How to delete the program to find iPhone on iPhone

Application “Locator” on the iPhone. How to use

A phone without applications can be considered a useless gadget that can only call and send SMS. Each manufacturer adds to the device “filling” from the basic. For example, iPhones have their own unique applications- one of them is a “locator”. Consider all functions in detail.

The owners of the iPhone have the opportunity to detect lost devices from the manufacturer Apple, as well as track the location of friends and acquaintances. Previously, users received information using the “Find iPhone” and “Find Friends” application.

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However, iPhones and other devices with the iOS 13 operating system are arranged differently, new Locator software has appeared.

Consider all its functions in the format of “question-answer”

For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

No, the developers assure that the optimal functioning of the software does not need access to the network. Iphone finds lost devices and discovers people due to improved geolocation technology

Yes, you can track any Apple device even in a power out. Gadgets still continue to transmit encrypted data through an improved Bluetooth lex option. Your device will be able to decrypt information about the location, and you will find your tablet

Do I need to connect some function so that I can receive and transmit information from other Apple devices?

No, the application is built into the iPhone firmware, it works automatically without the intervention of the user. The developers say that a small amount of charging is spent on the application of the application and data transfer. However, in order to detect you, you will need to enter the so.Called Apple network (synchronization occurs via Bluetooth LE after connection), allow users to detect your device

What does the Find My iPhone function mean?

The Find My iPhone application allows you to calculate the coordinates of the iPhone, iPads on any version of iOS or poppies in any place. Be that as it may, the action of this is not always a necessity. This is, for example, about the sale of your favorite device. Having received an apple gadget in his hands, its new owner will be able to dispose of your personal information. This cannot be allowed. You will need a deactivation of the described application. After this kind of procedure, you can be calm for the safety of personal data.

Important! If you want to turn off the Find My iPhone before selling the gadget, it is best to destroy all the contents, deleting the account from the device. You will be sure that your confidentiality does not threaten anything and all Apple records about messages and contacts will remain exclusively in the cloud ICLOUD service or on your secondary devices.

How to turn off “Find iPhone

Turn off the “find iPhone” function in several ways. In any case, for deactivation, the option must be entered by Apple ID and password, without this, it is impossible to complete the shutdown.

Where to disconnect “Find iPhone” in the ICLOUD settings

Deactivation of this function can be performed in just a few minutes. The algorithm of actions is this:

  • First you should unlock your iPhone;
  • They go into the settings and here choose the item “ICLOUD”;
  • They scroll through the page to the bottom, here you need to find the section “Find my iPhone”. Here they transfer the toggle switch to an inactive position;
  • Further, the system will request data from the Apple ID account, as well as the password, they need to be entered into the appropriate fields;
  • Next, you need to confirm your intentions to turn off the device search function.

So that the settings are made more correctly, after the changes it is recommended to restart your mobile device.

After disconnecting the “find iPhone” option, the mobile phone should be treated more carefully, since with loss or theft to find it will be very problematic.

Through a complete shutdown ICloud

Icloud functions on apple devices provides for a lot. This includes synchronization of mail, contacts and calendar, reminders and notes, as well as photographs, documents and backup copies. ICLOUD also includes the “Find iPhone” option. All these options can be turned off partially or immediately. For a complete disconnection of all services, you must act as follows:

After deactivation of all iCloud functions, the “Find iPhone” option is automatically disconnected and the option. That is, in case of loss, it will be impossible to erase data from the phone remotely, and problems will arise with the search.

As practice shows, iPhones with the “Find iPhone” option are more often returned to owners. This is due to the fact that for another person such a mobile phone is just a useless brick, since he does not know the password.

Through the application

If the iPhone was lost or stolen and there is no access to it, then you can disable the “Find iPhone” function from any other device based on the iOS operating system. The sequence of actions is this:

  • On the desktop, the standard application “Find iPhone” is launched.
  • Enter their Apple ID and password.
  • Wait until the status of all devices attached to the account will be updated.
  • Find in the list of all devices the right one that should be removed, and move the runner to the left. The Remove button should appear on the right.
  • It is worth noting that only apple devices that are not connected to the Internet can be removed through the application, with offline status. If the iPhone is connected to the Internet, then the appearance of the delete button can not wait.
  • Confirm their request for removal. After that, the phone will be removed from the list and it can be restored through iTunes or Recovery Mode. Activation blocking cannot block the iPhone at the initial setting stage.
  • In normal condition, to restore data from a backup or deleting, you need to turn off the “Find iPhone” function, while this must be done on the mobile device itself. Without this, iTunes will not fulfill the request.

If the remote device is renewed to the Internet again to the firmware, then it will appear in the list of all available devices. At the same time, it will be active to block activation and the function “Find iPhone” will be enabled. That is why after removing the gadget from iCloud, it should not be connected to the Internet.

Through PC

The “Find iPhone” function can be turned off through the computer using the same name in iCloud.Com. To control the iPhone, you need to go to the official website and follow the instructions.

delete, program, find, iphone
  • You can go to the iCloud website from any computer or tablet connected to the Internet. Further, it is required to authorize in the system by introducing the Apple ID and the password that are tied to the iPhone.
  • In the menu located at the top of the page, you should click on the “All Devices” section and here select your smartphone, which requires the shutdown of the “Find iPhone” function.
  • Click on the section “Wrestle [your device]” and confirm their intentions.
  • Enter the password and click on the item twice further. After that, it is difficult to click on the button ready.

The request is put in line and will be completed immediately after the iPhone connects to the Internet.

It must be noted that after filling out all the fields and pressing the button, it is impossible to cancel the query to wash the data.

How to turn off “Find iPhone

To refuse to search for the device, it is necessary to remove it from the list of tracked. To do this, several methods can be applied, each of which is described later.

Where to disconnect “Find iPhone” in the ICLOUD settings

To make a shutdown in this way, you need to take the following actions:

  • It is required to go to the icloud section.
  • In the line “Find iPhone” you need to move the switch to the left.
  • Confirmation of this action will be required. To do this, you need to enter the password of the account in iCloud.
  • After that, the search function will be deactivated.

A notification of this will come to an email address, which is used as a login logo logo.

This shutdown can be made in another way. On the icloud service. To do this, it will be necessary to take such steps:

  • To enter the entrance, you will need to enter the Apple ID and password.
  • You need to go to the “All devices” section. You need to view the list and select the iPhone, Apple Watch or iPad, which must be removed from the list for search.
  • You need to click the “Delete” button.

After that, the function will be deactivated.

The deactivation of the function under consideration through iCloud is examined in detail in the video

How To Uninstall Apps On iPhone! (iOS 15 / iOS 14)

Through a complete shutdown ICloud

Deactivation of a function is possible by fulfilling a complete refusal to use iCloud. To do this, you need to take such steps:

  • Opening, it is necessary to scroll it down. Click the “Delete account” button.
  • A request will be made on the need to save or delete previously synchronized data. The user must choose the most suitable option for him.

Now all the functions, including “find the iPhone”, will be disconnected.

Through the application

The “Find iPhone” function is carried out on the phone running iOS using the same application of the same name. To use it to turn off, you need to take the following steps:

  • After the entrance, the main page of the application will open. Within a few seconds, information about connected devices will be collected. As a result, a complete list of such gadgets will be presented. For each of them, the “Find iPhone” function will be activated.
  • It is necessary to select a device from the resulting list from the resulting list. It needs to be held on it with a finger from right to left.
  • As a result, the disconnection button will appear to the right of the inscription. If you press it, then the possibility of searching for the device will be canceled. Before this, the user will be made a request for confirmation of removal. It must be answered in the affirmative.

Before deactivation, you need to make sure that the device is disconnected from wireless Internet and mobile communications. If this condition is not fulfilled, then the button that allows for removal can not appear next to the device.

This procedure for canceling the search function will be valid only until a gadget is connected to the Internet.

Through PC

The shutdown can be made from a personal computer or laptop. To do this, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Open any browser. Go to the page.
  • You need to enter both the login and the password of the account.
  • You need to open the menu “All devices”. It will list all the gadgets for which the search function is activated.
  • You need to choose the phone for which it should be disconnected. After click on the corresponding line, the page page will open. To deactivate the tracking function, you need to click on the icon “erase the iPhone“.
  • Before you turn off, the user will make a request for confirmation of the action. It needs to be answered positively.
  • It will be necessary to enter the password from the account to confirm the deletion.

When moving away from the list, the opportunity will be given a message to the device. Here you can specify the phone number for the call and enter any text. As soon as the device is connected to the Internet, the “Find iPhone” function will immediately be disconnected on it.

Disconnection of the function Find the iPhone on the device

If the iPhone is active and you have access to the settings, you need to unlock the device, select the iCloud item in the settings and at the very bottom click the “Exit” button. In order to disable it to find the iPhone, you will need to enter the password of your Apple ID account.

If it is impossible to enter the iPhone settings, then you can find an iphone through the official Apple website:

delete, program, find, iphone
  • Go to the site icloud.Com
  • Enter your account data (Apple ID and password)
  • Go to the “Find iPhone” menu item
  • Top, select the “All devices” tab
  • From the drop.Down list, select a device for disconnecting
  • Click the “Delete from Find iPhone” button (note that you need to click not to “erase the iPhone”, namely, “Delete from Find the iPhone”)

Depending on the settings of your account and the number of devices connected to it, the “Delete from Find iPhone” button may not be displayed and presented in the form of a cross next to the name of the device, or appear when clicking on the name of the device.

If for any reason you cannot disable find the iPhone on your device, you can use the services of our service center. You can read more about this in the corresponding section of our site: “Drilling from iCloud”.

How to deactivate a function

There are several ways to help you turn off the “Find iPhone” function. Which of them to choose depends on which device you are going to do this.

Ios for iPhone or iPad

The following methods are suitable for those who will perform all steps with iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

Through a complete shutdown ICloud

Through the application

The disadvantage of this method is that the device on which you turned off the function, when connecting to the Internet, activates it again. That is, in order to finally deactivate the function, you need to do this through the iCloud settings.

Through a computer based on Windows, Mac OS or through Android

For all these platforms, there is a single way to turn off the “Find iPhone” function. Through the official icloud website. The only thing you need is an Internet browser.

Ways to turn off the “Find iPhon” service

There are several ways to turn off the function both using a computer and directly from the iPhone or iPad device. For any of them you will need an Internet connection, as well as the login and password from Apple ID, to which the device is tied.

Please note: access to the network should have either a device from which a shutdown is made, or from the device that is unheated from the service. On the disconnected iPhone, the geolocation service should also be enabled.

Disconnecting by means of iPhone or iPad

This method assumes that the device is working, it has access to the operating system and to the Internet, and you also know the parameters of authorization of the account.

    Open the ICloud item in the settings of the device.

Disconnecting by deleting the accounting record ICloud

This method is best suited for the device, which must be given for repair or sell. At the output you will get a clean device without user bindings and data. You just have to delete multimedia files (music, photos and videos) and call history from the phone.

    Open the iCloud screen in the phone settings.

Refusal of the “Find iPhon” service using the same application of the same name

If the device is unemployed or there is no physical access to it, you can deactivate the search function from another Apple apparatus. Widget “Find iPhone” is available starting with iOS 7.0.

    Launch the “Find iPhon” application from the device desktop.

Confirm the removal. The phone will leave the list of conjugated devices, it can be restored, flashed and deleted by user data, having previously transferred to the DFU or Recovery mode. Be careful: with other recovery methods, activation blocking may turn on!

In a standard operating mode, in order to restore the device from a backup, as well as to erase content from its memory, you will need to turn off “Find the iPhone” on the iPhone itself, otherwise iTunes will not fulfill the request. And if the remote device is connected to the network again before restoring or updating the firmware, it will again appear in the “All devices” menu and activation blocking will turn on. After removing the device from iCloud, do not connect it to the Internet.

Disconnecting from the Internet browser of a laptop, tablet or stationary PC

To gain access to all iCloud service functions, it is not necessary to be the owner of the iPhone or iPad. ICLOUD website.COM is available from any browser, except the oldest. That is, almost any laptop, stationary PC and even an old computer can turn off the protective mechanisms of the “Find iPhone” service. To do this, open the Cloud website or go by direct link.

    Open the link https: // www in the Internet browser.Icloud.Com/#Find. Then enter Apple ID data.

As soon as you entered the Password to the Apple ID and pressed the “Ready” button. Rolling back will not work.

All the described methods will work only if you know the data for entering the Apple ID. Otherwise, even the device wiped through iTunes will not be activated.

Life hack: Search shutdown without a password of the Apple ID account

In iOS 7.0 Hackers found a loophole in protection, which allows you to disable the search service without entering the Apple ID password. This vulnerability was quickly discovered and closed, so you can use it only on iOS version 7.0, not higher. Roll back to version 7.0 from a blocked device is impossible, so the method is suitable for a very small number of devices, the owners of which ignored the installation of the proposed updates.

Functions of the application “locator

The first section of the program is dedicated to the search for people. In it you can find everyone who discovered access to their geopoli. To allow other users to see their location, you need to go to the settings, open the Apple ID. Family Access tab, find the function “Transfer of geopolition” and click. You can also share a location with individuals. To do this, it is enough to open a person’s number in the contacts and click “Share a geopolition”.

The locator also allows you to contact a person and send him a text or voice message. For this, the “Contact” function is intended. The user selects any number from the list of his contacts and performs the action he needs.

The Option “Route” shows the location of another person and paves the route to it. This is possible if both iPhone owners opened access to each other’s geopolit. The function is convenient in that it can build a route of different variations. For a car, public transport, taxi and walking, and will also calculate the approximate time of arrival.

The “Notification” tool sends the user a notification that the location of another person has changed. If the owner of the iPhone discovered access to his geopoli to others, then they will also receive a notification. In the same section, you can disable the broadcasting of your geodata.

The second section is “devices”. It contains information about all related user gadgets, as well as on devices of family members. Those who are provided with family access will be able to receive information about the location of the phone.

If the owner has lost the iPhone on somewhere nearby, for example, indoors, then you can use the function “play sound”. The phone will begin to publish a loud siren, it will not be difficult to find it by sound. The “Notification” function will send a man a notification if someone finds his phone.

You can also find the iPhone yourself using the option “Route”. She will build an exact path on the map to the location of the phone and indicate the approximate time for which you can pass or pass this route. In addition, you can enable the option “mark as missing”. In this case, the iPhone will be blocked, and its location will be easy to track. Only its owner can unlock the phone, so this method will ensure the safety of the user’s personal data.

If necessary, you can delete all the files from the iPhone using the option “erase the device”. This function is used in extreme cases. If the owner is important data stored on the phone, then this method is not recommended to use this method, since it will be impossible to restore files.


The functions “find iPhone” and “locator” noticeably simplified the life of lovers of “apple” gadgets. Now lost or stolen devices is not so difficult to return.

While the attacker racks his head how to unlock the found or stolen iPhone, you can start the application and see where your smartphone is located.

Of particular attention deserves the “offline access” option, which helps to track even the offset device.

Also, using the “locator”, you can use the functions of “parental control”. This will abandon third.Party applications, receiving the maximum capabilities of the company’s decision from Apple.