How to disable parental control on iPhone

The best parental control apps for Android and iOS

The Google app lets you track how many hours your kid spends on the phone, what apps he or she opens, what he or she downloads, and what he or she plans to buy on Google Play.

Parents can remotely block suspicious content downloads, limit surfing time, lock phones at night or any other time. Regardless of what adults think, Family Link arbitrarily cuts off access to YouTube services for users under 13.

Through the app, you can find out where your child is and if he or she is skipping school. Unless, of course, he or she figures out to turn off the smartphone or at least the Internet. By the way, Family Link has become famous for getting kids today to get around its inhibitions.

How to use Restrictions and Parental Controls on iPhone and iPad with iOS 12

The iOS Restrictions or Parental Controls feature is a great way for parents to keep tabs on their children and limit the content they can view on their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. In iOS 12, the feature has been renamed and moved to another section of Settings. Here’s how to set parental controls in iOS 12 and newer.

If your child has a new iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, we recommend that you block them from accessing adult content.

Enable restrictions in iOS 11 and earlier

All parental controls, which Apple calls restrictions, rely on an adult (you) to enable restrictions and enter a PIN or password that you keep secret. Here’s how to set your password in iOS 11 and earlier versions:

  • Tap the Settings icon on your iOS device.
  • Select General.
  • Select Restrictions.
  • Select “Enable Restrictions.”.
  • Enter our numeric access code, which you can remember and keep from your children.
  • Enter your password again.

This password must be entered for any future changes you want to make to the set restrictions. You need this pin when you visit multiple areas of your iOS device to configure different parent controls.

The function of “Guide Access

This is a very useful universal access feature with which you can lock your smartphone in one app so that your child can’t get out of it. Great for young children.

Go to “Settings” “Universal Access” “Guide-Access.

Set up password, time limit and screen autolock. You can then activate “Guide Access” by triple tapping the power button or the Home button.

Activate the “Screen Time” function

The main idea of “Screen Time” is to keep track of how much time a user spends in a certain application, and then block access, according to the wish, of course. So, for example, you can completely limit your child from watching YouTube videos, or you can impose a limit of “1 hour of playing iPad games all day”.

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Activation is carried out in a few simple steps under Settings Screen Time.

Depending on whose iPhone you are setting up (yours or the child’s), select the appropriate item when activating.

Make sure to set a numeric password code so that your child can’t bypass the lockout.

If you also feel in your own skin that you’re not coping with time management, and it’s eating up a ton of your time, Screen Time can help you too.

How to turn off parental controls on your iPhone

To completely disable parental controls on your iPhone and iPod touch. Do the following steps on the device for which you want to disable the settings.

Tap Screen time settings.

Screen time was introduced in iOS 12. In earlier versions of iOS, look for the Restrictions feature found in the General menu. The steps to disable them are similar to disabling screen time.

Tap and privacy restrictions.

To disable all screen time settings, tap “Disable Screen Time. However, you can leave the screen time on to still limit children’s use of their iPhones.

Set the “Privacy and Content” to “Off. / White” to disable parental controls.


The OS has built-in access controls for children of different ages: 6, 12, 16 and, in fact, 18 (no restrictions).

With Windows 10, adults can see what activities your child has done on the computer, limit app downloads based on age, control Edge browser usage and see their browsing history. Finally, limit the amount of time kids spend on PCs and in-app purchases.

In Windows 7 the parental controls work in a similar way, but with fewer features.

How to disable

Grant your child “adult” rights in Windows 10 can be done online. Pick the account you want in the family access settings, go to “Manage Permissions” and toggle all the switches to “Off.”.

Another option for Windows 10 is to remove a child from the family group. To do this, go to account settings, select “Family” and the desired account. Click “Advanced Settings,” then “Remove from Family Group.”. After that, your child will still have an account, but you will no longer be able to manage their online purchases or monitor their activity. And he, in turn, will lose access to family subscriptions and other shared services.

In Windows 7, you can turn off parental controls directly on your computer-without the Internet. In the Control Panel, find “User Accounts and Family Safety” → “Parental Controls”, and under “Select Provider” toggle “None”. Then click on your child’s account and under “Set parental controls,” toggle the toggle switch to the “Off.”.


The Apple operating system allows you to create a parental control account. It restricts installation and launching of programs, access to sites, videos, use of application stores, operating time, privacy on the Web, such as search queries, GPS coordinates transmission, and more.

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How to disable

Go to the “System Preferences” menu, select “Users and Groups”, specify the desired user and uncheck the “Enable Parental Controls” option. You have to confirm the action with a password.

You can also remove individual restrictions. Go to the System Preferences menu and click “Family Access” (for macOS Catalina) or iCloud → “Family Access” (for macOS Mojave). Select your child’s account and remove restrictions from the desired tabs (“Programs,” “Web,” “Stores,” “Time,” “Privacy,” “Other”).

Windows 10. Parental Control

Family access tools make iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch safe for kids. This allows you to restrict what apps you can install and run, what time you can use your device, what sites you can access, what Siri searches, what messages you receive, what calendars you see, what locations you visit, and more.

How to disable

Find “Screen Time” → “Continue” in the settings and select the child’s name in the “Family” section. Swipe down and tap “Turn off screen time,” confirm the action by entering the passcode.

If you want to override individual parental control functions, you will need the corresponding items in the “Screen time” menu:

  • Slide the “At rest” mode switch to the inactive state.
  • Remove all restrictions in the “Program limits” section.
  • Navigate to “Privacy and Content Restrictions”. Set the switch to inactive state.
  • In the “iTunes Store and App Store purchases” menu, select “Yes” in the first three items, and “Do not require” at the bottom for “Request password”.


Google has developed a special Family Link app to manage children’s accounts. It is primarily relevant for Android smartphones and Chromebook laptops. There are several age groups: 3, 7, 12, 16, 18 and the “No restrictions” option.

Family Link helps you set up your device’s usage time, actions in Google Play, working in Chrome and Google Search (including with the Google Assistant voice assistant), watching YouTube videos, launching Android apps. You can prohibit the transfer of geolocation, access to the history of applications, use of Google Account for authorization in third-party services, and more.

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You can use Family Link to set up account logins on iPhones and iPads, browsers, and platforms where you can’t restrict content to parental controls. But in this case, children will have to get permission in the app on the parent’s device.

How to disable

Google says Age restrictions in Google Accounts : you cannot disable parental controls in your child’s account until he or she is 13 years old (age for Russia). But you can change the password for his account or delete his account altogether. To do this, launch Family Link, select your child’s account, go to “Account Information” and click “Delete Account” at the bottom. On the next page, check all the items to confirm the action, and again click “Delete account”.

To turn off parental controls in Family Link for a child who is 13 years old (at least according to the date of birth in the account), select the account you want in the app and go to Account Information. At the bottom of the screen, go to the “Disable Parental Controls” line. Then check the box that says you understand the consequences of your actions and click “Disable Parental Controls” again.

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You will then be asked to fill out a questionnaire about your reasons. This is optional.

disable, parental, control, iphone

Also, when the child reaches the age of 13, he or she can turn off the parental controls by himself or herself. To do this, go to Family Link, open the sandwich menu in the upper left corner, and select “About Parental Controls”.

At the bottom of the screen, click on “Disable Parental Controls.”. In the next window, check the box and click again on the disable button. Remember that if you do, Google will lock your child’s device. for 24 hours or until the parents unlock it.

How to unlock the restrictions on your iPhone using iTunes

Forgot your iPhone passcode? If you have the “Trust This Computer” option when you previously synced data with iTunes, and you disabled the “Find My iPhone” feature, you can remove the access restriction code by restoring it with iTunes. Let us teach you how to use iTunes to restore iPhone and unlock restrictions without a password.

Tips: Make sure “Find My iPhone” is off and you’ve already backed up your iPhone in iTunes.

Start iTunes and update iTunes to the latest version.

Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB cable, iTunes will detect it automatically.

Go to the “Summary” tab, then click “Restore iPhone’.

iTunes will open a new window, then click “Restore,” To confirm this.

iTunes will check for new software for your iPhone. In the “Update window” press “Next” and then “Agree”.

iTunes will download the latest firmware version and restore your iPhone, remove the restriction password when the restore/upgrade is complete.

Now you can set it as new and access your iPhone without the password restriction.

iTunes restore method does not work with ‘Find My iPhone‘on, you need to go to ‘Settings’ on your phone and disable ‘Find iPhone’ in iCloud menu. In addition, you have recorded “Trust this computer” When you have previously synced data with iTunes. Otherwise, iTunes will not be able to detect the device.

In Google Play Store, open the menu and go to the “Settings” page. Change the “Parental Controls” slider position to “Off”. You need to confirm the disconnection with the PIN assigned when you turned on the function.

  • Open the Family Link app.
  • Choose your child’s profile.
  • On the Settings card, click Settings Filters in Google Chrome.
  • Select the desired option. Approve access to all sites
  • Click Manage Sites to allow or block certain sites.