How to detach an iPhone from another iPhone

How to get rid of someone else’s Apple ID on your iPhone

If you purchased a used iPhone with a registered Apple ID, you can get rid of it using the following 3 methods. Check them out and choose the one you want.

Delete your Apple ID with your Wner account

When you have purchased a used iPhone, removing the Apple ID from that iPhone will require the assistance of the previous owner.

Take your iPhone out, go to Settings [Apple ID] Exit, and ask it for a password to log out.

When the process is done, your iPhone will not be associated with any Apple ID, you can log in to your own ID on that iPhone.

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You can ask the owner to delete the device from this Apple ID via Show him/her the following steps.

Click All Devices, and select this iPhone from the drop-down list.

Step 3 Remove from your account

Hit the Erase iPhone button, the iPhone will restart in seconds. Then click the Delete from Account option icon.

Thus, this iPhone will be completely removed from the previous Apple ID.

Delete Apple ID with Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

Can you just get rid of the ID when the owner is not willing to help? Try Aiseesoft Screen Recorder. This is a professional iOS unlock software, thanks to which you can easily remove Apple ID on your iPhone without account password. You can simply achieve your goal by following a few steps without any tricks.

Here’s how to remove someone else’s Apple ID on your iPhone.

Step 1 Download iPhone Unlocker to your computer

Step 2 Launch it and select Delete Apple ID.

Once you run the program, you will see the 3 main functions of the interface.

  • Wipe password: erase locked screen for locked or disabled iDevice.
  • Delete Apple ID: remove the associated Apple ID on your iOS device.
  • Screen time: reset the restriction password on your iPhone / iPad.

Here we need to Delete Apple ID.

Step 3 Connect your iPhone to your PC

Use a USB accessory to connect your device to your PC, make sure you have a stable connection.

Step 4 Delete ID

Click Start to delete your Apple ID, there will be 2 situations here:

  • If Find My iPhone is disabled on this device, pressing Start is the last thing you need to do. Unlocking the iPhone will automatically remove the ID and you just need to wait.
  • If Find My iPhone is enabled on this device you need to turn it off first. You can go to Settings General Reset Reset all settings on your device Reset the settings on your device will turn off Find My iPhone. Then you can click Start in the iPhone Unlocker to remove the Apple ID on your phone. But this only works on devices running iOS 11 or earlier.

With 4 simple steps, your iPhone will not be tied to any Apple ID, you can log in to your account and use Apple services without any problems.

There is no tool to help remove Apple ID from iOS 15 or later iPhone when Find My iPhone is enabled in the theme. But there is a tool that can help you lock your previous Apple ID and allow you to log into your account on that iPhone, Tenorshare 4Mekey.

The program is designed to bypass the iCloud activation lock on your iPhone, and can also help you easily get rid of someone else’s Apple ID without a password. You will be able to log into your Apple ID on this iPhone using 4Mekey.

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However, Tenorshare 4Mekey will jailbreak your iPhone to break the connection between your Apple ID and Apple’s server, which will disable SIM-related features on your iPhone. Your iPhone can’t recognize the SIM card, and you can’t make phone calls, send text messages, and use cellular data in the subject. But you can still connect it to the WI-FI network and download items from the App Store.

Alternatively, if there is an Activation Lock on your iPhone 4Mekey can also help you bypass this. That way you can access that iPhone.

If the results are acceptable, you can download the program and start removing the Apple ID on your iPhone.

Delete your Apple ID using the iCloud Keychain

You have a chance to get a password to log out of your Apple ID, even if it’s not your account. But to get the password, make sure the Keychain is in iCloud. You can go to Settings [Apple ID] iCloud figure out.

As long as the key fob is on, we can use the locked screen password of this iPhone to reset the Apple account password. Then you can use a new password to log out of your Apple ID.

Go to Settings on your device, then go to [Apple ID] Password and Security, then tap Change Password, here you need to enter the passcode on this phone to enter the password change interface.

After entering the password, you can set a new password.

Now that you have a new account password, log out: go to Settings [Apple ID], scroll down and tap Logout. Enter your password to turn off Find My iPhone, tap Logout then. Wait a while, and the ID will be completely removed from your device.

Ways to unlink

The basic rule you need to remember is that if you have found or purchased a device that subsequently locks and asks for account information, you need to know that information in order to unlock it.

There is no other way to unlock other than entering your original activation credentials.

It’s mostly related to the Find iPhone function. As soon as the user activates it online, Activation Lock is automatically activated and the device starts asking for activation data when unlocking/rebooting.

You need to turn on the Find iPhone function if you lose your device in order to prevent your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

Not so long ago, when buying a smartphone from Apple from hand, the buyer was recommended to check the Activation Lock function on it, so that the seller could not lock the device remotely for fraudulent purposes (for example, extortion of money for unlocking). There was even a special algorithm for checking.

This verification was done by IMEI, allowing the buyer to protect themselves from scammers, as well as indirectly check if the device was stolen. But since 2017, the possibility of such a check has disappeared. Apple has disabled the service, arguing that it increases the likelihood of hacking attacks on devices.

How to completely wipe the account in iCloud

Sometimes users not only need to unlink their iPhone from the cloud service, but also need to delete their account, for example, if they will no longer use products from Apple or have registered a new account, and in order not to duplicate them, decide to erase the old data. Luckily, Apple anticipated this and provided all the tools you needed to remove your ID on your own. What you need to do:

  • The whole process is done on the official website of the corporation in a separate section. From your tablet or computer, go to and log in with the ID you want to delete;
  • Once authorized, you need to scroll down the page to “Delete Account”;
  • Click this tab, confirm your agreement to delete your account. This will generate a 12 character code that you can tell the support team, for example, if you change your mind within 7 days. This is very important, especially when someone else has decided to delete your account. If you don’t tell them these details, your ID will be completely deleted in a week!
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About uninstallation methods

It is important to understand that there are several options. It all depends on the situation. Nowadays there are only a few ways to unlink a profile. Namely:

These procedures allow you to permanently get rid of your Apple ID. In addition, you can simply relink the profile to another email. This procedure will free up e-mail for a new account, allowing you to keep your old one at the same time.

There are several other ways to remove an Apple ID. About them we will tell further. In fact, all of the techniques listed above can help bring your task to life.

Disadvantages of Apple ID

First of all, it is important to clarify that the mobile version of Apple has the most advanced security system.

This technical solution is designed to prevent theft. Owners of the latest gadgets have less reason to worry about losing their own device.

There really are fewer stolen devices on the secondary market, but the “ignorance” of some sellers eventually leads to the fact that the real owner of the equipment is facing a complete locking of the iPhone after the OS (operating system) update.

If there is no way to contact the seller or the support service, the device becomes relevant only as source of spare parts.

After all, unlinking your Apple ID from your iPhone without knowing your password is simply impossible.

To get a full-fledged “tool”, it’s important to remember to unlink your phone from your compulsory iCloud account, and not to forget to turn off the “Find Phone” option.

How to unlink iPhone from Apple ID methods of unlinking the device

Bind “apple” devices to the cloud service iCloud to unlock all the features. This service allows you to back up your smartphone or tablet to avoid losing data on it, lock it remotely, and download games and software from a special store.

If you sell it, lose it, or have it stolen, it’s highly recommended that you unlink it from your Apple ID. In this article, we’ll look at how to unlink your iPhone from the previous owner’s Apple ID and provide detailed instructions with variations of methods.

How to disable synchronization between two iPhones

Users who have multiple iPhones usually use the same account for two devices. On the one hand it is very convenient, because all the information is synchronized between the gadgets, that is, if you install a program on one smartphone, it will immediately appear on the second one. On the other hand this duplicates the information about the calls, messages, and many other things that can cause confusion for the user. This article will review the methodology for disabling iPhone sync between gadgets.

Options to disable without a password

It is not difficult to delete the Aicloud account for the iPhone owner, as he knows the credentials. If the phone was taken out of hand and the previous user did not leave the service, the new owner will have to do it himself.

Also the phone can be found and will need to be deactivated for further use

In most cases, the problem is solved in the service centers, which can solve it in a few thousand. But there are also free ways to remove your device from iCloud.

Disconnect via iPad

The option will work for Apple phones and tablets. The main thing is that the version of the operating system is 7.0-7.0.6. They have a vulnerability that allows you to remove iCloud.

  • Go to settings. The button is on the desktop.
  • Find and click on iCloud. You need to pay attention to the line “Find iPad”, which will be activated. You will not be able to deactivate it at this stage, because the system requests the password.
  • Choose “Delete from”. You will see a window asking you to enter your login code. Need to cancel action.
  • Go to the line “Account”.
  • Erase password and enter random characters.
  • Press “Done”. The device will display an error and inform you that you have set an invalid password. You need to confirm this and press “Ok”.
  • Choose “Cancel”.
  • Perform deletion again. This action will also be disabled.
  • Click on the account and erase the description.
  • Press “Done”.
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Warning! If the actions were performed correctly, the line “Find iPad” will be disabled

Now you need to click on delete and select the device from which it will be done.

Disconnect via Support

This method is useful for users if someone has forgotten their Apple ID password. In this case it is better to contact technical support. The conversation is recorded and at the first stage a robot will talk, which will redirect to the first-tier manager, after that there is a redirect to another specialist.

User needs to explain the problem. The specialist will ask for a scan of the purchase receipt.

Important! Without the original receipt, the company will not unlock the phone

The user can ask the retailer where he bought the phone and go to that store. Managers can run the number of the device and print the receipt of purchase. This is the one you should send to the support specialists.

After a few minutes, an employee will contact the user and tell them to fill out the form and send it back. This is the so-called permission to unlock the gadget.

Next, a notification of acceptance of the application and deadlines will come. Appeal is considered within 10 days. After that, device will be activated, the user can link to a new account

Unlock via merchant

If he still has a username and password, he can unlink the iPhone from iCloud. You can do it through the computer:

  • Go to the website by following this link.
  • Enter the username and password, click on the right arrow.
  • Select the inscription: “All devices. On the screen will appear the devices that are linked to the account.
  • Select the desired gadget and click on the cross near it.
  • Confirm deletion.

A new user can now enter their login details to the cloud storage

Full account deletion

If you want to create a new iCloud account, then it’s best to delete all personal data on Apple’s servers. A complete account deletion will delete all personal information about the user without returning. All purchases from Apple products and services will be void. The iCloud cloud will also be cleared.

To start the process of deleting the account, you need to go to the Apple website to the special section “Data and Privacy”. First, you need to log in to your account and answer a few questions. Next, choose “Delete account”.

The deletion process consists of several points:

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  • Specifying the reason for account deletion
  • Agreeing to the terms of deletion
  • Email address for accompanying information

After that, a code consisting of 12 digits will be provided. This code is your last chance to opt out of account deletion. It will take up to seven days to confirm the request.