How to delete the history of requests on Honor

Honor How to Delete or Remove Search Setting History

How to set up and enable Alice on Honor/Huawei

You can launch the voice assistant with a widget on the desktop, in the web browser itself through the settings, or with a voice command. Let’s explore the first launch option. via a browser:

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  • Press the three bars.
  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Activate “Voice Search”.

Setting up Alice on your phone is easy enough. In the settings it will be possible to activate the call function with a single phrase: “Hello, Alice!”. You can deactivate it if necessary. There’s also a feature that allows you to save your search history, use the keyboard, and turn on the content filter (especially useful for children).

Setting up offline searches

To configure the offline search, go to the options and activate the option.

The function under consideration is quite useful. Especially if your Internet connection is unstable. The program pre-loads the results of popular search queries. This allows you to use the browser even with a bad connection. But, such a function occupies a certain amount of memory in the device. take this factor into account when activating the option. Here are the settings in the assistant itself are even easier. It will be enough just to open a dialog box.

Click on the icon in the form of three dots. This will launch the settings window, where you can configure the assistant’s work. For example, to delete the history of your correspondence with the assistant, to get acquainted with the assistant’s features, etc.д. If you have any problems in operation, you can write to the developers.

How to set up caller ID?

In the future, the assistant will notify you of the number on incoming calls.

  • Open the myactivity on your Android phone or tablet.
  • In the upper left corner of the screen, click on the menu icon Show actions.
  • Scroll down the page to the list of actions.
  • Find the activity you want to delete.
  • To delete an action, tap on the icon
  • Open the Chrome app. on your Android phone or tablet.
  • In the upper right corner, click the History icon.
  • Select Clear history.
  • In the Time range line, specify the period for which you want to delete data.
  • Check the Viewing history checkbox.
  • Click Delete Data.
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Deleting a search history

Before clearing the search history in YouTube, there are certain peculiarities.

For example, a deleted request is no longer considered for recommendations. In addition, after complete data clearing, the service stops giving prompts. To erase all search requests, stop the “save” option before working with it.


If you’re looking for an option on how to delete your youtube history on Android, go to the mobile app, open your account, and follow these steps:

How else you can clear the history of views in YouTube on Android? There is an option to temporarily stop recording information that is found using the search engine. In this case, you should move the pause slider to the “on” position.”.

How to Uninstall or delete Hidden Apps / Delete Spying apps from your phone

If you need to delete a particular query on your Samsung phone, find it in the search box, in the list that appears, select the entry to be eliminated, click on it and hold until a window opens with the “delete” key.

Things are slightly different if you need to erase your history using the mobile version. In this case, you press the profile icon, go to the section with the same name, then opens the “search history“, press the clear key.

If you need to remove a single item on your iPhone, click the icon with three dots and activate the “delete in playlist” link.


How to delete history in YouTube on your phone, we have considered. Now let’s try to figure out how to clear the history on a personal computer. To get rid of unnecessary information, perform the following algorithm of actions:

  • go to the menu on the left side of the monitor, find the desired section;
  • Click the link “search history“;
  • To delete one request, click on the cross next to it. In order to clear all items, determine the appropriate item for this.

When there is a desire, you can not only get rid of queries in the YouTube search bar, but also interrupt their saving.

To perform such an action, select the sub-item which stops the saving of information on the computer at a later time. It can be activated or deactivated at any time.

How to delete the search history in YouTube on different devices, we looked at.

Press and hold your finger on an empty space on the desktop of your device and select [Settings] from the menu that appears. Now we need to find the item [Search Bar] and uncheck it. The search box will disappear even without rebooting the device.

  • On the screen, find the “Phone Manager” and run;
  • click on option “Clear Memory”, information about amount of free space and available for clearing opens;
  • press “Clear”, if you have nothing left to delete, go to “View free memory and cache”;
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How to delete search queries in Opera

In the “Tools” menu, select “History” or use the combination CtrlShiftH. in the “Name” list, click on the folder that contains the addresses of pages visited during the desired time interval. Check the web address and click the Trashcan icon in the toolbar. If you want to delete the entire period, select the folder and click “Delete“.

There is another way: in the “Tools” menu select “Delete personal data” and in the dialog box click “Detailed settings”. Tick the “Clear history of visited pages” and “Clear history of downloaded files” checkboxes, and then click “Delete.

To delete the URL of any website from the address bar, left-click on it and press the “Down arrow” key. Delete the address with the Delete button.

Deleting your smartphone’s browsing history

To delete the pages you viewed in the Google Chrome browser (mobile version), open the application and tap on the three dots in the top right corner. Select “History” from the popup menu.

Next, click on the “Clear history” button above the list of visits.

Select the checkboxes that you want to irretrievably erase and click “Delete data”.

How to delete the history

If you surf the web, your search history is stored in your browser. But users seek all kinds of information online, some of it not intended for prying eyes. When someone else uses your computer, they can find out what sites you’ve been to and what you’ve searched on the web by looking at your search history. The disclosure of individual information and its use is unpleasant for any user. Fortunately, every browser has a chance to delete your search history, which will protect you from attempts by others to control your actions.


If you use Internet Explorer 6, select “Internet Options” from the “Tools” menu, click on the “General” tab, and then click “Clear History.

If your browser is Internet Explorer 7, choose Tools > Delete Explorer History, click Delete History and then select Yes in the window that appears.

In Internet Explorer 8 select “Tools” under the menu “Delete Explorer Log” and in the window that appears, select “Log and “Web Forms Data” and click on the “Delete.

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In Firefox version 2 and 3 browser, select “Delete Own Data” from the “Tools” menu, where go to “Visit Log” and click “Delete Now”.

If you have Firefox 3.6 or higher choose “Erase Recent History” from the “Tools” menu, and in the “Clear History” window that appears choose the length of time you want to delete your history. Click on the arrow next to the item “Details” and in the list that appears select “Visits and Downloads Log” and “Forms and Search Log”. After that click on the “Clear now” button.

In Safari version 2 and 3 click Clear History in the History menu to delete your search history.

If your browser is Google Chrome, click the wrench icon in the upper right corner of the screen to clear your search terms. In the list that appears, select “Tools” and then tap “Clear browsing data. In the window that appears, select “Clear browsing history. Select “from beginning” from the top menu to erase your entire search history. Click “Clear browsing history”.

If you do not want the browser to remember your search history in the future. You can disable this in the App Settings. This will avoid periodic deletion of your searches.

Open the Google Account page on your computer. In the navigation bar on the left side, click on Data and Personalization. Under “Activity Tracking,” select Activity Tracking Settings. Under “App and Web History,” “YouTube History,” or “Location History,” click Automatic Erase.

  • Open the Google application. on your iPhone or iPad.
  • Click on the search bar on the Show all.
  • Click Clear Clear History.

How to Clear Browser Data on HONOR 7X – Erase Browsing History

  • Select the “Select Delete Options” option on the right side of the main menu;
  • In the menu, change the “Today” option to “All time.”
  • Next, click the “Delete” option at the bottom of the page;
  • Confirm your choice by clicking on “Delete” again.

Navigate to the Chrome menu on your browser toolbar.

  • Click Settings
  • Click Show advanced settings (below)
  • Under “Privacy” uncheck “Use predictive service to complete searches and URLs entered in the address bar”.