How to delete a contact from your iPhone phone

How to select and delete multiple contacts on the iPhone at once?

Thanks to the intuitive interface, even novice users will be able to delete individual contacts manually on the iPhone. you only need to open the menu of a particular contact and make changes. But what to do when you need to delete several contacts simultaneously or all at once on your iPhone?

Today in this article we’ll tell you how to select all the contacts on your iPhone, and how to delete some or all of them at once.

For which devices this article is suitable

The process of deleting all iPhone contacts will take place through the cloud storage iCloud, where all contacts must be synchronized (we’ll talk more about this in the next chapter).

For the convenience of deleting all contacts at once we will use a computer, so the algorithm described in the article will work for all existing and used in our time iPhone models:

  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 6/6 plus
  • iPhone 7/7 plus
  • iPhone 8/8 plus
  • iPhone X/XS/XR/XS Max
  • iPhone 11/11 Pro/11 Pro Max
  • iPhone 12/12mini/12 Pro/12 Pro Max.

The step-by-step process of selecting and deleting contacts

To delete not just one, but many, or all contacts from your Apple-device, it is convenient to use the computer browser to select all the data. Prerequisite for this process. So that all contacts on the iPhone are synchronized with iCloud. You can check if synchronization is enabled, or connect it directly on your iPhone. To do this, follow these steps:

Go to the iCloud menu to check if Contacts sync is connected

  • Select iCloud in the window that appears. Then look at Contacts: if the toggle switch is disabled, turn it to the active (green) position. so your contacts will be synced with iCloud as soon as your device is connected to wi-fi (if already connected. Synchronization will start instantly). If synchronization was connected earlier, you’ll see immediately that the toggle switch to the “Contacts” section is in active position.

Go to iCloud to check the status of synchronization of Contacts with the cloud service

Switch the switch to the “Contacts” section in the active position

Now that we are sure that all Contacts are synchronized with the iCloud cloud storage, we can start deleting a few contacts or, if necessary, all of them at once. In order to do this visit the iCloud website.Go to “com” and authorize using your login and password from iCloud. After that, at the site choose the application “Contacts.

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How To Delete Multiple iPhone Contacts At Once!!

Sign in to and authorize, select Contacts application to start deletion

  • If you have a Windows operating system on your computer. Press and hold down the Ctrl key, selecting the contacts (a few or the whole list at once) which you want to delete. If MAC. Press and hold down the Command button while selecting the desired contacts.
  • If we really want to delete all our contacts at all. you can select only the first contact with the mouse, then press the Shift key and click on the last contact. all of them will be selected.

Select the contacts you want to delete by highlighting them with the mouse and holding down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (MAC)

Select “Delete” to confirm the deletion of contacts

Done! Now all selected and selected by you contacts in iCloud will be deleted from our iPhone.

As you can see from the instructions, the process of deleting all (or some) contacts on the iPhone is not difficult. The main thing is to make sure that the contact information is synchronized with iCloud, and have access to your computer. It is easy to select and delete all contacts with a single click, both on Windows and on MAC.

We hope our tips and illustrations were useful to the readers and now you can easily cope with this task!

How To Delete Contacts On iPhone

How to delete several contacts from iPhone at once

One of the few standard applications in iOS that has undergone almost no evolution is the “Contacts. Unfortunately, not every action can be performed with the degree of comfort as we would like it. In this material we will tell you how to simultaneously delete multiple contacts from the iPhone.

The process of deleting contacts from the address book looks pretty complicated. You need to open the contact, press the “Edit” button, scroll down the entire list, tap on the “Delete contact” button and once again confirm your intentions. And if you want to delete not one but dozens of contacts? It is a real torture. To avoid wasting your time and effort on one type of action. use our instructions.

How to delete all contacts from iPhone?

Experienced iPhone owners have long been accustomed to passing the quests that iOS developers never tire of coming up with. And those functions that seem elementary for Android owners, iPhone users raise a lot of questions. For example, you decided to sell your gadget, there is a logical question: “How to delete all the contacts from the iPhone?”. Android users will say: “It’s not that hard, just choose “delete all” in the settings and clear the contact list”. To which experienced iPhone users will only smile and go connect to iTunes.

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But we want to tell you how to delete all the contacts on your iPhone as quickly and easily as possible. We chose four the most popular, and most importantly legal, ways to do it.

delete, contact, your, iphone, phone

How to delete contacts (all at once or one at a time) from the iPhone: 3 ways

Sometimes iPhone owners are faced with problems whose solution does not seem obvious to them, despite the fact that it lies on the surface. So, some users find it difficult to cope even with such a simple task as removing contacts from the iPhone memory. Here’s a quick tutorial to help in these cases.

Delete multiple contacts from your iPhone or iPad using iCloud

If you’ve enabled contact synchronization with iCloud, you can also manage your contacts on without iPhone. Here’s how to permanently delete contacts on your iPhone.

Step 1 Open on your computer and log in with the same Apple ID that you used in iCloud on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2 Select Contacts, then select one contact, click the gear icon to click Delete. If you want to delete all your contacts, choose Select All Delete here instead.

Remove contacts one by one

In order to delete multiple contacts on your iPhone, you need to do a couple of simple steps, namely:

  • Go to the Phone app on your iPhone, open the Contacts list
  • Then select the name you want to delete, click on it, and you will get to the menu.
  • Click on the “Edit” button in the upper right corner
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “Delete Contact“.
  • Confirm the action by pressing the button again.
  • Done! You were able to successfully and quickly delete a contact from your iPhone.

How To Delete All Contacts On iPhone!

How to delete contacts from the iPhone in different ways

Hi there! Even such a simple operation as deleting contacts from the phone book on the iPhone, can still provoke some questions and cause some difficulties. No, it is easy enough to get rid of one number. you can do it with the standard means of the phone. Selected delete. It is elementary!

But if you want to remove all phone numbers at once? Or do a selective removal (for example, remove 50 out of 100)? Selecting and erasing one number at a time is very long, tedious, boring, and generally boring. Is there a decision to this problem? Of course! In this article, I will explain and show you how to do all these operations in almost two clicks! Intrigued? I’m sure we’ll see how it goes.) Let’s go!

How to delete contacts from iPhone?

Deleting contacts directly from the iPhone one by one is no longer easy. erasing them in groups is even impossible. The developers of iOS made every effort to ensure that users have to puzzle over how to delete numbers. Now we know a lot of ways. this article is about them.

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A user who has just switched from Android to iPhone will probably be surprised at how complicated and confusing the procedure for deleting a number on an “apple” device is. On an Android smartphone, you can simply call up the context menu of a contact and press “Delete“. On the iPhone there is neither a context menu, nor a delete button in a prominent place. The owner of the gadget will have to browse through the number book to find the necessary button.

We will simplify the task for the novice user and tell you how to erase the contact directly on the iPhone. In addition, we will describe methods of mass deletion of numbers that require special software.

How to delete contacts from iPhone?

The contact book of the new Apple iPhone contains only one standard contact, but if the phone has been used before you, it is likely that in the memory of the phone book there will be previously downloaded or recorded someone else’s numbers. These numbers are unlikely to be needed by the new owner, so he decides to erase all the contacts from the iPhone. Number stripping, as well as other, seemingly simple operations of this phone, has its own peculiarities.

There are two standard ways to remove numbers from your iPhone. one at a time, and the other, deleting the entire phone book. The first method under consideration will help to delete the selected individual contact:

How to delete a number from the iPhone? 1. Launch the “Phone” or “Contacts” application 2. Select the unnecessary contact

In the upper right corner, click “Change” 4. Scroll to the bottom, click “Delete contact” and confirm deletion

delete, contact, your, iphone, phone

How to delete all iPhone contacts? If you have decided to get rid of all phone numbers, it is easier to delete the entire phone book using iTunes: 1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone 2. Under “Devices” click on the connected device

Select the “Info” tab 4. Check “Synchronize contacts with” and select Outlook or Windows Contacts. Choose a program which is empty and has no contacts.

Go down below and in the “Extras” section, check the “Contacts” box

Press the “Apply” button and in the window that appears “Replace info”

After performing the above steps, iPhone will synchronize, after which you will be convinced that all contacts are gone and the phone book is empty. Now you can start to use the number book from scratch. You can follow instructions described in this material on any iPhone (3G, 3Gs, 4, 4S, 5)