How to disable safe mode on Samsung Galaxy

How to disable safe mode on Samsung Galaxy

To enable safe Samsung mode with the Android 2 operating system.3 and below do the following: 1) Turn off the phone 2) Turn on the phone 3) After the Samsung inscription appears on the screen, click and hold the menu key until the end of the load.

Question: How to disable safe mode on Samsung Galaxy and other smartphones on the Android operating system. What is a safe mode on Android smartphones Samsung and how it can be turned on and how to get out of it?

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How to enter a safe mode on Android Samsung?

To enable safe Samsung mode with the Android 2 operating system.3 and below do the following: 1) Turn off the phone 2) Turn on the phone 3) After the Samsung inscription appears on the screen, click and hold the menu key until the end of the load.

To enable safe Samsung mode with the Android 4 operating system.0 and higher do the following: 1) Turn off the phone. 2) Turn on the phone. 3) After appearing on the Samsung inscription display, click and hold the volume key.

To turn off a safe mode, you need to perform non.Difficult actions. Turning off the device, turn it on again. When loading, during the appearance of the Samsung logo, press and hold the volume increase button.

How to enable safe mode?

You can activate the protection mode on the phone or tablet of Samsung according to the instructions:

How to Turn off Safe Mode on Android-Samsung Safe Mode Turn off-Exit Safe Mode on Samsung

  • Turn it on at the time of loading, when the manufacturer emblem appears, click the sound reduction button.
  • Keep the key until the launch is completed.

If all points are made correctly, then at the bottom of the display you will see the corresponding inscription.

Output from a safe mode

Output from a safe mode

If you cannot get out of a safe mode by restarting the device, follow the following actions sequentially. After each action, check if the problem is eliminated, and only after that go to the next step.

How to Turn ON / Off Safe Mode on Any Android Phone ? Safe mode ko enable disable kaise kre

  • Remove all protective covers from the device. The cover can interfere with the work of hardware buttons and, as a result, restarting the device.
  • Make sure the volume control key, the power button and the camera control key are properly working and do not get stuck.
  • When restarting the device, just touch the button to restart or turn off the power (do not hold it). Touching and holding the button to restart or disable the power on some devices can lead to restarting in safe mode.
  • Check the availability of new software on the device using wireless communication in the Settings section of the Android 8 Update System.0) or settings about the phone/tablet Update (Android 7.X or later version). Please note that some updates are not available for loading wireless. In this case, it is necessary to check the availability of new software from the computer using the Xperia Companion application.
  • If the latest versions of the software are installed on your Xperia device, and it is not possible to eliminate the problem, try to drop the device to factory settings. Note. When dumping to factory settings, all personal data contained in the internal memory are deleted. You can make a backup copy of the contents that you want to save. To create a backup of data, you can copy them to the computer using the Xperia Companion application. The contents of the external memory card (SD card) are not removed.

If the phone in safe mode works normally, then “glitches” occur with it due to any application.

Ways to turn off

There are several methods to leave the SAFE mode and return the smartphone to standard operating mode. The choice of a specific method depends on the features of the model of your Samsung and the version of the operating system. It will be enough to reboot on some devices, while others will need to perform more complex manipulations.


Be that as it may, the first thing you need to try to restart the phone. Over, it is advisable to do this through a sequential shutdown and turning on the gadget:

  • Close the power button.
  • Select the “Turn off” option.
  • After the screen goes out, hold the power button until you turn on.

This instruction works on most modern Samsung smartphones. However, there are exceptions when, after rebooting, the device continues to remain in Safe Mode. If you were not able to leave the security regime, then use one of the alternative options for solving the problem.

Manual shutdown

Sometimes to turn off the security mode, it is not enough just to restart the device. On old Samsung models, you have to perform additional actions, although at first the instructions will look identical:

disable, safe, mode, samsung
  • Turn off the smartphone.
  • Close the power button.
  • When the Samsung logo appears on the screen, click the volume increase key. Hold it until the device is fully turned on.

With a high degree of probability, you will be able to leave Safe Mode and return to the usual scenarios for using a mobile device. If nothing happens, do not rush to proceed to the next point. Once again carefully study the instructions. Remember that the upper volume swing should be pressed only after the manufacturer’s inscription on the screen appears. Also do not forget to hold the button until the gadget is fully turned on. Otherwise, the operation must be repeated.

Batter and SIM cards shutdown

As a rule, it is possible to remove a safe mode in one of the methods considered above. The following solutions to the problem are more radical, and therefore require explanation. So, if you use the old model of a smartphone with a removable battery, then you should try to extract the battery and the entire periphery, acting according to the following algorithm:

  • Turn off the phone.
  • Make a battery, SIM card and memory card (if any).
  • Put the battery and peripheral elements in place, and then turn on the device.

Removing the battery allows you to reset some parameters, including the choice of functioning mode. Also, after rebooting in accordance with the instructions that were presented above, there is a chance of incorrect display of the date and time. In the future, these parameters must independently edit through the phone settings.

Reset to factory settings

If Safe Mode does not turn off on a model with a built.In battery, then you can get out of the situation only through the reset of the smartphone to factory settings. Before that, it is strongly recommended to try to restart the gadget again or make a manual exit from the security mode.

Setting up the settings is a radical measure that leads to the removal of all data on the smartphone. Typically, the operation is performed through the settings of the device, but in Safe Mode this is the possibility of blocked. We’ll have to go the other way:

disable, safe, mode, samsung
  • Autominate in the Google account, which is used on Samsung.
  • Select your smartphone among devices displayed on the screen.
  • Click the “Cleaning” button and confirm the operation.

Within 1-2 minutes, the device will be rebooted, after which it will turn on completely “clean”. You will have to again log in on the Google Account, as well as manually install all applications. Multimedia files like photos and videos will also be deleted.

We use the power and volume control key

If the first option did not help, the problem remains, you can try the next option. To do this, click and hold on/off, and then press the power to turn off. After turning off the device, you must turn it on again, for this you press the ON/OFF button again and swing the volume or. (depending on the model of your gadget) at the same time).

Why turn off a safe mode?

Disable a safe mode is necessary if you want to use not only the system programs of your smartphone, but also the program downloaded from third.Party resources. It is difficult to imagine our life without filters for photos, programs for notes, music and, of course, messengers and social networks. But all these programs will be blocked by the system in a safe mode, only analogues established initially to remain available.

Turn off the limited mode of operation on Samsung as simple as turning on. The features of the process depend on the version of the system installed on your smartphone.

On the operating system up to 2.3

If your phone has an Android version below 2.3, shutdown is made in this way:

  • Turn off the phone;
  • Squeeze the power key and after the branded logo on the screen, click the menu key and do not let go until the end of the download process.

On the operating system more than 4.0

If the operating system on your smartphone above the fourth version is disconnected by rebooting the smartphone. If this did not help, use the method for the previous version of the Android.

How to enable safe mode

To enable Safe Mode on Samsung Galaxy, you need to do the following:

  • Turn off the device.
  • Click on the power button.
  • Hold the volume increase button until safe mode is turned on. It is important to understand that most of the phone functions will not be available.

You can enable the Safe Mode function by holding the volume button

How to turn it on

Before you understand how this platform turns off, we will understand the issue of its activation, since it is directly related to the disconnection. Regardless of what you use the Lenovo, Nokia or Samsung phone, the transition to the SAFE mode will be performed as follows:

  • Squeeze the power button until a pop.Up window appears.
  • For a few seconds, hold your finger on the virtual button “Reload”.
  • Confirm the transition to a safe mode through a sentence, which is displayed after a long.Term retention of the button.

Sometimes to transfer the device in Safe Mode you need to hold not to “restart”, but the “turn off” button. Therefore, it makes sense to try both options. Note that on the smartphones “ZT” it is possible to start a safe platform differently:

  • Turn off the smartphone.
  • Hold the power key before vibration.
  • As soon as ZTE begins to vibrate, click both volume swings to go to Safe Mode.

If everything is done correctly, and you managed to go into a safe shell, then the appropriate notification will appear on the desktop. Usually it is displayed in the lower left corner of the screen, but depending on the specific model it can be located elsewhere.

How to disable safe mode on Samsung Galaxy

To exit the phone from a safe mode, you will need to restart it. If the shutdown menu has a “restart” button, then click on it.

If, after the Galaxy rebooting, it was not possible to turn off the safe mode, then make sure that the “Tolves down” button does not “flood” on it. If everything is in order, then follow the next leadership: this is a universal method working on all smartphone models. If nothing helped, then the problem is hardware and it is solved only by the hands of a specialist. Also subscribe to our pages. Or. To be the first to know the news from the world Samsung and Android. Found a mistake? Highlight it and click Ctrlenter