How to delete contacts from your iPhone quickly

If you need to delete all the numbers from your cell phone, then:

  • Run iTunes on your computer. You can download this application from the manufacturer’s official web-site or any other free access. Connect the phone to a PC.
  • Open iTunes, find the Devices section. In this section you need to select your phone.
  • You need to go to the Information section, and check “Synchronize contacts with”.
  • Open the Add-ons section and select Contacts in it.
  • You will see a window in which you need to select “Replace information”.
  • Open your phone book, and make sure you’ve deleted all the numbers from your phone book.

How to Delete Contacts from iPhone and iPad Quick Way ����

If you want to keep some contacts in the cell phone memory, you will have to manually delete all other numbers.

It’s very easy to delete contacts from the iPhone phonebook. you don’t need any third-party applications, not even syncing with your PC via iTunes or iCloud is necessary. Consider a simple instruction:

Instructions are suitable for 6s, 7, 8, X, XS, XR models with the latest version of iOS operating system. With older smartphones, the appearance of the interface or the location of the desired buttons may be different.

Go to: Settings → Basic → iPhone (iPad) Storage. Wait a few seconds for iOS to load the list of apps with the size occupied. When the list of applications appears, select a candidate for deletion, click on the line with the name, then Delete program.

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How to delete a contact in your iPhone (such as 7 32G) correctly:

  • On your iPhone, find the Phone icon and click Contacts;
  • Find the desired number in the list that opens;
  • In the upper right corner of the screen, find: “Edit”;
  • At the very bottom of the actions presented, select “Delete contact”;
  • Confirm the command.

Deleting via “iCloud

If you need to get rid of several entries in the phone book, use the “cloud” service. iCloud will work if you authorized through one Apple ID on iPhone and PC. Follow the step-by-step instructions:

  • Reopen “Settings” on your smartphone and look for the iCloud section.
  • Log in by filling in. Press “Sign in” button.
  • Combine the data on your iPhone and in the cloud by clicking on the appropriate button.
  • Activate the “Contacts” slider.

Now put the iPhone aside for a while and work with your computer.

  • Log in to Log in again, but in the Vault.
  • Press Ctrl on your keyboard and hold, selecting unnecessary entries in “Contacts. The list will appear on the screen on the right.
  • Click on the gear at the bottom left.
  • A menu will pop-up where you should select “Select all” (if you want to clear all numbers) and then “Delete”.

How to erase all iPhone contacts via iCloud? (Restorable)

Deleting contacts one by one manually takes a long time. Sometimes you need to quickly delete all contacts in your address book on all connected devices. In this case, you can use iCloud method to delete contacts.

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Open Settings on your iPhone, tap your Apple ID at the top of the menu screen, scroll down, and select the iCloud. Slide “Contacts” to “off” and “Contacts” will become white. Select the “Delete from my iPhone” option when prompted.

All contacts synced to your iCloud account on your iDevice have now been deleted, and the deleted data will be stored for 30 days. You can restore your phone number within 30 days, if necessary.

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A quick way to delete all contacts is to clear the Contacts app. Click on Settings. Apps. Contacts (make sure you are in the All Apps tab). On the app’s information screen, tap Storage. On the next screen, click on the Erase data button.

In the Contacts app on, do any of the following.

  • Completely delete a contact: Select the contact in the “All contacts” list, then press the Delete key and select “Delete.
  • Remove a contact from a group: select the group in the left part of the window, highlight the desired contact and press the Delete key.

You inserted someone else’s SIM card into your smartphone; The number you are using previously belonged to someone else; You signed in with someone else’s Apple ID or Google account; You logged into your Telegram account on someone else’s device.

delete, contacts, your, iphone, quickly

How to delete contacts from Telegram online?

  • Log in to the Telegram Web;
  • Go to the Contacts tab by clicking on the three horizontal bars at the top of the screen;
  • Click on Edit;
  • Highlight the contacts you want;
  • Tap on Uninstall.

Deleting a specific contact from your iPhone

It happens when you need to delete one particular contact from our phone, that’s how to do it:

How To Delete Multiple Contacts On ANY iPhone!

  • Step one: go to the contacts app on your smartphone;
  • Step two: choose the contact you want to delete and click on it;
  • Step 3: In the window that will open, click on the “Change” button;
  • Step four: in the edit window, scroll down the slider. At the very bottom we see the “Delete” button. Tapping it will delete the contact from your phone memory.
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As you can see, it is very easy and even a child can manage the deletion procedure.

For clarity, here is also a video that describes this process:

Now let’s consider another way to delete contacts directly from the phone.

Clearing via iTunes

This method is very simple. To delete all contacts at once, you need:

  • run the software and connect the smartphone to the PC via a USB cable;
  • Click on the phone icon in the upper left corner and go to the “Information” section;
  • in the desired part of the page put a checkmark next to the synchronization and click on “All”;

This method will work if the options selected for synchronization, such as Outlook or Windows Contacts, do not contain any contact information. That means that all numbers on your smartphone will be replaced with an empty file.

How To Delete Multiple Contacts On iPhone and iPad