How to dial an extension on your iPhone

Extension and tone mode

Every company or government agency has an extension number in addition to the main number. When you call an organization, the bot on the line asks you to “dial the extension in tone mode or wait for the operator to respond”.

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Tone mode

There are 2 phone modes: Impulse. It was on the old disc phones and made shortcuts on the telephone line, where the number of pulses repeated the dialed digit. This mode is hardly used nowadays. Tone. Installed on all modern devices and used automatically. The tone mode is a two-tone, analog, low-frequency signal. It helps the user to dial phone numbers quickly and comfortably. Operator services are also supported in tone mode. How to set the phone to tone mode?

In modern devices the tone mode is connected automatically.

If you hear from the robot on the line that you need to enter an extension in tone mode, do the following: Open the keypad with a dial. Enter the extension number.

There are also exceptions, when the tone mode may be disabled or the keypad does not work, then do the following: When calling a number, open the keypad with a clock face. Press the “plus” or “star” button, on some devices the button should be held for 3 seconds. The tone will be turned on, you can dial the extension.

To switch to tone mode for the touch-tone phone, press for a few seconds “star” or “plus”, then the device will switch to tone mode. Then dial the number.

If the tone mode is switched off on your device, enter the settings of dialling or calling, there turn it on.

Extension number

An extension number is an “internal” company number that is assigned to each department of an organization so that you can quickly reach them.

This is what the extension number will look like if you enter it before the call

Department extensions are usually listed on a company or organization’s website in the “Contact Us” section. They will be written in parentheses or after the comma next to the main number. If you do not find this combination, call the company’s main number and wait for an operator to answer. The extension number is used for the convenience of both company employees and the customer. No need to memorize many numbers of different departments and call the right department through several employees.

How to dial an extension on the smartphone?

We figured out what the tone mode is and how to connect it. Now to learn how to enter the extension number that the robot on the line asks for.

So: Enter the number you want and listen to the answering machine again. We know that the phone is already in tone mode, so we listen to the robot next. If you know the company or organization’s extension number, enter those digits and wait. If the numbers don’t work, press the asterisk or the plus sign and try again. You will be switched to the correct line, wait.

To enter an extension, you will need to open the keypad if it is closed, there is a separate button for this. Do not reset the call. Just make sure that the phone screen is turned on.

On a pushbutton phone, the steps are similar. Hold down the “star” or “plus” for a few seconds, dial the extension, wait.

To save an extension on your cell phone

On many cell phones you can save an extension. This feature is useful if you call the organization on a regular basis.

How to save an extension on your phone: First, enter the default phone number. Press the “star” or “plus” key. A comma after the number appears. Enter the extension number. Save contact. Now you will always call with an extension.

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This article describes what to do on newer smartphones. Note that older phones may not support this feature. So, you have to enter an extension number again and again.

An extension number means that after dialing a phone number, you can use the extension number of a specific employee to quickly reach him or her. It is possible to use extension numbers both from mobile and landline phone.

  • To call another city from a cell phone while in Russia, you need to dial 7 (city code) (phone number) or 8 (city code) (phone number);
  • To call another city in Russia from a landline, you need to dial 8 (city code) (phone number);

Improve Interaction with Automated Calls!

Although we used a certain medical center as an example above, you can similarly create a contact to call and bypass automatic requests for your bank, utility company, favorite shopping mall or any other place with an automatic helper.

If you have any problems with your cable set-top box, you may have to call your cable company often to get help resetting it. But you can create a special call contact to toggle between menus until you get to the cable set-top box reset option. For example, 7770-0194,,2,,3,1,,3,7 can get you right to the place you need to go.

The options here could be endless, but keep in mind that companies are capable of changing their automated call handling systems at any time. If your dialing scheme no longer works, you may have to rebuild it using new call menus.

How to dial an extension number on your cell phone

ProfiComment Magazine welcomes you! We are glad to offer you the step-by-step instruction on how to dial an extension from a cell phone and a landline.

But first, it’s worth spending a few words on what an extension is and why it’s needed. To do this, you just have to imagine a simple, classic picture. For example, a company office a la “Telephone” with many employees. Each employee is an individual specialist who can give advice in only one area. For example,

Katya, Masha, and Ivan work, as already mentioned, in the company’s office a la “Telefon”. The company number is 123-45-67. If you need to reach Ivan to ask him “How do I fix my phone?”, Ivan has his own extension number that you can use to reach him.

By the way, we recently published an article on how to find a person on a cell phone in case your phone is already in someone’s possession.

If you don’t know the extension number, you won’t be able to get to Ivan. To find out what Ivan’s extension number is, you either have to go to the company’s website or ask the administrator at the main phone. In any case, we hope that you have figured out what an extension number is. Now let’s look at how to dial an extension on a mobile device step by step.

Most often an extension is specified in brackets next to the main number in the contact section of the company’s site. Or, when you call a company’s support, an answering machine prompts you to dial an extension.

You can dial an extension manually while calling the necessary service, or in automatic mode, which is available on modern smartphones and other mobile devices.

How to dial an extension on your iPhone

Not all iPhone users are aware of the fact that the standard dialer of their smartphone allows dialing extension numbers. Thanks to this simple, but frankly hidden feature, the time spent on calls to extensions, for example, when calling customer support or a specific department of the company can be significantly reduced. How to dial an extension on your iPhone is explained in this quick tutorial.

How to dial an extension on your iPhone

In order to call to the extension number from iPhone, it is necessary to dial the main number and then press the asterisk. It is necessary to hold down the asterisk until a comma appears in the dialing line. After the comma, you must enter the extension number and press Call.

Note that you can insert more than one comma in a number. Each comma will add a two-second pause while dialing. This allows you to make the right call in case there are several superscript numbers.

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How To Add a Speed Dial Icon To Your iPhone Home Screen

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Many of us have been in situations when, when contacting a company or an institution, the necessary specialists or departments need to be contacted by an extension number.

There are two ways to do this. The first way is to dial the main number and after connection to enter the extension on the virtual dial pad of iPhone.

If you know the extension number, you can enter it directly when dialing the main number. Dial the number, press the asterisk icon and, without releasing your finger, wait for the asterisk to change to a comma and then enter an additional number or numbers, similarly separating them with commas.

What you need to dial an extension

In the tone mode the phone calls the subscriber by transmitting a signal on a specific frequency, where each digit has its own frequency.

Phones with an extension subscriber began to appear because of the expansion of Spectra services offered by telephone equipment manufacturers. It is now possible to install a mini-automatic telephone exchange in the office of any company, which will have the main number and several hundreds of extensions, which not only provides telephone communication for all employees of the company, but also makes their work more orderly, logical, and, ultimately, more productive.

Modern mini-PABX are hi-tech products, which, with some programming and settings, allow to work without operator’s participation, automatically dialog with subscribers, offer them to connect to one or another subscriber.

We will have to learn and use the following additional communication service. To make it simple and understandable, it is necessary to imagine a fairly simple algorithm of the telephone network, where there are additional subscribers. The main subscriber is one, and the extensions are assigned either directly to a particular employee, or, more often, to a particular function.

The most remarkable example, perhaps, can serve any major phone company, such as MTS, Beeline, Megafon, etc. д. When you call any of these companies, you will hear an answering machine tell you where you have called and offer to dial one of the extensions, depending on the purpose of your call. In addition, it will offer you to wait for an operator with whom you can talk “live” and who has more authority than the answering machine.

Knowing the additional “call sign” of a particular employee, you only need to ask the operator to connect to this additional “character”. The same communication systems are installed in all major banks, large public institutions, public utilities, etc.

The cell phones that we use are already in tone mode, i.e. е. We don’t need to switch to the tone mode on the phone, but we can press a number on our phone as prompted by the operator or the answering machine. In some cases it is necessary to press the “star” or “pound” button. You will be prompted by the operator or the auto operator of the subscriber you called.

How to dial an extension on iPhone: advices, instructions

Speaking about the organization of a corporate telephone network, we should mention Fixed Mobile Convergence FMC service, which allows uniting mobile and landline communication. This allows our employees to receive calls on their cell phones that are coming to the extensions. Many companies provide this service. For example, FMC SIM-card from 1ATS can be connected or other cities.

If everything is clear with the reception of calls to extensions, then there is a question: how to dial them on a cellular phone. Owners of Apple smartphones are also interested in the solution of this problem.

How to switch on the tone dialing on the phone

It was already mentioned above that on modern devices the tone mode is set by default, but in phones with a touch screen the keypad is not always lit. Besides the operator can ask the interlocutor to transfer a telephone to a necessary mode, it means that the setting has not been saved in a telephone.

So the user needs to know how to display the keypad on the cell phone screen. When you press the call button and hear a dial tone, press the soft key, which will turn on the onscreen keyboard. After that press or. All. DTMF mode is active.

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The owner of a touchscreen phone should pay attention to the options available as you make the call. Sometimes the transition to the tone mode is carried out through them. During a conversation or listening to information, we press the item to enter the number and enter the desired combination of buttons.

This combination must necessarily be specified in the user manual of the device. If these recommendations do not help to put the device into tone mode, it means that it is infected with a virus or there are problems with the firmware. In this case the owner should contact the service center.

At the moment we know the two main options for dialing. pulse and tone. Many users wonder what the tone mode of the phone is

, and how it differs from the aforementioned pulse mode. Let’s try to understand this and also focus on how to switch our phone into this mode. There is no need for this. Because this mode has nothing to do with the applications.

What is the tone mode in the phone??

If the pulse mode is activated on our device (which appeared before the tone mode), then during the number entry we hear the characteristic sounds like clicks. In contrast to it, the tone dialing is accompanied by sounds of different pitch, which are more melodic.

The tone signal is an analog multi-frequency 2-tone signal that is used to dial a number. It is also often designated by the abbreviation DTMF. This mode is often used in answering machines (when manually entering after voice prompts) and in automatic communication between devices.

So we have understood what the tone mode of the phone is. Now let’s understand how we can switch our device to it.

How to put our phone in tone mode?

Usually our device can be switched to this mode by pressing the special switch (T/I) or the symbol There are, however, also exceptions, because some devices are switched in another way.

If we use a landline phone, it depends on its model. For example, on Panasonic devices, the DTMF translation can be done by pressing the following combination: “#” without quotes. One way or another, the specific combination of keys can be specified in the manual to the phone.

Let us add that you can reduce the dialing time from your home machine, not only by removing the. but also having programmed it in a certain way. To do this, you need to use the instructions for the device. As a rule, programming leads to the fact that when you press a certain key, the device itself dials the PIN-code card and a given access number.

If we are talking about a cell phone, you usually do not need to put it in this mode, because it is already in a default tone mode. However, if for example an answering machine is required when calling the customer service line, it is advisable to read the instructions or use the “” symbol without quotation marks.

A cell phone can also be programmed. We can set our own speed dial buttons, using a single key to call a specific caller. Pressing it starts the dialing. It is allowed to set multiple speed dial keys at the same time.

Often when calling a Support or hotline call a subscriber is urged to switch to a tone dialing. As a rule, it happens when trying to call a multichannel number that involves pressing numbers on the handset to confirm the selection. To understand such nuances is not difficult even for the beginner.

How to dial an extension number on the mobile device correctly

You can make a call using an extension number. How to do it correctly?

Extension telephone number is a digital combination consisting of four characters. They are called extension numbers because they are in addition to the main telephone number of the company. The extension number will allow you to redirect the call to a specific specialist.