How to disable fn on HP notebook

What is the “Action keys mode” option in the BIOS setup?

The F1 to F12 keys on the laptop keyboard perform different functional tasks. And they are usually different in each program. If you press these same keys in combination with the Fn button, you can get to various system services without much mouse manipulation.

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Sometimes you need to disable the “hot” buttons. How to do it? Let’s explore together.

The first way

On many laptops, you can turn off Fn by just pressing a certain key combination. It usually happens by accident and the user thinks that the Fn-key is broken, but in fact it is just disabled.

Enable/Disable Fn/Function key HP Laptop window 10

Turns on and off most often by pressing Fn and Esc at the same time. Look at your keyboard, if you see a padlock on the Esc key, the Fn key is probably disabled/enabled.

Press the f10 key to display the BIOS setup menu. Select the Advanced menu. Select System Options. Select or clear the Launch Hotkeys without Fn Keypress checkbox.

However on some laptops you need to press the FnNumLock shortcut to activate the Function key, after that other hotkeys combinations will become available. Instead of FnNum Lock you can use FnEsc (if there is a small padlock on Esc key) or the special FnLock button.

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Press f10 to open the BIOS setup menu. Select the Advanced menu. Select System Options. Check or uncheck Launch Hotkeys without Fn Keypress.

  • Right after turning the notebook on, press F10 or Esc (depends on the device) to enter BIOS. Try!
  • Now you need to find the “System Configuration” section, which has the “Action Keys Mode” item. There you will select the “Disabled” option.

However, on some laptop models to activate the Function button you need to press the combination FnNumLock, and then other keyboard shortcuts will be available. Instead of FnNum Lock you can use FnEsc (if there is a small padlock on Esc key) or the special FnLock button.

  • Enter BIOS (press Esc, F2 or Del key at the moment of device starting).
  • Go to the Setup Utility.
  • Find System Configuration menu.
  • Turn on the Fn option (Action Keys Mode tab).

Select the Advanced menu. Find menu Device Configuration. Use the left or right arrow keys to Enable or Disable the fn-key switch. Press f10 to save your settings and restart your computer.

Press FN and CAPS LOCK at the same time to turn on the FN lock on the All in One Media Keyboard. To disable the FN lock, press FN and CAPS LOCK at the same time.

However, on some laptops you need to press the FnNNumLock combination to activate the Function button, after that other hotkeys combinations become available. You can use FnEsc key combination instead of FnNum Lock (if there is a small padlock on Esc key) or a special FnLock button.

  • So, when you enter BIOS, you will need to go to the “SYSTEM CONFIGURATION” tab, where using the arrow keys and Enter to open the “Action Keys Mode” menu.
  • Select “Disabled” in the context menu that opens, confirm and save your changes.
  • Access to BIOS (the way to enter BIOS in Windows 7. Windows 8 / 8.1. Windows 10 ).
  • In the BIOS menu select the “Configuration” tab.
  • Select the “Hotkey” mode and set it to “Disabled”.
  • Save and exit the BIOS menu (press F10 and then Enter).
  • Access the BIOS. Press F8 or another key while booting up the system (depends on the notebook brand).
  • Select the “System Configuration” tab.
  • In the “Action Keys Mode” item select “Disabled.
  • Save your changes.
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Why the FN-key does not work on the keyboard

If we exclude the possibility that the FN button does not work because of a mechanical failure, we can assume two possibilities. problems with Windows or problems with the BIOS. The most common causes of failure are as follows:

  • The specialized notebook drivers, some of which are responsible for the function key, are not installed on your computer. The most frequent problem is encountered by users who reinstall Windows and add drivers from the set, where the software for different hardware is installed. This problem can also occur if you install drivers from the disk, but, for example, they partially or completely do not support the operating system on which they have been installed (most often it is Windows 10);
  • For the functioning of the FN-key on your computer requires the installation of specialized software from the developers of the laptop, which must always work in the background mode. If this software is not running, the FN button will not perform its functions;
  • Changes have been made in the BIOS that disable the FN key. It is worth noting that the ability to disable the FN button through the BIOS is not present in all laptops.

There are a lot of laptops from different manufacturers. The ways to solve the problem with a non-functional FN key will vary from notebook to notebook. Below in the article, we provide basic algorithms for actions that will help fix the situation on laptops of popular brands.