How to disable sleeping mode on the Samsung phone

Battery savings: how to prevent an unwanted output of android from sleeping mode

Sleeping Android mode. What is it and how to disable is a question that requires an urgent solution in a situation where the user needs constant operation of the device. If you need to turn off the sleep mode or increase the damping time, it is worth studying the recommendations of this article. It says how to increase the time period, why is it necessary and what advantages can be acquired from this operation.

It is worth considering why such an operation is required. This is a special option that will save the battery charge. After some time, the display goes out, the device goes into sleep mode.

Despite the obvious utility, the sleeping mode Android annoys users. People begin to annoy that the gadget is disconnected when reading or viewing a photo. There is a need to turn off the mode and make the work of the gadget comfortable. The disconnection will be carried out after a time or intentional action of the user.

How to turn on or disable sleep mode on the Samsung phone

Modern smartphones have many different functions, some of them are accompanied by a sound and visual signal.

Over, the warning data is triggered, not only in the afternoon, but also in the dark. This is especially annoying if we went to bed, or relax before work.

In order to avoid such a situation, many users turn off sound and vibration, and sometimes the device itself.

It is not always convenient to do this manually, but to the same at a certain moment, you can simply forget, go into a soundless regime.

Just for such cases, the smartphones of Samsung have a special function, which is called the “sleep mode”.

Having activated which not a single squeak will occur, the sounds of a call, SMS, messengers, any vibrations and any vibrations and.T.D.

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Of course, they will be able to call us, but we will not even see this visually, only missed calls will remain.

In case of sudden, something is needed in the smartphone, turning it on, we will not experience discomfort, since the screen will be black and white.

It is also possible to set a schedule where you can specify the days of the week and activation time-deactivation of this function.

How to do it, I will clearly show in my article below.

How to enable sleep mode on Samsung

We go to the settings.

Find the section “Using the device” and open it.

We go down almost to the very bottom of the page that opened, and click on the line “Sleep mode”.

Now it is necessary to activate the item “Turn on on the schedule”.

We indicate the days of the week, then we move to the time.

Samsung M11 lcd display not going to sleep Always on nevar off Solution

We set the start time, after click on the OK button.

Unforgettable indicate the completion time.

That’s in principle and that’s all, I hope this article was useful, if there is something to supplement, leave a comment.

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How to disable the “falling asleep” of the screen in applications using the Stay Alive program!

Thural developers have created dozens of special programs that allow you to turn off the timeout during charging, for the entire system or for individual applications. In the latter case, the display will not go out when they are launched or work in the background of the applications that the user chose.

One of the best programs of its kind is Stay Alive! At the same time, all the necessary functions are available in her free version. We will use it. On new versions of Android 5, after installing the application, you will have to allow access to the history of use. At the first launch of the program, a warning window will float. By pressing the OK button, you will go to the “Access to the Data” section, and you can choose Stay Alive there already! And provide access to the history of use.

If you ignored the message that appeared at the first launch of Stay Alive!, Go to the “Access to Data” section: go to “Settings” → “Applications and Notifications”, if necessary, click “Additionally”, and select “Special Access”. There is the point “access to data”.

In MIUI, the item is called “Applications with Access to Data” and it is located in the section “Administration of the device” along the path: “Settings” → “Expanded Settings” → “Privacy”.

On smartphones Huawei and Honor to allow the Stay Alive program! Track which applications you use, open the settings menu and go to the “Safety and Privacy” section → “Additional Settings” → “Access to Statistics of Use”. Choose Stay Alive! And activate the toggle switch “Mixing use”.

After the first launch of the application and provide it with the necessary permission, Stay Alive! Will start working, and the smartphone will cease to go into sleep mode. By default, the item “Keep Screen On While Charging and Battle” will be activated, and the timeout will be completely disconnected. So that the screen is not a dodge only during charging, select Keep Screen On While Changing, and if you want to suspend the work of the program, click on Pace Stay Alive!””.

Also using the Stay Alive application! You can disable the locking of the device when certain applications are launched or working in the background. To do this, activate the Enable Selected Apps function and select the option “Keep Screen Only for Selected Apps”. Then open the “Select Apps that Will Stay Alive!”And mark the necessary programs. To make it easier to look for applications, you can use the search.

In order for the device not to “fall asleep” during the operation of the selected applications, one of two modes should also be activated: “Keep Screen On While Changing” or “Keep Screen On While Charging and Battle. If selected “Pace Stay Alive!”, The program will not work.

To turn off the timeout for the entire system, except for specific applications, select Keep Screen On Except for Selected Apps, open the program list (click “Select Apps that Will Stay Alive!”) And mark the necessary.

In order to reduce the battery charge, when the sleeping mode is disconnected, the developer Stay Alive! Added the function “Allow The Screen To Dim”. If you activate it, the screen will be darkened, but do not go out.

You can manage the application using a toolbar that will appear in the field of notifications. The buttons located on the panel duplicate the main functions of the program: those that are circled gray are now inactive.

The only drawback of the free version of Stay Alive!. This is that after each reboot of the phone you will have to re.Run the application. There is no such restriction in the paid version of the program.

The founder of the 4idroid project.COM, author of hundreds of articles and manuals for setting up and customization of mobile devices. For more than 7 years he has been assisting in solving problems related to the work of smartphones and tablets running Android and iOS. During the existence of the site, he replaced more than 15 devices (from manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Meizu, Samsung, HTC, LG, Google, Nokia, Wileyfox, Bluboo and BlackView), each of which became “subject” for testing and firmware and firmware, systemization of the system, obtaining Root rights, unlocking the bootloader and other manipulations. Now on an ongoing basis uses two smartphones: iPhone 12 Pro running iOS 14.7 and nokia 4.2 on stock Android 11. Also uses in the work of Xiaomi Redmi 4x, Huawei P Smart 2019 (updated to EMUI 10), Samsung Galaxy A51 with a graphic shell One UI 2.1, Bluboo D1 and Xiaomi Mi A1. Learn more about the author →

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How to disable the screen darkening on Windows 10?

On the screen, press the right button. Next, select the personalization, the next screen screen is the parameters of the screensaver and in the opened window. In the point of the screensaver (select the screensaver-no). In the same window, click and OK.

How to change the time of the Samsung screen? We go into the phone settings, click on the “display” section and select the “Time out screen” item there. In the window that opens, select one of the possible waiting options (15, 30 seconds, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 minutes) and click on it.

How to get out of the sleeping mode on the phone?

This is a function with which you can set the time when the phone switches to sleep mode. As a result, after a certain time of inaction, the screen will go out. To get out of the sleeping mode, you need to click on any button and unlock the device. By default it costs a minimum time to go to sleep mode.

  • In the “Settings” menu. “Optimization” click the “Battery” button below.
  • At the very bottom, we leave boxes opposite those applications operating in the background that must be disconnected.
  • Sit “sleeping mode” slightly higher.

How to turn off sleeping mode on the phone

There are several fundamental ways in which you can disable the option. They depend on the phone model and the firmware version, as well as user settings and preferences. There are three of them:

  • Use the system option if it is laid down by firmware (usually relevant for Chinese manufacturers);
  • Go to the “For Developers” section and find the opportunity “Do not turn off the screen”. It will allow you to leave the screen on always, even during charging;
  • Find and download a third.Party application that will help flexibly configure energy conservation on a gadget for needs.

An ordinary user may have a question about how to find a development mode on his smartphone, since this section is hidden. In addition to the sleeping mode, here you can adjust the auxiliary parameters: debugging, logs, reporting, diagnostic parameters, etc.

Activation of the possibility occurs through the main settings menu.

Here you need to find an information block “On the phone“, which is often accompanied by an icon in the form of the letter “i” in the circle.

Find among the information a line with the assembly number. If you click on this place 7 times, you will appear a hidden system notification about the entry procedure into the “for developers” mode.

After that, the section will be available, as well as the usual parameters of the system.

Operational instructions on how to make the screen not turn off in the video:

When you should not turn off the sleeping mode

When managing the function under discussion, it should be borne in mind that it is created for sparing operation of the device. Without it, the phone works in constant load mode, and this is increased wear of parts and components. In addition, the gadget will be more strongly warming up and more often demand recharging.

The disabled sleep mode is not suitable for those who forget to turn off the screen on their own.

Neglecting the transition to sleep mode can lead to quick breakdown of the device, as well as disconnection due to the category of battery in unforeseen situations.

How to remove sleeping mode on the phone?

To completely remove the mode, you need to use the special in Stay Alive. The utility integration is clear, after downloading the user will understand what needs to be done.

If there is no desire or opportunity to use third.Party applications, it is allowed to act through settings. The action scheme can be studied with examples of Honor and Huawei gadgets. You need to perform such manipulations:

  • The settings are opened.
  • You need to go to applications and notifications.
  • The tab is activated additionally, where special access is selected.

Here, the operating time is set with the inaction of the device. If you have at the disposal of the MIUI brand gadget, a person should perform the following actions to change the regime:

On many gadgets, to achieve the goal, it is enough to start the function to track the use. If desired, you can use the Allow The Screen To Dim option, which translates as a darkening display. If you install the corresponding flag, the light will darken a little, but the lock will not happen.

If you still have questions, tell us to ask a question

If nothing helped

If the user did not help the settings above, then he can try to install some programs that can be found in official sources. Of course, even if this did not help to solve the problems, you need to go to a specialist who works with phones and help to configure the phone.

If even after the settings, the user could not configure the sleeping mode, the problem is that the phone has internal downed processes that cannot be solved independently.

For several years he worked in mobile salons of two large operators. I understand the tariffs well and see all the pitfalls. I love gadgets, especially on Android.

As a rule, it is located above the screen next to the front camera. It is most often not visible, because the developers specially do this.

It is worth looking primarily at the services provided, as well as at the reviews that should be on official sites, on various forums.

Yes, but it is possible only if the user is really confident in his actions that he understands that he does, that he will not harm his device. In other cases, you should contact the master.