How to disable screen rotation on iPhone

How to turn on and off the screen on your iPhone?

The iPhone, as well as any other modern smartphone, allows you to use a vertical or horizontal screen orientation. Why do you need it? For example, in order to watch a film, you should definitely use the horizontal orientation. To read a book, we usually use portrait orientation. And in general in life we usually use an upright screen orientation.

By default, any smartphone, including the iPhone, automatically flips the screen when you tilt the body. We can say that this is a peculiarity. If you want to lock the screen on your iPhone, it’s easy to do.

Swipe up on your device to bring up Control Panel. There you will see a padlock icon with an arrow. Tap it.

After that, an icon with an arrow will appear in the status bar at the top of the screen. It means that the screen rotation is currently locked. No matter how you rotate your iPhone in your hands, the screen will not flip.

There is another way to do it, but it will take a bit longer. Find the Settings app on your desktop and open it.

In the General section, check the Lock orientation checkbox.

This will turn off the screen auto-rotate, which means that the lock is on.

As you understand, to disable the screen orientation change lock, you need to do the above in the reverse order. Nothing complicated.

Adjusting the orientation of the screen on your iPhone

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The screen rotation on the iPhone must be adjusted according to personal preference. Automatic mode is not to everyone’s liking, as the slightest rotation of the smartphone changes the orientation of the screen. For example, if you read a book lying on the bed and turn on your side, the smartphone screen will also rotate. It is convenient to use auto-rotate when a person often watches videos. In this case, the orientation quickly changes to horizontal and you do not need to do a series of manipulations to adjust each time. If screen rotation is turned off, the phone will work in one screen mode until the user turns the function off.

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Note! Some apps have a separate layout for landscape orientation (mail, calendar, messages, photos).

On iPad devices the option can work differently, depending on the model. For owners of iPad versions lower than the iPad Air, you should know that the adjustment of the function is carried out through the basic settings. There you will find the “Use the side switch” option. This section is responsible for controlling the rotation through the volume buttons. On newer models (iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4) you can set up auto-rotate via the control center.

Owners of smartphones with iOS version 4 and later should use the.0-6.0 to change the settings, you must press the “Home” button twice. This will bring up the multitasking panel at the bottom of the screen. Here you need to swipe the menu to the right to the button with the lock and the arrow. Use this button to adjust the auto-rotate operation.

The ability to disable automatic screen rotation has appeared in Apple products since iOS 4.0.

Users appreciated this innovation, as it allowed using the smartphone without problems, without fearing that the image on the monitor will turn upside down again.

To disable automatic rotation should:

  • Press Home button twice, then lower the page to the very end, where you can see the lock key. The lock icon means that auto-rotate is locked.
  • With older firmware versions, you had to jailbreak and use a third party app to stop the screen from turning around.

Many people like to use their iPhone on the couch or lying down. How to stop iPhone from rotating the screen?

Imagine you are lying down and reading a website. And then the screen just rotated. Frustrating? I think so, and we’ve all done it before.

In this position it is often necessary to lock the orientation of the iPhone screen to avoid switching to landscape mode. Thanks to a special switch in the Control Point, which is available to everyone by default, this is done very quickly.

disable, screen, rotation, iphone

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iPad Won’t Rotate? Here’s The Real Fix!

But the process can be automated!

This feature is available in the new iOS 14.5 along with a number of other changes and innovations.

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Auto Rotate Screen (Orientation) on iPhone and iPad: How to Turn It Off

All iPhone and iPad users are aware of the ability of their devices to automatically switch the orientation from portrait to landscape when you rotate the device. But sometimes this can be inappropriate, as the screen changes orientation even when you tilt it slightly.

We don’t always use our gadgets vertically, even if we lie in bed and surf the web or read emails, so the screen can rotate without us feeling like it. This is exactly the case when you need to lock the orientation of the screen in a certain mode. The user does not have to worry about holding his iPhone or iPad at a certain angle.

iPhone screen does not rotate, what to do?

Either because of a misunderstanding between the user and the operating system, or because of software issues a situation can arise when the image on the iPhone screen is frozen in portrait or landscape orientation and does not want to rotate. In this content we will tell you what steps you can take to solve the problem with auto-rotate screen on your iPhone and iPod touch.

disable, screen, rotation, iphone

For starters, it’s worth understanding that not all apps support screen rotation. Some can only use portrait or landscape mode to display information, and some can only change orientation when opening certain content. In any case, you should first make sure that autorotate works in normal applications.

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Turn off magnification

If the iPhone screen has stopped rotating, then turn off the display magnification to rotate the home screen:

  • Go to “Settings.
  • Choose “Screen and Brightness.
  • Under “Display Magnification” select “View”.
  • Switch the “Zoom” option to “Standard”. Then reboot your iPhone.

If after following the above instruction the screen is still not rotated, you need to reset the gadget. If the screen does not rotate, then the problem may be caused by a hardware defect on your iPhone.

How to turn on auto-rotate on iPhone and iPad

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Initially, the screen will rotate automatically the first time you turn it on, since the settings are by default. Some programs or games do not provide orientation rotation, so the picture will always be shown in one position, regardless of the device settings. This is due to the application code that has been programmed to lock the turn.

Note! In normal cases, the rotation ban must be manually enabled. The action of this mode will be indicated by a special icon in the menu bar of your iPhone or iPad.

  • Open the main menu of the device.
  • Raise the notification curtain by swiping up.
  • Find the lock icon in the opened window and click on it.

As a result, autorotate will work again and you will be able to rotate screen in required direction.

In modern iPhones there is a function in the “Main” section, which can change the operation of the switch on the side edge of the gadget. By default, this button is responsible for activating and deactivating. However, you can set it to “Orientation Lock”.

If the switch is in “Orientation lock” mode, you can’t work with auto-rotate via “Control item”. In this case, all actions are performed using the switch.