How to delete the download history on Android

Tutorial for removing downloads on iPhone and Android quickly and easily

When you download a file from a website, it stays on your device until you delete it. Whether you’re using a computer or a smartphone, the amount of internal memory is limited, and you need to delete downloads on your device to make room. The iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac designs are completely different, so the methods for deleting downloaded files are also different.

While there is a guide for one operating system, users with multiple devices may want to learn about methods to delete downloads on both their computer and smartphone. If you’re a multi-device user, you’ll find our tutorial helpful.

How to delete search history on my Android phone

If you want to clear your search history on Android, you first need to access the Google search widget. Later, you will be able to clear your browsing history for any period of time on your Android phone.

Find “Accounts and Privacy”

Select the “Menu” icon next to the Google logo with three lines in the upper right corner. Later, select “Settings” in the left column. Select the “Accounts and Privacy” option under “Search and Now”.

Step 2. Activity management on Android

Then click “Google Account History” and “App and Web Search History” in order. You may see a new window pop up. At the bottom, select “Manage Activity.”. At this time, click the “Settings” gear icon and select “History“.

Step 3. Clear your browser history on Android

Then select “Delete Items” in the “History” section. You can select “start of time” and click “Delete” to completely delete all Google search history. Well, you can also choose other options.

Clear Browser History on Android

Total Commander

This is a popular program that replaces the standard “Explorer” in Windows. There is also a mobile adaptation for Android. Compared to the usual file manager, there are many useful features here. However, they will not be considered within the scope of this article.

Removing history from “Downloads” using Total Commander is as follows:

  • Install the application from Play Market. Launch it.
  • In Total Commander, find and navigate to the “Downloads” folder.

Unfortunately, in Total Commander there is no possibility of selecting several items to delete them at once.

How to clear history?

And if you don’t want to install any third-party apps, you can go to your phone’s file manager and then to the download options, just select the file you were trying to download, click and delete.

Clear your search history on Android

NOTE: all pictures are taken on your Samsung Galaxy a3 phone. you may have some differences.

To clear your search history, launch the Google search app, and follow the instructions below.

Tap the button marked with three lines in the upper left corner of the screen behind the Google logo.

The screen will open a number of different options. Go to “Personal Data.

Next, click on “App History and Web Search”.

Scroll down the screen and click on “HISTORY MANAGEMENT”

Now in the search, click on “Three dots” and select “Select delete option”.

Now click on “Today” (below “Delete by date”).

Now all that’s left is to select all the time and click “Delete“.

That’s it. your search history is completely cleared. Congratulations.

How to forget about the site in chrome?

To get to the clearing history menu, you can use the hot keys. Press the shortcut: CtrlH; if you need to go straight to downloads. then CtrlJ.

Where is the file manager on Android?

In order to run the file manager Android 6.0, you should open your smartphone settings app. In it, go to “Memory and USB”. There, find “Explore” which will launch the file manager.

The Android operating system uses a folder named Download for files downloaded from the web. The Download folder is usually located in the root directory of the internal memory available to the user. If the smartphone (tablet) is equipped with a memory card, the system may also create a folder for downloaded files.