How to disable headphones on your Xiaomi phone

There is water in the headphone jack, or the Xiaomi phone has been in an environment with high humidity for a long time

Rarely a user closely monitors what is happening inside the headphone jack for Xiaomi smartphone, and it is quite large, inside can get a variety of particles, from dust to dirt. And if in a normal situation, they are not able to cause contact closure, but if the device has been in an environment with high humidity for a long time, or if water gets inside, it will happen.

In this case, the phone will activate the headphones and the sound will go into the jack, although nothing is connected to it.

If water is the cause, the only solution is to dry the phone when it is turned off.

Modern Xiaomi cannot be disassembled at home without special tools and with a guarantee that nothing will break. So turn the device off and put it in a warm, dry room.

Do not put the smartphone on the battery, on a surface exposed to direct sunlight, and do not warm it with a hair dryer, this will lead to damage, and in the worst case to the explosion of the battery.

You can blow Xiaomi with a hair dryer with cold air for a while, but not longer than 15 minutes.


It is most effective to let the smartphone rest on the shelf for a day, if, of course, there is no water inside. If water has seeped inside the case, you need to turn off the power and give it to a repair shop as soon as possible.

Pairing headphones with your phone or laptop

How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Xiaomi phone:

  • Disable Bluetooth on the smartphone;
  • repeat the synchronization procedure (take the headphones out of the case, press and hold the buttons simultaneously, wait until the devices find each other);
  • when only the white light on the main. right. earpiece is lit, you can turn on Bluetooth on the smartphone and start searching;
  • in the list of found devices select Xiaomi AirDots R (the right main headphone), and you can listen to music.

How to delete pairing

If necessary (again, as part of the trial run both headphones at the same time) pairing with the phone can be canceled. To do this in the device itself (smartphone or laptop) with headphones turned off you need to start Bluetooth, find Xiaomi AirDots in the list and delete the record. After that. turn off Bluetooth on your phone/computer, turn on the headphones, and perform a reset (the buttons on the headphones need to be pressed and held for at least 10 seconds).

The reasons why the smartphone hangs all the time, can be associated with mechanical damage to the phone or with software failures. If the Xiaomi icon does not retract, then the user should remember what his actions could have provoked it. To deactivate the mode, you will need to examine the causes of the problem in more detail.

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A mechanical problem

If the phone is frozen, it is recommended to examine the technical condition of the smartphone. The most common mechanical reasons why the headset icon won’t go away include the following:

  • Liquid in the socket. This usually happens if you use the phone outside in rainy weather. Also happens when the user takes the phone into the bathroom. Moisture quickly penetrates all the connectors and causes the contacts to short out.
  • Dust entering the jack, which clogs the contacts, so the headphone icon does not disappear after disconnecting the wire.
  • Dropping the smartphone. As a result, the phone simply does not recognize the disconnection of the headset. To solve this malfunction on your own will not be possible, you will have to go to a service center.
  • Oxidation of individual phone parts. This happens after prolonged use of the smartphone.

Software problem

Xiaomi headphone icon may not disappear due to technical glitches in the software. When the phone has not been exposed to mechanical effects, the causes of hang-ups are determined by software problems:

  • The operating system glitches for a long time;
  • Hanging smartphone programs, so the phone does not see that the headset cord has already been removed;
  • The media player that plays music malfunctions, so the icon lights up after you turn off your headphones.

How to remove the headphone icon on your Xiaomi phone

Sometimes smartphone owners, often with the Andoid operating system are faced with the following problem: at the top of the screen displays a headphone icon, although there are no headphones in the phone jack. This situation can cause a lot of inconvenience, because in this case the phone speaker does not work, because it thinks that the headphones are connected, and the caller will not hear you or you will not hear the other party during the conversation.

There are several reasons for such behavior of your smartphone, and in this article we will review the most common ones.

The first reason. the headphone jack is clogged, or moisture got into it. To do this, carefully try to clean the hole from mechanical impurities, and in case water is found in it. put the smartphone in a bag with rice. Rice draws out all the excess moisture, and after a while you can check again the presence of the indicator on the screen.

The reason may also be a failure of the device itself, for example, a failure of the speakers or the connector itself.

There are also several methods for solving such problems.

If you find that the headphone jack itself is badly damaged, you need to contact a service center for its replacement.

If the problem is software, then the first thing to try is to reinsert the headphones in the socket, and remove them.

If there is no reaction, then move to the next method, which is to turn on airplane mode. On your device, activate airplane mode for about a minute, then turn it off and check if the icon is gone from the screen. Such a procedure disables all communication modules, which in some cases may affect the appearance of this very icon.

If this method does not help, then try simply restarting your device, in most cases this will help remove the icon. If this does not help, then you can download a special application. the switch, such as HeadSet Toggle. It switches the sound from the headphones to the speakers and vice versa.

A final option could be a factory reset, but it is recommended to resort to this only in extreme cases. If all of the above methods have not helped, it is definitely worth contacting a service center for diagnosis. A specialist after its implementation will be able to clearly say whether the problem is software or mechanical, and will offer you suggestions for solving the issue.

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Headphone Icon Stuck ? Fix It || Indian Digital Touch

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How to remove the headphone icon on Xiaomi (Redmi) from the status bar

Xiaomi (Redmi) smartphone users sometimes find that the headphones are not connected to the phone on the wire, and the icon on the panel does not disappear, and what is worse, the sound goes to the headphone jack and you do not hear it. Why this happens and what to do about it. the answers in this article.

I should note that it is possible to remove the headphone icon on Xiaomi, but you should find the reason for its occurrence. Most often it is a dirty jack, getting a lot of dust, dirt, sand or water in it.

The jack, in addition to the contacts that provide sound to the headphones, has an additional element, the closure of which signals the operating system that the headphones are connected and the sound is automatically transmitted to them. When you pull out the jack the contact opens, Android realizes that they are disconnected, and the sound goes to Xiaomi’s own speaker.

So if you can not remove the headphones on the phone. the first thing to check the jack for dirt or other foreign objects.

In rare cases, the headphone icon can be a software error, this is the easiest option. restart your Xiaomi, and it will disappear.

How to remove the headphone icon on Xiaomi?

Everyone can encounter this problem: the user was just listening to music with headphones, took the headphones out of the socket and hear no sound from the speaker, while in the status bar there is an icon of headphones, which means that the device believes that the headphones are connected to it, although this is not true. The problem is common and can be both mechanical and software. Where to start?

Redmi Note 9 Pro Headphone Symbol Problem Solved

Most of us carry a smartphone either in a or in a bag. Most often smartphone connectors are not protected from dust particles or other microfragments, which causes the problem. In this case it is necessary to clean the plug.

What to do if the icon for connecting the headset does not disappear. In this connection the phone starts to “glitch”. The problem can be solved in the following way:

Important! If you are not sure if you can do it yourself, it is recommended to go to a repair shop.

Today’s devices are top-of-the-line gadgets. Gone into oblivion are the push-button devices, which assemble and disassemble like a construction set. Practice shows that opening the case of the smartphone, made outside the workshop, leads to the failure of the device, the appearance of irreversible mechanical damage, malfunctions.

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It is not safe to use a hair dryer on your device. Modern smartphones are full of plastic parts, so there is a great chance of melting when you “blow” them with a hair dryer in one direction from the top.

Any manipulations with the software should be performed by professionals. If the phone is based on the Android platform (it uses the principle of open-source software encryption) most users don’t know how to configure the operating system for the first time.

The principle of open architecture. a conditionality, as in the device there are a large number of systems and applications, there are numerous nuances that must match each other to work correctly.

Untrained user will not be able to cope with the settings.

How to turn the speakers on, if the headphone icon in Samsung can’t be removed

Inexperienced users can be intimidated by the method of disassembling the phone. The device may be brand new or under warranty. In this case, do not unscrew and remove the covers. The repair service option is also not the best, since you have to go to the store where you bought the device. To issue a device under the warranty card for service repair. In this case the application for headset control in the phone can temporarily help. Namely to remove the icon of connected headphones.

It will help turn on or off the headset or headphones that are connected to the phone. Try installing it and disabling them programmatically. After launching Earphone Toggle click on the virtual switch.

About the effectiveness of this method say the Комментарии и мнения владельцев under the application in the market.

disable, headphones, your, xiaomi, phone

If you find it useless, try resetting your Samsung smartphone. You can find the instructions on YouTube.

Due to the fact that this problem is quite common among cell phones with Android, there are other applications in the Play Store, which can be created for your brand. Use the search to see if these applications exist.

disable, headphones, your, xiaomi, phone

Causes of the error

Hanging of the headphones icon in the status bar on Xiaomi can be caused by either a mechanical failure, or a software malfunction. You can try to solve both problems at home.


A mechanical error occurs when the phone is physically impacted. It can be a bump, getting wet or falling from a high place. For example, getting water, dust or dirt in the jack can cause a false response, so that the phone will try to identify non-existent headsets and will show the icon of headset connection.

If the error occurs immediately after physical effect the cause of the problem is mechanical. You can try to fix it yourself, but it is better to apply to a service center, so as not to damage the device more.


Software error is caused by failures in the operating system: old OS version, outdated/custom firmware, viruses, unwanted apps, and so on. This kind of problem is easy to fix by yourself unless you need to reflash the device completely.

Often the hanging headphone icon is caused by a glitch in the music player or radio app. Here are the ways to remove the icon.