How to disable iTunes on iPhone paid subscription

How to check and disable subscriptions on iPhone

If you are the owner of an Apple smartphone, be ready for sudden write.Offs. Applications from the App Store work only if there is a paid subscription, which do not disappear after 1 month, but continue to write off until the subscriber is compulsory forcibly. This category includes Apple Music, Apple News and some others.

Instructions on how to find subscriptions in iPhone or iPad:

  • Go to “Settings”.
  • Enter “Apple id”.
  • Click on the “Subscription” tab.
  • Choose the right application. The amount of payment for using the application is displayed here.

If management is not available, check what ID this time entered. In addition, there is a chance that the subscription is not framed through Apple, but through a third.Party supplier. Here is a different way to check the subscriptions on the iPhone and disable unnecessary write.Offs.

Disconnect the auto payment via the App Store

We will learn how to disable automatic applications on the App Store in the iPhone:

  • You need to go to the App Store store;
  • Select the identifier at the bottom, side;
  • Item “View information”;
  • Click on the section “Management”. “Manage”. “Subscriptions”;
  • Use available parameters for canceling automatically. If payment is removed, but it is not on the list, contact the company representative.

Disconnect subscriptions via the App Store

If you do not want to look for the necessary settings, then you can use the capabilities of the App Store app store itself. In this case, the instructions on how to disable paid subscriptions on the iPhone 10 will be different:

  • Go to the App Store app store.
  • In the upper part of the screen, find the avatar of your account. Click on it.
  • Go to the “Buying” item, and then open the list of subscriptions.
  • Select from subscriptions the one you want to refuse.
  • Click on it and at the bottom of the screen find the item “Refuse”.

This method will save you a little faster from unwanted subscription. In this case, you can delete any service connected to the application store.

Is it possible to refuse subscription to iTunes ?

Often users ask how to turn off through iPhone iPhone a paid subscription. This can be done even without access to the device, just know the Apple ID and connect to your account. The instruction for working with the program is as follows:

  • Select in the ITUNES menu item “Account”;
  • In the falling list, press the line “view”;
  • Enter your account using Apple ID;
  • Click on the link “view”;
  • All account data will appear in front of you, scroll them to the “Settings” section;
  • To the right of the “Subscription” link, click on the “Manage” button;
  • You will have a list of active subscriptions of your account;
  • Select the service that you want to refuse;
  • Use the available parameters for managing it: change the tariff plan or completely refuse to use the service.

Fixed: Your Account Has been Disabled from App store & iTunes!

If you have already used other ways to turn off the paid subscriptions on the iPhone 5 (or any other version), then the cancellation button can be inactive. This means that the fee for extending the subscription period will no longer be removed from you. You can also find a record that the use of the service is suspended from a certain date. This happens if payment has not passed for the subscription from your card. In this case, it is worth lifting it.

After the subscription cancellation, you will see the date to the right, to which the use of it will be available. After the onset of this date, access will be closed and will not try to take funds for extension from you.

How to cancel the subscription to the application in the iPhone if the money has already been written off

What if you paid for the subscription in the application by chance? After all, it happens that the subscription was paid by mistake. For example, if the smartphone fell into the hands of a child or scammers. Fortunately, you can return the money.

To do this, contact Support Apple on the Reportaproblem page.Apple.Com. Here you can indicate the topic of appeal, for example, “Request the return of funds”. And choose one of the reasons for the return that the system offers. If you request the cancellation of the paid subscription within a day after writing off funds, with a high probability you will be returned to the account.

How to cancel the subscription to the music in iPhone (Apple Music)?

Note. If you first use Apple Music, you can immediately cancel the subscription on your iPhone so that the service does not begin to write off funds from your account after a three.Month trial period. To do this, follow the instructions below. If you want to extend the subscription, you will need to return to this menu after a three.Month test period.

disable, itunes, iphone, paid, subscription
  • Open the iTunes application on your iPhone.
  • Scroll the page down and press Apple ID.
  • Select “View Apple ID”.
  • Enter your Apple ID password or log in using Touch ID.
  • Click “Subscriptions”.
  • Select Apple Music.
  • Select “Cancel subscription”.
  • Click “Confirm”.

After the current period, whether in the framework of a free trial subscription or ordinary periodic subscription, iTunes will no longer be charged from you.

Features of paid subscription to iPhone

In quite a few cases, a person uses a paid subscription in the iPhone by accident, without reading the appropriate notice when installing (launch) of any program. Typically, this notification reports the initially free period of use of the product, followed by automatic activation of the already paid functionality.

Having discovered the withdrawal of funds from his account, the user rushes to delete a paid program, which should not be done. The mechanical removal of the program does not affect the continuation of the paid subscription, and at the end of the next calendar period, the next payment will be again written off from the user account.

Among the automatically renewable paid subscriptions on the iPhone, it is worth highlighting the following:

  • To music from Apple (“Apple musical”), which, respectively, is divided into family, individual, or student;
  • To news editions (newspapers, magazines, in particular, on Apple News);
  • On many paid programs that can be downloaded in the Apple Stor store;
  • On various Internet services of the level of “Spotify” and others.

How to get rid of these and similar subscriptions to a paid program? Let’s understand.

Why is there no way to cancel the subscription to the iPhone

Some users cannot find functions that would allow them to abandon the paid subscription. In fact, this button must exist. Most likely, the user did not deal with the settings of his gadget and in a panic went for questions on the Internet. Perhaps this is for the best. Otherwise they would never know that they are doing something wrong. Try using the instructions given above.

If you are the owner of an older iPhone model, find in the Apple ID settings and select it:

There are several reasons why there is no section with subscriptions in the settings. Perhaps you have additional Apple accounts. And the subscription can be made on them. This is especially often happening when family access to subscription is organized. And one of the participants paid it, although notifications of the completion of the deadline, etc.P. Will come to all participants. Subscriptions can also be disconnected in the online bank bank that you use. Even if you don’t have a badge. Cancel the subscription. Autominate in your personal account and find a section where you need to turn off the function.

How to turn off the subscription to the music on the iPhone?

Before you start reading the instructions for unsubscribing from Apple Music on the iPhone, consider several points:

  • After the last day of the paid period has ended, you will not be able to reproduce any track. Apple, unlike other companies, does not provide a free incomplete version.
  • If you refused the IPhone service, then do the same on other devices (computer, TV, etc.D.) there is no need provided that all gadgets function on the same identifier.
  • Apple Music is supported by different devices, which is why its cancellation is slightly different.

Turning off on the iPhone

These rules are relevant not only for the iPhone, but also for iPad and iPod Touch. Act like this:

A window will open in front of you, in which there will be an inscription “Subscription“. Select the Apple Music and the Claznet on “Cancel Subscription”.

Important! If you still have days in the paid period, then they will not go anywhere. In the next billing period, funds will not be charged.

If the application is not shown, and the money from the bank card has written off, then check the correctness of the identifier. If this did not help, then, most likely, the subscription is not registered through the intermediary of iTunes, but directly at the developer. In such a situation, you will have to contact the author of the application and solve the problem through it.

Turning off on the computer: through iTunes and App Store

  • Enter the service using the Apple ID identifier or Touch ID sensor (if the computer has it).
  • Go to the “Account”, and from there to “view”. There you need to indicate the password and click on “view”.
  • Wait a few seconds until the “Account information” is displayed. There you need to clat on the “settings”, and then “control” (these buttons are located near the “subscription” parameter.

How To Change Payment Method On iTunes From Start To Finish

disable, itunes, iphone, paid, subscription

Turning off on the TV

If you bought an Apple TV media permit, you can turn off the subscriptions only to those applications that work on the TVS operating system. The procedure includes several steps:

  • Open the “Settings” → “Accounts” → “Subscriptions” → “Subscription Management”.
  • In a jumped list, find Apple Music and cancel it.

Important! If you are the owner of the third.Generation system. Then to control subscriptions you need to have a device on the iOS operating system.

Is it possible to return the money spent on the subscription

If your bank card is tied to Apple ID and it was not possible to write off funds due to the zero balance, then the payment will hang on the account before it is replenished.

  • Until there is payment for debt, the subscription cannot be canceled;
  • I do not want to lose money, because I will have to give a considerable amount for an unnecessary application.

What to do in such a situation? The simplest thing that can be done is to replenish the balance of the card, and after writing off the payment, refuse the subscription. And you can call the company’s hot line and explain your problem to the operator. It is likely that the debt can be canceled. Similarly, if they want to return the money for already paid services. The main thing is not to put it in a long box, but to act quickly.

If there is no desire to communicate with specialists from the support service, then there is another way out. Request a return through the system. Steps sequence:

  • Put into a line code combination for entering a personal profile. In a pop.Up information window, select the “Shopping History” and click on the viewing of all.
  • In the list, find the right purchase and click on the “” button, then. “Report the problem”.
  • Next, describe your situation, denote the problem and send for consideration.

Now expect an answer. Usually, after a few hours, a positive decision comes to return the payment to the write.Off account in the next 30 days. Only all claims of this plan are accepted within 3 months from the date of the purchase of a purchase.