How to disable Samsung notification sounds

How to remove notifications on your Samsung tablet?

If you want to remove the vibration of notifications completely, you must go to: “Settings”. “Sounds and Vibration. “Sound Mode”. and select the “No sound” option. We wish you a pleasant use of Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

  • Go to the settings menu and open the item “Lock mode”.
  • There is a switch at the top of the window
  • You can check the notifications that will be blocked
  • Now you can mark the time when notifications will not be active
  • Step 5.

How to turn off notification vibration on Samsung a 50?

Open “Settings” on your Samsung A50. Then click on “Sound/Vibrate”. Then you can choose from several options, such as vibration intensity, enable or disable vibration for incoming notifications or when answering to disable put on “0”.

  • Lower the “curtain” (the top part of the menu, which can be pulled out with your finger), click on settings (usually have a gear symbol).
  • Go to “Sound” section, move the slider near “Vibration on call” item.
  • By clicking on “Advanced Settings” there, you can disable vibration response when you tap on the screen.

How to turn off message sound in ?

Expand the “Messages” section and go to the conversation you want to mute. The actions are identical for both a regular conversation and a conversation of multiple interlocutors. Hover your mouse over the “” icon at the top of the screen and select “Disable notifications”.

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Users who own an Android-based smartphone (Android), to turn off sound in Viber, you need to enter the menu (the inscription “more” at the bottom of the screen), click “settings”, then. “notifications” and uncheck the items “Use system sounds“, “Sounds of outgoing messages”, “Contact joined”, as well as at.

Advanced: Driving mode widget

Notifications get attention. Think of a situation where the driver takes his/her eyes off the road to look at you. A useful feature in this scenario is the driving mode widget.

How to turn off Android notification sounds when you don't need them 6

All you have to do is turn on the widget on the home screen and turn it on when you start moving, and all the notification sounds will be filtered out.

Take a look at some of the great apps and widgets that will make your Android experience more convenient.

Required permissions

Because this app plays sounds and states your phone, it requires permissions from the Android app to work properly. When this option is enabled, you see a persistent notification in the notification shadow, with which you can quickly access the app.

However, you can disable it by toggling the Dingless status switch.

Speaking of Android app permissions, here’s GT’s guide to better understand them.

If Android notifications are really annoying, Dingless is the perfect app to suppress them. The app is free to install on the Play Store with some in-app purchases. In-app purchases will cost you Rs. 65 (1.01 dollars). So when are you going to get it?

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Related messages

In Androids 8.x better designed system to disable notifications. The difference lies in the fact that the software has the ability to stop spam for each of the system applications. So you can leave on only those notifications that you are really interested and important. To disable notifications, you need to go into the settings of your mobile device, find the active line responsible for managing applications and notifications.

Clicking on it will open a new tab with a choice, where you will need to enter the “Notifications” option.

After that a full list of all installed applications will appear, in each of them, which you are not interested in, you have to go and deactivate notifications.

From the notification curtain

If you do not know which application is sending notifications, you can solve the problem on the fly. For example, through the curtain, where all notifications fall.

After waiting for the next notification to appear on the screen, hold your finger on it for a couple of seconds. After that, there will be a settings button next to the notification that we need to press to change the settings.

Now it remains to disable the notification on the Samsung Galaxy A12 in the settings menu that opens. You can do the same with other notifications.

Resolved: the app provides sound for message notifications. Samsung Community

However, I noticed that the notification sound is set by default and does not have separate sounds for individual apps. I tried to change the sounds for each app, but I do not see the option “Sound provided by the app”.

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How can we customize the notification sounds according to what each app provides, as was available in the S7 Edge.