card

There are a lot of mobile devices where you have to remove the back cover to remove the SIM card, which is not very convenient. Today there is a simpler solution. a special tray that opens with a so-called “key” or a regular paperclip. When you take the card out of the phone, the latter is not registered in the network operator as an active, and therefore stops working.

If the SIM-card is not inserted, calls, SMS and mobile Internet will be unavailable. But, as in the case with the flight mode, it will be possible to use Wi-Fi connection.

Disconnecting the smartphone

The method is radical, but working, because no one can call, write a message, in a word, the subscriber is unavailable. But you have to pay for it, because the turned off smartphone is nothing more than iron, hidden by the casing.

deactivate, card, your, phone

Deactivating the card

Dual-SIM devices are widespread these days, with a feature that allows you to temporarily stop one of the SIM cards from working, which at the moment is not needed. The option works both with physical cards and with built-in eSIM.

Disabling it is simple: it is necessary to open “Settings”, section “Mobile networks”, tap on the specific SIM-card and make changes, namely, deactivate. As a result, the phone will work with one SIM.

Switching off your smartphone

The last option, which guarantees deactivation of the SIM-card is turning off the phone. After turning off the phone, we can not make calls, receive messages, use the Internet access. This radical way also has a place, but using it you lose any ability to use your smartphone.

How to disable the pin code on the SIM-card on the Android phone?

We strongly recommend that you do not disable the pin code for the SIM-card on your smartphone for the safety of the SIM-card. After all, if it is lost, and even with the phone, no one knows in whose hands it will fall, and without protection with it can do anything. In general, you decide, but from us. a simple instruction. The operator does not matter: it can be Megafon, Beeline, MTS, Tele2, etc.д.

Open the “Settings” application on your desktop.

Then go to Security and Privacy.

Find the “Advanced Settings” line.

Click on the “Encryption and credentials” item.

Tap on “Set Blocking” of the SIM card.

Press the switch shown in the screenshot for the desired SIM.

Specify the current pin code (you must know it!).

If you did not find in the menu section to change the pin-code, try to search the menu for the words “security” or “pin” (without the quotes).

An easy way to disable the SIM card of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone

Although the SIM card is one of those “devices” that we are constantly in contact with, sometimes it needs to be disabled.

To do this, select the “gear” (the icon settings). Next, first in the list see the section “Connections”. click on it.

Now turn the screen down until you see “SIM Manager”. go to this section (click on it).

This is where all the settings are made. It is possible to disable the second SIM card, both, the Internet, view mobile data, and so on.

As you can see in the picture I have only one SIM card activated in Samsung, we will try to disable it now. To do this, click on it and at the very top we see a slider of blue color.

If your Samsung has a second SIM card, then moving the slider to the left will disable the first one.

If not, there is no built-in way to disable both (2 SIM cards at once) on your Samsung, but it can be done.

To do this you need to use the “PIN Request”. You can do this by going to the “Lock screen”.

In it, select “Other settings without” and open the “Setting block. SIM card.” There move the slider to the right.

A request for a PIN code will appear. Make up and enter, but do not forget, although you can restore, but a lot of bungling.

Now turn off and on your Samsung. After powering on it will ask for a PIN code. refuse (red tube).

If you refuse, then the second SIM card will also be disabled, and the phone will work as if nothing had happened.

In this simple way, you can disable both SIM cards or one at a time. There may be some other tricks, but not known to me.

If you forget the prescribed code, you will need the PIN and PUK. First access password. The second number to unblock. Good luck.

Steps to remove the SIM card PIN on Android

On Android devices, the process of removing the password or PIN from the SIM card started with these settings and then went to Security. Once inside, we have to press the SIM card lock button and when accessed we have to uncheck the option to lock the SIM card. Before you finish, give me the PIN one last time. Thus, the path is as follows: Settings Security Lock SIM card.

How to change the SIM card PIN code on your Android smartphone or tablet

If you want to use a different PIN and change the existing one, click “Change SIM PIN” in the SIM lock settings.

You will be asked to enter your old PIN, the one you currently have. Enter it and press OK.

You will now be asked to enter the new PIN that you want to use. You can enter a code between four and eight digits long. Enter it and press OK. You will then have to confirm your newly entered PIN. Enter it again and press OK.

Now the PIN code of your SIM card has been changed. Keep in mind that this PIN is different than the one used for your Android device. This PIN is required every time you start or restart your Android smartphone or tablet, or when you insert your SIM card into your device. You don’t need it when you unlock your device after loading Android and the SIM card is already unlocked.

You changed your default SIM card PIN or deleted your SIM card PIN?

Before closing this guide, we want to know what you’ve done: have you changed your default SIM card PIN to a different PIN? How many characters are in your new PIN code? Or maybe you’ve eliminated the requirement to enter your SIM card PIN every time you start or restart your Android smartphone or tablet? Comment below and let’s discuss.