How to delete music from iTunes on your computer

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How do I delete music from the Apple Music library on my Android devices?

  • Open the Music app on your Android smartphone or tablet.
  • Click the Media Library tab.
  • Click and hold the album, artist, playlist, or song you want to delete until a pop-up menu appears.

Open the iTunes app window. Click on the “Music” tab, and then click on the “My Music” tab, which will display all of your music, whether purchased in the store or added from your computer.

In the left area of the window, go to the “Songs” tab, left-click on any of the songs, and then select them all at once with CtrlA. If you don’t want to delete all of your tracks, but only some of them, hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and drag your mouse over the tracks that will be deleted.

Right-click on the highlighted item and choose “Delete” from the window that appears.

How To Delete Songs From iTunes

Confirm the deletion of all tracks that you have personally added iTunes from your computer.

Please note, once you delete music from iTunes by syncing it to your devices, the music on your devices will be deleted as well.

There may be tracks purchased from the iTunes Store and stored in your iCloud cloud storage left in the iTunes Store list after you uninstall. They will not be uploaded to the media library, but you can still listen to them (requires a network connection).

These tracks can’t be deleted, but you can hide them so they don’t show up in your iTunes library. To do this, press the CtrlA shortcut, right-click on the tracks, and select “Delete.

The system will ask you to confirm that you want to hide the tracks, and you will need to agree.

In the next moment, your iTunes library will be completely clean.

Now you know how to remove all music from iTunes. We hope you found this article helpful.

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How to remove music from iTunes

How and what you use your iPad for? I think the answer to this question will be different for everyone, but most of the answers will be the same. One of them will be listening to music on your iPad.

To listen to your favorite songs on iPad, you must first “upload” them there. For many, even not very experienced computer users, it is not a big problem, the fact that this function is organized in iTunes, the whole process is described in the article: How to download music on iPad (including how to download music on iPad, iPhone, iPod without syncing). Here we’ll go over the reverse process of removing music from your iTunes library.

How to remove certain iTunes songs

#1. The solution to removing certain iTunes songs from your PC

Run iTunes on your computer.

Browse iTunes and find the songs you want to delete by checking the boxes next to your songs.

After selecting all the songs you want to delete, right-click on the song and you’ll see a drop-down list, as shown below. Select “Remove from Library.”.

#2. Solution to remove certain iTunes songs from your iPhone

Solutions are slightly different for Apple Music users and non-Apple Music users. If you’re an Apple Music subscriber, the following steps will remove songs from both your iPhone and your iCloud music library, which means songs on all your devices will be deleted. For non-Apple Music users, it will delete music from iPhones and other devices connected to the same Apple ID. The steps are as follows:

For Apple Music users:

Open Apple Music on your iPhone and search for songs from the app.

Pull up the delete option. If you’re using 3D Touch, browse the songs and open your options. If you’re not using 3D Touch, tap and hold the songs to open the options menu.

Select “Delete. ” as shown in the screenshot below.

Click “Remove from Library.

Note: Deleting songs from your iTunes library will automatically remove the download, but you can add them back into your iTunes library.


For non-Apple Music users

delete, music, itunes, your, computer

If you are an Apple Music user, repeat the steps (1 to stpe 4) mentioned above. However, it’s worth noting that if you purchased songs from the iTunes Store, you can go back to the iTunes Store, re-download the songs and restore them. But if you buy songs from other channels, they can only be removed from your iPhone.

Note: If you’re having problems with Apple Music, please check: Problems with Apple Music: here’s a fix!

Obviously, it may be necessary to delete all music or only some songs at once. Let’s look at each of these cases in more detail.

Deleting all music

  • Run iTunes on your computer and connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable or use Wi-Fi sync.
  • To delete music from the iPhone, you need to completely clear the iTunes library. We have already analyzed this issue in detail in one of our articles, so we will not focus on this point.

Selective Deletion

If you need to remove not all the songs from the iPhone via iTunes, but only some of them, you will have to do not quite the usual way.

  • This will require us to create a playlist that includes those songs that will go into the iPhone, and then sync that playlist with the iPhone. Т.е. We need to create a playlist with the exception of those songs we want to remove from the device.

How to delete songs from iTunes on iPhone / iPad / Windows / Mac

iTunes. is a large platform that allows users to purchase music, movies and other media files. If you no longer like the song or album, you should definitely remove the music from your iTunes library.

This is a good way to free up more space on your digital device. over, you can successfully get rid of these songs. However, some people complain that they can’t delete songs from iTunes.

To help people organize their iTunes library, this article offers a complete guide to removing music from iTunes. You can learn how to delete songs from iTunes on different platforms in the following paragraphs. It’s also easy to find and remove duplicate songs from your Apple music library.

Right-click the playlist you want to delete, and then select “Delete” from the context menu that appears. In the next moment, the playlist will disappear from the list.

Editing a playlist created on your iPhone

, Tap “Change”, then do any of the following Adding songs. Tap “Add Music,” then select the music. You can also tap and hold an album, playlist, song or video clip, then tap “Add to Playlist” and select a playlist.

The best way to remove songs from iTunes

To remove your songs from iTunes, an effective way is to use the iOS cleaner tool. Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner can help you easily remove all your unwanted music from iTunes. Not just delete songs, Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner can also clean up junk files, delete photos, and clear your iPhone. Now download this tool to your computer and follow these steps to start removing songs from iTunes.

After downloading, install and run Aiseesoft iPhone Cleaner on your computer. Then you will see the interface of this program. First, you need to connect your iPhone to your computer, and the program detects it automatically.

delete, music, itunes, your, computer

Once successfully connected, you can click and expand the Free Space option from the left pane of the window. Then choose Delete Large Files.

Find and select the songs you no longer need. Finally, click on the “Erase” button to start deleting your songs.

Remove Music from iTunes

Comrades, aspiring iPhone, iPad and iPod users, welcome to the waves of the iBobr project.Go to. Today we will learn how to remove music from iTunes. There are several ways to remove music from this program. We will remove all music all at once, but for those who want to remove only some songs, we will help too. Removing a song from iTunes is also very easy.

There is a section in iTunes program, it’s called Music, this is where all the music is stored which has been downloaded earlier. By the way, you can add music to iTunes just like you add video, but you don’t have to use QuickTime. To get to the Music section, in the upper left corner of iTunes, click on the Media Library context menu and select Music (as pictured above). For those who use the left side menu is even easier, select the Music section and see the entire music collection, which we are now going to delete a little bit.

How to remove all music from iTunes

If you’ve decided to completely update your music collection, take and delete all music from iTunes, keep the two quickest ways:

To use this method of deleting all music or individual albums, enable album sorting (the Album tab, just above the music).

  • Ctrl-click on all albums (or on some of them, holding down the Ctrl key)
  • Right-click on the highlighted albums and select Delete

The second way to remove all the music is to use any iTunes music tab. Songs, Albums, Genres, and so on.

  • Press “Edit” context menu
  • Click Select All (which highlights all of the music in iTunes)
  • Click again on the Edit menu
  • Click Delete

Using the first or second method of deleting music, iTunes will give you the following:

You do want to remove the selected items from your iTunes library? These items will also be removed from any iPod, iPhone, or iPad that syncs with your iTunes library.

Choose the. Delete Items button, and goodbye music. Even a child can delete music from iTunes, now let’s try to remove individual songs from iTunes.

How to Remove a Song from iTunes

If you do not want to delete the entire music library, but only want to remove some annoying songs from iTunes, choose one of the two ways:

If you sort music in iTunes by album, delete songs like this:

  • Click on the album with the boring song
  • Select a song, if you want to select several songs, hold down the Ctrl
  • Right-click Delete on one of the selected songs

One or more songs are removed from the album selected in iTunes.

For those who don’t sort music by album, but simply drop a bunch of music into iTunes, we suggest the following method of deleting individual songs:

  • Sort the music by song (Songs tab, see above). above)
  • Choose one or more songs
  • Right-click on the selected song
  • Select Delete from the list. Or you can press the Delete key on your keyboard after highlighting

As with deleting all the music, iTunes will ask you again:

You do want to delete the selected songs from your iTunes library? These songs will also be deleted from any iPod, iPhone, or iPad device that syncs with the iTunes media library.

Since we don’t need these songs anymore, clicking Delete Songs erases them from your iTunes library. Well, all with individual songs and all music sorted out, delete as you wish, but be aware that by deleting a song (or all music) from iTunes, the music file is not deleted from your computer, so if there is a song or album you no longer need, then remove it from your computer’s hard drive.

If you have forgotten where your songs are on your computer, you can check the path before deleting: right-click on the song in iTunes, choose Details, and a window will pop up, the Browse tab at the very bottom will show the path to find the music file.

In conclusion, we can recommend other removal instructions that will be useful to owners of iPhone phones, iPad tablets and iPod users:

Remember that when you sync music, the content on your iPhone or iPad is always replaced by the iTunes music content. So if you have deleted a song from iTunes, it will also be deleted from the iPhone memory after synchronizing the music.

How to delete all songs in your iTunes music library