How to delete YouTube videos on your phone

What you can do with your videos and other people’s videos on YouTube?

If you’re just beginning to master YouTube, then you should know what manipulations are available with the content. Consider them:

  • Play. You can view your own and other people’s videos an unlimited number of times at any time of day.
  • Rate. To rate the content you can use two buttons below: thumbs up and thumbs down. By clicking on one of them you can give your opinion about whether you liked the publication or not.
  • Share. Send videos to your friends in one click: via messenger, internal chat, or social networking service.
  • Save. Videos can be saved to the internal player and viewed even if you don’t have internet access. But in order to do so, you must subscribe to YouTube Premium.
  • Save to bookmarks and “Watch Later”. This is convenient because you don’t have to worry about not having time to watch the recording.

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Getting rid of recordings using Android devices

If you’ve forgotten your account, password, or username, but you used to upload videos on your mobile device, you can try to delete the video from your phone. Go to the application.

Click the three parallel dots next to the desired video. An additional menu appears, where you will find the coveted “Delete” button.

Of course, if you forgot your password or username, it will be very difficult to work with the channel. Using your mobile device can be really inconvenient. Data needs to be retrieved. Talk to technical support, and here’s a link to help

In this article we will tell you how to remove unwanted content without breaking the law.

Contact the owner of the account

The easiest way to remove someone else’s video from YouTube is to contact the person who posted it. To contact the channel owner, go to his page, find the “About the Channel” tab, and click “Send Message”. Describe in detail why the video bothers you. The person will go along if you tell the truth. If he does not want to delete it for free, read the second method.


Present documents

Prove authorship in the video with your participation. Submit your passport to Support, and the clip will be removed from rotation. For legal persons deleting stolen content is just as easy: send documents, licenses and contracts following the same scheme.


If the video contains offensive scenes, mark it as inappropriate. In the additional window, by clicking the “” button, you will find “complain”. Specify the exact reason for the complaint, such as “violent or repulsive scenes” or “harmful or dangerous actions”. Earn plus points in your karma and wait while the service center deals with the problem.


How to remove someone else’s video from YouTube if there’s no good reason, but it’s annoying. An easy way to remove a video from rotation is to dislike it. a personal “fi” on the author’s content. If there are more dislikes than likes, the video is likely to be deleted. The tool works great when used in conjunction with negative Комментарии и мнения владельцев, raising a wave of protest among users.

Use a spam service

There are special paid spam services which artificially create mass complaints. On average, spam bots are generating up to 10,000 complaints a day. Even if the video doesn’t violate any of the hostings rules, YouTube will delete it without a possibility of uploading it again.

Get views

How to remove someone else’s video from YouTube using views? Easy! To protect its own reputation and the reputation of its users, YouTube blocks accounts with inflated bot views. By placing an order to fake views you’ll provoke deletion of your video for breaking the rules.

Put a Content ID

The last point is not exactly about content removal, but sometimes it’s better to prevent than to disable. Content ID is a YouTube copyright ID which protects video content from theft. Once connected to Content ID, content owners and creators automatically add their content to the database.

By comparing materials with those in the database, the system catches even stealing fragments of music or video and discovers copyright infringement. The author can decide the fate of a stolen video: block it permanently, monetize it, or limit its display on different devices and platforms.

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Sometimes it happens that complaining directly to the video doesn’t work. Letters to YouTube tech support, too. Appeals to the author. even more so. Affiliate program can help in such cases.

Every YouTube channel that is at least somewhat developed has an affiliate program. Sometimes, complaints and appeals to the affiliate program gives more profit. Provided that there will be a strong argument for removal.

How to remove YouTube videos from someone else’s channel? Ask. If a video on someone else’s channel ruins reputation or violates the rules, cite it. Media agencies, which give affiliate programs, are all about reputation. So they try not to break the rules. You can offer money. And if you just don’t like the video, then there’s no point in writing. In case of copyright infringement they will definitely delete it, by the way.

This was the ninth way how to remove YouTube videos from another person’s channel. There are more methods for deleting, but we won’t reveal all the cards.

How to delete someone else’s video from YouTube without a scandal and consequences

It will take time and patience to remove videos, because you have to act according to a removing strategy. Trying to put pressure on the author, building communications incorrectly, or just in a heat of passion, you can make a lot of mistakes, for which you’ll have a long time to pay with money, nerves, and reputation.

We are Digital Sharks automated online flaw removal service. Our experience tells us that in most cases, people try to solve the problem on their own by using black PR techniques and even hacking.

This is fundamentally the wrong approach. To successfully remove a video from someone else’s YouTube channel, you need to follow the rules. Let’s remind them:

  • You need a good reason for deletion. Nasty voice, inept editing or poor quality footage are not, because deletion is a long and costly process, which will not do without consequences.
  • YouTube is one of the most visited web sites. Any scandal at a site with a monthly traffic of nearly 2 billion users will instantly become public.
  • Removing someone else’s video means picking the blogger’s Even on small channels, content monetization is available to the owners.
  • Each removal has peculiarities that must be taken into account in order not to tarnish your reputation.

Twenty years ago black PR methods might have been effective, but today you can get fined for “throwing” negative feedback at your business opponent, and you can go to jail for DDoS-attacks. Therefore, you should use only legal methods. By the way, as our practice shows, they are the most effective.

There are three proven ways to remove videos from the YouTube channel:

Each method has its strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a closer look at them.

To negotiate with the author is necessary:

  • Know the motivation. The video is a consequence of the author’s discontent, expressed in a desire to restore justice and draw attention to himself, his problem. Understanding your motive is practically a win.
  • Draw a psychological portrait. Depending on your personality, experience and preferences, some writers may be easier to negotiate with than others. Our experience shows that you can come to an agreement with everyone if you know the right approach.
  • Know how to negotiate. Start your correspondence with your central argument and work your way toward a solution that works for both sides.

How to build a communication based on the number of subscribers to the channel:

  • If it is a small channel, as a reward for removal, the author can be given a discount or a souvenir.
  • You should ask the owner of the channel with an established audience to specify in personal correspondence the details that caused the creation of negative content and ask how to remove the video from your YouTube account?
  • The author of the viral videos needs to explain that innocent people. the employees behind the brand promotion, as well as their families. can suffer from a negative opinion expressed in public.

You can find the contacts of the author in “About channel” tab. Communication is an effective method if you have the necessary knowledge. Otherwise, the conflict will escalate and a new video of a negative person with the title “They tried to bribe/intimidate/fraud on me” will quickly gain popularity.

When contacting someone for the first time, it is important to be polite and show that the company is interested in resolving the conflict. Threats and insults will not help, and correspondence can become public in no time. Imagine what audiences would think of a company that uses blackmail and threats.

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Hello! I represent Furry Cats. We recently watched a video about our work posted on your channel.

We are very sorry that you have a negative impression of our work. I am interested in resolving the conflict so that similar situations do not happen in the future. How do I get in touch with you?? For example, in Zoom or Skype. As you feel more comfortable?

If the author doesn’t respond, there’s no need to insist and flood him or her with angry emails: “Reply! How to remove the stream from YouTube?!” It is better to pay attention to an additional means of combating negativity, namely neutralization.

It’s a valid measure for refuting negative opinion. It consists of creating and posting:

SEO promotion techniques are used to keep counter content at the top of search results. Sometimes enlisting the help of other bloggers and agreeing to participate in a talk show is better than wrestling with the question of whether you can remove a video from YouTube? Over time, the negative video will become a thing of the past, and its place will be taken by the counter content, created to maintain a positive brand image.

Filing a lawsuit is quite risky and does not provide any guarantees for a successful outcome of the case. Court is always publicity, which can be avoided if you negotiate with the author of the video and deal with the problem of how to remove someone else’s video from YouTube.

Litigation is long and expensive. There will be costs for a lawyer, notary and linguistic expertise. But even with the necessary evidence, no one knows what decision the court will make. Read more about this in the article, “How Courts Resolve Revocation Disputes”.

You can play by the rules of the site and contact the moderators by filling out a special form. Click the ellipsis below the video and choose a reason why the video should be removed.

According to YouTube rules, you can’t post content on the site that contains:

Since 2019, the site introduced a relaxation concerning copyright. Now when filing a complaint, you should not count on the author to remove the entire video. It’s enough to cut out content that is objectionable in terms of other people’s rights, and the video can stay.

If a video was deleted without the consent of the author, don’t hurry to rejoice, because this is an occasion to create new content. Imagine how many views a video telling about confrontation with a soulless company which is trying to silence a blogger by all means and by all means and who removes his videos from YouTube will get. Read more about this in the article “Delete this! Three examples of bad removing.

According to statistics, the greatest number of subscribers get bloggers who tell personal stories. Many set out to create content based on scandal and hype. Therefore, asking the author if it is possible to remove the video from YouTube remains the most likely way to resolve the problem and prevent negative consequences for your reputation.

How To Delete YouTube Videos (Easy) On Mobile (Android or iPhone)

Remove YouTube videos from someone else’s channel with a guarantee

What do you need: contact Reputation Agency.Moscow.”.

Is it possible to remove videos from YouTube? In each case, the solution is chosen individually. too many factors influence the task. That is why people often come to us after unsuccessful deletion attempts.

We do not have a magic eraser, but as of this writing, we have removed over 1.6 thousand. negative references. Clients kept confidential and their reputational issues resolved with assurance.

Think about this: there are generally accepted rules on the Internet. You can’t just delete a video without consequences. From the author’s point of view, this is theft and unnecessary proof of his own rightness. The most likely response to a rude action is a new wave of negativity. Same result with legal pressure and threats.

We do not hack accounts and do not threaten. Instead, we approach the people involved and negotiate. Therefore, our customers are confident that the old negativity will not return.

If you want to remove someone else’s video from YouTube without risk, fill out the “Ask the Experts” form. It’s on the right.

Let’s start the discussion by listing all the possible options. We won’t talk about special features, because they are only for someone with a disability. You and I, I hope, are not like that. If you have any physical limitations, I advise you to use the standard Google help and learn the special features. Let’s move on to the functionality.

If you are looking for a suitable program in Play Market, you probably noticed that it is impossible to find or download utilities with suitable functionality. officially the service prohibits the use of third-party “assistants” for our purpose. So it’s unlikely you’ll find suitable options in the app store. There is a way around this in any case. I know a few and want to share them with you.

  • “Desktop”. How on your computer you can use, you can go the same way on your phone, but it will be a bit inconvenient. Nevertheless, you need to do the following: we copy the link and paste it either into the Savefrom, or you can paste it into the address bar adding “ss” before “YouTube. In this case, you will be automatically redirected to savefrom.
  • TubeMate. In essence, this application is the same as YouTube, but with enhanced functionality. Allows you to choose the quality of the video and download multiple files at once. Among the pluses is the torrent tracker download algorithm. video is divided into four parts, which are downloaded simultaneously and then united as a whole.
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Remove YouTube from your Android device

Despite the enormous popularity of YouTube, available for use also on Android, some mobile device owners still want to get rid of it. This most often occurs in low-end and obsolete smartphones and tablets, the amount of internal storage which is very limited. We are not really interested in the original reason, but the final goal, which is to remove the application, is exactly what we are going to talk about today.

The full version of the site

Most often the owners of YouTube channels perform various actions with them, using the full version of the site on a computer or laptop, so we took it as the first method. As you know, there is a separate module called Creative Studio. All manipulations will take place there and there are two ways to get to it. First, let’s look at the more familiar.

    Go to the YouTube home page, where you click on your profile icon and select YouTube Creative Studio from the pop-up menu that appears.

The content will be deleted immediately and you won’t be able to access it using the link you have. Now it will not appear in search results and other third-party resources, where you previously left a link to it or directly mounted it in the shell of the site. In addition, note the second option to go to delete, which is directly through the video viewer page.

First, let’s talk about how to delete videos from your YouTube channel. If you have access to a profile, everything is simple. work through creative studio. The instructions will be below. If you lose access to your profile, do not worry, the problem can also be solved. We’ll talk a little bit about that too. I never get tired of repeating that between deleting and hiding content you should always choose the second one. If you don’t like the video, just hide it until it’s better. Perhaps you will like it again later. Otherwise the publication will be lost forever. And this is always a bad thing. But in that case you will lose likes, Комментарии и мнения владельцев, views under this publication.

Let’s move on to the algorithm of action. It’s very simple really. Logically. Irrevocable deletion will take you a minute at most, and even with a slow Internet. In general, I would advise you to hide unwanted videos from everyone, rather than irretrievably delete what you’ve uploaded. If you want to return the content, you will just need to change the privacy settings, and the views, likes and Комментарии и мнения владельцев will not disappear from under the video. I will use the algorithm below from the computer, because it’s much more convenient to work with the contents of the profile in this way, rather than from any gadget.

  • Sign into your account.
  • Click the avatar in the upper right corner.
  • In the dropdown list, click on Creative Studio. There are the basic settings of the profile.
  • Content management is one of the few parts of the profile available in the new interface. So it’s not necessary to switch to the classic version, just click on the “Video” tab.
  • Hover the cursor over the desired clip. A three-dot icon will pop up. Click on it.