How to disable headphones on Samsung TV

Rules for connecting wireless headphones to Samsung TVs

Fans of watching films on Smart TV at night are very useful for the connection of headphones, otherwise even at low volume most likely the sound from the TV will wake up households. Wireless or wired headset offers direct transmission of audio from the sound source. Over, the manufacturer of the devices is not important, the headphones are suitable, both from Xiaomi, Huawei, and Getlux or Apple Airpods. It’s time to go directly to how to connect the headphones to the LG Smart TV TV (similar actions are applicable to the rest).

Since I have a Philips TV (Philips 43Pus7150/12 on Android TV), and I successfully made it with my JBL E45BT headphones, I will first tell you about this platform.

Important! I have no way to check the connection on the Sony TV. But, since Sony also uses Android TV as the Smart TV platform, I think that everything will work. I hope they did not make restrictions on connecting Bluetooth devices.

Go to the Android TV menu and at the very bottom, select “Wired and Wireless Networks”.

Next, turn on Bluetooth and select “Search for the Bluetooth device”.

TV will give a message that you need to turn on the device and put it at a distance of up to 5 meters. Turn on our headphones and press the “Search” button. Headphones should be in connection mode. Bluetooth blue indicator should blink. If it does not flas it, then most likely you need to press and hold the power button, or a separate button with the corresponding icon.

The TV should see our headphones. Choose them and click “Connect”.

Next, you need to select the type of device. Choosing “headphones”. And I had a message that “connected to JBL E45BT”.

The sound from the TV began to sound through the headphones. You can manage them in TV settings. Point “Removing the device”. There you can turn off, or remove the wireless headset.

After turning on the nutrition of headphones, the sound from the speakers of the TV immediately goes to them. When I turn off the headphones. Built.In speakers sound.

They figured out these TVs. If there is something to supplement, or there are questions left. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.

How to remove Bluetooth?

To connect various devices to the TV: headphones, headset, laptop, smartphone, wireless speakers, etc. D., You need to do the following: enter the “Settings” menu. “Sound”. Select the Bluetooth headgirling item.

Is it possible to reset the settings to the factory on TV samsung

On many TV models, the reset of settings is carried out in the same way as turning off the vocal tips. For this you will need a control panel.

We pick it up and follow the following recommendations:

  • Press the buttons in turn: Info. Menu. Mute. Power. Last button. Turning on/off power;
  • A small menu will appear on the screen on the left, where you need to select the “Option” item;
  • In the next window on Samsung, select “Factory Reset”.

The TV will turn off for a while. Then it will turn on again. Now you need to check if the sound has appeared. And also enter your account Samsung. The reset of settings will delete all your previously performed settings and set parameters in the device. If you downloaded the applications in TV, they will also be removed. If these actions did not lead to the expected result, like deactivation of voice tips, you must contact in support. And ask for help.

How to fix a TV that does not show a picture?

Disconnect the power cord from the digital box, wait 30 seconds, and then connect it again. Wait for the box to turn on again, then look if the image has returned. If this does not help if the HDMI cable is connected to the TV, try HDMI’s handshake.

Weakened compounds, damaged cables or inactive power sources are a probable cause of the problem on your TV. Your TV can be configured for the wrong entrance. Make sure your TV is tuned to the correct entrance to avoid this problem. Firmware update problem: your TV screen can be black due to outdated firmware.

What to do if the Bluetooth Hbiles are not connected to TV?

Despite all the actions, the headphones did not connect? We recommend trying:

  • We bring the headphones closer. Especially relevant in cases where the TV does not find them.
  • Try to connect other headphones. Not all models of Bluetooth gang support syamsung synchronization. The devices of one manufacturer are best working. If another headset works, the problem is in headphones.
  • Reset the settings of a wireless adapter. For this, the button on the case is often provided. After such an action, the connection should be improved.

These are 2 main ways to connect a wireless headset that should work on almost all Samsung TV models. The reader can only choose his own method and implement it.

How to disable voice signals

Sound signals accompany you during navigation by menu and when adjusting the volume. You can turn on or change the volume of sound signals in the TV menu.

Settings can be opened using a remote control or on a panel on a TV housing.

Connecting bluetooth headphones with Samsung Smart Tv without any adapters; secret menu; EXCLUSIVE!

If there is no way to turn off the function with tips on TV, click the “menu” button on TV, then select “General” from “Special Functions”, then follow the menu items. Your native names will tell you everything.

In extreme cases, you can restore the factory settings of the TV, alternately pressing the information buttons, menu and shutdown of sound. After alternately pressing the buttons, the menu will appear. Click “Options” and select “Reset of settings to factory values”. After that, the TV will be turned off for a while. It will be necessary to make the first call and check when you enter your Samsung account. After resetting the settings, the list of previously entered settings will be deleted.


Samsung 4K UHD TVs provide good video quality, but there are additional settings that can even more improve the image quality for TV shows, sports, films and games. Here are the best image settings for a 4-kilobyte TV Samsung TV.

The following refers to most LED / LCD TVs Samsung and QLED TVs. The appearance of the screen menu, stickers and options may vary depending on the model of the model and year of release.


Before starting

Before using the image settings on the Samsung 4K UHD TV TV to get the best impressions from viewing, check the following:

  • Accommodation on television: the TV should be located so that you can look directly at it. It should not be placed where the user must look up, down or at an angle to the screen. The farther from the center you look at an angle, the brighter the colors will be, and the contrast will decrease.
  • Lighting the room. Light from windows or lamps from the side and front of the TV will be reflected from the screen. Even on models that can have an anti.Reference or anti.Reference screen of the screen, the image will not look very good if the light falls on the screen. Models with a curved screen additionally distort reflections. Light that can be muffled or off, or curtains and curtains that can be drawn, help improve a television image.
  • Choose a home mode for TV. During the initial setting, you may be invited to choose “Home or retail”. Home or retail “or” Demonstration mode of the store “. (Demonstration mode of the store). The demonstration mode of “retail/repository” is set for maximum image settings, as a result of which the image is too bright with rich colors and contrast, which is better for car dealerships.

You can also access the home mode of the Samsung TV through the system settings of your TV, performing the following actions.

    On the television Samsung Smart Concentration Mediator Settings “

Intellectual image settings

If you have a Samsung 4K QLED TV, Frame or Serif TV, there may be two options that automatically adjust the image quality.

Intellectual mode

The TV is able to recognize and analyze the room and use schemes to provide you with the best viewing impressions. The intellectual mode can be turned on or off.

Adaptive brightness

The TV automatically regulates LED backlight using external lighting sensors that analyze the level of illumination in the room.

How To Connect Bluetooth Headphones To Samsung TV

Adaptive brightness may not be supported by certain modes or applications, for example, the “Environment” and “Game” modes (discussed below).

Predanations of the image mode

In addition to intellectual modes (or if your TV does not support them), all 4-kilobyte Samsung TVs are available additional pre-installations of the image mode, which can improve the quality of the image for both the video and the film sources.

Image pre.Installations may vary depending on the model of the Samsung TV and the selected input source (HDMI or analog).

  • As shown above, select “Settings”. In the “smart center”.
  • In the settings, select a photo.
  • Dynamic: higher levels of contrast, brightness and sharpness are used. This settings should be avoided, but in the case of its use, it is best to use in natural light or in light rooms.
  • Standard: provides acceptable viewing of video and video sources and usually turns on when the TV is first turned on. It is suitable for most viewing conditions, and also meets Energystar requirements.
  • Natural: a more restrained appearance than the dynamic and standard modes described above, which reduces eye fatigue.
  • Film: This preliminary installation provides an appropriate level of brightness, contrast and color temperature for films. It is darker than Dynamic or Standard, and provides a warmer color temperature. This is the best preliminary setting of the image for use in the darkened rooms of the cinema. Video mode also disables any additional processing, so films retain a cinematic sensation of movement.

Special viewing modes Samsung

Samsung offers special viewing modes on its 4K UHD televisors.

In the image settings menu, select a special viewing mode.

The following options are available in the category “Special viewing mode”:

  • Sports mode This setting provides the best preliminary image setting for sports and other rapidly moving content. A brighter image with a lower color temperature is displayed and a faster motion reaction is activated. Sports mode also activates the sound mode of the stadium.
  • Game mode: This mode is the best option for setting an image for gamers, as he turns the TV into a low delay mode. However, a slight degradation of video graphics quality is possible. To activate the game mode requires a connected game controller or console. When the game mode is turned on, you may need to disconnect the game console from the TV to switch to other devices connected to the TV.
  • HDR mode: available only on 4K TV models supporting HDR. HDR-coded contents of compatible sources (such as Ultra HD Blu-Ray and selected streaming content) automatically activates HDR function on TV. If HDR is turned on, the TV regulates the brightness and contrast of HDR-coded content to make objects more clear.

What to do if the sound is missing on the TV?

There are several ways that can help turn on the sound on the TV. Start with the most banal and gradually move on to more complex options. Most likely everything should earn at one of the stages.

disable, headphones, samsung

Exclude banal reasons

First of all, you need to check that the problem is not in the randomly pressed Mute button. Soundless mode. To do this, use the remote control and press the button with the symbol of the speaker on it, most likely the cross will be located nearby. There is also a chance that the batteries or the remote control itself failed. A more reliable option is to use the keys on the case, one of them should be responsible for the sound. They are usually located below.

Another situation in which the sound may not be, comes down to problems on the channel itself. We recommend switching to another TV channel, check a few of them and start some application (relevant for Smart TV).

Often, random malfunctions of the operating system cause problems with sound, they can be corrected by rebooting the TV. It is advisable to let him stand in the off position for about 5 minutes (first remove the fork from the outlet). Did not help? We recommend trying to reset the TV settings to factory. We can do this in the “Settings” in the section “Help”, “Security” or similar. Often the item is located inside one of the latest categories.

We analyze the volume settings on all devices

If the matter is not in sound mode or channel, the second stage will be checking the volume.

  • Volume on the TV. If only a couple of divisions are set, the sound may be practically absent and there will be no reaction to the Mute key. Try to press on the remote control or on the housing button.
  • We study sound parameters on external audio devices. If the sound on the TV is displayed through a home theater, we recommend checking the volume and there. Similarly with headphones, wireless sets, columns, etc. P.
  • We look at the settings on the computer. This is a more difficult issue that requires a detailed consideration.

Provided that there is no sound on the TV when connecting via HDMI from PC, it may be in Windows parameters. Here’s what you need to do:

  • View sound settings in the program (browser, player). We check the sound parameters in the application through which audio is reproduced. There we look at the volume and make sure that the soundless mode is inactive.
  • Learn the parameters of the volume mixer. Click with the right mouse button on the speaker (right below), select the “volume mixer” and check that the sound is not removed for some separate application.
  • Make sure that the device is used to play sound. Through the “control panel” we go into “sound”. Here we select the device and press the default key. Better. We go into the “properties” of the device in the same window and on the “Levels” tab, check the volume.

We check the correctness of the connection

In order for the sound to work properly, you need to have the right idea of ​​how to display the sound to the TV. In particular, you should understand which connectors to choose. If we are talking about HDMI, then it is worth connecting to the entrance where there is an inscription in. The same is true for tulips (RCA Jack), 3.5 mm. This designation indicates that it is an input used as a signal source. On a computer, a game console or another device, on the contrary, you need to use a connector with a symbol of Out (if any).

We are certified in the performance of the cable and connectors

It also happens that the matter is not in the system settings, but in the cable or connectors. If there is damage to the wire (usually it can be found visually), most likely the matter is in it. We also pay attention to the connectors, they should not stagger from the slightest movement, and the plug is obliged to enter quite tightly. We recommend moving the entrance, if poor contact, noise should appear or sound will even break through. This is the right signal that something is wrong with the entrance, plug or cable.

Indirectly, this is indicated by the appearance and disappearance of the sound in an accidental, absolutely unpredictable way. We recommend using another cord.

Physical malfunctions

The last category of problems is associated with breakdowns of various boards, processor and other components that are responsible for the work of sound. Here we will not offer correction, since everything is individual, almost always we have to contact the service center.

Connecting headphones

If the connector is not difficult to find, then many people get to connect the headset itself the first time. This is due to the certain features of this process.

It is not difficult to connect wired headphones to the TV. We stick the wire into the connector and that’s it. But with wireless ones you often have to tinker, especially if you do it at random. Then you will have to wander for a long time on the open spaces of the television receiver. Therefore, it is better to use this article and understand how any headset is connected to Samsung TVs correctly.

Wired headphones

As already mentioned, the process of joining wired headphones to the TV passes simply. We find a connector from behind, stick the wire. The sound went to the headphones. The only thing is inconvenient to do regularly. Firstly, the nest can get out and then you will have to drag Telik for repairs, and secondly, many users have TVs in a dense wall, which does not allow you to get a ill-fated connector.

In this case, a special device can help. A “digital converter”, which will have to be connected once to the TV, and all subsequent times install the wired connection with it directly, and do not climb for TV.

Or there is a second solution that is even easier and more convenient. The use of a wireless headset.

Wireless headphones

There are a lot of wireless headphones for the TV. Different in appearance, convenience and method of connecting. However, the species in question, in a priori, should approach any TV. But not in the case of Samsung. The company specially made so that buyers grab the original products, and not buy a competitors’ headset. For this, all Samsung TVs have the opportunity to join only their own products. How to connect a headset via Bluetooth, consider below.

What to do then with the rest of the wireless headphones, because I don’t want to buy a new headset because of a new TV. There is an exit. You can purchase a Bluetooth transmitter with which you can connect any wireless headphones. These transmitters differ only in the number of connected devices, from which the price is different.

How to connect to Smart TV system?

The most modern Samsung TVs (5-6 episodes) have a built-in SMART TV function with a Bluetooth module equipped. Connecting headphones to TVs with a Smart TV function is carried out according to the principle: